09/02/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In the programme tonight: The threat to a pioneering scheme easing


the pressures on A by keeping elderly people out of hospital.


We will do our best to cope with what has happened but I really,


really don't think it is indeed best interest of in Hertfordshire.


The man accused of killing Royston writer Helen Bailey says kidnappers


Why a Bedford accountant was stopped from making a charitable donation.


And I'm here inside shed one at Cardington, looking at the future of


the airship industry. First tonight the row over health


funding in Hertfordshire. The county council is reporting


part of the local NHS to the Health Secretary after it


pulled millions of pounds out of a fund designed, in part,


to stop bed-blocking. It comes as latest figures show that


in our part of the region in December patients spent nearly


15,000 days in hospital beds Our political reporter Tom Barton


has been looking at the figures. The picture of delayed


transfers of care, better known as bed-blocking,


is very mixed across our So in the best-performing areas,


Luton and Central Bedfordshire, last year for every 100,000 people,


on average five beds But in Northamptonshire the figure


was five times bigger. 25 beds each day were being used by


someone who didn't need to be there. In Cambridgeshire and


Hertfordshire it was a little I've been taking a look at one


scheme in Hertfordshire where they're taking action


to improve that figure. Myra Stephenson has been


in St Catherine's Nursing Home in Letchworth Garden City


for three weeks. She came here straight from hospital


and she much prefers it. It's just like a hotel and whatever


you would want, it's there. And the nurses are individuals


and you're an individual. Myra is benefiting from the scheme


which sees the local NHS and Hertfordshire County Council


working together and It's paying for exercise classes


like this, which have led to a massive drop in the number


of falls, stopping unnecessary It is also helping to get people out


of hospital more quickly. Hertfordshire have just started


using this red bag as a way of making the process of leaving


hospital run as It has got everything in it that


you need to go home, so it is a change of clothes,


it has got your medication and it The project also has


a trusted assessor, working in the Lister Hospital on behalf


of the Hertfordshire Care Home Association,


helping to get people out of hospital as soon


as they are ready. We have had a 45% reduction


in hospital admittances since we've In terms of the trusted assessor,


she has now saved, I think it is, 305 bed days in six months,


so that means that we have made The Herts Valley Clinical


Commissioning Group has just taken ?8.5 million out of the shared fund


that pays for schemes like this. Very few parts of the NHS


are making such payments. Yesterday a council committee


decided to ask the Health Secretary I strongly believe that patients


will suffer because while we can absorb some of the impact


of that funding reduction within the service, and we will be


able to resolve some of it, the magnitude of ?8.5 million just


being taken out five weeks before we set our budgets is,


it makes it almost For now though Myra and others


like her are benefiting from a system that is really helping


to stop unnecessary So that's the situation


in Hertfordshire. But, as we saw earlier,


the worst performing area In December 2010 patients spent


1,500 more days in hospital beds The latest figures published today,


for December last year, show that figure is now


more than 5,000. Part of the reason,


according to the county's care home association,


is that many homes won't work with the council because it


doesn't pay them enough. The impact is that we cannot provide


the service that we need They don't pay a sufficient amount


of money per week per resident. We are reaching, in


effect, a tipping point. We have said to them that they need


to increase their funds, they need to increase them rapidly


to prevent further homes from shutting and prevent


bed-blocking to the local hospitals. Northamptonshire County Council says


it's giving care home operators more And is planning to invest an extra


?1.7 million in the next year. And more investment is likely


to be needed because this In 2008 there were 970,000 people


over 65 in the East of England. And it's only going to get bigger,


raising questions over how we look And later in the programme we'll be


in one of the region's hospitals to see how they try and deal


with the issues of Next the fiance of children's author


Helen Bailey has claimed he was blackmailed for ?500,000


by a pair of mystery kidnappers Ian Stewart denies killing


Helen and told a jury that he spoke to her four days


after she disappeared. Let's join our reporter,


Kate Bradbrook, outside Ian Stewart was on his


feet in the witness box Ian Stewart said the two men were


business associates of Helen 's late husband Johnson Field and said they


had visited the house many times and demanded paperwork from there and he


had been physically assaulted by them. They threatened that if they


did not get what they wanted they would demand ?500,000.


