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In Look East tonight: A cyber crime wave as more of us fall for scams,


police look for new ways to tackle it.


Vacancies go unfilled amid warnings of bigger class sizes.


Handful baking dish and is with the risk of ice, I have all the details


later. More and more of us


are falling for scams online - with Cybercrime costing the UK


economy billions of pounds. Police forces in Bedfordshire


and Cambridgeshire have reported huge rises in the number of cases


in the past year. Anna Todd has been finding


out how the criminals operate and who's


is most vulnerable. The internet has helped this small


company go from strength to strength, but it has also had


a more sinister impact. Cybercriminals sent


an e-mail purporting to be from the MD, asking an employee


to make a bank transfer. And she said to me, I have


done the transaction you have asked me to do, but they


asked for a long reference number and I couldn't fit it


all in, so I condensed the reference number


and it was that point, I said,


what are you talking about? At that point, obviously,


she went white and I did the same, we called


the bank straightaway. In Bedfordshire in 2015,


almost 1200 were reported. They were 370 reports


the following year. They target both randomly


and specifically. One method is ransomware,


where victims believe they have to pay a fine,


perhaps to a seemingly legitimate It is possible that big


organisations are now treating this type of ransomware as the cost


of doing business, and if you consider that the average


amount they are paying out is around ?13,000,


for big organisations it could be ?25,000, this is


clearly a big problem. Police nationwide say this


is a modern-day crime. We have recently held


a conference with a crime unit who have got departments


specifically dedicated to But some of their stats


are really worrying. They said they had seen over


2000 hacks on Eastern region companies this month, and


that is probably not all of them, because a lot of them


will not have been reported. This Cambridgeshire


company was lucky. But they say that the criminals


continue to try their luck So what can be done to stay one step


ahead of the hackers? Well our reporter Waseem Mirza has


been looking at the problem Well tonight, cyber crime experts


from across the region have been meeting in Cambridge to try


and find news ways of We spoke to the Police


and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire Jason Ablewhite


who said the figures are just We are driving this agenda forward,


we are getting those key messages out on how people can protect


themselves by all of the sort of methods that we use all the time,


and frankly I think going forward this is going to be seen as probably


the biggest growth in any crime in a generation.


When it comes to fighting back - there is the feeling that perhaps


it's not just technology alone that could eliminate the problem.


There are those like the Bedfordshire based


security group Layer8 - who believe people are the best form


of defence against hackers and online attacks.


To keep up with these vulnerabilities what we need to do


is educate on the types of emotions that perhaps the tactics will play


to give people the ability to deal with any kind of crime that comes


their way. Well there's a number


of things which can be done Start by changing your password


every one to two months. Use a completely different


password for every website you shop, Enable what's called


"2-step verification". It's like having another layer


on top of your password. Make sure you never


reveal your password to anyone. And strengthen your existing


password with special characters Now you can get more advice


on all this and more That's the warning from some


Northamptonshire Headteachers. in the county since 2010,


but the number of teachers Emma is a trainee, teaching others


by cloning herself. Not enough other people want to do what she is doing.


I think it is probably one of the most rewarding and challenging


professions there is that it is definitely worth it, if you're


willing to commit, give a lot of time to something you love then it


is something you should consider. Head teachers say they are


struggling to recruit and that is causing some to worry about the


future. We may not have a teacher for a class of students and you may


have to think very carefully about how you arrange that, it might be


having to have larger class sizes, it might be the headteachers


teaching for part of that and just things around that. I hope it will


not happen. Try and stop it happening today but in to ensure


candy cans or wants the promotional video and website to attract more


people to the profession. There are currently 84 teacher vacancies in


Northamptonshire for classrooms like this but the county council say that


because of a growing population over the next five years 33 new schools


will be needed and that is hundreds more teachers. We are working very


hard to promote the best of what we have here, we have good quality


housing, relatively low-cost compare to the south-east for example. We


have a fantastic cultural offer and excellent tones are working hard to


develop what they offer. The stakes are high, at the school in


Wellingborough they have previously advertised one teaching job and


doubly applied. Yellow might if I am being honest I think that the job is


incredibly challenging, it is very incredibly challenging, it is very


hard work, I have seen my young teachers particularly working long


hours, all teachers work long hours but actually there isn't an


appreciation amongst a lot of the public on how demanding the role is.


It is a commitment, you have to be prepared to work late nights and on


Sundays, have to be prepared to do lots of different things for the


school and if you have that commitment and that drive and


especially if you have the passion for your subject then you absolutely


love it. More people will now have to learn to love teaching if the


growing number of classrooms are going to be filled.


Next, as part of our series celebrating 50 years


of Milton Keynes, today we're looking at its vibrant arts scene -


as the town bids to become the European Capital


Around the many corners of Milton Keynes we will find public statues


and food Subs: -- fluid sculptors, like this horse standing outside a


bank with the same logo. This is shopping centre installation


celebrates the accessible art that has always been at the heart of the


town. Art is always about thinking about what might come next, Milton


Keynes is a town this. Process, how to construct a space that will work


in 50 years and 100 years, so it makes sense that the integrated


heart into the fabric. In 1980 roads were closed when Michael Jackson


performed here. And cable bathing in the heyday of stadium tours. From


pop royalty to Jazz royalty, Sir John Dankworth and Dame Cleo Laine


founded the stables at live and on, a melting pot for all types of


music. But they had plenty of Milton Keynes was about to be developed


when they bought the real property. At first they were very all know we


did not want this but then my dad really grew to love Milton Keynes


and my mum, two, we have been very supportive of the stables and of


course now the stables is a big touring venue. Stadium MK is also


developing as a concert venue, future is thriving and MK gallery is


undergoing a major expansion. The A6 in Northamptonshire


will remain closed between Rothwell and Desborough until the end of


February. The road was shut last week


following the discovery Now Northamptonshire Highways


say the issue is "more significant" than first thought,


and poses a potential safety risk. A bit of football finally -


and Peterborough United lost at Oldham Athletic


in the Skybet League 1 tonight. The final score in the North West


1-0 Oldham's winner a penalty They'll now play Yeovil Town


in the quarter final of the Checkatrade Trophy on Tuesday


the 7th of February. And more freezing temperature ahead


tonight - so let's get the weather now with Alex,


but from me and the rest Good evening, the visibility


overnight with freezing fog patches around in the risk of ice also an


untreated surfaces so local radio the place to go for updates through


the rush hour tomorrow and there could be potentially some travel


attraction. This file is likely to become quite expensive as we go


through the night, most areas are likely to be affected. Temperatures


will be a degree or two below freezing for many places, perhaps


below in those frosty prone areas. We start the day on a cold frosty


not, high-pressure starting to move eastwards but still a very cool


picture across the region and compare it with the relatively it


will be cloudy after tomorrow so it will feel colder. That missed and


fog lifting through the morning into low-level clouds, perhaps just the


odd bright spell through much of the day and it is expected to save other


overcast with highs of 4 degrees. The National weather coming up that


output, it will be a bitterly cold beer on Thursday, temperatures


recovering by the end of the For all of us, it'll get colder and


then milder again come the weekend. This shot taken earlier by a weather


watcher in East Anglia. The fog becoming extensive over the next few


hours in many south-eastern parts of England.


Much, much milder, further north and west. Let's concentrate on that


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