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I was embarrassed, I was very angry. I just really felt useless and


honestly, you know, I felt very disabled. He has his hand in front


of and talking into the phone. Hands off, the new campaign to stop


drivers using mobile We look at some of the big


developments coming our way in 2017. And a sting in the tale for railway


passengers after this scorpion stops the Edinburgh


express at Peterborough. First tonight, the paralympian left


with no choice but to wet herself on a long-distance train journey


because the disabled Anne Wafula Strike has represented


Team GB in wheelchair racing. She's also been awarded the MBE


for her charity work She was travelling back to her home


in Harlow when the incident happened and says she felt


humiliated as result. In a moment my interview with her,


but first this from our chief The 42-year-old wheelchair racer is


a board member of UK athletics and was awarded an MBE for her services


to disability sport. She was returning from a board meeting last


month when her train journey of almost three hours turned into a


nightmare. The cross-country train's disabled pilot was out of order. A


member of the train crew suggested she get off the train at the station


to use the pilot there. There were no staff at the station to help her,


she could not wait until the train reached Peterborough. Could not hold


any more and had to do it, humiliating but I had to. When that


happened I realised that you know sometimes when you're different you


are so isolated, the world disqualifies you from having a


normal life. It is though when you have a disability you do not deserve


to have equal rights in the community. The MP for Harlow has


taken up her complaint with cross-country trains, describing the


service as appalling, totally unacceptable for the 21st century.


She's not one of life smoulders, I have never heard her complaint in


this way about her disability, she is a positive and wonderful human


being and it saddens me that she has had to suffer Bijan deleted by the


thrill company in this way. A spokesperson for cross-country said


clearly the circumstances of the journey were unacceptable. This is


the first time we are aware of such a situation ever happening on one of


our trains, we are investigating how our established procedures for


caring for a customer in a wheelchair could have failed so


terribly. And said she decided to speak out in the hope of bringing


about change, too many people with disabilities she said suffer in


silence. This afternoon I spoke


to Anne Wafula Strike at her home in Harlow and I asked


about the moment she realised the disabled lavatory


was out of order. I looked at the toilet with the


sign, out of order, and I was mortified. I was mortified because I


knew I was not alighting on that train in the next ten or 30 minutes,


I knew I had a long journey ahead of me. And I knew as a human being, you


know, I needed that facility, I needed to use the toilet. It scared


me. And he ended up having to wet herself because there were no


facilities, which is something that in this day and age seems


extraordinary. But for you to have to go through that, what was it


like? I was embarrassed, I was very angry and... I just really felt


useless. Honestly, you know, I felt very disabled. When that happened.


And you are someone who is -- has actually used your disability as an


opportunity, you are a Paralympic and Andy patron of many charities in


pain and a patron of many charities and the campaigner, you're such a


strong person and yet that must have made you feel not strong at all. It


sort of just really took away all the confidence that I had spent


years working on, it took away my dignity. So many people are


struggling, this is happening to some people but because of the


self-censorship, people want to regain their dignity, nobody wants


to attend the public can say that I have this kind of accident. People


are suffering. You say it is not cool to talk about it but I would


say it is very cool what you're doing now, having the bravery to


speak out about something that was so awful for you at the time. I am


so pleased that I have spoken about this, because I am hoping that it is


going to generate debate. It is already doing that. It is doing that


in Sweden, in Italy, in Spain. I have had so many people, hundreds


and hundreds of tweets and e-mails, people who have suffered in silence


and they feel as though I am speaking on their behalf. The system


should not let this happen. By taking this decision to speak out


and getting the reaction you have, does that make you feel that


something good may be able to come of this awful experience? Your Mac I


am hoping that through this companies, organisations, even our


government, will go back and look at the legislation. I think the


community now and many companies will take a box because they want to


be seen as giving or providing for someone with a disability. But the


government should impose huge fines on some of these people who just


want to tick a box. Anne Wafula Strike, thank you very much.


And if you have had a problem relating to disability and public


transport would like to hear from you. You can get in touch in the


usual way. Please leave a telephone number.


People in Essex have been reacting to plans for a so-called


The government wants to build 14 garden towns and garden villages


across the country and says they would mean a total


Gareth George is at Harlow Civic Centre now, Gareth.


Here in Harlow able be celebrating the news, it is the 70th anniversary


this year. Harlow was the original garden town when it was built, it


was landscape a separate neighbourhoods and now the


government wants councils to press forward with plans for more garden


town 's Garden villages, too. But not everyone is happy.


