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First tonight: We could see bigger class sizes


in our schools if a shortage of teachers is not sorted out.


That's the warning from some headteachers


as they start a recruitment drive to try and fill increasing


There are over 300 teacher vacancies in our region,


84 of which are in Northamptonshire where a predicted rise in the number


First tonight: We could see bigger class sizes


in our schools if a shortage of teachers is not sorted out.


That's the warning from some headteachers


as they start a recruitment drive to try and fill increasing


There are over 300 teacher vacancies in our region,


84 of which are in Northamptonshire where a predicted rise in the number


I'm going to give you a fraction sum on the board, and I want you to


Emma Aldridge is a trainee, teaching others but learning herself.


But not enough other people want to do what


I think it is probably one of the most rewarding and


challenging professions that there is.


If you're willing to commit and give a lot


love, then it definitely is something you should consider.


But head teachers say they are struggling to recruit.


That is causing some to worry about the future.


You may not have a teacher for a class of


students, and you might have to think very carefully


It might mean having to have larger class sizes, or the


head teachers teaching for part of that.


To try and stop it happening, today, Northamptonshire County Council have


released a new promotional video and website to attract more people


There are currently 84 teacher vacancies in


Northamptonshire, for classrooms like this.


The county council says, because of the growing population,


through the next five years, several new schools will be needed,


We're working very hard to promote the


very best of what we have got here in Northamptonshire.


We have got good quality housing, at relatively low


We've got a fantastic culture on offer.


They have been working really hard to


At this school in Wellingborough, they had


previously advertised one teaching job and nobody applied.


If I am being very honest, I think that the


I see my young teachers, particularly, working long hours.


But there isn't an appreciation amongst a lot of the public of how


You do have to be prepared to work late nights and on


Sundays, you have to be prepared to do lots of different


things for the school, and if you have got that


and especially if you have the passion for the subject, then you


More people will now have to love teaching if the


growing number of classrooms are going to be filled.


Well, the National Union of Teachers campaigns for better working


The Union spokesman for this region, Des Hart, joined me to explain how


those issues impact on teacher recruitment and retention.


Primarily, for those who are in the classroom,


in the workplace, we've got to increase pay, we've got to


reduce the amount of bureaucracy, we've got to get rid of this very


oppressive testing regime which means that schools aren't pleasant


for teachers and not pleasant for students.


There has always been testing exams in school, and


teaching from the outside looks like quite a good gig.


There is a career and salary progression, good holidays.


It may have been a job for life in the


past, but figures have been published that state that those


who went into the profession in 2010,


If a third of your teaching force leave in the


first five years of service, you can see that it is no longer a job


What we get from our members, primarily, it is pressures in the


classroom, 55 hours or so in secondary school, most of which is


It is to do with pressure and bureaucracy and


If you were coming out of college now, would you be a teacher?


You think it is an attractive career path?


I thoroughly enjoyed my 20 years in teaching, I'd probably


be less keen to go in now, having seen the effect


that it is having on our members, the ones that ideal


with in my role, on a day-to-day basis.


It is one of the most stressful occupations in the


workforce, and quite clearly people point at the six-week summer


holiday, for example, but we find most of our members spend the first


two weeks of the summer holiday clearing up and finishing off after


the last academic year, and then about ten days prior to the


September !st start, preparing for the next academic year.


The holidays that people get is not much better


Next tonight,the surge in Cybercrime.


It's costing the UK economy billions of pounds


and catching more and more of us out.


Police forces in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire have reported


So, a conference is taking place in Cambridge tonight to work out


On the comedy contest is going on behind me. It has been organised by


the police and crime commission and it came three key safety


partnership. It is about the growing threat of cybercrime which is


criminal activity using the internet computers. It affects everyone. This


is how to protect yourself because criminals are making millions every


day. The internet has helped this small


company go from strength to strength, but it has also had


a more sinister impact. Cybercriminals sent


an e-mail purporting to be from the MD, asking an employee


to make a bank transfer. And she said to me, I have


done the transaction you have asked me to do, but they


asked for a long reference number and I couldn't fit it


all in, so I condensed the reference number


and it was that point, I said,


what are you talking about? At that point, obviously,


she went white and I did the same, we called


the bank straightaway. In Bedfordshire in 2015,


almost 1200 were reported. They were 370 reports


the following year. If this king is the World Wide Web,


he came to power in 1995, and very quickly his followers, the


businesses, the consumers, started to realise his importance and began


to put their money and trust But where there is money,


the criminals are sure to follow. The experts predicted


it would happen, and the problem is getting


worse all the time. They target both randomly


and specifically. One method is ransomware,


where victims believe they have to pay a fine,


perhaps to a seemingly legitimate It is possible that big


organisations are now treating this type of ransomware as the cost


of doing business, and if you consider that the average


amount they are paying out is around ?13,000,


for big organisations it could be ?25,000, this is


clearly a big problem. Police nationwide say this


is a modern-day crime. We have recently held


a conference with a crime unit who have got departments


specifically dedicated to But some of their stats


are really worrying. They said they had seen over


2000 hacks on Eastern region companies this month, and


that is probably not all of them, because a lot of them


will not have been reported. This Cambridgeshire


company was lucky. But they say that the criminals


continue to try their luck With me now is it in when Coles who


is a senior lecturer in cyber security. Hello Adrian. Presumably


criminals are turning to this because it is easy to get away with?


