20/04/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Labours Shadow Chancellor hits the road in Luton as election


When I campaign, I go to every seat Labour, Labour or Tory. People need


to know our message. -- lip. Debenhams closes it's distribution


centre in Northampton - A new hi tech cycle hire scheme


launches in Cambridge but will it mean bikes are abandoned


across the city? This is then who is hoping to break


a world record on the London Marathon this weekend and into the


Guinness book of records. Go get them, then.


Labour began their election campaign in Luton today with a visit


from Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.


He was supporting Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins


With both Luton seats Labour strongholds, why begin


Marching to battle at the very start of this 49 day election campaign.


Shadow Chancellor John McDonald here in Luton North with MP Kelvin


This is all down to you over the next couple of weeks.


This is one of only three Labour seats in our region.


Labour won this seat by a comfortable


The aim today and for the next seven weeks is to make


sure those who voted Labour stick with Labour.


After a warm reception inside, it was a soggy story outside.


On the campaign Trail to meet voters.


In seven weeks, we'll have a Labour Government.


I vote Labour and I'm still going to vote Labour


When I came here in 2001, I was so happy with this


I was earning less money, but I was happy with that.


And now I am earning more than that, but I still not happy.


In 2015, the constituency of Luton North had a


Labour in Luton South, a slimmer majority of 5,700.


You should never take people for granted.


She has called this election I think for party political


purposes, not for the interests of the country and she has seen the


polls and I think she is taking people for granted.


That is why when I campaign, I go to every seat whether


it is Labour, liberal or Tory because people need to know what our


Today, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised


to put power and wealth back in the hands of the people.


We, yes we, will prove the Establishment experts


And change the direction of this election.


I have never been part of the establishment.


I have always campaigned on that basis.


I have spoken my mind, or I have voted according to


Sometimes not with the whips in my party.


But do those who voted Labour last time believe the party can deliver?


I vote Labour, I have always voted Labour.


I think I am going to carry on dealing with them a lot.


I have been doing it for years, and I think


All I have done is actually voted for Labour.


So fingers crossed, Labour in the next


Labour's own supporters here may be confident


The bigger battle is convincing the rest


Andrew, why start the campaign in Luton? Two reasons. Labour knows it


has a fight on its hands and it has two shore up its votes. Why not


start into seats which have always been Labour? Kelvin Hopkins is a


long-standing friend and colleague of John McDonald, so why not pay him


a visit? The second reason is campaign tactics. In every election,


the two main parties get very excited about the M1 corridor. Seats


in Luton, Milton Keynes, Stevenage, Bedford, Northampton, Corby. These


are classic swing seats. Labour and the Conservatives fight over these.


You can wind over voters in these seats, you will probably stand a


good chance of winning the election. We will see more campaigning in the


seat? Certainly by Labour. The Conservatives do not seem to be so


worried about these. They point out that when they were one, the Tory


vote in all those seats went up in 2015. Since then, Labour's poll lead


has fallen. They are not worried. Labour believes that the message on


the NHS, on fair taxation, giving a good deal to hard-working people


will go down well with voters in these areas and will be paying a lot


of attention to the M1. Another part of our region which Labour is


reworking on now as Cambridge. Talk today of moving extra resources into


Cambridge. Very concerned that they have a battle on their hands there.


Debenhams has announced plans to close its major distribution


centre in Northampton, putting two 220 jobs at risk.


It's part of the company's wider plans to revitalise it's business


including reducing the number of products it stocks and closing


Emma Baugh is at the distribution centre now.


Very sad news tonight for the distribution centre here and also


the more than 200 people who work here. Run by DHL, it is now due to


close in two years' time. It is barred of a major review by


Debenhams who are also looking at the future of ten of their stores


and the way we shop. Staff at the Northampton store here today were


upbeat, although they weren't able to talk to us. People shopping in


the town today were still very impressed by Debenhams.


I like the brands, the clothing, designs.


Debenhams is probably the best shop that we have got in


I think if we lose it it will be another major step


towards the town centre disintegrating.