Ian Stewart was on his feet in the witness box


His voice broke several times as he gave his version of events


He told the court that two men named Nick and Joe abducted Helen


on the 11th April, the day she went missing.


It said on Friday 15th, Nick turned up at the house with a phone.


Ian spoke to Helen, who said "Sorry about everything, I love you."


He replied, "It's not your fault, I love you too."


Ian Stewart told the jury that the following day he met Nick


in Kent to hand over Helen's phone as they had requested.


He said on 26th April Nick and Joe demanded access


They said Helen told us where something was in the garage.


Ian Stewart later told the court they must have


Ian Stewart claimed throughout that Nick and Joe had threatened


that he would never see Helen Bailey again if he told


He said they told him if they didn't get what they needed


they would demand half a million pounds.


Ian Stewart is accused of drugging Helen Bailey with sleeping pills


He told the court Helen had taken them when she realised he couldn't


When asked why that wasn't mentioned in his defence


The drug zopiclone was found in Helen Bailey's system when her body


was found three months after she disappeared.


Under cross-examination prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC put


Now, Ian Stewart also admitted today that he had lied for months about a


note which he said that Allen had note which he


left saying she had gone to left saying she had gone to


Broadstairs and he said he had to do that in order to keep a safe and


also because he was told his sons could end up in hospital if he said


anything, but he told the court today that month later he received a


phone call saying that one of the men, Joe, had now been dealt with


and that he was safe to contact police. Ian Stewart denies all of


the charges against him and his defence case will continue here on


Monday. Thank you.


A Muslim accountant from Bedford had ?400 in charity donations frozen


online after his name appeared on a restriction list


Mamunul Islam had used the online ticketing website EventBrite to sell


tickets to a community film screening in late January


when he was told the money would not be released


When Mamunul Islam organised a charity film night in Bedford


he gave guests the option to make a donation for the screening.


But when Mr Islam went to withdraw the money from ticketing


website Eventbrite he received an e-mail saying the money


was being temporarily withheld because the name M Islam matched one


that had been restricted by the United States Office


If it was my own government, it was our own Parliament,


it was our treasury officer putting such restrictions, than


I would've said, OK, this is my government doing it.


This is the US government telling a British citizen he cannot have


that payment because your name is Islam, you are a Muslim.


Mr Islam had used the site many times before without a problem


but Eventbrite told us it as an automated system that does


the matching and is then reviewed by a team member.


In a statement the company said Whether our colleagues reach out


to the organiser to get additional information


In this event they only had a last name and no geographical information


so our colleagues contacted Mr Islam for additional information to help


verify that he was not the person on the Ofac list.


We took these steps as a routine compliance measure and not


in reaction to any recent news events or changes in US law.


Mr Islam's MP Richard Fuller says he is investigating the incident,


but doesn't believe Mr Islam was discriminated against.


It is not an issue of discrimination, it's


about whether the computer programmes that are being used


are being applied fairly in all cases.


It wasn't a close match, I don't think Mr Islam's name


should have been flagged up and I am going to check with the company to


Eventbrite says unfortunately someone with a very common name


like Islam is more likely to match the list.


Eventbrite, the site that we are using,


Mr Islam believes media pressure encouraged Eventbrite


The company says it is truly sorry for the distress caused.


The government has lifted part of a ban on keeping poultry outside,


but birds on farms in high risk zones will have to stay indoors.


The restrictions were introduced in December to help prevent


It means egg producers in high risk areas including


parts of Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire


will lose their free range status from 1st March.


Peterborough travel giant Thomas Cook has cheered a solid


start to the new year, but says it still remains


The company says that holiday bookings for the Greek Islands have


risen by nearly 40%, as travellers move away from Turkey


and Egypt because of concerns about security in both countries.


Chief executive Peter Fankhouser said there was no sign that Britons


had been put off by the weak pound, but there was still plenty of


Shares in the company fell almost 10% on the news,


More at 10.30pm, but now here's Stewart and Amelia.


Still to come tonight: More wintry weather on the way.


And fighting the fines for taking children out


We meet the couple who refused to pay and ended up in court.


