23/01/2017 Look East (West)


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a key business report ranked it top in the UK


up over two per cent in the last year.


Milton Keynes disguised as Metropolis, its futuristic buildings


selected to double as Clark Kent's home city but 30 years on from


Superman's flying visit and Milton Keynes has become its own mini


metropolis even getting its own edition of monopoly. Over 70% of


businesses in Milton Keynes started up in the town and over 60% of them


employed no war than five people and by 2013 the latest estimates show


that over ?30,000 as the average salary. The rear of Milton Keynes in


the early days was good road and rail links by transport he was about


to get the first, the government has already thrown its weight behind the


new east-west rail link connecting Oxford to Milton Keynes and on to


Cambridge. The next step will be airing details about the work and


consulted on routes, we will do it in a sensitive away as possible and


we will also deliver the connectivity we need in the heart of


England here. This family run a haulage firm and had humble


beginnings, the company is growing by the day. Today they are taking


delivery of the first of 47 new trucks, expanding the footprint of


this business across country. We investing ?3 million on the site,


raising the roof, so be from 6000 ballot spaces to 15,000 pallets


pieces so watch this space, Milton Keynes is growing. Warehouses here


are super size, among them is this business, its Reach global. It is a


shop window to our customers, many people come from across the globe to


see us so it is important we are in a dynamic working environment. It is


a great backdrop to a operation. It is not just manufacturing jobs in


Milton Keynes attracts, it has become a successful technology hub


attracting digital and creative jobs, too. Jobs that have inspired


structural reality work. Here at the visualisation lab at the transport


Systems catapult designers are working on ways to help us navigate


our towns and cities in the future than one method is by using virtual


reality. They made fun of its roundabout -- of the roundabouts but


today it is one of the fastest-growing towns in the country


with the business pedigree to match but most here regarded a city. Will


it ever get the status to match its ideals and exhilarating growth?


Pam Gosal is head of Corporate Economic Development


and Inward Investment for Milton Keynes Council.


I asked her what the secret was of Milton Keynes business success?


You have that busy city centre jobs, you have the countryside feel as


well and second would-be location, the fact that we have the north and


south moving, East and West hopefully, the knowledge with the


connectivity and location we have, that there is a good skills pool. It


is important for businesses looking to Milton Keynes, the fact that you


know our business has a lawyer and accountant there, a printer, we have


so many diverse businesses that we have that in one place and last but


not least Milton Keynes has much wind, we have a lot of development


sites, commercial and residential, which work with our partners include


the PB work with partners and make sure that is an investment. With the


growing workforce echoes pressure on housing and infrastructure, how are


you coping with that? We have the MK futures commission report which is


looking at six key priorities, all the challenges we have moving


forward whether it is infrastructure or to do with housing or basically


IT related to higher education, or mobility with the ground. It is


important we are looking at it not just in 50 years but looking 50


years ahead. That all costs money at a time when the councils are


strapped for cash. You're right, all councils are strapped for cash but


this is where it is important that we are in the private sector, Milton


Keynes Council has many partnerships not just with public bodies but we


have good partnerships with the private sector and it is about


enabling the private sector to help deliver our priorities whether it is


apprenticeships are looking at tech hubs. Wave back the Prime Minister


has been outlining how the economy might work post Brexit, how do you


think Milton Keynes will fear? Milton Keynes is an extremely


successful place in the fact that after the vote we are still getting


a high level of enquiry from international and international


businesses are not to forget our businesses are growing a lot one as


well so I think to be honest at this moment I could say that it had


affected body Keynes. whose body was found in a septic


tank at her home in Royston has told a court her daughter had


complained of feeling in the weeks before


she went missing. also said she felt "uneasy"


