09/01/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello, welcome to a new week on Look East.


On Monday's programme: Sacked after eight months in charge -


the Cobblers manager gets the boot after a run of defeats


Forced to share her ambulance with a dog.


Paramedics apologise to an 86-year-old after picking up


And will we see snow? I'll have all the details in the weather.


The hunt for a new manager for Northampton Town is on.


Rob Page was sacked today after the team's 5-0 drubbing


at Bristol Rovers at the weekend - which he controversially described


It was, though, the Cobblers' eighth loss in ten games,


Another seat needs filling at Sixfields -


this time it's the manager's, Rob Page lasting just eight months.


The Cobblers, who are 16th in League 1, were humiliated


at Bristol on Saturday - 4-0 down after 25 minutes,


The pressure telling in this post-match interview.


Actions speak louder than words, and I thought it was men


Not boys - it was men against girls and that - that is -


His comments didn't cause his sacking,


He was very angry about the way the players had let him down


and he tried to find the appropriate way to describe that particular


disappointment and he came up with completely the wrong kind


of comparison - the wrong kind of versus, if you like.


I don't think it was a reason why he lost his job -


that's to do with the form of the team.


It's all sad to see someone lose their job but I think


it was inevitable with the way the performances have been


It's been going downhill, and Saturday was...well, woeful.


The writing's been on the wall for Rob Page these last few weeks,


and chairman Kelvin Thomas pretty much alluded to that


The pressure to be manager in this dugout has been intense -


particularly when you consider the success of last season


It was always going to be hard for Page to follow


Had he had more time, he might have achieved it.


He was too quick, maybe, to dismantle the side from last


This club has, frankly, had enough drama to last a lifetime.


The club aren't in a relegation battle just yet.


This sacking is supposed to stop the rot.


Rob Page was supposed to offer consolidation, not another


Staying with football, and Cambridge United are out


of the FA Cup after a 2-1 home loss to Leeds United.


Tom, a big disappointment for fans who braved the rain there tonight?


Yes, they did. An entertaining cup tie. 45 minutes looked like a giant


killing was on. You barely would have known there were two divisions


between the two sides. Cambridge United from League 2 dominated early


on and took a deserved lead. Uche Ikpeazu with a goal. The ball came


to him after a free kick. He blasted it in at the near post and great


celebrations. For all Cambridge's determination, they didn't get the


second goal. The championship side punished them early in the


second-half. Stuart Dallas meet 1-1 and a decisive second full squad.


2-1 to Leeds, but the rich fans enjoyed it. The first 20, 30


minutes, it will all Cambridge, brilliant. Did you think the upset


was on? It could have been. Definitely a game of two halves.


Uche held up really well. A totally different game. Lead study to them


in the second half and Cambridge couldn't stay with it. With me this


the chief executive of Cambridge. You pushed them so close. A


disappointing night tonight the club disappointing night tonight the club


can be proud of. The first half, the players were outstanding, the cloud


with outstanding, a full house. We pushed them and we needed the second


goal and were disappointed with their goals, but it is an act the


club can be proud of. We now have to attack the second half of the season


and try to get into the top positions. Thanks very much. Their


FA Cup adventure is over. Attention FA Cup adventure is over. Attention


now back to the leak and those now back to the leak and those


play-off positions. Leeds tonight in the cup proved to be a step too far.


In other news, a man in his 40s has been arrested on suspicion of murder


Police say they were called to property on Houghton Road


following reports of violence just after midday yesterday.


A man was found dead, while a woman was also injured.


The death is being treated as "suspicious".


Next tonight, the great-great-grandmother forced


to share her ambulance with a stray dog.


Brenda Wilding was being taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital


in Cambridge when, to her amazement, the ambulance crew stopped to pick


For Brenda Wilding, taking heavy medication has


Recovering from chemotherapy, the 86-year-old developed serious


stomach pains in November and called an ambulance.


Minutes after leaving her Littleport home, paramedics pulled over


on the A10 and got out of the ambulance to


All this time this is happening, the paramedics go


After stopping for a second time minutes later, paramedics then took


the decision to bring the dog into the ambulance.


All the while, Brenda was vomiting violently.


It was like living through a nightmare.


The whole experience was very, very bad.


In a statement, the Ambulance Service apologised to


But it was a letter sent to Brenda's granddaughter that has


enraged the family - paramedics insisting Brenda


was happy to share an ambulance with a dog because of ornaments seen


I mean, I've got ornaments of horses in my house but you wouldn't expect


The Ambulance Service has yet to contact Brenda directly.


Her daughter Linda says she deserves better.


My daughter was the one who's fought her grandmother's corner.


There's been no apology whatsoever from anybody to Mum.


In remission from bladder cancer, Brenda will be back in hospital


in the coming weeks but says she'll now think twice before


A woman's dream to create a centre for disabled


people in Hertfordshire - is now a reality.


In five years, the number of people using the workshops run


by Jackie Nealon has grown from three to 300 -


so today she opened new premises in Letchworth.


Thanks for being patient and waiting.


Today is the first time the people who love Jackie's Drop-in got


to see the new centre, welcomed by Billy Byrne


This has been a mammoth DIY project in itself -


from derelict building to a haven for people who can feel isolated.


We've got loads of new good rooms here.


Crochet, making tea and coffees, being on the counter sometimes.


Every day you come here, there's always different people here,


there's always something different going on.


Started by support worker Jackie with ?1 five years ago,


it flourished after her daughter Zoe put an appeal on Facebook.


Also helped by her two sons, the realisation that 300 people


will use this brand-new centre only just beginning to sink in.


It just doesn't seem real that this happened


and it's quite emotional, really, to be honest with you.


Staffed by volunteers, it relies entirely on donations.


After it outgrew its old premises, Jackie's Drop-in received a ?10,000


grant from the local heritage foundation to secure this site.


When you meet the guys, they've got so much energy,


so much enthusiasm and they care so much for all the people


Those visiting here can feel part of the community and part of one


That's all from me - but there's a lot of weather


coming our way this week, so here's Julie with the details.


Well, over tonight, we're going to have a little bit


of patchy rain feeding down from the northwest, but some


The strength of the winds should prevent a frost for many of us,


but under those clear skies, temperatures actually could drop


a degree or so lower than these values -


down to around 1 Celsius - so we can't rule out


And then tomorrow, there may be a bit of patchy


rain around first thing, but for many of us, a fine and dry


start to the day with some brightness and sunshine.


As we head into the afternoon, cloud thickening from the west


and eventually some rain starting to move in.


Temperatures tomorrow reaching highs of around 8 Celsius,


And we finish the day largely cloudy with this mainly light and patchy


Then on Wednesday, we've got a cold front moving through.


Once it's gone, we're going to have much colder air feeding


down from the northwest, so it'll be a mild, cloudy start


with perhaps some patchy rain, then becoming brighter


Temperatures initially around 9 or 10 Celsius,


but as that colder air feeds down from the northwest, I think we'll


actually see the temperatures falling away closer to 7 Celsius.


And then on Thursday, tightly packed isobars,


which means it's going to be a windy day and bitterly cold.


Some spells of sunshine, a scattering of showers


which could turn a bit wintry, perhaps a little bit of snow mixed


in, but at the moment it shouldn't cause any problems.


And it's really the same for Friday - after a very


cold and frosty start, sunshine and showers and, again,


In a minute, Jay has the national forecast,


but I'll leave you with the outlook for next weekend.


precipitation we get will be of a wintry nation and Thursday is one we