As new figures reveal that so-called bed blocking


is the highest on record, we've been given exclusive access


to one of the region's hospitals to see how


The head of the NHS said today that delays in getting people out


of hospital and into social care or back home have gone up by 90%


Simon Dedman has been to Basildon Hospital to see how


a team there is dealing with the problem.


We have had a very challenging night.


We are still on black alert currently.


It is the first meeting at Basildon Hospital to work out


I've got three potential discharges for today.


We are in a position where we have no more beds in the hospital,


so we have 28 patients placed in A, so at the moment, if we have


any more ambulances arrive, we only have one trolley


If you have more than one patient, what are you going to do?


Then we will have ambulances queueing.


We admitted more people than we were able to discharge yesterday.


Basildon's managing director takes me through the latest situation.


What we're hoping to do is move patients into our elective


orthopaedic ward, which means we are not able to do joint surgery,


Just coming round to see if there are any patients for hospital home?


After the morning meeting, nurse Natalie Cook goes ward to ward


to find patients who could be discharged from hospital


and get their treatment from Basildon hospital nurses


The consultant saw you yesterday and is happy for us to take you home.


She has found one who will hopefully be discharged today.


She heads now to find four other patients who can get


But the real problem is being dealt with here.


Sick elderly people who get stuck in hospital.


This ward aims to treat the frail quickly and get


That is what this team works on every day at nine.


Some patients have been here for ten days though.


But after two days on this ward, Eileen is looking


I am on some tablets, I don't know exactly what they are for,


other than having those in the mornings and apart from that,


it's just being here and getting looked after.


Some patients here are waiting for social care to kick in.


The majority of the patients who come over here we treat


The longer they stay, more complex problems arise,


so having access to community services and talking


to leads in community, we are able to get them out quicker.


Every bed in Basildon Hospital is taken and it has pretty much been


that way since the beginning of the year.


So much so that if you needed something like a hip replacement,


they would pay to send you private, none have taken place


Basildon Hospital is trying but getting slack in the health


This time of year, lots of families will be spending hours trying


to find a decent summer holiday at a decent price.


So do you take the children out of school during term time


when everything is much cheaper, or do you wait for the school


The government says children need to be in school and unauthorised


absences attract a fine of ?60 per child.


But when Matt and Kerry Thomas from Norwich were fined ?120


following a trip to Majorca, they decided to fight


Wearing her uniform today but last summer, faith and her brother took a


week out of school with their parents. They headed for the Spanish


holidays it would have cost 3000. I holidays it would have cost 3000. I


and the exchange rate and I learned and the exchange rate and I learned


how big the world was. Their schools took a DM view. The local council


took action. Matt and Ceri Thomas refused to pay the ?120 fine so it


was doubled. They still refuse to pay and so today both sides faced


each other in court. I know what is best for my children not someone


sitting in a courthouse or behind a desk. I know what is best and the


best thing for them was to have the experience of a foreign holiday.


Matt is pinning his hopes on the case of another father who won his


case at the High Court. He took his daughter to Florida and faced a


and now Supreme Court judges will and now Supreme Court judges will


decide if he has to pay. I don't think there is an issue, as long as


they catch up with their work and make sure that is not affected.


Maybe when they were younger, maybe not so much when they are older


because of exams. I don't agree with it. They are therefore education.


