09/02/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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whether that is legal or not. Full coverage for you online and on


In Look East tonight: Care in the community.


Why a solution to bed-blocking is under threat because funding


27,000 new homes for Milton Keynes, as authorities reveal when and where


And, staying cold with the risk of snow showers in the next couple of


days. I'll be here later with all days. I'll be here later with all


the details. As you may have seen


on the national news, bed-blocking is a huge problem


for our health service. And here in the East,


in December alone, patients spent nearly 15,000 days in hospital beds


when they didn't need to. It is usually because the patients


need care outside that isn't there. But a pioneering scheme to tackle


the problem in Hertfordshire is under threat as its funding


is being slashed. Our Political Reporter,


Tom Barton, has the details. Myra Stevenson has been


in St Catherine's Nursing Home in Letchworth Garden City


for three weeks. She came here straight


from hospital. And the nurses are individuals,


and you're an individual. Myra is benefiting from a scheme


which sees the local NHS and Hertfordshire County Council


working together and It's paying for exercise classes


like this, which have led to a massive drop in the number


of falls, stopping unnecessary And it's also helping to get people


out of hospital more quickly. Hertfordshire have just started


using this red bag as a way of making the process of leaving


hospital run as So it's got everything in it that


you need to go home. So it's got a change of clothes,


it's got your medication, The project also has


a trusted assessor, working in the Lister Hospital on behalf


of the Hertfordshire Care Home Association,


helping to get people out of hospital as soon


as they are ready. We've had a 45% reduction


in hospital admittances since we've In terms of the trusted assessor,


she has now saved, I think it's 305 So that means that we have made


a saving of around ?160,000. The Herts Valley Clinical


Commissioning Group has just taken ?8.5 million out of the shared fund


that pays for schemes like this. This is an additional payment,


very few parts of the NHS And yesterday, a Council committee


decided to ask the Health Secretary I strongly believe that


patients will suffer, because while we can absorb some


of the impact of that funding reduction within the service,


and we will be able to preserve some of it, but the magnitude


of ?8.5 million just being taken out, five weeks before


we set our budgets, it makes it For now, though, Myra and others


like her are benefiting from a system which is really


helping to stop unnecessary Tom Barton, BBC Look East,


Letchworth Garden City. Staying with so-called bed-blocking


- Northamptonshire is one of the worst affected areas,


with more than 5,000 bed Part of the reason,


according to the county's Care Home Association,


is that many homes just won't work with the County Council because it


doesn't pay them enough. The Council says it's


planning to invest an extra The impact is that we cannot provide


the service that we need They don't pay a sufficient amount


of money per week per resident. We're reaching, in effect,


a tipping point. We've said to them that they need


to increase their funds, they need to increase them rapidly,


to prevent further homes from shutting and prevent


bed-blocking in the local hospitals. The fiance of Royston children's


author Helen Bailey has claimed he was blackmailed for ?500,000


by a pair of mystery kidnappers Ian Stewart says they were business


associates of her late husband. He also claims he spoke to Helen


after she disappeared. From St Albans Crown Court,


Kate Bradbrook reports. Ian Stewart was on his


feet in the witness box His voice broke several times


as he gave his version of events He told the court that two men


called Nick and Joe abducted Helen on the 11th of April,


the day she went missing. He said on Friday the 15th, Nick


turned up at the house with a phone. Ian spoke to Helen, who said, "Sorry


about everything, I love you." He replied, "It's not your


fault, I love you too." Ian Stewart told the jury


that the following day he met Nick in Kent to hand over Helen's phone,


as they had requested. He said on the 26th of April,


Nick and Joe demanded access They said, "Helen told us


where something was in the garage." Ian Stewart later told


the court they must have Ian Stewart claimed throughout that


Nick and Joe had threatened that he would never see Helen Bailey


again if he told anyone He said they told him if they didn't


get what they needed, Ian Stewart is accused of drugging


Helen Bailey with sleeping pills He told the court Helen had taken


them when she realised he couldn't When asked why this wasn't mentioned


in his defence statement, he replied, "It only came back to me


when I saw the The drug Zopiclone was found


in Helen Bailey's system when her body was found three months


after she disappeared. Under cross-examination,


prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC put to Ian Stewart that it was,