The internet offers anonymity and that icon a massive scale of attack


and cybercriminals can be located anywhere in the world. It is an


issue of scale and anonymity. How successful are the police are


catching these people? They are always behind, but what we need is


more people to report the crimes, things like action fraud, the more


crimes are reported the more they can be correlated and the more


resources can be allocated to investigators. We will see more


prosecutions that way. We encourage victims are proud to come forward


and report and not be afraid. There is no embarrassment about this.


Anyone can suffer it. How do we protect ourselves? Cyber hygiene,


make sure your antivirus, your antispam tools are up-to-date, your


operating system is up-to-date. It is all about being a doubting


Thomas. If you receive an unknown e-mail, don't click on the


attachment. Don't respond to it. Think about who said it, if you


don't know the person, if you are in doubt, ask someone else. Evidence


from your bank for example, phone the bank go into the bag. In


messages to be suspicious will stop. An HGV driver from will


Peterborough has been convicted of using his mobile


Magistrates heard how he was spotted driving erratically.


The conviction comes during a campaign to get motorists


This professional HGV driver from Peterborough arriving at court.


Magistrates heard how he was pulled over on the A14 near Bury St


Edmunds in June last year after a police officer


spotted his lorry swerving across the lanes.


Sergeant Barry Abbott said he had seen a


driver with a mobile phone in his hand and the phone screen was on,


The defendant addressed of the court through a


Polish interpreter, and told the magistrate he was innocent.


He said the reason that he was between lanes


was not because he was using a mobile phone, but because there


where ruts worn into the road that he was having to follow.


He said it would have been impossible for the


Sergeant to have seen it in the cab of his lorry from a police car,


that he hadn't been using his phone at the time.


But the magistrate accepted the Sergeant's evidence,


and found the defendant guilty of driving while using his phone.


They fined him ?350, ordered him to pay


?620 costs and a victim's surcharge of ?35.


He was also given three penalty points.


After the hearing. the police issued another


They should be aware of the risks of driving, and no doubt


this gentleman would have seen other people


using their mobile phones and would have understood


the consequences of this during his professional career,


What would you say to drivers, what message would you give to them?


This latest conviction coincides with a


national police phone safety campaign.


Later this year, the minimum penalties double


The A6 in Northamptonshire will remain closed between Rothwell


and Desborough until the end of February.


The road was shut last week following the discovery


That's all from me for now, let's join Stewart and Susie


following the suicide of a man who was mentally ill.


An inquest jury found that Dean Saunders had been 'let down'


The Prison Ombudsman says staff "did too little to protect" him.


You're watching Look East with Stewart and me.


Coming up next, the Duchess of Cambridge on a fund-raising drive


The regional weather is staying very cold -


And, the starring role played by pupils at a school in Suffolk


The Duchess of Cambridge was in Norfolk today.


Supporting a charity which provides hospice care for chidlren with life


The East Anglia Children's Hospice looks after 750 young


And is spear-heading a fund-raising appeal to build


Today, she met children and their families at the charity's


Four year old Nell Cork presents the Duchess of Cambridge with a posy


Her family one of the many who have received care


This was Nell's five year old brother Finnbar in November 2015.


Four months later he'd been diagnosed with a brain tumour.


He was a lovely five-year-old boy. He loved riding his bike, Star Wars,


friends and going to school. It was only really this time last year when


he was in hospital that we knew he wasn't well. It progressed very


quickly. It was difficult to get out of bed some mornings. You have too,


especially when we have other children to look after.


The Duchess of Cambridge was at Quidenham as a


But for the families she was also here as a mother.


Listening to their stories. But she also shared the fun side of life. My


daughter asked her what it was like to be a princess. She said she got


looked after very well by her husband. She said her children like


to run off in different directions, so it must be very hard work to have


four. You can see she genuinely cared. Two years ago, an appeal was


launched. This site is limited in size and accessibility and they


cannot expand to cope with increased demand. There is no hydro pool here,


which is something which has benefited her. But travelling to


Cambridge is too long journey. With the new hospice, that is something


they will have. The quality of care here is first-class. But that is in


spite of the building, not because of that. We will be able to provide


much more planning new hospice is built. The fundraising is now


halfway. In the meantime, the care and support and giggles will go on.


The Chelsea Flower Show is used to staging all sorts of weird


Well, this year, they are planning an eye-catching attraction.


To draw attention to the plight of neglected horses.


So how do you tell the story of the work of a charity?


The Norfolk based World Horse Welfare organisation?


It started with Clippy who was left abandoned outside


His suffering unnoticed until he was rescued.


Clippy's story has been transferred to the drawing board and will soon


take pride of place at the world's most prestigious flower show.


