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In the programme tonight: Ignoring rural businesses.


Allegations that parts of Fenland are being overlooked


Police describe the behaviour of Helen Bailey's fiance


Pioneering new treatment for teenagers who self-harm finds


And Peaky the robot takes a rocket ride into near space carrying


messages to the world from schoolchildren


First tonight there are claims tonight that businesses in Fenland


are missing out on tens of thousands of pounds of support because


the Local Enterprise Partnership is targetting more affluent


It's an allegation supported by the local MP Stephen Barclay


who says the partnership set up by the Government to promote


economic growth is actually failing some rural areas.


He says the LEP must be made more accountable and that


A Fenland company with a multi-million pound turnover.


These are destined to become high-tech MRI


One to help decommissioned Sellafield, but say lack of funding


from the Enterprise Partnership is hindering their expansion plans.


Much of what we do here ultimately results in money in the pockets of


our employees which goes into the local community.


All of the local shops, services, ultimately benefit


from the investment and the growth of this business.


We have got a terrific opportunity to turn this


into a very, very substantial business over the next two years.


And we have had very little support, sadly.


The enterprise partnership at the heart of all of this is based


Its aim is to bring inward investment of


Government funding to help businesses.


It works across eight different counties with the aim of


trying to bring in more jobs across the whole of the area.


One of the MPs for fenland claims that


companies and infrastructure projects are not being treated


There is concerns in terms of major projects such as with


Beach Rail, such as duelling the A47 which appear to be making no


progress whatsoever, when schemes with a weaker business case


elsewhere in the county are being request by the local enterprise


There is a lack of transparency as to how they are


reaching those investment decisions, why they are pushing schemes to the


south of the county and not those in fenland.


But the enterprise partnership like they were targeting


the more affluent parts of the region.


Infrastructure delivery, to whatever part of the county or


I think that is the reality, as well.


We understand that local people feel they need


it and need it now, that is


Can you understand why they feel they're


I can understand why they feel like they


are being forgotten, but other areas will feel the same.


Companies here feel they will continue to expand,


but say the rate at which they can grow and grasp opportunities is


Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair joins us now.


The Government sets a lot of store by Local Enterprise


on this. It was the last month, the made up of local business people and


a handful of local councillors and their job is to champion local


growth to improve their local economy. The idea that local people


know best what the local economy means, so why don't they do the


lobbying? The Treasury does listen very carefully to them. The greater


Cambridgeshire MEP was very instrumental in getting the A4


upgraded. That has been important for the county. I think what


frustrates politicians in Fenland is that they look over the border at


the Norfolk and Suffolk areas, and they see that there is money there


and investment going into Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. I think


politicians in ten Pack three worried that they are being ignored.


Steven Barclay was complaining about the lack


This is a complaint from across the country. Maybe from Labour all


editions -- mainly. MEPs are becoming increasingly powerful. We


the public can't hold them to account and we can't vote them out


of office if we can't like them. I don't know how we get past this


accountability issue. There is another issue why this row matters,


Cambridgeshire is about to get devolution and critics of devolution


were worried that this one large authority with its one men would put


all the funding into Cambridge at the expense of the local county.


This incident will make them a bit nervous.


And Andrew will be joining us again later in the programme


The fiance of the murdered children's author Helen Bailey


was non-committal and "couldn't be bothered" when police


tried to interview him over her disappearance,


Ian Stewart is accused of sedating and killing Ms Bailey,


before dumping her body in a cesspit at their home in Royston.


Today police officers told the court that Stewart was reluctant to be


formally interviewed, but watched their every


move as they searched for his missing partner.


Kate Bradbrook is at St Albans Crown Court now.


Today we saw a police interview which was conducted with Ian Stewart


back in April. Also today police have released audio of a phone call


in which Ian Stuart reports is fiancee missing. We can hear extract


from that now. How can I help? My partner has been missing since


Monday and has not contacted anyone. Sergei was going away. Hasn't gone


where she said she was going. We just decided we should report it.