about her daughter's He denies drugging her with sleeping


pills and murdering her. Bailey had suffered from memory


lapses and felt dizzy and spaced out in the weeks and months before her


disappearance in April. The jury heard from Helen's mother through


video link. She said on one occasion Helen was left traumatised after


realising she had left her beloved dog on the beach and had returned


home without him. We have just one week before she went missing that


Helen had called her mother sending anxious, after waking from a file or


sleep in the middle of the day. Eileen Bailey broke down in tears


were giving evidence, she also said she felt uneasy about Helen's


relationship with Ian Stewart due to her state of mind. A police


interview with the defendant was played in court and we have in one


of the officers involved. This officer said I often found him rude,


temperamental, uncooperative and dismissive of us. After the first


interview she said he asked and I still suspect? I must be, I must be


a suspect. Helen Bailey's body was found in a cesspit under her home


three months after she vanished in April last year. The prosecution


claimed Ian Stewart sedated his fiancee with sleeping pills before


killing her for her money. Ian Stewart denies murder, averting the


course of justice of fraud and preventing a lawful burial. The case


will continue on Wednesday. Police divers have been searching


a lake in Northamptonshire today trying to track down


the killer of a pensioner. David Brickwood was murdered


in his own home in Northampton So far no one has been


charged with his murder, and police are yet to


find the murder weapon. Searching the icy water, more than a


year after David Brookwood was murdered in his own home. Police


today looking for any clue to help track down his killer. We never


located the weapon that killed David, and we don't not exactly what


was stolen from his address so we are looking for anything that might


have been the weapon that has harmed her that anything that could have


come from his address. David was described as an honest and caring


man and was asleep in his own bed when he was stabbed five times in


what police described as a dreadful and violent attack. Despite appeals


including one on the BBC's Crimewatch programme, questions


remain about exactly what happened. Police say they will continue to do


all they can to try and bring his killers to justice.


That's how the region is looking tonight.


Coming up next the weather with Julie, but from me


We'll be back with the Breakfast bulletins from 06.25


We might have a little bit of light rain and drizzle to light but be


largely dry and under clear skies turning chilly. Temperatures down to


-1 or two but we might see some even more, perhaps -5 and we have a


yellow warning in place for fog. Some of that will be freezing fog


and leads to tricky driving conditions not just an iPod tomorrow


morning as well. Some of this fog could linger through the day of or


not everywhere, some other should hopefully brighten up with some


sunshine coming through. Where that happens highs of around 6 degrees,


whether fog lingers temperatures struggling to get above freezing. In


finish the day drive but under the clear skies of frost then fog


resuming in forming. On Wednesday at cell high-pressure migrating


eastwards, the wind picking up little so on Wednesday the frost in


the fog should clear more readily if all goes to plan. Then on Thursday


we start to drag in much cold air from the continent. After a frosty


start plenty of sunshine really feeling very chilly, especially in


the wind. Hopefully not quite as cold on Friday, largely dry with


brightness and sunshine. We have the


For the weekend we will have dry weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit milder. Good evening. We are continuing to


see huge righty in the weather. Getting the detail right is proving


to be a challenge. This was in Pembrokeshire and other parts of the


UK were gloomy throughout the day. The fog is thickening up right now.


Particularly pool on the M5 in south-west England. Very foggy


across parts of the West Country. This fog is tending to spread its


way further eastwards. Some fog as well across parts of Yorkshire.


Northern Ireland and Scotland are mild but damn. This is how we will


start the day. At eight o'clock in the morning, quite a lot of fog


around which could affect the major airports. What all of us have seen


fog. There will be Sunni areas to western fringes of England and


Wales. Across Northern Ireland and Scotland it is much milder. Some


patchy rain around coming in on the Bruce, particularly over the hills


in the West. Much of that will fade away. It will be relatively mild.


For England and Wales, much of the fog were clear. Some of it will not


sell it will be especially chilly. Quite a contrast in temperatures


again. -- so it will be especially chilly. Despite sunshine, it will be


on the chilly side. The fog will come back again. On Wednesday


morning, Central and eastern parts are particularly prone. Some


sunshine will emerge. Rather more cloud for Northern Ireland and


Scotland. Most of the rain will be held at bay. Still relatively mild.


A real edge to that further south and east. It would be a sign of


things to come. On Thursday we will tap into some particularly cold air


sitting over the continent for several days now. Europe is frozen


at the moment. Some of the freezing cold air will head towards us on a


stiffening south-easterly breeze. Some places will not get above


freezing, maybe the odd snow flurry. Wherever you are, it will feel cold.




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