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In Look East tonight: More than 300 jobs at risk -


and many local branches going - as the Norwich and Peterborough


And no money, no medals, Badminton bosses fight to keep funding


And bitterly cold temperatures expected tomorrow, all the details


later. More than three hundred


jobs across this region are at risk tonight,


as the owners of the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society


announced it will be scaling back its branches and losing posts


at its headquarters. In all, 28 branches will close


across East Anglia and up to 340 jobs could be lost,


and the brand will disappear This from our business


correspondent Richard Bond. It has been a trusted name


on the high street for decades, But soon the Norwich


and Peterborough name will completely disappear,


it all the Yorkshire building society to close 28 N and P branches


including this one of the outskirts


of Peterborough. It does have an effect on people


in the area which is particularly felt with the older


community year but also for the young people, so my younger brother


uses it because it is near to where It is a bit of an upset


because people have to travel further, for those who love appeared


especially because it is the neither Be changes put at risk 340 jobs,


in branches and at the After the closures,


only 17 branches will It was formed in 1986


to the merger of the Norwich and Peterborough


building society is, for 20 years the organisation thrived but had


suffered a major setback about ten years ago when it started selling


the investment products of a company Customers were compensated


by the scandal cost them ?57 million, and led


to the Yorkshire takeover. The Yorkshire CV banking market


is changing, more customers are conducting business online


and use of high-street branches like this


is Further investment in


that network can't be But the argument will disappoint


thousands of members who inspect -- expect a building


society to provide a good branch network


in places where the big


banks aren't represented. These are some of the place is set


to close, the changes due to take effect from


September this year. Members are being encouraged


to embrace online banking but some elderly customers may find


that difficult to do. So what will the changes


mean for customers? The Chief Executive


of the Yorkshire Building Society, Mike Regnier, joined me from out


Leeds newsroom to explain. The thing that makes


building society is different from banks


is the overall objectives are


completely different, the building society objectives are to act


in the interests of our members, we don't have shareholders,


we look at the And provide the best


service and best value. Lots of your members value


having a local branch You are not providing


value for them. What is important to say is that


for most of those people the nearest branch will


still be two or three or four miles away from


one closing because in the main we are proposing two )


is where we have another branch in the close


We will still have 260 branches and agencies on the high


And from our perspective that is still going


to be a significant investment in face-to-face service.


This will involve a certain amount of job


In East Anglia we are consulting with


our colleagues at the moment and these changes will take effect on to


the next 18 months so our priority really is to see how many of those


colleagues that we have spoken to today we can find them out of


employment for because we do have a number of months for us


to find them alternative rules were that is


possible and where their skills match and very find something they


A lot of people might be sad and losing the


name, Yorkshire does not mean a lot to them.


Any understand that and how can you reassure them?


While the name might change them while the


pink and purple blobs might change to green,


the service customers get day-to-day will be just as good if


And for those branches it will remain, it will be


the same people there that customers can turn to to help them with their


Four officers from Bedfordshire Police have been dismissed


At a disciplinary hearing, Police Constables Robin Denton,


Matthew Neild, Todd Mills and Deanna Waite were found to have


breached professional standards in discussing a sensitive case.


The Chief Constable said he had apologised to the victim concerned.


The force hasn't released any further information because of other


Badminton England, based in Milton Keynes,


says success at the next Olympics is in jeopardy - unless funding


Public money for badminton was cut after the Rio Games,


despite two MK players winning bronze in the men's doubles.


Our sports editor Jonathan Park has this report.


They want to turn bronze into gold, in Tokyo.


But right now and medallists Marcus Ellis and Chris


They like the other players training at the National Badminton Centre


face an uncertain future after the sport's funding


Hearing the news was obviously a real kick in the teeth for us and


everyone, I don't think anyone could believe what had happened.


It was not just the case of funding reduced


18th of August 2016 the day Marcus and Chris won


Brent's first-ever men's doubles awarded medal but before the year


was out the UK sport decision not to --


made the decision not to spend a


This was leading up to the Tokyo games in 2020.


Badminton has launched an appeal but still must


prepare for the worst if the appeal fails.


UK sport's Badminton snub means that Marcus and


Chris may have to fight between 60 and ?70,000 each in the run-up to


A court is ?10 per hour and retrain sex hours a day and we need six


courts so that is a lot of money in itself.


These are not luxuries, these are the basics we need and


then turn its wise if we are not travelling a pointer internment our


opponents in competitions are and they go up in the ranks on the go


Badminton players and coaches and management are confident in the


sport's ability to win Olympic and paralytic medals in Tokyo and


The head to London in two weeks' time for the appeal to be


heard by UK sport in what will prove to be


a pivotal moment for the


Well a short time ago the head of Badminton England told me


the loss of funding could be catastrophic for the sport.


If we are unsuccessful effectively it will turn the sport upside down.


We have players that we absolutely believe can meddle in Tokyo and if


UK sport that they want your appeal we have got to look at certainly a


much smaller programme. Other people training now who have the funding in


the will have to change the regime or would be able to train any more?


What will the impact beyond people affected? In realistic terms were


looking at a programme that at best is half the size of what it is now,


the players know which players are potentially going to be carrying


food and those players that unfortunately we have the release


from the programme. The implications around that are also to the coaches


and staff involved in the programme, as a consequence of this decision we


have had to serve formal notice of redundancy. None of the staff, none


of the quotas are players deserve what is happening to them right now


is which is why we are so determined to ride what we believe to be a


wrong. How will it affect the grassroots level? What the


grassroots level does is give us a fantastic shop window and without


that how do we actually attract our sport to young people who have the


aspiration to go on and become future medallists? We believe our


clubs will suffer, but not so many people will be attracted to the


sport, so from a grassroots kids playing in school right through to


the podium, this decision has a significant impact for our sport.


The Prime Minister says Milton Keynes has a great future.


At Prime Minister's Questions today, the MK South MP Iain Stewart


asked Teresa May to join in the celebrations


We are providing additional funding for the east-west rail project, I


know he supported that through sharing the APPG. We will see a


country that works for everyone. Milton Keynes has had not just a


great 50 years but I am sure will have a great future as well.


Pasolini is, here's the weather. A lot of cloud around, quite misty


conditions but still cold the coming in from the new continent so that is


going to mean temperatures down below freezing quite widely, the


risk of frost and icy patches on untreated surfaces. We have this


cold continental air making its way across as overnight tonight and into


tomorrow and at strengthening south-easterly wind will be a


feature of the weather through to tomorrow making it feel bitterly


cold. It will already be a cold start the day with the widespread


frost and although there will be a lot of cloud around it looks like


there will be some brighter spells and perhaps even some sun chamber


temperatures for many of us are not expected to get above freezing all


day. Factor in the wind-chill and it will feel bitterly cold. The


National weather is coming up but he's out like and the weather will,


temperatures will recover by Friday, it will stay cloudy added into the


weekend and it is looking take a look at the Outlook towards


the weekend.


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