The demand for new homes far exceeds supply so the government is plans


for what it calls new garden town 's, with 10,000 houses or more as


well as smaller garden villages. One new garden town could go here just


outside Harlow near the village of Gilson. The village for the park is


for a green and pleasant place with schools, doctors surgeries and


parks. Housing and planning Minister Gavin Barwell said locally led


garden towns and villages have enormous potential to deliver the


homes and communities need. But there is opposition, the development


would be at the bottom of this man's garden, he said the description of a


garden town of the emitted conjurers is a spurious one. There are no


plans for the employment in this area, it really is just a sprawling


housing estate of 10,000 houses. Everyone getting on the train to


London. A lot of them will want to get on the train and a lot of them


will want to drive in the drinks can accept what people are neither can


the roads. At the council HQ I asked the council leader if he thought the


existing infrastructure could cope. The seats on the trains, hospital


struggling, the last thing you need is another 10,000 houses, isn't it?


This is a Catch-22 situation, you will not get a new hospital road


improvements without the housing investment both in terms of the


direct contribution this will make towards infrastructure development


but also that critical mass, it is about doing those things is part of


an overall package. In Harlow itself there also seems to be support for


the garden town. It will bring rejuvenation to the town because it


has lost a lot of shops and businesses. How big is it? 10,000


houses. That is a lot because I -- but I do think houses are needed.


New houses are needed all over the place because people can't afford to


live in London any more. Campaigners say they are preparing for a legal


fight that could go on for decades. And they don't call it Gilson Park,


the college Harlow North and they say they have been fighting similar


proposals for more than 20 years, as well as the garden town proposed


here on the Essex Harlow border of are three other garden town


proposals elsewhere in Essex and they all face stiff opposition, too.


And if you think the idea of garden towns sounds familiar you would be


right. Back in 2008 Prime Minister Gordon


Brown announced plans, It was narrowed down to four


locations across the country, and one of them was Rackheath


on the outskirts of Norwich. The eco-town proposals lead to a


wave of protest, the plan was to build greenhouses and greenfield


sites and lots of people did not like it. This was the vision of the


then Labour Housing Minister John Healey. Living here in the future in


the new eco-town will be a greener type of living but also the eco-town


will have everybody living in houses so that they can reach the services


they need, the shops in it, within ten minutes walk. The plan for


Iraqis, 5000 new and existing homes on a former bomber base north of the


village but when Labour lost power in 2010 enthusiasm for the scheme


disappeared and in the face of opposition that was dropped. Stephen


Hurd campaign against the plans. They did not want a big new


showpiece development. We are not NIMBY, we understand the need for


housing, personally, we all have families and we all understand the


need for housing but we would like these families to be in our own


community. I would love my daughter and granddaughter to be in the


village but they have to move away because there is no housing in the


village. What happened here over the eco-town is mirrored in communities


across the East. Whenever big housing developments are announced


that is nearly always strong local opposition and that is one reason we


are falling well short of house-building targets. The campaign


group the town and country planning Association says 30,000 new homes


are needed every year in the East to meet demand. In 2014-15 just over


$20,000. In Iraq EC eco-town may be dead but it could be replaced by


another major development. Plans for 3000 homes are in the pipeline,


nearly as many as before and construction could start in the same


greenfield next year. A 38-tonne articulated lorry became


wedged between two buildings The driver got into trouble


at the junction of Northgate Street The lorry and trailer were cleared


several hours later. A new campaign's been launched


across Suffolk and Norfolk today to warn of the dangers


of using a mobile It's called "Hands Off"


and is backed by local BBC radio Few people could have a better


reason to campaign for change than Alice husband, two years ago were


sung, Seth, died after he was not town outside his home. He was seven


years old. The car driver was using a mobile phone or loudspeaker. I


miss him every day and so do his brothers and the rest of the family.


It has changed my life. It is something I would never wish to


happen to anybody. If there was anything I could change in my life


it would be not to lose him. Despite new tougher fines and tactics from


the police, drivers seem happy to risk it. Is on his phone, you see


him? We want you to pledge not to use your mobile phone behind the


wheel. It is as simple as that. We are one radio station but with


regular folk involved in local newspapers as well we can really get


the message across that it is brilliant that the local media want


to play a part in this. The campaign is backed by police and honour today


Leicester skipper overrunning support. A court was coming round


the roundabout, the coach driver had one hand on the wheel and another on


his mobile phone to his ear. When you're on the phone part of your


brain visualises the person you're talking to, and that part of the


brain is the same path that should be sorting out hazards. Having


someone sat next year is not an issue. Having a phone conversation


is. Is string of tragedies has shown that in a split second everything


can change. The advice on mobiles and the car is simple. Do not


torture no matter what. If there's any doubt put it in the boot in the


boot out of reach. -- do not touch that no matter what.


