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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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House prices in Luton are rising faster than anywhere else


making it the biggest proportional increase.


According to the Halifax, the average price


an increase of ?41,000 in the last year.


And estate agents say this year prices are likely to go even higher.


As Kate Bradbrook has been finding out.


What we are looking at here is your typical two-bedroom house


This is one of the reasons the town is so popular


This house has been on the market for just one week and already has


For estate agents, it is a busy time of year.


According to the Halifax, 2016 saw prices rise here last year rose


faster than anywhere else in the country.


Appointments to view houses are already putting up fast.


We should see a spectacular year again, with house


prices continuing to rise, purely because there is a demand.


Businesses, schools, the area. It has put Luton back on the map.


The attraction is very high and they continue to see


The average price is around ?250,000.


It is a more affordable option compared to some


It is proving a popular choice. We lived in Enfield with my parents the


many years. I could not quite afford within the M25 so we looked further


afield. We bought this house two years ago. There are amazing


transport links to London and the train station is on fire. Luton is


good, we have a great airport, I can fly home whenever I want to Hungary.


If prices rise, Luton could end up closing the door on first-time


buyers. Those looking for affordable places to live. I asked a campaign


group if they were surprised prices had risen so steeply.


Home ownership has become unobtainable for average people.


Key workers like nurses, teachers, junior doctors,


simply can't find any way to buy a home in many areas of England.


They are increasingly finding themselves in a broken


private rented sector, spending over half their income


on a property in which they could be evicted at two months' notice


For those who are lucky enough to buy, London is,


Even those people who are living and working in London at the moment.


That is why, in places like Luton, the house prices are rocketing even


Should we have foreseen this situation, given how


All around the Home Counties and the South East,


they are experiencing high house price rises and Luton


I suppose the reason it may be rising faster than others


Would you class Luton as affordable any more?


Well, it is a very tricky question to answer, because everything


Like most of London and the South East, the average


person cannot afford to buy the home they would like to buy in Luton.


A cyclist who smashed his jaw in a road accident


is being helped back to fitness by 3D printing technology.


Doctors have used the special printers to help them build


a replacement jaw more cheaply and quickly.


And for George Boden who lives near Stansted it has meant a faster


Kate Silver's report contains some graphic images of surgery.


George Boden was a keen cyclist when, in 2011, he had an accident


I was out for a training spin and I slammed into a piece


Not a good idea to hit something with your chin at 30 miles an hour,


Doctors used bone from his shoulder and a metal


They then covered it with a skin flap.


But two issues remained, he had no bottom teeth


It's very difficult to speak when you have the opening


At a centre in north London, this team put in a CT


There was a 3-D printing of his jaw. It is an exciting time to surgery.


George's doctor, Ian Hutchinson, says 3D printing has


We use it to actually design exactly what we're going to take.


The technology helps to maintain a sense of hope.


First of all, if you know there's a solution you keep


going and secondly, red wine helps enormously.


There is also that passion for cycling, which survives in spite


And finally from us it's 20 years since we began broadcasting this


local version of the Look East news service from Cambridge.


Back in 1997 we were covering the cold snap, including this gas


explosion blamed on a frozen water pipe and these narrow boat owners


whose boats became frozen in the canal in Northampton.


How ever long you have been watching, thank you for you company.


Here's Alex with your weekend forecast.


Temperatures are not as low tonight, I weather system brings outbreaks of


rain, the risk of further light rain or drizzle through the night and


cloud and misty conditions left behind. Temperature is no lower than


three Celsius. Milder than this morning, the weather system clears


Way East but leaves cloud behind despite high pressure building in.


We can expect a gloomy and grey day through Match Of The Day. It stays


dry but the odd spot of rain or drizzle. Less cold. Slightly milder


with highs of eight or 9 degrees. The National weather is next. A


similar picture for Sunday with cloudy conditions but staying mild


before rain pushes in. Good evening. The weather has been


turning milder and also cloudier through the course of the day. We


did see some clear spells moving in from the North will stop this was


the sunset, captured in Dundee. Some clear spells as we headed through


the course of the afternoon into the evening. Really, through the


weekend, wiki with a similar theme. Much milder than it has been. A lot


of cloud around in general, but for most of us think. Dry. Not dry


everywhere at the moment, particularly across central and


southern parts of England and Wales. We have a lot of cloud, bringing


outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. The patchy rain will ease away


slowly towards the south through tonight and further north across the


country, drier conditions. Wherever