The county council told us it is Headteachers themselves who decide


whether or not to take action... Aside from the lower cost of


holidays during term time, there are those like this family who thought


their rights as parents are being undermined, but the government is


clear, even a few days away from school can affect exam results and


have a detrimental effect on a child's's education. That is the


only holiday we have ever been on as a holiday. But we took it on term


time which is against the law. The family will be back here for a full


trial next month. I'm sure most of us remember


the case of the wheelchair user who took his local bus company


to the supreme court, after a dispute with a woman


with a child in a buggy over He won the case, but now something


similar has happened in Essex. Nicki Price has cerebral


palsy and was waiting She says there were two pushchairs


taking up the space for a wheelchair and the mothers refused


to move them. Nicky Price on her way to the bus


stop. She says using a bus must be a basic right. Unfortunately they are


not very reliable. They are always missing buses out which makes the


enough is bus overcrowded. And when Nicky try to get on a first bus


recently, there were two pushchairs in the space for the wheelchair. The


drivers ask the mother to fall they pushed us up, they both said no and


Nicky could not get on. I was devastated. I was upset, angry. I


was worried about my child which was my main thought at the time, which


was I must get to my child, to pick her up. But I felt like a second


class citizen. And it came despite Doug Pauley's recent victory in the


Supreme Court. He could not get onto a bus when a mother with a pushchair


refused to move. The judges ruled they should do more to accommodate


wheelchair users. Nicky Price says the ruling has not made any


difference. She dreads being left stranded at a bus stop. I am


vulnerable, left out in the cold, alone. Where does it... What if


something happens? I feel scared to use the buses. In a statement, first


said: Nicky Price see the fore says she


has received overwhelming support over what she feels is a continuing


injustice against wheelchair users. You may well know that hidden away


in a giant hangar in Bedfordshire is the longest aircraft


in the world. It's called the Airlander and it's


a cross between an airship and a conventional plane.


Last summer, everybody got very excited when it


made its maiden flight. Then, a few days later,


there was a crash landing. Now after months of repair work, it


could be back in the air very soon. Airlander in the skies above


Cardington. One of many maiden flights. Its second test flight


ended in this, and undignified nosedive on landing. The state of


the cockpit shown it could have been worse. I have been given special


access inside shed one. To find out how the air lender is recovering.


The cockpit now being rebuilt, those at the controls that they are


unharmed. There was a loud noise when we hit the ground. Pretty soon


we realise that most of the damage was superficial. We were fine and a


chilly got top and walked off the flight deck. Are you looking forward


to going back up? We are all excited. There was frustration we


had to stop flying to repair the aircraft, but we know we have made


loads of changes to our training and we will come back much stronger.


This shed is 100 years old, built for the original airships with its


own climate, far colder than own climate, far colder than


outside. A century ago, nearby shorts town was built to house the


workers and now the apprentices once again being recruited from the same


area. It is amazing to follow in their footsteps and a revolutionary


aircraft like this is amazing. It's a great feeling, a great atmosphere,


everyone grew up around here so knows the history. If it hadn't been


for a heavy landing, the Airlander would have had extra flying time but


backers remain optimistic. Details confidential but they include a high


profile investor from the middle east and it is hoped Airlander will


return to the skies very soon. Come March time, we should leave the hang


out again for our 2017 flight test programme. Then we will work with


customers, working up to some longer trips into Asia, North America. This


is the latest chapter in airship history as the industry celebrates


its 100th year here. Handsome. Very impressive. Now the


weather. Colder firmly establish across the British Isles. Bitterly


cold for at least 48 hours and there have been some snow flurries. These


photographs define some. Evidence of snow on the windscreen. You can see


a little bit of snow there on what looks like a table. Most of us saw


leaden skies today and with the temperature and the bitterly cold


wind, it has not felt pleasant. There will be the risk of further


snow showers over the next 24 hours. High-pressure, huge area of high


pressure across Scandinavia and that is blocking these Atlantic weather


systems coming in. Colder air across us over the last 24 hours. These


showers will continue this evening. Mainly for coastal parts, but as


that north-easterly wind freshens, they could move further inland, so


the chance you may wake up to a dusting of snow tomorrow morning,


particularly if you live in eastern counties. A few degrees below


freezing. Tomorrow's weather, not a lot changing but we have this


feature coming in from the north sea and there will be more depth to the


cloud tomorrow, so any showers will be heavier. The risk of those


showers through the day, a lot of dry weather but no evidence of


sunshine. Temperatures once more similar to today, two or three


degrees. Factor in that degrees. Factor in that


north-easterly wind, it will be bitterly cold. Snow showers could


move further west so as we go into Friday evening, a greater risk of


getting a dusting of snow and further across western counties as


well. Certainly looking very wintry over the next few days. There are


changes into next week. Low pressure moving up from the south and that


will change things. Slightly less cold air for the weekend, but we


still have the north-easterly wind so it will feel the same temperature


wise. But by mid week, more of a springlike feel as temperatures


cover perhaps into the mid teens. Fantastic! That is all from us.


Goodbye. OK, everyone, have you got


your bamboo sticks? If you just paint


what you want to paint, I've turned around,


my painting washes away. ..and take on


The Big Painting Challenge. Remember, you're not painting


a pond. Before I met you,


I was a civilised woman.