Yes. Has been reported already? No. And she has been missing since


Monday? Yes. Other evidence today focused on police searches of Helen


Bailey's home in Royston in the three months until her body was


discovered. Helen Bailey was last seen


on the 11th of April last year and reported missing to police


a few days later. Officers searched


Helen's home in Royston several times along


with the Today, the court heard


from one of the officers Special Sergeant


Nicole Goodier said... She said he was very inquisitive,


asking why we were doing things. He was watching our


every single move. Another officer, Sergeant


Stephen Oliphant, said at first Ian Stewart was very


accommodating, that of other times He said he appeared


to be in pain from his recent surgery, holding


his hand to his side. It was the job of DC Holly Deigns


to conduct a formal recorded She said he didn't want


to do the interview. She said he very rarely make eye


contact and on one occasion after a conversation


we had with him... He said Ian Stewart only started


to relax when officers had He agreed to be


interviewed on the 22nd The prosecution claim Ian Stuart


sedated his fiancee with sleeping pills before killing her


and putting her body Ian Stewart denies murder, fraud,


perverting the course of justice and preventing


a lawful burial. At that police interview was played,


Ian Stewart was deemed too weak in the dock. We also heard he told


police that she had left a note and that they had set a wedding date for


September 20 16. This case will continue on Monday.


It's often a hidden problem and notoriously hard to treat.


But teenagers who carry out self-harm are being offered


a new form of therapy in Milton Keynes and it's showing


It uses techniques like mindfulness to help young people


It's expensive, but should save the NHS money in the long term.


So, when I was about 12, I was in a psychologically-abusive


relationship which affected me quite badly


mentally and I started turning to self harm as a coping mechanism.


I started showing signs that I wanted to kill myself and I was


depressed and that I just didn't want to be alive all be here.


Hard stories to hear, but these teenagers


Over 3,000 referrals were made to the child and adolescent mental


health services in the past year and this number is growing.


But therapists here believe they have the tool


Over the past year, Milton Keynes CAMHS has rolled out a


new type of therapy called DBT which aims


to help young people who


frequently self harm, or have attempted suicide.


The treatment programme runs for up to a year and


works on a new way of addressing emotional crisis.


Using therapies such as distress tolerance and


we distress tolerance where we build skills and


the tips skills way you do things like temperature, so you have change


of temperature, so you can have like a really cold


bath or shower kind of


thing and it just brings a different sensation.


The treatment costs between ?70,000 and ?100,000 a year.


But the trust says it will save them money.


I think historically, these are the kinds of people who come to


CAMHS who end up coming to A E multiple times.


Who end up being admitted to in-patient units for


Who might end up being transferred to adult mental health


So, hopefully this is going to stop some


of those things happening and save money in the long run.


The trust says they are committed to using DBT


Prince William has officially announced that he is to leave his


job The palace says that it will mean


that he can spend more time on Royal duties. The prince as he has love


being part of a team that saves lives everyday. He stops in the


summer. Later, Julie has the weather


for the rest of the weekend, First back to Stewart


and Susie for the rest Stay with us for your


weekend weather forecast. We have an interview


with under-pressure And we go to an American diner


in Essex, to find out what they think


about President Trump. You would be forgiven for thinking


that MPs at Westminster have got just one thing on their minds


at the moment - Brexit - particularly after the


events of this week. None of them know where they will be


working in a few years' time. The Houses of Parliament


are in desperate need of repair and officials want to move everyone


out of the building for up to six years, while the


work takes place. Some of our MPs are


resigned to the idea, but others are kicking up a fuss.


Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair has been listening


to both sides of the argument. Pretty much directly


under the Central Lobby. This is the bit of the Houses


of Parliament which the public Deep underground are corridors


stuffed with pipework and wiring, Physically, there is not enough room


to fit any more pipework. My guide is Andy Piper, who is


drawing up the renovation plans. He points out the crumbling


brickwork and some of We know what type of cables


they are, but what we don't know is where they run,


what they serve and what they do. This is the current


telephone system here. That is the current


telephone system?! That is the current telephone


system for Westminster. MPs say it is a problem which cannot


be ignored any longer. We are talking about


the possibility that, at any stage, we could have part


of the building, We know there has been


dozens of potential The building has really not


been properly maintained And when you get up on the roof,


the wear and tear is clear to see. Everyone is agreed that


extensive work is needed. The big question is,


how do you do it? Do you move everyone away from this


building for six years and do Or allow MPs and their staff


to stay here, but let And that option would


also be more expensive. The recommendation is to


move out altogether. The safest option,


as well as the cheapest option, is to get out of it and let


the workers get on with it. Then, we will have,


I think, the best result. At this time of Brexit,


I think it is crucial we make best use of this iconic building,


the Houses of Parliament. The alternative will be,


at a time when we are trying to make international friends and secure


favourable trade agreements, are we going to be operating


from the courtyard of the Department of Health?


