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Hello welcome to a special edition of Look East -


celebrating Milton Keynes 50th birthday.


We're at Bletchley, famed home of the World


War Two Code Breakers, and a foundation for


We'll trace the history and growth of MK -


and meet the people who made it their home.


We also ask what next for MK - with pressures for more housing,


And find out how a thriving sporting scene has evolved -


and why the local Ice Hockey team is hitting the big time.


The mother of a Hertfordshire author whose body was found


in a septic tank tells a court her


daughter had complained of feeling spaced out before she went missing.


You join me at the biggest birthday party Milton Keynes has ever seen.


50 years ago today, MK was formed from a collection


of rural villages and it's grown to a town of over


It was a government plan to tackle a housing shortage - and it worked!


Well, the great and the good have gathered here at


Bletchley is one of the oldest parts of MK,


famous for the World War II code breakers who cracked


And tonight we'll be decifering what the future holds for MK,


We'll hear from some of the people here in a moment.


The first little to the beginning and speak to those who take their


turns and made this place the home. When millions first got a glimpse of


Milton Keynes, a boy and a bowling, a trip through the new town. An ad


campaign to tempt more people to move your. No building should be


higher than the tallest tree, that is what the planners first set but


of course there would be a lot of buildings and that would not change.


Diane Sutton moved four times in 40 years, the last to hear from the --


ready world an exhibition was held. Kill my neighbour built by


architect, the left-hand one for his own home on the right-hand one was


his office. It was a new way to build. She lives in one of the first


estate. She worked at the university based here. For how NK is a place of


firsts. I could see Milton Keynes would be a great place to live, it


is a place that was not scared to do things that other people have not


done before, we have the first big shopping centre in central Milton


Keynes. We have the first multiscreen cinema at the point.


From a handful of houses and became the most ambitious new term project.


Built on a grid system, roads and pathways -- Rose and pathways apart.


But this is where the formal ground-breaking happened in January


1967 next to the old A5, only 16 people here, businessmen Jim White


one of them. The only reason it is here is that the main trunk road


limitation of what was behind us. Everything behind as was basically


feels right to Newport Pagnell. Warehouses here are now super-sized,


more than 10,000 businesses are tastier. Among them is this


business, small to start but its reach is global. It is a shop


window, you have many customers coming from right to see us into


that is quite important that we are in a dynamic working environment


like Milton Keynes. It has been very good to us here. We employ something


in the order of 450 people now, and 55% of output was abroad. They made


fun of its roundabouts but today it is one of the fastest-growing towns


in the country. The new kid on the block has grown up. Hasn't it aged


well? Well thoughts now turn


to the next 50 years, many of the people here tonight


will be making decisions about how It's already one of the fastest


growing places in the UK. And what does all that mean


for jobs and infrastructure. Stuart Ratcliffe has been


looking at MK's future. Milton Keynes disguised as


Metropolis, its futuristic buildings selected to double as Clark Kent's,


city but 30 years on from Superman's flying visit, MK has grown into its


own mini metropolis. But in the next 50 years: that growth continue? The


choice under discussion is there is Milton Keynes with the wonderful


grid pattern and grid squares of development, as that keep spreading


out or do we draw the stop in some places? And maybe have some baby


tends her daughter attends? Which way do you think it will develop? My


personal view is that there are certain points were Milton Keynes


has spread far enough and we should have daughter towns. These areas are


apparently being developed for housing but by 2036 these areas


could also follow and many think that the key to growth is transport.