I like the perfumes, the make-up and clothes.


We have heard from DHL this evening who say that the jobs from here will


be going to Peterborough and North Yorkshire. Good news for the people


there, but not for the workers here. A prison officer has


appeared in court charged with the manslaughter of an inmate


at Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes. 55-year-old Joseph Travers is also


charged with gross negligence and misconduct in public office


after the death of Ryan Harvey. The 23-year-old was found hanging


in his cell in 2015. It's thought this is the first time


a prison officer will face trial He will next appear


at the Old Bailey on the 18th May. Police in Northamptonshire have said


that 100 extra officers across the county are to be trained


and equipped with Tasers. Until now only officers


in the regional unit covering four counties were able


to use the device. But now local officers will be


trained to use them. It's hoped they will be


able to offer a faster This is a wider roll-out to local


police and officers on the front It will certainly


help the officers in protecting them and the public


against people who are in incidence of such severity and violence where


this piece of equipment may well be A new bike share scheme in Cambridge


is proving controversial on the day The OFO project started in China


and allows cycles to be Users can then leave them anywhere


in the city once they've But there are concerns it could lead


to bikes being dumped. With congestion on four wheels


a problem in Cambridge, there is a Many of us use our bikes to get


around here, but now there is something new in this


old university city. Fresh from China where


the company claims to have 30 million active users,


with Ofo, you simply tap the bike number in the app,


unlock, and off you go. We chose Cambridge because it is


the cycling capital of the UK. Once you finish your journey,


you literally kick the stand out, put the bike


to one side, lock stand out, put the bike to one side,


lock the bike wheel and end But it is precisely


because there is no docking system like so-called Boris


bikes in London that it is causing At City Cycle Hire, they already


rented out more than 500 bikes and they are


worried about safety. We rigorously check our bikes


after every use for a customer. I can't see how this is possible


with the Ofo scheme. The visitors who come


to Cambridge, if they decide to take one of these


bicycles, they may not be familiar with the highway laws,


so they could be putting Cambridge has already had a cycle


share scheme go wrong. More than 20 years ago,


many of the green bikes Although Ofo say they know


where bikes have been left because of GPS on the smartphone


app, some still have real concerns. It could be


a dump-anywhere scheme if people aren't careful and what we


don't want is for all of the responsibility effectively to fall


on the council because there aren't even phone numbers on these bikes


if people want to get them shifted. The local council says


Ofo haven't answered all their questions,


so I How are you going to


ensure these bikes aren't left in irresponsible places


or even just a dump? We have actually paid positions,


we will be an employer within Cambridge, employing


and on the ground team to round the bikes up and make sure


that they are evenly distributed around the city


where they are needed most. The project is being


trialled for three weeks in the city,


but more yellow bikes are expected to arrive


after At the local council watching how


the scheme will work in Next tonight the latest


in our series looking at the candidates vying


to become Cambridgeshire's The winning candidate will control


a multi-million pound budget, with direct powers over


housing and growth. Tonight is the turn


of the English Democrats. Their candidate is a former


Peterborough city councillor, and says he's "pro-car" and backs


local jobs for local people. He's an admirer of Donald Trump


and if elected, has invited the US Our political reporter


Mousumi Bakshi put Stephen Goldspink I am Stephen Goldspink,


running for the English Democrats and the first thing I would do


if elected their is collect information from residents


about traffic problems and issues, transport issues, around their area


and try and get in and solve them. How much money has been set aside


for affordable housing? ?170 million, of which


70 million are to Tell us one thing that


people might not know People might not know that I am


a fan of the 1970s pop group The Sweet and that I invited


them to Peterborough in 2004 and set up


my own concert. Because I understand what people


want in Cambridgeshire. I will do my best to make sure that


any houses that we build are accessible to the majority


of the population. Where is your favourite


place to go in Cambridge? My favourite place to


go in Cambridgeshire. I guess that would have to be out


on the Fens where I live. I just love driving across the Fens,


the big open spaces. And we'll hear from the other


candidates next week. But before that there is a special


programme called A Mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough


tonight on BBC One at 10.45pm Meaty marathon man carrying it on


dry and Alex has the full cost. I will be here with the weather. Join


me later with all the details. -- a marathon man.


