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And another cold night on the web but temperatures recovering by the


weekend. An independent report has identified


"serious failings" in the care given to a baby from Kettering


who suffered serious harm Rocky Uzzell and Katherine Prigmore,


were both jailed last year, for inflicting catastrophic injuries


on their five week old daughter. Rocky Uzzell and Katherine Prigmore


were seen to laugh at the hospital where by the week old is a


bull's-eye in a critical condition. Katherine Prigmore filmed her


partner violently shaking and squeezing their daughter. This case


highlights major failings of Kettering Hospital. Baby Isabelle


was admitted here 6 times in 5 weeks yet not once did staff even consider


that her parents could be to blame for her injuries. They mist to rib


fractures. Had they recognised them they could have taken steps to have


her removed from her parents to a more serious injury. The moral


series warning signs were missed time and time again. On March 16,


2014, Isabelle was admitted with leg pain.


The next day, the parents were arrested. What is of particular


importance is the repeat presentation to hospital over a very


short period of time, that should bring an immediate child protection


flag and top diction concern that would need to be checked. It appears


that didn't happen. The couple lived in this maisonette. Shocked


neighbours say they really saw them. Couldn't believe it. I knew


something wasn't right because I only saw the mad with a pushchair


once, nobody ever saw the baby. Isabel will soon turn 3. Unable to


walk, talk, C and swallow, she is with foster parents and isn't


expected to live until her teens. Kettering Hospital said there was


profound regret over the missed opportunities to safeguard her and


said it has introduced improvements to procedure to protect infants at


risk. Well the head of the


Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board said the case of baby


Isabelle was one of I asked Keith Makin how


it was allowed to happen. Primarily, 2 things. There was not


sufficient information sharing between agencies, although I have to


stress that itself wouldn't have necessarily lead to this awful


outcome. More particularly, we are very concerned that the people at


the accident and emergency acidity were not curious enough about


whether the reasons for admission was safeguarding or not. They were


not curious about whether abuse may have taken place. 1 thing that


stands out on the report is that an x-ray was done on the child's chest


and broken ribs were missed, how easy is it to miss broken ribs? I'm


top of the medical experts at actually, it's quite hard to tell in


small babies with a rib has been broken or not -- I am told by the


medical experts. But the issue as I understand it from the report is


that the x-rays were not examined by a paediatric radiologist. If the


examination had taken place as it should have been, it is very likely


the child would not have been released from hospital, very likely


wouldn't have gone back to the parents and this awful outcome would


very likely that of happened. What are you recommending to stop it


happening again? There is a different arrangement now for


examination of x-rays in babies and young children. And the sharing of


information, particularly about fathers, has been reinforced so that


is all backed by training programme for all relevant staff. We as a


board are monitoring and ordering the impact of that. Are you 100%


sure that if a baby was brought hospital today and it was being


abused by its parents that it would be picked up and acted upon? Not


ever 100% guarantees in safeguarding but what we are assured of is that


the Rossettini I have thought about would be enacted, questions will be


asked in safeguarding would be considered as a primary issue.


The television entertainer Rory McGrath has been give


a suspended ten week jail sentence today after admitting harassing


The court in Huntingdon was told McGrath and the married woman had


been having an affair. Mike Cartwright reports.


Arriving at court, his wife by his side. Rory McGrath, who the court


was told pursued a course of conduct that was unstable and tempestuous.


After harassing a man married mother in her 40s for more than a year. She


can't be identified, the 2 having an affair for 5 years. The woman


wanting to finish it. After she said he had become difficult and


unpleasant company. They had shared intimate messages and texts. Rory


McGrath threatening to publish glossy images of them. For months he


sent her texts, e-mails, called and followed her. The judge was told of


his deep remorse. Outside his wife next to him, a solicitor spoke on


his behalf. This has been a dark time and thankfully it's now over. I


wish to thank the judge and apologise to my wife and family, and


to thank them for the incredible support during this time. I now want


to move on with my life. In Cambridge Park, he tailed the woman


as she went for a run with a teenage daughter. He conducted her husband


and her new partner. Police say harassment cases on the rise.


Encouraging victims to come forward. I would urge them to pick up the


phone, told us, don't suffer alone, call the police, we can help you,


put you in touch with other agencies that can help you in the short and


long-term. On TV from the 90s he became a household name. His


behaviour, likened to a midlife crisis. His actions described as


bizarre and increasingly desperate. In sentencing, the judge told Rory


McGrath it was a persistent and consistent, controlled imposition of


yourself on the victim and those close to her. He was ordered to pay


?200 in costs and a 5 year restraining order was imposed.


The astronaut Tim Peake is going back into space -


He was there to open a new educational centre aimed


at inspiring the scientists of the future.


Louise Hubball went to find out more.


For a man who was blasted into space, it was easy to play out of


this world "Is putting us from Stevenage to Mars. This specialist


testing at the heart of the interactive centre, about inspiring


the next generation. It's fun to play with interesting finding out


what things do. It's a bit exciting cos he's famous. He said he would


see these lights 2 or 3 times a week which is really cool. There was even


a chance to help drive on Mars racer. What more inspiring his


children to be in spot the league standing next to someone who has


been in the orbit, looking out onto the future of space exploration. If


you can get them excited at an early age, that's when they will make


A-levels, University, then we can A-levels, University, then we can


grow our workforce for the future. Space is a wonderful place to live


and work on a huge privilege to be there on board the space station,


every astronaut would love to get back up there. The Airbus until be


run by North Hertfordshire College. Access to this live space research


and extraordinary asset. We need a good strong pipeline, our engineers


and scientists and technicians coming through, and these sorts of


engagement programmes are an excellent way to create that talent


for the future. When he was a boy, Tampico dreams of being a pilot, a


message to these youngsters that anything is popular -- Tim Peake


dreams. Police are appealing


for witnesses after a car Police have released CCTV


video of the incident A passenger in a blue vehicle


got into the car left He drove it away but abandoned


the car a hundred yards along London Road.


The baby was unharmed. Under clear skies, temperatures


dropping sharply so widespread hard frost. Locally temperatures could be


down to minus 3. By the end of the night, players coming in from the


south, temperatures likely to rise closer to freezing as they start the


day tomorrow. We will start to change the direction tomorrow,


slightly milder air working its way across us. Some of our 1st thing,


some patchy sleet or snow, a tiny amount through the morning. We may


even see some sunshine before it clouds over again, by the afternoon,


the air will be milder so it will fall as rain. By the afternoon,


temperatures recovering. For the weekend, looking unsettled but


milder. roundabouts, higher temperatures but


some rain as well. Good evening. It's been dry so far


this January but as it draws to a close it looks like we will see some


rain at last. It's been an interesting today a bitterly cold in


Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud all day and the grey cloud gave a


dusting of snow in places. This is a lovely picture sent in from Sutton


Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of Scotland it's been a beautiful day,


lots of sunshine and temperatures, 13 degrees compared with -2 under


the cloud in


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