The M1 and West Coast Main line already offer easy access to


Birmingham and London. Travelling cross-country is less easy but that


could be about to change. After years of delay east-west rail


servicing will become a reality, as platforms you are Milton Keynes is


especially designed to accommodate those services so by 2021 you will


be able to get trains from here to Oxford and to Aylesbury and at some


point in the future hopefully to Cambridge as well. The government


also supports plans for a east-west road, an idea supported by many NK


businesses but crucially the business here is a terror across not


only continues but is accelerated. There is a challenge. All Over The


Place Asia building of new housing but I think that our site allocated


to housing and it is the pace of building that housing and making it


available. Would you like to see the pace quickened? Everywhere able to


do that more quickly it would encourage more businesses to the


area. Across town and the very different business, where Hewitt the


hope for MK's future is far better further and higher education. Of our


concerns and we have noticed in recent years is the shortage of


semiskilled labour, obviously we assemble equipment here and we need


access to a good pool of trained people. There is a concern moving


forward that we still have access to that. Because of its success in the


last 50 years expectations about how NK will evolve over the next 50 are


understandably high. The question is how and will NK deliver? The bottom


line is MK leads to grow. But how? I'm joined by leader


of the council Peter Marland, and the local MP for Bletchley Ian


Stewart. We have heard you will need more


housing, or will it go? Will the green belt be built on? You build


up? We don't have green belt in Milton Keynes but the good thing


about the planning is it allows local people to say where they want


housing. Milton Keynes expected once growth, it is just about affording


the infrastructure that comes with growth. We have always had schools


and hospitals in GP surgeries are showing local people the benefits of


growth is the main thing. We have heard the ideas of building new


settlements along what will be a new real line. How important is that


transport? We need an economy for the 21st-century advert we are


between Oxford and Cambridge and London and Birmingham gives us a


fantastic opportunity with knowledge intensive jobs and making sure we


have the right skills for the jobs that are coming not now but in the


next 10-15 years around robotics so what we need to do is make sure we


have the right skills and knowledge base and really attract those people


and make sure we are attracting the right sort of people, like we have


in the past. Thank you. Ian Stewart you're one of the local MPs,


Conservative MP, the Transport Secretary has been in the region


today. We had a lot about rail links in the new East rest -- East West


rail link, the funniest to develop it but the money has not been


committed to build these things. When will that happen? Just before


Christmas the Transport Secretary announced he was setting up a new


company to build the east-west line in a completely new way, I see a


commonage in government and private financing forehead. You also have to


look at this project in the context of the Milton Keynes Cambridge


corridor and I think that'll be one of the most exciting developments we


have. If we planning properly this will unlock so much economic growth,


Milton Keynes's success was based on its good planning design, and now we


have reached the initial aspirations for modern Keynes, there was the


time to look ahead at the decades to come and I think both the railway


and expressway will unlock much of that development. Are you reassured


by that, Peter? When I first came on the council I thought the delivery


date was 20 17th express rail, I don't see the station opening any


time since I think it is one of those things that has been around


for at least 30 years. You speak to people who came on Bill Milton


Keynes and they said it was one of the original ideas while I think


there is always noises around I do think we need some proper movement


and commitment around delivery and I hope, I just hope that this time is


the time it will be delivered rather than promises. A brief word about


skills. We had the prime ministers new plans for technical centres,


could MK deal with one of those? Absolutely, if you look at the


futures commission 's report that came out last year one of the


central recommendations was MK IT, a technology University here in Milton


Keynes and I think that absolutely plays in with the government's


aspirations that they set out in the industrial strategy today. It is one


idea. Thank you very much. Let's go to the studio for a round-up of the


rest of the day 's news. whose body was found in a septic


tank at her home in Royston has told a court her daughter had


complained of feeling In the weeks before


she went missing. Helen Bailey's mother Eileen also


said he felt "uneasy" about her daughter's relationship


with Ian Stewart. He denies drugging her with sleeping


pills and murdering her. The court heard today how Helen


Bailey had suffered from memory lapses and felt dizzy and spaced out


in the weeks and months before her disappearance in April last year.


The jury heard from Helen's mother Eileen Sidhu video link from the


Berlin. He said on one occasion Helen was left traumatised after


we've -- after realising she had left her beloved on the beach. We


had just one week before she went missing Helen had called her mum


sending anxious after waking from a five hour sleep in the middle of the


day. Eileen Bailey broke down in tears after giving evidence, she


said she also felt uneasy about Helen's relationship with Ian


Stewart do the state of mind. A police interview with the defendant


was played in court and we have from one of the officers involved. DC


holiday in the set I often found him rich temperamental uncooperative and


dismissive of us. After the first interview she said he had asked and


I still suspect? I must be. I must be a suspect. Helen Bailey's body


was found in a cesspit under her home in Royston after she vanished


in April last year. The prosecution claimed that Ian Stewart said he


fiancee with sleeping pills before killing her for her money. Ian


Stewart denies murder, perverting the course of justice, fraud and


preventing a waffle burial. The case will continue on Wednesday. -- and


preventing a lawful burial. Police divers have been searching


a lake in Northamptonshire today trying to track down


the killer of a pensioner. David Brickwood was murdered


in his own home in Northampton So far no one has been


arrested for his murder, and police are yet to


find the murder weapon. Searching the icy water at Eastfield


Park, more than one year after 74-year-old David Brickwood was


murdered in his own home. Police today looking for any clue to help


track down his killer. We have never located the weather -- the weapon


that killed David, and we do not know his address at the states we


are looking for anything that could be a weapon that harms David or


anything that could have come from his address. David Brickwood,


described as an honest and caring man was asleep in his own bed when


he was stabbed five times in what police described as a dreadful and


violent attack. David Brickwood's home was less than one mile in that


direction, just a few streets away from the park year. Police say the


dead not have any specific evidence linking the area but that if you


want to get rid of something from the property here would be the


natural place. Despite appeals including one on the BBC's


Crimewatch programme questions remain about exactly what happened.


