10/02/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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four men from Luton have been sent to prison for arranging meetings


that drummed-up support for so-called Islamic State.


Mohammed Allamgir, Yusaf Bashir, Ziyur Rahman and Rajib Khan


will serve between two and half and six and a half years.


Money was also collected to help pay the legal fees


Four men from Luton, jailed after a campaign


At three locations in the town - a school, a Methodist church,


a home - preaching terror at large public meetings.


Muslim community leaders today condemning what they stood for,


fearful others may have listened to their extremist teachings.


There is a level of extremism among young people,


And if these people are drawing hundreds


of people to their meetings, then I think it is a matter


of concern for the authorities, and much earlier interventions


All members of the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun.


This a photo of Isis fighters in Syria.


To his right, Rajib Khan and Mohammed Alamgir.


If the aftermath of the Tunisian terror attack, Alamgir was secretly


Inside there, Alamgir described the attack in Tunisia as a victory.


Today, the judge described him as a very dangerous man,


deeply committed to an extreme and violent jihad.


They were holding events at various locations in Luton.


One particular address was a tent that was erected in the rear garden


They invited groups of 50 to 70 people, including


The type of rhetoric they were spreading was certainly


encouraging support for terrorist organisations such as Daesh.


Their arrest came after raids in December 2015.


Today, they were sentenced, once again putting


The police say they'll start a major search of a landfill site at Milton


near Cambridge to try to find a missing airman.


Corrie McKeague was last seen in September in


Milton landfill site, not far from Cambridge.


It is the focus of the latest phase of the investigation


into the missing airman, Corrie McKeague.


Police will search 1000 square metres of the site and up to eight


They are searching here after he was picked up on CCTV


walking into a loading bay behind some shops, a dead-end


Shortly after, a waste lorry was caught on camera,


making a collection in the same area where he was last seen.


The lorry itself was forensically tested, but no evidence was found.


Waste from that lorry is still at the site after police


told them not to put anything on top of it.


Since he went missing in the early hours of the 24th of September,


there have already been searches involving hundreds of


trained search technicians, team leaders and research managers.


I think we have 14 four by fours out.


We will bury the teams around with those.


The police say searching this site will be the next logical step.


His mother told this latest news leave the family with mixed emotions


and while she is pleased searches are taking place, she is


terrified and desperate for the result it may bring.


EU Staff working at hospital have appealed to the Government


for an early decision about their future in the UK.


They were meeting with one of the region's Euro MPs,


who's playing a role in the negotiations over Brexit.


Our political editor, Andrew Sinclair was at the meeting.


The two words that kept coming up at this eating at


Doctors, nurses and research staff are being called together


to discuss their fears about what Brexit


The insecurity, the uncertainty is palpable, and it's kind


of trying to find out whether our futures are secure.


I'm Swedish, but I have a British partner and two British boys,


At the moment, I feel like an outsider looking


Most of the concerns were practical, but AQ said they had seized racist


comments following the Brexit vote, and no one felt welcome here.


30% of the staff here are from the EU.


This is home, people have been brought up here,


they have been married to people from other countries,


Brexit will affect us all, but the NHS, with its reliance


on overseas workers, is of particular concerns.


Local MPs are holding meetings like this to address people's concerns.


The information is being fed back to the government.


The Government says it wants to end the uncertainty for EU citizens


as soon as possible, but that depends on the outcome


of the Brexit talks, which haven't even started yet.


So the reality for EU workers here is that that uncertainty


A ?40 million grant has gone towards cancer


research in Cambridge - one of the biggest ever given


It's for two projects - one into little known causes


of cancer plus this new 3D technology that's used to explore


Its aim - to understand how and why cancer cells grow.


In the Aviva Premiership, Northampton Saints narrowly


In a thrilling match, the visitors were in the lead several times,


but hosts Bath managed to snatch victory with the final


Here's Julie to tell us just how cold it's going to get


Some further showers of sleet and snow overnight and some of the snow


could settle in places. It is going to be called from any of us that the


temperature down to around freezing so we could see frost and ice.


Further wintry showers around during tomorrow morning but eventually the


showers will become mainly Elaine, a largely cloudy day and called with


highs of the- four. As we head into the evening, some further showers


drifting in north-easterly winds. Any moment the national forecast but


I'll leave you with the outlook and on Sunday, cloudy skies with some


rain and snow but feeling colder still on Sunday because of a keen


easterly wind making it very raw. That same wind on Monday, largely


financed by and should be dry everywhere


the hills where again there could be a bit of snow, but not accumulating.


Another cold However I paint this weekend's


picture, I'll need a palette of grey. Thereby a a lot of cloud


around but I managed to find some sunshine. I don't know how but there


was a couple of hours towards the south-west in Cornwall, a beautiful


day. The south-west saw glimpses of sunshine. Further east, cloudy, cold


and grey with winds off the North seep and a scattering of wintry


showers. Yes, rain sleet and snow, a dusting at lower levels through the


day. It brought this beautiful picture on the outskirts of


Aberdeenshire. But enough of the sun, let's get back to the nitty


gritty and talk about the snow showers that will continue across


the eastern half of the UK throughout the night. There will be


some significant accumulations higher ground. A dusting at lower


levels, and it will 's be cold further north and west, particularly