"A long-crafted, cynical and cruel plan of yours to do


away with Helen Bailey." "You smothered her while she was


sleeping or unconscious... Now, Ian Stewart also admitted today


that he lied for months about a note that he claimed Helen had left,


saying that she was He said he had to do that


in order to keep her safe. And also because he was told that


if he didn't, his two sons Now, he told the court that months


later he received a phone call saying that one of the men,


Joe, had now been dealt with, Ian Stewart denies all the charges


against him, and the case Kate Bradbrook, BBC Look East,


St Albans Crown Court. This year, we've been looking back


at the history of Milton Keynes, as the town celebrates


its 50th birthday. But later this month,


the Council will discuss how the town could grow over


the next 15 years. Their new plans include thousands


of new homes and offices, as well as a redeveloped shopping


centre. From the very beginning,


Milton Keynes has made it Today, over 250,000


people live here. And in this new plan, MK would


like to build 26,500 new homes. Which would take its population


to well over 300,000. It's gone over and above


the ten-year statutory We've done what Milton Keynes does,


and always gone that step further. And yes, I think we can indeed


deliver those house numbers if the developers and the builders


will get on and do it. We will grant the planning


permissions, we will set the land aside, but they've got to deliver


on the numbers for us, which up 26,500 new homes is a lot


of homes for you to deliver. It is, absolutely,


it is a lot of homes. And what we've got to do


is bring forward the sites, bring forward the sites in the right


places, those that We believe that we are doing that


in the plan that we're putting out. We now need the developers to do


their bit and build the houses, not at the rate they want to,


but at the rate that we want them them to, and at the rate


that the Government are asking But the Plan MK document is about


much more than just new houses. The main shopping area could also


get a huge expansion. The Centre MK for example could get


new shops and leisure facilities. And the regeneration of Bletchley


town centre will also be a priority. New jobs, better education


facilities are also But central to the plan


is transport. That includes support for the


East-West rail link and an expressway


road linking Cambridge and Oxford. It's taken years of consultation


to come up with Plan MK, and it will now be debated


by the Council later this month. Peterborough travel giant


Thomas Cook has cheered a "solid" start to the New Year,


but says it still remains The company says that holiday


bookings for the Greek islands have risen by nearly 40%,


as travellers move away from Turkey and Egypt because of concerns


about security in both countries. Chief Executive Peter Fankhouser


said there was no sign that Britons had been put off by the weak pound,


but there was still plenty of And that's the late


news from Look East. We are back with bulletins during


BBC Breakfast from 6:30pm. -- 6:30am.


The cold air has now properly established itself across


the British Isles, so it's going to stay


bitterly cold, certainly for


For tonight, temperatures dropping away.


And although a lot of dry weather around, there could be the odd snow


You may wake up to a dusting of snow in places.


Temperatures could get down below freezing in one or two


And that could cause an issue with icy patches on untreated


A very cold start of the day tomorrow.


Not a lot changing in our pressure pattern.


We have still got this bitterly cold easterly


This could mean there are a bit more widespread showers as we go


But there will be quite a bit of dry weather, likely to stay quite gloomy


and overcast for much of the day. Showers being pushed in from the


North Sea. As the easterly wind freshens, it could push them further


inland. Temperatures getting up to around three Celsius. But with the


wind chill it is going to feel colder still. The risk of snow


showers increases into the afternoon and evening. There could be more of


a covering of snow by Friday night and into Saturday morning. The


National weather is coming up, and here is the outlook.


will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven Celsius.


At this time of year we can often get the weather stories that reflect


the battle between winter and spring, and that's what's been


happening in New York in the USA. Yesterday, 17 Celsius, but today,


it's been bitterly cold, just a daytime maximum of -2, a significant


wind-chill and some significant snow falling as we speak. This was Times


Square earlier today. For others, it's been a pretty cold day. Not


quite as cold, but nevertheless a lot of low cloud lifting in off the


North Sea and two bridges have struggled. That will continue into