Over the last ten years smart technology has brought


It's particularly helpful for people with disabilities who can use


technology to provide discreet but invaluable assistance.


That's been the case for Marc Bilton from Dunstable who has been


using special glasses for almost two years.


Marc, who is registered blind, says wearing the OrCam glasses means


he no longer has to rely so much on other people.


Marc Bilton has Usher syndrome Type II, he has


been deaf since birth and


his eyesight started to go in his late teens.


In 2002, as a father of four young boys coming he finally


I want to do things that every dad does, take the kids down to the park


and play football, initially I could do that,


but as time went on, it got


harder and harder and reading bedtime stories and doing their


homework with them, they would have to read out what they were supposed


to do, rather than me going through and telling them how


No peripheral vision, no depth, no colour, no


Mark relies heavily on other people to help him.


But these glasses bring independence.


ROBOTIC VOICE: It is your birthday, collect ?10 from


A tiny camera focuses in on words, allowing him to read


It can be programmed to recognise products,


ROBOTIC VOICE: Please name the person in front of you


It's given me back an element of independence.


It is not making my life totally free of needing other people, but it


has given me some of the things back that I couldn't do.


Socially, Mark is more confident and relaxed.


ROBOTIC VOICE: Chicken breast burger with chips.


Would you have been able to read menu like


I wouldn't have been able to see boards or anything like


Does that make the whole restaurant experience more


I really enjoy going to restaurants now.


I'm able to do things for myself rather than needing other


You know, as sensors cameras and other


technical components can shrink in size,


the potential for more mobility and more discreet


It really is a super exciting time to be


looking at and to be using and


Mark paid almost ?2,000 to take part in the trial


alone, but he says they are life changing and are staying put.


Bowl cancer is he second most common cause of cancer death in the UK,


but not enough people from ethnic minority communities are taking up


Muslim communities have the lowest take up rate at just 30% with Hindu


That's compared to a national average of 56%.


One Northampton man who's currently battling bowel cancer


is trying to raise awareness across all communities.


Mike Cartwright has been to meet him.


Diagnosed in 2009, Nick's cancer has been


In the time left, he wants to raise as much


awareness about the disease as possible.


Today, talking to an Asian community group in Northampton.


Their children and grandchildren are perhaps more at risk now of


I think that what they're doing is adopting similar


lifestyle habits as their white European friends and putting


themselves at the same risks as their white European friends.


So they like to go and have a burger,


They are doing all of the bad things that


perhaps their parents and grandparents once doing.


The symptoms to look out for our blood


when going to the loo, change in bowel habits, unexplained weight


loss, extreme tiredness and stomach pain.


A campaign now underway to raise awareness about the disease


amongst black and minority ethnic groups.


Certain older members of communities might not read English


and so when the invitation comes through, they possibly will ignore


the invitation or struggle to understand what it is about.


There may be some cultural barriers as to


I know now what symptoms to look for.


The other things I do, I do exercise, I am a


It is still good to know that I am on the right path.


People who perhaps didn't know anything


about bowel cancer are now better informed and will be able to take


close on notice now, especially for the main symptoms


Nick's undergone surgery three times.


He has had chemo, he is terminally ill.


Bowel is now the fourth most common cancer.


I am determined to extract every last


It has not been fun, I have not enjoyed it,


but it has also allowed me to do some really amazing things.


His message, if worried the your doctor.


The sooner the diagnosis, the better the chance of


Rugby, after the disappointment of missing out on Lions' selection,


Northampton's Dylan Hartley has been confirmed as captain for England's


The hooker, who's been capped 84 times,


is joined by fellow Saints players Paul Hill, Tom Wood


Who'll be hoping to earn his first cap.


Fly-half Piers Francis, who'll be joining Northampton


from Auckland is also in the touring party.