What message does that send? The MP has become the unofficial


leader of the campaign A decision is needed soon,


because this work will not wait. And Shailesh Vara will be one


of the guests this week So, too, will Julian Huppert,


from the Liberal Democrats. We will be talking about


the problems facing Parliament and the latest funding


crisis to hit students. That is on Sunday


at 11am on BBC One. As you may have seen,


Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President


of the United States. Almost one million people


thronged Washington for Of course, the event


was followed across the world and it was the big talking point at


the Bungalow Diner in Colchester - a little corner of America in Essex.


Dawn Gerber was there. It is a slice of America,


but in the county of Essex. And it has got everything you would


want from an American diner. People come from far


and wide to visit, because they obviously like to


taste our American food. A good old-fashioned jukebox


and a range of classic burgers, And my breakfast favourite,


pancakes with maple syrup. Pancakes aside, today


is all about the man who is going to be in charge of the USA


for the next four years. American businessman


Donald Trump is the 45th He is a man that controversy seems


to follow and one who uses Twitter, instead of press conferences,


to speak to the public. Today at the Capitol Building


in Washington, he took the Oath of Office, where he promised


to protect America and its people and to be a good leader,


which his fans embrace. But that is something that


some of the US ex-pats I don't think he's going


to protect our daily lives, things like the cost


of healthcare, the cost of food. They are stocking the


government with people I think the idea of protecting the


American people is the one thing that he is committed to doing. He


will do it through the enhancement of national security and through


putting a lot of money into the defence sector. We all need to be


watching him. As global citizens and Americans. The president says he


wants to make America great again, create more jobs and be tough on


terrorism and immigration. As the billionaire takes office, supporters


will mark today is a great day. Those against them, they are more


likely to be anxiously watching his every move over the next four years.


Yes, and after a wretched week for Ipswich, Town boss Mick McCarthy


said he is in no mood to quit. Here is Tom.


He remains focused on tomorrow's trip to Huddersfield.


Mick McCarthy told me he has no intention of walking away.


He has been in charge at Ipswich for more than four years.


He saved them from relegation. Nearly took them up.


But this week, Town were knocked out of the Cup.


Humiliated by non-league Lincoln, live on television,


leading to some fans urging him to quit.


It was an awful result, it was an awful performance,


and all the things people said about it.


Embarrassing, humiliating, yeah, it is.


But I think we should give Lincoln credit,


I thought they were excellent in both games and deserved to win it.


I have been the giantslayer before and it's great


You bask in the glory and everyone is patting you on the back.


And, of course, whether we are giants or not, I guess we are,


in terms of the comparison, then, it's horrible.


It's dreadful. Yesterday was awful.


But do you know what, there's nothing I can do about that now.


The last three league performances have been good.


The last result was good, so that's what we want to get back to.


Sad as it may be, as humbling as it may be, and humiliating as it might


We've got to go to Huddersfield and gather our feathers


No doubt you have felt the brunt of fans' wrath on many occasions.


I've also felt the glory on a number of occasions, as well.


I've probably had more of that since being here


Pats on the back. It's been good.


This season has been different. Does it bother me?


I prefer to have nice things said about me and not to have people


giving me stick and the team stick, but you know, they come to watch


us win, they want to watch us play well.


And we didn't do that, so I accept it.


Would you ever walk away from Ipswich, Mick?


No, I've no intentions of doing that.


I don't know if I can be any more determined.


If I could, that suggests that I'm not being as determined


It's as far away from the truth as can be.


No, I remain as focused and as determined to be a success here.


As you said, a hugely-encouraging display in the league last week.


Huddersfield away. That's a tough one, though.


Of course it is. And so is Preston and so is Derby


when they come here. We've not had an easy one yet.


Mick McCarthy is the longest-serving manager in the Championship.


Appointed in November 2012. Simon Grayson at Preston is second.


Then, former Norwich boss, Chris Hughton.


Fourth on the list is the current Norwich manager Alex Neil,


whose under-pressure side play Wolves tomorrow,


who are now managed by another former City boss, Paul Lambert.


