10/01/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Murdered for her money - a court hears a children's author


was drugged and killed by her partner.


What does Brexit mean for migrant and local workers in this region?


The Labour leader puts his case in Peterborough.


And a windier forecast for tomorrow, with colder weather heading our way.


She was a much loved children's author -


with a ?4 million fortune - but a court heard today how


Helen Bailey was drugged, killed and dumped in the cesspit


of her home by her partner, who then reported her missing to police.


The jury at St Albans Crown Court was told that Ian Stewart then sat


back and watched as police searched for his fiancee.


He denies all the charges against him.


It's the prosecution's case that Ian Stewart had been secretly


drugging Helen Bailey with sleeping pills in the months before she died.


Records show Helen Bailey had googled


"Why do I keep falling asleep?".


The prosecution claimed on the day of Helen's disappearance


last April, Ian Stewart probably suffocated her while she was sedated


He moved her body to the garage and dumped it in the


cesspit below, the jury were told, along with her beloved dog Boris,


Later that afternoon Ian Stewart accessed


her bank account and transferred ?4,000 to his.


Four days later Ian Stewart reported his partner as missing.


He told police she had left a note indicating she wanted some


As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult time for our


family and as more time passes since she was last seen, the more


Helen Bailey was the author of several


After her first husband died suddenly while


they were on holiday she started writing about grief.


My husband died in an accident in Barbados in February in 2011.


When I got back to the UK I tried to write about it.


I'm a professional writer and I found I


It was not until July that Helen's body was found


Forensic analysis of her hair revealed she had been


Ian Stewart is charged with murder, preventing the legal burial of her


body, fraud and preventing the cause of justice.


After Helen disappeared, Ian Stewart carried


and made an appeal for her to return home.


He is also charged with perverting the course of justice for


what the prosecution described as the "charade" of deceiving


the police and the local community, who were


all out looking for the missing author.


Tomorrow we are expecting to hear from the first witness.


A section of the M1 in Northamptonshire was closed this


morning after a man's body was found on the road.


It was discovered in the early hours on the northbound carriageway


Police described the scene and his injuries as catastrophic.


The man has now been named as Ashley Hayes,


Police in Cambridge have named the man who was killed


in St Ives on Sunday as 28-year-old Andrew Hasler.


Officers were called to Houghton Road on Sunday,


where they found the body of Mr Hasler - and an injured woman,


who remains in a stable condition in hospital.


A 40-year-old man from Cambridge has been arrested on suspicion of murder


and attempted murder and is in hospital.


The plight of tenants in Peterborough who are losing


their homes to make way for homeless people was raised


The city's MP, Stewart Jackson, called a special debate -


And tonight, residents in Parnwell, the area affected, have been


Waseem Mirsa can tell us more: So first of all Waseem,


Well, Clare, Stewart Jackson was raising the terrible


situation faced by tenants at St Michael's Gate in the Parnwell


He said that the city council had been put in a difficult position


in that it had a duty under law to find housing for homeless people.


This it did in St Michael's Gate, but sadly, at the expense of those


I'd like to apologise to my constituents that I


I'd like to apologise to my constituents that I could not do


more to help them. It is unfair, it is morally repugnant. I hope this


debate and the minister's response, Mr Pritchard, will make sure that to


all intents and purposes, decent people will not be treated like this


again. In response, the housing minister


Gavin Barwell MP was critical of the way both the landlord


and the council had behaved. So what happened at the residents


meeting in Peterborough tonight? Well, sadly we weren't allowed


access to the meeting itself. The City Council Chief Executive


Gillian Beasley addressed residents on how the authority could work more


closely with the area. But naturally, residents


of St Michael's Gate wanted questions answered


following the parliamentary I spoke to one resident -


this is what he said... I have now lost all faith in


Peterborough Council, from the meetings we have had and how they


portray themselves, the things they said and the way they carried


themselves. It does not shock me and it does not give me any faith in


them whatsoever. So what hope is there


now for the residents? There were promises made


in Parliament to stop situations The system by which a management fee


is placed by landlords on top of the rent could be changed,


but no promises over the rights of tenants to stay in properties


when new landlords buy them - As for Peterborough City Council, a


spokesperson said at the matter had been raised in Parliament it was now


firmly a political matter and therefore it would not be right for


them to put up an officer for interview.


The Labour party will campaign to stop cheap migrant labour


from under-cutting local workers - that was the message


He used a speech to supporters in Peterborough to outline his party's


Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair was there.


Labour and its leader are undergoing a bit of a New Year rebrand.


This afternoon's speech was billed as Mr Corbyn's big response


Among his bid ideas, more money for the NHS, cracking


down on high levels of pay and yes, a new policy on immigration.


The advance briefing was he would back a


restriction on the number of people coming to Britain,


Instead he spoke about the importance of migrants to our


economy and said improving local services was the answer.


The question of underfunding of services


In this city, in Peterborough for example, this


council here seems to be more interested in selling off council


housing to a private sector organisation rather than housing


people that are homeless and need to be housed.


You say if there was more funding in services, people would


not be so concerned about immigration?


I think sometimes there are issues with shortage


of services in which people are unfairly blamed.


It is generally accepted fears caused by the pressures of


immigration were the reasons for the large Brexit vote here.


The Leave campaign said the plan is to limit numbers.


Mr Corbyn said more support for local councils is the answer.


I think it's reassuring voters we are


listening, that there was a vote in June and people have had their say.


We need to make sure that we as a party of the people are


And the thoughts of voters in Peterborough?


I think we should put a cap on it, but I think they are hard workers


There's a lot of jobs that perhaps we


Why are you coming to a pro-Brexit city to spread


He is still speaking about immigration and its benefits and is


hoping it will win Labour new supporters.


Labour has always struggled to do well in the East.


side and being in a largely Brexit area will not help.


Today it was about offering a new message in the


One of the world's richest couples has given a medical company


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding Kymab's


research into vaccines for infectious diseases,


The charity will distribute any drugs they create to the world's


Kymab's already worked with the Gates Foundation


on treating diseases such as malaria and typhoid.


I think it's very special, because the foundation does not give out


It wants to know it is going to get high-quality science,


so it is an indictment of how good the quality of the science is and


how what we do at Kymab can really really contribute to the mission of


With a lot of cloud across the region tonight,


Wind picking up in north-west as well.


Maybe some breaks in the cloud, but generally


a lot of cloud and a chance of patchy


light rain arriving by early tomorrow morning.


Overnight temperatures probably not lower


than five or six degrees for many of us.


Tomorrow we have got this weather system pulling away to the east.


It will mean a bit of a cloudy start, but a big


weather will be strengthening wind from the north-west, making it feel


quite a bit colder and that is the theme for the next few days.


After a cloudy start with some patchy rain,


brightening up with sunshine, but a bitterly cold wind starting


Although temperatures will be ten or 11


degrees in the morning, by the afternoon getting a bit cold,


so six or seven Celsius by the end of the day.


You can see the average wind speeds from the north-west, certainly


Here the outlook and a chance of rain


turning to sleet or snow on Wednesday.