The idea for this is to show how animals can be rescued and re-homed.


This is the area that shows where animals are forgotten about. Then we


move into an area which is open to the sky and the sun.


It's all thanks to a donation from a supporter of Snetterton based


The charity, which is celebrating its 90th birthday,


Hopefully this will attract more people to come and find out about


the work of the charity. Increasingly, charities are teaming


up with sponsors and garden designers to promote their cause at


the Chelsea flower show. It is an international stage.


With a host of gold medals from Chelsea behind them,


Jonathan and Adam have a special affection for their latest garden,


almost all of its 800 plants sourced from a nursery in Norfolk.


This is about getting people to reflect on the importance of


charities. And helping animals. If they can get more supporters to


enable them to do so, that has got to be a good thing.


While Clippy is nursed back to health,


the hope is this garden should ensure that will horses like him,


This week, the town of Milton Keynes is celebrating its 50th birthday.


What started off as a group of villages in rural Buckinghamshire


is now one of our fastest growing towns.


It also takes its art very seriously.


And it's hoping to become a European Capital of Culture.


Louise Hubball has been on a cultural tour of Milton Keynes.


Around the many corners of Milton Keynes


you will find public statues fluid sculptures.


like this horse standing outside a bank with the same logo.


This shopping centre installation celebrates this accessible art that


has always been at the heart of the town.


the idea is for you to go out and find the originals yourself.


I think art is always about thinking about what will come next. How can


you construct a space which will work 50 years from now or 100 years?


It makes sense to integrate art into the urban fabric. Over the years,


there has been far more going on in the art scene than just these


brutalist beasts. In 1988 roads were closed


when Michael Jackson performed here. MK Bowl bathing in the heyday


of stadium tours. Sir John Dankworth and


Dame Cleo Laine founded A melting pot for


all types of music. But they had no idea Milton Keynes


was about to be developed My father really grew to love Milton


Keynes. It has been very supportive of the stables. Now it is touring


venue. Stadium MK is also developing


as a concert venue, theatre is thriving,


and MK Gallery is undergoing They have decided to bid for


European capital of culture in 2023. No-one would have expected that of


Milton Keynes years ago. But I think it demonstrates the energy and


activities that you see today. So the concrete cows may be living


out their retirement But the success and vitality


of the arts scene here A glance at the download


charts this afternoon will tell you that Ed Sheeran


is number one and two And his video of the song Castle


on the Hill is the number one is described as Ed's love letter


to his home county of Suffolk. and features children


from a local school. # When I was six years


old, I broke my leg. # Now I'm running from my


brother and his friends. # You can taste the sweet


perfume of the mountain. The video has been viewed more


than 7 million times Meet the stars of


Castle on the Hill. All of them sixth formers


at Ed Sheeran's old school. We were told to act natural,


act like young people. Are looking normal and


doing what normally do. It was just what he did when he was


younger with his friends. Hugo is descended from the Hollywood


legend Douglas Fairbanks Junior. And there is a big resemblance


to a certain Ed Sheeran. I think my dad had a bit of fun


a couple of years after I was born Because we do look


quite similar, really. Castle on the Hill


is all about Suffolk. The directors needed actors


who would just jell naturally. Because we are all such


a close group of friends, there were no points


where it was awkward or anything. We went to the banger


racing and I hadn't been And a house party seems really


good and the bonfire. # 15 years old and smoking


hand-rolled cigarettes. It takes a while to work out that


7 million people will be watching Walking around school


and people recognised us But it is quite a cool


thing to think about. Gives us something


awesome to look back on. Castle on the Hill will put


Framlingham on the map It's a love song for Suffolk,


going out to an audience worldwide. A lot of proud parents watching


this. Also seeing, I didn't know you smoked! Just on film, I hope!


Here are some photographs. Another taken in Grantchester in Cambridge.


Lots of bright blue sky today once the fog lifted. We start to get more


widespread fog again this evening. Likely to cause some travel


disruption. Freezing fog patches will become more widespread as we go


through the night. A risk of ice on untreated surfaces. We start the


evening on a dry zero. The fog will become a problem as we go through


the evening. Quite extensive by the end of the night. Temperatures below


freezing. Down to around -2 in many places. This is likely to lift into


low-level cloud tomorrow. High-pressure keeping are relatively


settled. Tomorrow is likely to be more cloudy than today. Fog patches


are a problem through the morning rush-hour. Some brighter spells


possible, but a fairly cloudy picture for many of us. Similar


temperatures to today. Looking ahead, a bit of a shift with


high-pressure. Starting to move eastwards. We start to develop this


south-easterly wind. That brings a lot of cold air from the continent


towards us. It will feel even colder on Thursday. If it feels cold


tomorrow, wait till Thursday. That wind strengthening will make it feel


raw. A lot of cloud around. Feeling very cold indeed. We get to the end


of the week and slightly less cold. Looking largely dry if cloudy, but


temperatures recovering slightly. By Saturday and into Sunday, we're back


up to around 8 degrees by day. You might get the impression


that history is just a record


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