Everyone connected with Norwich is wanting Norwich to win the game,


so the best opportunity and the best chance for us to win the game


is if the fans support the players and, hopefully, be very vocal


in getting behind them. But I fully appreciate


and understand that we have to give them a performance to shout about.


At Northampton, it is Justin Edinburgh's


Tomorrow, that will mean a short trip down the M1 to play MK Dons.


The new Cobblers' manager has been promised money to spend


and has already made his first signing,


with Crystal Palace striker Keshi Anderson arriving on loan.


We are going to play off the front foot.


My teams have always been set up to do that.


And that is what this team will be set up to do.


So, we have got to raise the morale, the confidence,


but I saw very good signs this morning in training.


And as we are in the football transfer window, how about this?


Manchester City have forked out a staggering ?175,000, to buy


Southend's 13-year-old defender, Finley Burns.


Apparently, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal were all interested.


He had been playing for the under-16s.


Southend have said it is a huge compliment for their academy.


Rugby union now and England head coach Eddie Jones has named


four Northampton players in his Six Nations squad.


Courtney Lawes, Teimana Harrison, Dylan Hartley and Tom Wood


Next week, Jones will confirm whether Hartley will lead the side.


His team mates certainly think he should continue as captain.


He is working as hard as I have ever seen him work


He can only hope that Eddie gives him another shot


at skipping the side. I think he deserves it.


He has been fantastic for us in the last 12 months.


And European action for Northampton tonight at Montpellier.


Saints are bottom of the group and cannot qualify.


In the British Irish Cup tomorrow, Bedford's final group game


Finally, Huntingdon's Olympic gymnast Dan Keatings has


announced his retirement, at the of 27.


A former European Champion, Dan also won Commonwealth gold in Glasgow.


He says he has many great memories, "but now needs to kick back,


"drink some beers and spend time with the wife!"


Well done to Mick McCarthy for giving us that interview.


Most people will remember K-9 in Doctor Who or maybe


has become the latest robot in space.


It was helped on its way by 800 school children


and is programmed to speak messages from children across the world.


It was launched in Royston this morning.


Named Peakey, after astronaut Tim Peake,


this small blue robot is about to boldly go into near space.


His mission - to teach children all about space


There is a lot of excitement around robotics, interest


in robotics and a lot of talk about a robotic revolution.


This is really all about enabling children to explore


the difficulties of getting robots to do real-world jobs.


Over 800 children from around the globe entered a competition


to come up with messages for Peaky to relay back down to Earth.


12 have been selected and, as soon as the robot


reaches 20,000 metres, he should spring into action.


This is a tracker, so this senses height.


The GPS device there. Height and location.


But with the launch imminent, I'm not sure Peaky is convinced.


However, now is not the time for seconds thoughts.


Yes, cos if it is afraid of heights, it might be really scared!


You do not get to see that sort of thing every day and it was just


a very good opportunity for us to have that opportunity.


Back at mission control, there were concerns that Peaky might


be making a splash landing in the sea.


The other robot left behind just glad it wasn't him!


I wanted to go myself, but did not make it through robot


astronaut training. The truth is, heights make me dizzy.


The good news is that Peaky landed safely on land in Lincolnshire,


allowing a giant leap in understanding for his fans here.


Now, we can catch up on the weather forecast


Lastly, it was fairly cold. Many places below freezing. A beautiful


winter day today. Thank you very much for this wonderful photograph.


This was a beautiful sunset near Great Yarmouth a little while ago.


Norfolk did see some sunshine today. Some areas of cloud the South


Dublin. Moreover the feeding during the next few hours. But overnight,


clear sky and that could mean along a sharp frost. Again, temperatures


could drop down to minus 5-6 C. High pressure in charge tomorrow, but it


shifts position slightly, so it means we could have a bit more in


the way of cloud. The frost will eventually disappear and that will


be helped by the increase in cloud expected from the North Sea. For


most of us, a dry day and the further south you are, the more


likely you are to enjoy some sunshine. Temperatures tomorrow,


like today, a rise of around 5-6 C. Moderate wind. We finished the be


fine and dry. Sunday, high-pressure steam in charge. Most and fog to


clear first thing, but I better chance of all those getting some


sunshine during the day. For the start of the working week, much the


same pattern, but mist and fog could linger in many products. It could


actually Steve Withers wrote the day in some parts. Thank you very much.


Have a good weekend. TV: He's not your father.


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