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Hello and welcome to Thursday's programme.


How the majority of children in this patch are leaving school


What we need to do is raise the aspirations of our students. We need


to to do well and believe success is possible and to engage with their


learning. one man has died after


a fire engine overturned And with temperatures set to drop


again tonight, it could be days And I am getting a lesson from chess


from a 12-year-old. He is tipped to be a future grandmaster.


Most children in our region are leaving school


with qualifications below the national average.


Pupils are now measured using Attainment 8, based


on a broad range of GCSE and other results


Only Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire were above


Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire were just below.


With Luton then Peterbourough falling well behind.


And concerns about pupils average results in Fenland has caused


the Government to commit an extra ?6 million to help them.


Figuring out the formula for success.


The answer may be as complicated as cracking this equation,


but the Government is opening a new ?6 million fund


The children at this Wisbech school are in one of the country's


A share of the money will help recruit new teachers


As we know, education improves social mobility.


The access to further education and the labour market.


However, it is about much more, because we have to raise


We need them to want to do well, to believe that success


is possible, but also to engage with their learning.


These pupils may only be a few miles away from the more affluent centres


of Peterborough and Cambridge, but historically, schools here have


received less funding than other parts of the country.


The concern is that low levels of finding can lead to low levels


of ambition among children from poorer backgrounds.


They need that constant push and motivation sometimes to push


them to get that bit further in education.


It doesn't matter which school you go to, if you work hard enough,


When you apply for things, they see your postcode,


and they think, oh, someone from in London would


They are more likely to get something.


However, I have worked really hard and I have pushed


So what does social mobility look like?


The question posed at this careers event in Cambridge.


Here, children are being encouraged to think about where good school


It's something that opens up career paths for them,


extends their opportunity, gives them the access


to higher paying jobs, more satisfying careers.


According to the Government, the new ?6 million fund


will break down barriers by awarding disadvantaged children.


But with 75 schools across East Camb and Fenland sharing the money,


Well, the local MP for North East Cambridgeshire was behind


Steven Barclay joined me from Westminster to explain how


the money would top up increases already coming, through changes


Well, there does pay to be further adjustment on the fair funding.


Progress Cambridge got the biggest increase of any county


But it is true, it was from a low base.


That is why we have been nominated as one of just 12 areas


in the country to have this priority status.


That is going to be a great opportunity for us to tap


into the flagship programme of the Department for Education


and ensure that we are getting the additional money which comes


over and on top of the existing funding.


It is a great result for Fenland, but what about Bedford,


what about Luton, what about Peterborough?


Why isn't the Conservative Government going out and identifying


and properly funding education so we do not get these disparities


We are addressing the funding formula that we inherited.


There are other schemes, Peterborough has had other


initiatives that have gone in from the Department.


This key flagship programme, it was important that


East Cambridgeshire and Fenland didn't miss out on that.


Because we feel, in the past, we have been forgotten.


We have already written to everyone of my schools about the programme,


and we will be working closely with them.


I have a meeting with the Department for Education next week


in terms of how we start to shape our engagement


The key thing about this is that it will give better


opportunities to students in the east cambridgeshire and Fenland.


How can the kind of scheme that you will access with a ?6 billion


There are some bright pupils in the Fenland schools,


but they are not quite getting to the achievement level that


It is about aspiration and leadership in a way, isn't it?


Let me answer that directly, shall give you a good


One of the things the scheme will do will be allow us to access best


Children in schools in my area not to be saying, my parents


didn't go to university, my parents didn't do certain jobs


and therefore I don't think it will be an option for me.


I want children within my areas to have


An investigation's underway after a pedestrian was knocked down


and killed by a fire engine in Royston.


It happened last night while the vehicle was responding


This evening the victim has been named as Mitchell Bailey,


It was during a routine call to a house fire at around 8:45pm


last night that this fire engine came off the road and overturned.


It is unclear what happened to cause the moving crash,


which resulted in a pedestrian losing his life.


According to the police, the fire engine was going


Instead, it overturned here, hitting a pedestrian.


Police say the man died at the scene.


His next of kin have been informed and are being supported


saw and heard what happened and said they're left stunned.


I heard it's coming down the road, I wondered what it was.


We heard all that the commotion and I think after it happened.


We saw the blue lights flashing from my house.


We could see all of the fire engines and police coming.