And there's more on that campaign online.


Go to facebook and search for the "keep your hands


Still to come, the weather for the rest of the week in football it is


only live there as Norwich city celebrate a rare hat-trick at Carrow


Road. All this week on the programme,


we'll be looking at some Over the next four days we'll be


looking at the worlds of business, And we'll start


tonight with business. 2017 will see the drugs


company Astra Zeneca start to move into its new global


headquarters in Cambridge. And there are also developments


at Stansted, and two of our big This from our business


correspondent Richard Bond. Taking shape in Cambridge, a


building that will make this region one of the leading centres of drug


discovery in the world. Four years ago AstraZeneca said it would move


its Google headquarters to the city, at the Cambridge biomedical campus


facilities for 2000 workers are being created. The first of them


will move in later this year. At the moment they are scattered around


eight sites in the area, including this office on the science park.


There are many times in your career as a scientist would you can work


with designers and build your own building, and it is dedicated to the


sides are undertaking. It really is a sense of real excitement for


AstraZeneca as a whole and also the scientists that will be working in


the new building. It'll be a big moment for the region's economy when


this side of the global headquarters of one of the world's biggest


pharmaceutical companies. Construction work is at its peak on


the ?330 million project, once complete the buildings will be


powered by ground source heating from this energy centre. The R


centre will enclose -- include the headquarters which was moved from


London in 2016 so we will end up the west to scientists, copper


headquarters served by a very sustainable energy centre. Two major


wind farms reached significant milestones in 2017. One field of


North Norfolk should start to produce its first power in the


spring wealthy galloper field of Suffolk goes into full-scale


construction. This year we will continue with the foundation


installation that started last year, we will use cables connect


individual wind turbines, we will also put in the second export cable


from the beach at Sizewell, we will start turbine installation and then


of course we need the offshore substation which is the large


structure we put in around May so it is all happening this year. The


expansion of Stansted should continue this year, the leisure


airline jet to almost 83 flights per week to the Essex airport. This --


it will become the number two airline after Ryanair. As a result


the airport needs more space. It should hear this year whether it can


go ahead with the new ?130 million arrivals building to accommodate


more passengers. Our political correspondent


Andrew Sinclair has been talking to politicians on both sides


of the fence about what we can expect in the weeks


and months ahead. Football now and it's been


a particularly hectic holiday period Many of them have played three


games in just eight days. All the winners and losers


in a moment, but this report from Tom Williams starts


with a Colchester defender After struggling through autumn,


Colchester United finally found their rhythm as Christmas. They have


been beating allcomers and one player has been finding new ways to


celebrate. The player from Cameroon has rapidly become the new cult hit.