It has been some time since David's murder, why are we now further on?


It has been a difficult investigation, at the moment we are


trying to work through a lot of the information we had but at the moment


we have not been able to notify any suspects. Police say they will


continue to do they can to bring David's killer to justice.


The union at Kettering based Weetabix


says industrial action has been put on hold


Workers voted in favour of industrial action in December


Staff are to be balloted on a revised offer.


Cambridgeshire snooker player Joe Perry hopes the experience


Led Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-1 in yesterday's Masters final.


But he eventually lost by ten frames to seven.


and came so close to his greatest triumph.


That's all from me, now back to Clare, who's in Bletchley


as Milton Keynes Celebrates its 50th birthday.


Welcome back to Bletchley Park, where the MK 50 party


We are looking at the history of Milton Keynes and some futuristic


things, there are people swinging around on hover boards and suchlike.


Away from such frivolity we have been looking at a government plan to


build new housing of great a new community and haven't really worked


here, and for people who have not been to Milton Keynes, if that is


you, what are you thinking? There are also some rather unkind


stereotypes that have developed over the years and I have been out and


about in the town to debunk some of those myths.


Welcome to one of Milton Keynes's many roundabouts. It is the


foundation of myth number one, the Milton Keynes is no more than a lot


of traffic flows and concrete. Not from where I'm standing, as you can


see the parks and lakes everywhere. It is a fantastic place for


everyone. There is no one who lives more than a quarter of a mile from a


piece of lovely good-quality Park, open space, lakes, woodlands, we


have it all here and it really does make for a fantastic quality of


life. There is even greenery in shopping centres, and it is here


that you find myth number two, that it is all chain stores and chain


restaurants, to the point that it is a bit bland with no real history, no


real soul. Transit Milton Keynes has quite a lot of old shops, too, he


led the museum. Here we are in the heart of Victorian Milton Keynes and


there was an iron mongers just the. If you go down the road to Stratford


which is one of the old coaching tends you will still find


old-fashioned iron mongers that people from all over the region


actually come to because you can get absolutely everything. Milton Keynes


has its quirks and plenty of independent traders, but what about


the people who live here? Myth number three would say they do not


have a shared identity or passions. Not according to the editor of the


local paper. People are passionate about it, especially those whose


roots are here but also the community is made up of so many more


people that have come here on the back of a job or to move here


because it is a lovely place to live. We need to pull together and


it does work in that sense. Finally the biggest myth of all, that this


place is a city. It is not, Milton Keynes officially is a town. Try


telling the locals that. We know it is a city. I've known Milton Keynes


right from the beginning. You have everything here, shops, community


centres, hospital, lovely hospital. More of a city because it is huge. I


think it is a city. I think the size of it qualifies as a city but it is


not officially one yet. I have always called it a city, I have been


your 15 years and everyone refers to it as a city and that is good enough


for me. If we think it is a city and we call it a city then it is a city.


One thing that may help any future bids for city status is the thriving


sporting scene here. There's a successful


football team the MK Dons. It's established itself


as the home of UK Badminton. And there's also the MK


Lightning Ice Hockey team. Next season they are moving


up to play in the top flight for the first time


in the clubs history. Our Sports Editor


Jonathan Parks reports. They say ice hockey is the world's


fastest team sport, fill of tactics, speed and ordered dustup. Milton


Keynes has a team to be proud of. It is Thursday night and this is MK


lining's search training session of the week. They have big ambitions


and they are leaving nothing to chance ahead of an important match


with Guildford. Founded 14 years ago, the lightning player -- play at


planet ice. Crowds have gone up but there is always for more. 1% more


easily fill this place every Saturday. Would be nice to read and


get that out there and people would realise it would help this club and


put it to another level. In the locker room a local hero, the


defence man Jacob. We have played some good hockey and put on some


good performances. Magistrate, 2000 fans arrive for the lightning versus


the flames in the premiership. My first game was in 2011 and I have


been hooked since. Your football fans but he changed ice hockey.