We heard the air ambulance coming as well.


It must be devastating for the family obviously.


And the fire crew, especially the driver.


I think it has left the town in shock, really.


Four people were on board the fire engine at the time.


Two were taken to hospital for precautionary checks.


Today, Hertfordshire's Chief Fire Officer offered his condolences


We are supporting the police in all their work.


We know there was an accident, we do know unfortunately someone died.


We are there to help and save people.


We don't want to be involved in incidents like this.


Again, condolences to everyone involved.


Investigations by what the police and Fire Service are now underway.


To find out how and why this came to happen.


Over 2500 homes in Oundle are without gas tonight.


The problem began at 11.30 last night, and throughout the day


engineers have been trying to locate the fault, whilst also visiting


every home to turn gas supplies off to ensure homes are safe.


We'll be live at the emergency contact centre shortly,


but first this report from Stuart Ratcliffe who's


It's lunchtime, and normally this restaurant would be full of diners.


With no gas, it means no hot meals, and no central heating either.


It will be the same story this evening as well.


I will contact the customer 's book tonight because it might be tomorrow


to say I am sorry. By this hairdresser, today was my problems


were a boost. We have been inundated this morning saying people have no


hot water heating, they are in to have their hair washed and


blow-dried. It has a big impact. The problem started last night and by


this morning 80 engineers were working across the town survived the


source of the problem. Perhaps the bigger problem, turning the gas off


at 2500 properties. We need to get into people's homes was a


particularly if the gas meter is inside the property. Far as macro,


it would be helpful if we could gain access. If you are not going to be


encourage at a neighbour? That would be helped. The problem is where the


top of the town, but this town's motto, it appears to be keep calm


and carry on. In my childhood, we had no central heating. You put on


an extra jumper and you smile stoically. We had a back-up. We have


an emergency you to. It hasn't affected us too much. We have


electric fires, we will be all right. This machinery regulates the


pressure of the gas supply. By mid-afternoon, engineers had found


that this was because of the problem. The fault is now fixed but


not an end to the disruption yet. I would urge people to go to the


customer centre next to the library in the harbour, so too are a team,


and we will -- the three night. We are covering from many angles but be


without them to come to the customer centre. The National Grid can't say


when services will return to normal, but it could be several days.


Mike Cartwright is Oundle for us this evening.


Mike do residents there know when the gas will back on?


They don't and that is why they are coming here to find out. All that


the advisers are here, they are talking to customers. They will be


here late into the night. A steady trickle is coming here. People are


treating this as more of an inconvenience than a crisis. One


woman said a second ago she had to take a day off work because the


schools are close. The same will happen tomorrow. It is causing a


problem. Darren was in Stuart's package. When will this be fixed,


Darren? We first have to understand what has happened. In the early


hours, late last night, the gas supply went off to ?2500. We had to


fix the problem. We have done that, carry that out today. We have 80


people drafted from across the country. That is engineers and


support staff. Now we have to visit everyone's home to turn off the gas


supply and the meter. We are in the process of doing that now. We have


to get into the home first before we can reintroduce gas into the system.


We have to go to everyone's home. People coming in here what don't


know what answers. We need to gain access, we are encouraging people to


come to the hub next to the library. Tell us when they are available. We


need to get in as quickly as possible. Temperatures are expected


to be around -1 for the next couple of nights so people will be keen to


heat their homes. A Cambridgeshire man has been jailed


for 13 years by a Los Angeles Court for possessing indecent


images of children. travelled to the US in January last


year to sexually abuse boys. He was caught in an undercover sting


and faced several charges, but pleaded guilty to taking


pornographic images You're watching Look


East from the BBC. We'll have the weather shortly -


staying chilly but some sunshine on the way -


and also still to come: An amateur footballer from Stansted


who lost both his legs in an accident joins sporting


legends on a cycling challenge... Cambridge has it's science parks,


Northamptonshire a world renowned motor racing centre and Stevenage


is the centre of the UK space industry but when you think


of business in Bedford no major So tonight the first meeting


of the Community Business School is taking place to try and grow


"from the ground up" Small businesses are


all the more important. Tom Barton has been meeting some


of those behind the idea 26 wrote Alex Somerville is part of


a new read of entrepreneurs. He publishes educational children's


books written partly in English and partly in a foreign-language. He has


sold 2000 copies already, but entering the world of business has


been a steep learning curve. As a languages graduate and linguistics


literature graduate, we didn't know about entrepreneurship and starting


a business. That has been a huge learning curve. The thing that helps


the most, we have found, is having people around you who can guide,


mental and support you. The local MP is putting on a master class for


local entrepreneurs. Have been better businesses to become bigger.