His antics have gone down a storm on Twitter, the club anxious to make a


song and dance of it, tweeting away action shots merrily. The man


himself loving it, he treated, I enjoyed that drumming, if any band


assured of a drummer boy then just shout. We don't's owner Ollie has


been reunited with his instrument, as I am sure his neighbours will


testify. But after watching his side win six of the last seven games why


not bang on about it? Everyone I spoke to was quite surprised,


drumming was quite simple but when you're doing it is hard to get a


decent beetle he was very good. Since the didn't we have not lost


the game, the fans love them and things like this because love her


more. Colchester were the region's star performer is, top of the tree


after three wins and three, just below Cambridge United are also


unbeaten claiming seven points from nine, Southend have a win and two


draws, a mixed bag for knowledge at MK Dons with a search page about


Northampton and wouldn't only managing three points from three


games. Stevenage had a shocker, bar at the bottom, Christmas for them


totally pointless. But for Cambridge wearing in red-hot form. They


Colchester they have taken 19.3 possible 21 to surge up the table


and into the play-offs. Yesterday's 4-0 win over Notts County kept them


in seventh. Deeply any manner that suggests they are genuine promotion


contenders, they are playing with verve and vigour and seemed to be


enjoying the football. Goal of the day, this one by Tom Lawrence for


Ipswich, a cracker but not a matchwinner. QPR sneaking a late


winner leaving town the wrong half of the table. Is that we played the


second have especially very well become quite close the game out, so


we need to work on that. Get back to winning ways next game. After a


miserable 2016 reason to cheer for Norwich fans, a 3-0 when using the


pressure on Alex Neill for now. A week ago I would have said Gore,


today I'm saying he can do it. It was a different team, they played


really well and I want to see more games like that. Nelson Oliveira the


toast of Carol Rhodes had, is hat-trick the perfect way to kick


off the new year. Finally tonight, we've run a few


stories over the years on the reasons for delays


on our railway lines. Among the favourites: overhead power


cables down and leaves on the line. But how about a scorpion


in the carriage. It happened on a London to Edinburgh


express train on New Year's Day. The service was halted


at Peterborough after the scorpion It was eventually taken


to an exotic pet refuge, All eyes busy and beady, quick to


acknowledge the new kid on the block. A story from Guatemala, this


scorpion fell out of a woman's rucksack on a train near


Peterborough. I was getting my glasses case out and noticed there


was a scorpion crawling on the glasses case. I dropped it on the


floor because I did not want to get stung and then kicked over the


glasses case to see it I could find a scorpion on the underside and


wasn't there so at that point we had lost the scorpion in the carriage.


Soon found the tiny creature less than one inch long was scooped into


a food container, British Transport Police took to the warmth of the


exotic pet refuge near Peterborough. It would not have lasted overnight,


there would have been no repercussions the next day. Other


lodges venomous it is only like two of the wasp sting so it is not


dangerous or fatal. It would only really sting if provoked. This


morning little bundles of scorpion joy, even harder to spot than the


month. There are three small babies that I can see, after they have


grown up little that they will sit on their mums back and head to ride


around with her, she will feed them for a couple days and then they will


feed on small box themselves. It is fantastic, we want to go and visit


the rescue centre in Peterborough so we should do that at some stage. My


daughter is really interested in animals and would like to study


zoology so we are very pleased. The train was delayed by only seven


minutes but the scorpion and her babies continue to make headlines,


they will live out their days at the refuge quietly away from the


cameras. No paparazzi!


Imaginative and laid eggs in the carriage and they hadn't known until


they got into the carriage tours overrun.


Alex was just seeing she had a wonderful scorpion fact.


Is it small clubs big sting, because small sting?


Someone will call and letters now. The producer agrees. If the producer


says it is true, OK. The best thing is now staying at


all, really. The best thing is not to have a scorpion on the


It is a bit call for scorpions perhaps. We have a cold start to the


day this morning, some cold on the grass in Cambridge as the sun rose,


and the beautiful sunset photograph taken. It will get a little chilly


tonight but not as cold as last night because of more cloud around


and although it is expected to stay mainly dry by the end of the night


there may well be some light rain or drizzle across northern counties. As


we go through tonight there will be clear spells developing,


temperatures close to freezing so we could get down to two or three


degrees so perhaps just the risk of a touch of frost but for most of us


we're staying above freezing temperatures as this weather front


comes in from the North will start to recover so those temperatures


rising to around four or 5 degrees for some of us as we start the day


tomorrow. We have this weather front coming in from the north tomorrow,


it is a cold fronts or wanted clear spirit it will mean a cold wind


developing, actually, and some bright weather around so expect a


cloudy start first is that weather front approaches and some might rain


expected but cleaning fluid quickly and then some pleasant spells of


winter sunshine, the bulk of the day looking dry and bright. Deventer is


perhaps feeling cold in that went, five or 6 degrees. These are average


wind speeds, and that will be a feature of the weather through


tomorrow particularly into the afternoon and evening and a certain


and wintry showers from the North Sea saw four counties in Norfolk and


Suffolk there could be the odd shower coming in for the evening,


including the quite quickly saw the Queen to be quite fleeting but just


a possibility and then you notice the blue on the map, by the time we


get to 5am on Thursday temperatures dropping quite sharply, a sharp


frost expected for tomorrow night. We could be down as low as -5 or 6


degrees in parts of the region as we start the day. I pressure will give


us some dutiful winter sunshine for Thursday, it establishes itself


across the British Isles for Thursday so lots of fine weather


around but you can see the weather front coming in from the north-west


and events that to move eastwards and as they get to the weekend the


weather front will come through and bring us rain and introduce some


milder air. Every cup for tomorrow, looking largely dry with the risk of


the showers coming in first thing and wintry showers later


particularly from the coast. If each of the weather tomorrow is the


strengthening north-westerly wind and then fine wintry sunshine after


the sharp frost on Wednesday night into Thursday, so it'll be a cold


day with lots of sunshine around, and eventually the weather front


starts to bring in some rain probably in the day on Friday, into


the weekend and then it turns slightly milder.


Susie was not listening, she was looking up scorpion facts.


Apparently it is mainly by accident the sting people. Goodbye.


Magical new drama... The Worst Witch.


Something like this could change my life.


We're looking for someone who can sing, someone who can move.