Absolutely, we find football boring now. Back in the locker room, the


calm before the storm. Before the lightning strikes. The lining's


task, keep the pressure on the league leaders and beat Guildford


and they are on a mission excepted by Jordan Cody. They were on their


way to another win. Things are pretty good for them on the ice at


the moment, they are on course for what could be a historic treble.


They are in the cup final, doing well in the league and there is the


play-offs. They could live up to the country's top division and that


requires a big investment. They would like to visit a predominantly


British squad. Guildford four back by lightning were fitter, stronger


and more clinical. It is about trying to educate people and getting


them into the building. Once people have seen MK lining play once they


want to come back for more. They won the match 5-2, they are not the


best-known sports team in Milton Keynes but they are exciting to


watch and is the know how to put on a show.


Well of course the sport people probably think of first when it


comes to Milton Keynes is football and the MK Dons.


The Chairman Pete Winkleman is with me - Pete how engaged


-- you one this weekend, did you? Thank goodness we got it right in


time for the Bradley! With a new team how easy is it to get people I


do? You do not have a history of old clubs. Very different in that


respect, everyone has come from somewhere else and it is about


making as the second favourite team to start with and maybe the kids


their first visit but we concentrate on the kids, Milton Keynes is a


place for families and so it is about making sure the young people


grow up with MK Dons as the local football team and we getting slowly.


We have heard about a shortage of space and needing more housing,


unique MySpace rear training don't you? We do and hopefully the Bradley


will bring some good news in the next few weeks. There are a lot of


people making sure everyone knows that every business in Milton Keynes


has the opportunity to grow. We are a can-do place and that is what we


are celebrating this birthday. Absolutely. Staying with sport and


over to downhill skiing because we have our weather tonight from the


snow dome as it has been pretty chilly.


You join me in the cold spot in Milton Keynes,


actually the cold spot in the region. We are at the snow is on


where you can do some skiing on the 170 metres slope. 1600 tonnes of


real snow media and the temperature at the moment where my hands are as


about -10 degrees on the ground. If you copy at the weekend -- you could


have come here at the weekend for a warm up because it was colder than


this at the weekend. It is fog that concerns us in the coming days,


again like this morning we have a Met Office weather warning to start


the day. It is running right now until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.


This morning we start with mist and fog, you can see it on the satellite


picture. It was slow to clear in some places, and the visibility is


less than 100 metres. Eventually get brightness do with mist and fog


reforming melon continues to do so as you go this evening and


overnight. It could give us some real issues first thing in the


morning. Visibility lesson 100 metres in some spots. Temperatures


down as low as -2 at the perhaps in some spots minus four degrees. A


slow start tomorrow, the Met office warning in force until 11am and then


the fog lifts to close. The afternoon is dry and settled but


with the mist and fog has been slow to clear the temperatures could


struggle. Typically 4 degrees but it could be one or two. Tomorrow


evening overnight into Wednesday we do it all again, the moment


high-pressure is in control of the weather and for much of this week it


means it is pretty benign but it also gives us at risk with a light


winds, we see the mist and fog we form overnight into Wednesday. Then


the temperatures come down again, -2 minus three. I met in the


high-pressure, we continue with it to the end of the week but actually


we start to see the wind picking up on Wednesday and settle into


Thursday. Wednesday itself should be rather fine, we start with mist and


fog but the chance of some brightness in the afternoon though


up, top temperature of 4-6 . up, top temperature of 4-6 .


Thursday we noticed the strengthening of the wind and


actually that will make it feel really rather more for you but the


one thing it does do is diminish the risk of mist and fog. Into Friday it


is dry and settled but something milder, and that is how it looks


into the weekend. This is the cold spot in the region, and I think it


will continue to be so through this week but Frost and fog for the next


couple of nights. That is almost always have time for


but on BBC One at 7:30pm there will be a more in-depth look on the


evolution Milton Keynes, that is an inside out on BBC One at 730 but we


return to the party now and course there is a cake, the will cut the


cake. Please do! Go for it! Happy birthday Milton Keynes. The


cake is cut in the party continues. We will be live on Facebook so do


continue the conversation there. From ours, happy birthday Milton


Keynes, thanks for watching and good night.


To break someone physically... Agh! ..is not a problem.


Nectar of the gods, I'm telling you. Thank you, Colonel.


He's definitely battling some demons.


If they have a fear of water, God help them.


Tom Jones, obviously. Winston Churchill.


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