I think it is important that Bedford focuses on small businesses. I also


think that Government should focus on it. We have seen big businesses


getting away with murder. It is our small businesses, truthfully, that


create new products and innovations as much as large companies. There is


no doubt that Bedford is an entrepreneurial time. You are 20%


more likely than you are here as in the rest of the UK. Look here, not


packed full of chain stores. In fact, almost every single shot is a


small, independent business. Zak will be speaking at tonight's


conference. His business started in Bedford, in a year he has gone from


four shops in this region to 14 runs the country. For him, it is no


surprise that Bedford is a Oundle for entrepreneurs. There is a blot


of entrepreneurial people in Bedford, it is underestimated, there


is support on offer if people look for it. You make things happen.


People think there is not a lot going on here, there is more in


London and Milton Keynes, but when you haven't got those opportunities,


you have to make them happen. Alex's businesses still small. He had a


shipping himself. But he hoped some of the tapes he learns that the


conference tonight will help him to succeed and be another Bedford


success story. -- handles shipping himself. That conference has got


under way. If we take a peek through to the conference, we can see a


packed audience and the former Chief Executive of John Lewis, Andy


Street, is there. I spoke to him and asked him for his advice a short


time ago. The lesson from John Lewis,


of course, that's a big business. Many of the businesses


here tonight a relatively small businesses, but


the It's quite simply, to be


successful, you must Be obsessed with what


they want, make sure you understand how their needs


are changing, and deliver them. It is not important


what you want to do, bluntly put, what you want


is what they are after. If you get that, you


will be successful. Everyone here tonight


is either running a small business or thinking


of running a small business. Why do you think people


should be thinking about I guess the obvious answer,


it gives you control. It enables you to do


what you really want. Some people enjoy


being part of a big organisation, but I reckon a huge


proportion of people actually love seeing an idea that they have,


whether originally, getting it to -- they have come up


with originally. Hopefully, they might be the next


Apple, the next Google, and Looking at young people


particularly, the thing to do something that young people,


in school all graduating university, They should be thinking


about it and they are. We had the numbers last weekend


from Start-up Britain. Cities like my city,


Birmingham, 25% increase in Absolutely no question,


the start-up culture is strong How important is it to the economy


that there are all of the It is vitally important


to the economy. The numbers, actually


small businesses We naturally think of big


businesses, but actually, new jobs are being created


by small businesses. They are the ones that grow


to the medium and big business in Real sign of the health


of the business part of the economy. This is a first in a series of


master classes, one a week for five weeks. Later, there will be the


opportunity to hear from the Chief Executive of TalkTalk. Everyone who


has put this together and hope this will boost the entrepreneurial


culture in Bedford. Sport now - and you've heard


of the Tour de France - there's also a Tour of Britain -


now there's the Tour of Suffolk - and it presents a huge challenge


for one Stansted man. Shaun Whiter lost both of his legs


in an accident last year - until then, he was a promising


amateur footballer. Well, the Tour of Suffolk


is a funding raising initiative run by Ipswich Town Football Club -


and a number of club legends Knocked out of the cup,


his position under scrutiny, but today, Mick McCarthy


was at the heart of the launch of the tour of Suffolk


Cycling Challenge. 100 cyclists, 150


miles in two plays. I did 90 miles in the summer


for the hospital. That was one Saturday morning before


before I went to a wedding. Yeah, I am more than


capable of doing it. Former Newmarket town footballer


Shaun Whiter will also take part. Using a specially


designed hand bike. He lost both his legs in a hit


and run crash six months ago. He is now being fitted


with prosthetics. He will take on the challenge


using just his arms. I want to get out there,


doing normal things, doing bike rides, going to be


Newmarket races, going out to watch I know I got hit by a car,


it's not nice, but I need to build It's going to be tough,


but he's very determined. The fact that he is here


now walking around. The last time I saw him


was in the air ambulance. It's a message to all of us,


I think is he's got guts. It makes you very humble to see


what he is going to do. 150 miles around Suffolk is pretty


hard, just pedalling with your arms. On the pitch, the club are calling


for supporters to stay patient despite Tuesday's FA


Cup humiliation. There is a growing sense among fans