Now we haven't had much luck picking winners over the years,


but if you were with us last week you'll have seen Eminent,


son of wonderhorse Frankel, getting ready for the new season.


Well, today he won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket


He's now 10-1 to win the first Classic of the season.


More than 30,000 people are expected to run


Among them, the worlds top athletes, the fun runners and those


And it doesn't get much more crazy than this.


Completing the 26.2 miles in under six hours with a tumble


This report from our Sports Editor Jonathan Park.


It has to weigh 25 kilos and it is bang on 25 kilos.


44-year-old Ben Lowes and his six-year-old tumble dryer.


I think some people have been saying it, but to


I and finished with my running, really.


This is more of a strength test than a running test, I believe.


I think it is a challenge and I like challenges.


Ben is very used to pounding the streets.


He has completed 29 marathons including nine in London.


At stake this time, a white goods world record.


Ben might not be the only one going for a spin around the London


Marathon course with a tumble dryer on his back, but you think you might


have competition for the record, yeah?


I do believe there is at least two others that I am


You have to beat them and I have to get


under six hours to get the title, but I am not going to worry about


I'm confident of my training and I am ready to go, fit and


This is him on the BBC show Special Forces:Ultimate Hell Week.


From the Orange team, it is marathon enthusiast Blowes.


He survived to tell the tale and will


be running in London for Racing Welfare.


The profile raising that we have received from Ben


running around with a tumble dryer on his back with racing welfare on


I think he is slightly crazy for doing it,


Ben's trained at 4am, in the snow, even been stopped by curious police


He gets a few looks in Newmarket's town centre.


People stop their cars, film, people just look


Other people, they see it and a couple of


bleep on my phone and they have donated.


Ben has pretty much heard all the gags, so all that is left to


Let's have a look at the forecast now with Alex Dolan.


A lot of cloud across the region today, but we did see some


bright spells and sunshine in places.


A lovely photo taken in Hertfordshire


Blue sky in evidence there and also some brightness


breaking through the trees in Suffolk.


Satellite images show that there is a weak weather


front moving through, it has put a lot of cloud across


much of the region through today, but there has been some gaps.


Brightness and sunshine to end the day.


The thickest of the cloud has produced one or two spots of light


rain or drizzle and that will be the trend for this evening and


A lot of cloud around and still possible there could be rain


Having said that, many places will stay dry


Temperatures will be much milder than last night, so lows of around


We may find there are a few gaps in the cloud which


will allow the temperatures to drop a little bit, but not cold enough


Starting the day tomorrow with high pressure


This weak weather front is the next one to


That is going to introduce a lot of cloud around the


No rain at all, there may just be one or two light showers.


Today it will generally be quite cloudy, there may well be some


brightness breaking through that cloud.


Quite warm temperatures despite that cloud


Temperatures climbing to 15 or 16 degrees.


The winds are going to start to switch direction to more


That is going to bring in some cooler rare, gradually starting to


cool things down and fortunately in time for the weekend. The pressure


pattern shows how that starts to happen. High-pressure getting


shunted to the west. This weather from clearing to the south and a


northerly wind sets up and that is a much cooler air source. That error


is coming all the way from the Arctic and we will have much cooler


temperatures by day on Saturday. The outlook is looking cooler on


Saturday and Sunday. There will be some sunshine around, but also the


chance of some showers, likely to be isolated. Into the outlook, says


they expect a call they generally with a lot of cloud around.


Recovering temperatures on Sunday, maybe sunshine. As for the start of


the next week? Staying cool and cloudy and will start to bring our


temperatures down overnight, as well. Close to freezing on Monday


night. Just time for a quick barometer check for you. The


pressure reading is 1033 millibars which is 35.0 inches. Not bad for


April. Now you may remember Peaky,


the talking 'ohbot' who was launched into space by primary school


children in Hertfordshire Today the first video


footage of his mission Peaky was launched using


an expanding balloon by pupils at the Roysia Middle School


in Royston in January. That's all from us here


in Cambridge for now. I'll be back with an update


at 10.30, but for now,