20/01/2017 Look East (West)


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First tonight there are claims that businesses in Fenland could be


missing out on tens of thousands of pounds of support because


the Local Enterprise Partnership is targetting more affluent


The local MP Stephen Barclay says it must be made more accountable


A company with a multi-million pound turnover, these are destined to


become high-tech MRI scanners. They are still winning orders. One to


help the commission Sellafield. But they say like a funding from the


enterprise partnership is hindering their expansion plans. Much of what


we do ultimately result in money of the pockets of employees that goes


into the local community, all of the local shops and services ultimately


the growth in this business. We have the growth in this business. We have


a terrific opportunity to turn this into a very substantial business


over the next few years. We have had very little support, sadly. The


enterprise partnership at the heart of all of this is based here and it


aim is to bring inward investment and funding to help businesses. That


works across eight different counties with the aim of trying to


bring in more jobs across the hall of the area. There are concerns in


terms of major projects, like high-speed rail in the a 47 which


appear to be making no movement whatsoever when schemes with a


weaker business case elsewhere in the county are being progressed by


the partnership and then as a lack of transparency as to how they're


reaching those decisions and why they are pushing schemes in the


here. Infrastructure delivery to here. Infrastructure delivery to


whatever part of the county takes time and I think that is the


reality. We understand that local people feel they need it now and


that is to the rest of economic area. Can you understand why they


feel they are not being helped? I understand why the feel they have


been forgotten but other areas will feel the same. Companies here say


they will continue to expand but say the rate at which they can grow and


grasp opportunities is dependent on support and hard cash.


One person has died after a gas explosion and fire


Emergency services were called to Back Lane in Eye at half past


Witnesses described the "frightening" moment that


windows of neighbouring properties were smashed to save others nearby.


Tributes have been paid to the man who was knocked down and killed


He's been named as 58-year-old Mitchell Bailey.


Flowers were laid at the Roman Way First School


in Royston where Mr Bailey was a governor.


The fire engine was responding to a 999 call on Wednesday evening,


Hertfordshire's Chief Fire Officer is promising


The fiance of the murdered children's author Helen Bailey


'couldn't be bothered' when police tried to interview him


a court heard today, but watched their every move


Ian Stewart is accused of sedating and killing Miss Bailey,


before dumping her body in a cesspit at their home in Royston.


Kate Bradbrook sent this a little earlier from St Albans Crown Court


Today we saw a police interview which was recorded with Ian Stewart


back in April. Also today police revealed ordeal of a focal Ian


Stewart needs to report his fiancee missing. My partner has been missing


since Monday and has not contacted anyone. She said she was going away


I don't know where she said she was going. I decided we should report


it. It hasn't been reported already? It hasn't. She has been missing


since Monday? Yes. Other evidence focused on police searches of Helen


Bailey's home. Helen Bailey was last seen on the 11th of April last year


had reported to police few days later, officers searched her home in


Royston several times along with the surrounding area. Today the court


heard from one of officers involved, special Sergeants McCall Goodier


said Ian Stewart was very interested in what we were doing following is


everywhere. She said he was very inquisitive, asking why we were


doing things. He was watching our every single move. Another Sergeant


said that at first Ian Stewart was very accommodating, and at other


times appeared quite dismissive. He said he appeared to be in pain from


his recent surgery, holding his hands to his side. It was the job of


DC Hollie deigns to conduct a formal recorded interview with Ian Stewart,


she said he kept cutting her short, she said he did not want to do the


interview. She said Ian Stewart only started to


relax when officers had finished searching the house, he agreed to be


interviewed on the 22nd of April. The prosecution claim that he


sedated his fiancee with sleeping pills before killing her and putting


her body in the cesspit under her home. Ian Stewart denies murder,


fraud, perverting the course of justice in preventing waffle burial.


Other evidence focused on searches of Helen Bailey's home.


Prince William has officially announced he is to the leave his job


as a pilot with the East Anglia Air Ambulance.


Kensington Palace say it will allow him to spend more time


on his royal duties from this summer and help the Queen


The Prince says he's loved being part of a team


Here's Julie with a look ahead to the weekend and beyond.


It is another dry night, and a cold one with a lot of clear sky.


Temperatures I think like last night will fall below freezing, probably


lower than these values in some spots, possibly down to -5 minus


six. And with light winds, we're likely to see patchiness and that


could be freezing fog. This will take awhile to create a model and


once it has gone it should be fine and dry but we are expecting some


thick clouds to feed in from the east. It should say die, probably


the best of any rightness and sunshine the further south you are.


The bridge is at best around 5 degrees, and we hold on to light


winds. It looks like the dry conditions will continue into the


afternoon the DVD. The National forecast is coming but I'll leave


you with Outlook, Sunday has the better chance of brightness and


sunshine and dry conditions hash-mac Dry conditions continuing


into next week. feel cooler. Can we keep it going


until the start of the new week? I suspect we can. Unconfirmed about --


concerned about the fog around. Here is Helen with the national picture.


Good evening. The weather is upon us. The cloud has made all the


difference this week in particular. We have had some wonderful weather


watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy


earlier in the day. Some areas still have the cloud. What a difference


that makes. Edinburgh, the central lowlands, plagued by this band of


narrow cloud, overnight more areas share in the frost. Pretty


widespread, the frost overnight, cold across northern England,


Southern Scotland and Northern Ireland than it has been this week.




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