that a change is needed. The manager's clearly


under pressure. Looking now, not so much


building for the next few matches, you are building


for next season, too. Yeah, they will be


a few moans and groans. But players have got to stand


up to the challenge. The two-day cycling


challenge is in May. The next Ipswich challenge


is Huddersfield away this weekend. Staying with sport -


and He's self-taught and just 12 years old -


but chess player Jaden Jermy has won the chance to try out


for the England squad. After an appearance


at the London Chess Championship earlier this month he secured


a recognition for exceptional play. We sent Robby West down


to his school to give him a game... He is just 12 years old, but she is


the one to beat. He was at the Chester Jets, testing himself


against the world's best players. It was a very good turn on, with three


wins and four draws and one loss. His performance in the tenements has


led to him being invited to check the low train with the England share


squad. I wanted to find out how good he really is. He destroyed me in 20


moves. He taught himself how to play chess by watching YouTube videos. He


has scared off most of the opponents in due course. Our sixth form having


agreed that a young whippersnapper have tonight has been teaching them


how to play chess. He won his first element at eight years old, taking


?50. Since then, he has completed across Europe and wants to make


chess into a career. And what a travel the world playing chess.


Hopefully, I can become one of the best in the world. These dreams have


a real possibility of coming true. Whilst it is not a new phenomenon,


millions of people watching online, a multi-million pound industry has


sprung up. With big prize-money. The jeans are playing as a grandmaster,


but his mother is just happy he has been giving confidence. He has made


wonderful friendships and has support, and knows that it is OK to


be unique. How does that feel as a mother? It is wonderful to see your


child, into their own personality. This talented 12-year-old has the


world of chess at his fingertips. It's been confirmed the grey seal


colony at Blakeney Point in Norfolk is the largest in England


for the second year in a row. The National Trust says


nearly 2500 pups have This year they've spread


further into the reserve The increase is thought to be due


to the environment at Blakeney The trust says the seals


were not adversely affected I bet they like the cold weather.


Will that continue? Well, I thought I would start


with a satellite picture. You can clearly see


where we have had the best of the sunshine


and where we have held onto the thicker cloud,


which has produced a little bit of Bedford saw some beautiful


afternoon sunshine. Where as in Ramsey,


well, not quite so Overnight tonight, I think


we will still hold some thicker Again, that could produce


a little bit of light Even here, it could become


fairly well broken. It is underneath he's clearer skies


that we are expecting things to turn Temperatures on the computer down


to around minus two, but think some spots will be down to


around minus four, think. That means we could see


a bit patchy ice as well. And with light winds,


some mist and fog in places, and that


could be freezing fog. I think any mist and fog


could take a while to clear. A bit of cold and frosty


start for many of us. Once that has gone, and I think


a lot of the thicker coat in the north, it is looking


a largely dry and sunny day. Plenty of winter sunshine


for everyone tomorrow. Temperatures up to around


six hours is at best. Again, very light winds in an east


to north-easterly direction. It looks like we hold onto sunny


skies right the way through the afternoon, and after dark,


we keep clear skies. Again, on Friday night


is looking pretty chilly. As we head into the weekend,


high pressure still in charge but it is drifting further


away to the continent. That shift in direction


means we will probably Saturday, a similar


symbol to all the rest of But I think mist and


fog slow to clear. For many of us, a lots


more cloud around on That is not to say we won't see


some brightness and sunshine, but the better chance


before that so few are. Another cold night and


Saturday night, and then Sunday probably the better chance


of the clouds breaking up again. Looking cold on Sunday


with highs of three Celsius. On Monday, hopefully,


some spells of sunshine, too. High pressure in charge,


keeping it largely fine and Just before I go, it


is a barometer night! Just before we go -


a quick look ahead to a special programme we're doing


on Monday to mark the 50th It's grown from a collection


of rural towns and villages to a city of over a quarter


of a million people. We'll be looking at


the history of the place - and how it can continue to grow -


and celebrating the thriving cultural and sporting


scenes that have evolved. But for that's all we've


time for this evening - I'm back at 10:30 -


until then, have a good evening.


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