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With David and me. - so it's goodbye from me -


The headlines tonight from Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk:


The region's poultry flocks to stay in lock down as the threat of bird


Yellow Masco -- if you don't adhere to rules, that is where the problem


lies. An Essex tradesman accuses


housebuilders of snobbery after his van is banned


from a new estate. It is outrageous because range


Rovers are the same size. What is the difference?


Mourners from the travelling community gather


in Suffolk for the funeral of a man killed in Ipswich last month.


And all present and correct - the zoo carrying out


The region's poultry farmers suffered another blow


tonight when they were told to keep their flocks indoors


To guard against the risk of bird flu.


The restrictions imposed by DEFRA were first brought


in on December 6th after outbreaks of bird flu


It meant all captive birds had to be kept under cover for 30 days


to stop them getting infected by wild birds.


An auction of poultry, due to take place near


Mildenhall later this month, has been cancelled.


The restrictions were due to end on Friday.


But this afternoon the government confirmed it was extending them


This field in South Norfolk should beef full of free range chickens but


not the last four weeks. They will be confined to quarters that the


next eight weeks, safely undercover until the threat of bird flu has


passed. A worry for Mike Gordon who rears 1 million free range birds


across 50 farms. It is a huge worry. We have farms across the whole of


East Anglia and there is a huge amount of migration coming into this


part of the world. It is a real worry. This is an issue that is not


going to go away. It is here and here to stay. An outbreak has


strained nerves. 5000 turkeys at this farm near Louth died or were


cold and another case at a property in Wales. Public Health England say


there has been no recorded places of the H five Nah strain as a risk to


humans. The commercial risk of that is another matter. If bird flu is


found in their flocks, the clean-up operation could cost hundreds of


thousands of pounds. The East was hit hard by bird flu ten years ago.


Thousands of turkeys and chickens had to be slaughtered. This is a


massive industry and produce 107 million eggs every year. The sector


is worth ?640 million. No new outbreak in the East the latest rain


has hit businesses. There is also a ban on poultry shows and gatherings.


It is something you live with and expects. I have survived for tanned


mouth, bird flu, bird flu again and we will carry on and endeavour to do


the best we can. The threat is from wild birds migrating over the


eastern region and only until that threat has passed will mark release


his turkeys and chickens back into East Anglia's fields.


Stephen Lister is a veterinary specialist in poultry from Norfolk.


He came into the studio earlier, and I asked whether he was surprised


that the restrictions had been extended till the end of February.


I am and was expecting a month because that would be sensible so it


didn't confuse people. Taking it to the end of February is longer than


we expected but it does take us to the end of the migratory period for


wild birds. Is there any sign that not everyone is abiding by the zone


or is it widely dear to? The commercial poultry sector in this


region and elsewhere in the country are 100% compliant. We don't know


whether we have reached or backyard poultry producers because even if


you have five chickens in your back garden, you should be housing those


and keeping them away from any wild birds. How does it affect free range


birds because there are real -- balls. They have to be free range to


be sold as free range. They allowed 12 weeks to allow free range birds


to be housed if it is better that their care. The closer we get to 12


weeks, the more concern there is as to whether those eggs could still be


marketed as free range. The farmers have talked about their concern


about bird flu. It is an ongoing issue and could be back next year.


Is there anything more that could be done on a more permanent basis to


protect flocks? We will never stop wild bird incursions as that is the


nature of migration. We have a requirement that consumers who want


free range eggs and meat of all types and therefore we will have to


keep birds outside and there will always be a seasonal risk. This year


is exceptional because this particular strain is very active and


very prevalent in wild birds across the whole of Europe. Any that come


over here have the risk of containing the virus. This area has


a huge poultry industry. The effect could be devastating, could net, if


it came here? You only have to look at America and Europe and it could


be devastating for these birds. Whether you're wanting to do poultry


shows, auctions or dealing with commercial poultry. It has massive


international trading locations as well. Thank you very much.


When there's an emergency, and people call for an ambulance,


there's an expectation that the crew which turns up are fully trained.


But the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme has discovered that some


staff at a private ambulance company based in Essex, had as little


as an hour's training on how to respond to emergencies.


James Melley, has this special report.


When we dial 999, most people expect NHS ambulances to respond. NHS


trusts are having to use private companies to meet demand. One of


these companies is the private Ambulance Service based in Basildon


Essex. It carries out work like taking patients to hospital


appointments, transferring sick people between hospitals and it


provides cover for 999 calls for the East of England NHS ambulance trust.


We were told the staff are not popular -- properly trained and


equipment is not up to scratch. We spoke to several people who have


worked there. Paul would only speak to us if we disguised his identity.


He worked as a mesic -- medic but lost his job last year. I didn't


have any training. I was sent out that was it. It was clear that I was


with people that weren't trained. They weren't competent in the job


and not confident in joining -- dealing with certain situations.


They did know how to take blood sugars, ECG's, manual blood


pressures, basic stuff. We heard to store being stories about a lack of


trading -- training the staff. David was sacked back in 2013. The job


could require him to drive under blue lights when taking an emergency


patient between hospitals. What training we've given to drive under


the blue lights? One hour's training on blue lights. That's it. That is


astonishing. What is an acceptable level of training to drive under


blue lights? The courses four wheat is long and the foundation is then


to move on to blue light training and it takes two weeks. The


approached -- we approach the private Ambulance Service phone


interview. They told us... The east of England's ambulance and


the sad thing you to use Ambulance Services to keep up with demand.


They are increasing front-line recruitment of paramedics so as not


to have to rely on private Ambulance Services in the future.


Police are searching for a man who stole lead from a church roof over


Christmas. A 38-year-old man from Essex has


been arrested after two men died in an apparent hit and run


incident in Cambridgeshire. It happened between Yaxley


and Farcet near Peterborough just after eleven o'clock


yesterday morning. Officers searching


for the driver of a BMW arrested a man in Chelmsford


later that night on suspicion of causing death


by dangerous driving The funeral has been held today


for one of two men killed in a double stabbing at a travellers


site in Ipswich. Barry Street, who was 32,


lived at West Meadows. Barry Street's cortege made its way


to the cemetery for a private burial. His coffin flanked by family


members and other mourners. Earlier a funeral service was held nearby at


Saint Gregory 's Church. Proceedings relayed by loudspeaker to mourners


outside. Barry Street was one of two men stabbed to death that the West


Meadows traveller site in Ipswich on December eight. The other was


18-year-old Nathan Oakley. The 17-year-old boy was arrested and


charged with both their murders. Barry Street, pictured here weeks


before his death, was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2006. He was


part of a gang that carried out more than 30 RAM rains -- Ram raids and


armed robberies across East Anglia. A few days after his death, two


caravans were burned down and other properties were damaged. Six people


have been charged with arson with intent to date -- endanger life.


Today there were long delays as Barry Street's cortege passed


through and there was a significant police presence. The teenager


accused his peers of murder and is -- and is due to appear in court


next month. -- the Chino Ajax accused of murder is due to appear


in court next month. You're watching Look East


with David and me. Stay with us for the debut novelist


who's just won a top award. Alex has got your


weather forecast, and we're at the zoo on the day


they made sure everyone Well, whatever your views


on politics, you have to admit 2016 was a watershed year,


both here and across the world. David Cameron out of Downing Street


in the summer after Britain And Donald Trump heading


for the White House. All this week, our correspondents


are gazing into their crystal balls to consider what the year


ahead will bring. Tonight, our political correspondent


Andrew Sinclair talks to political figures in our region about a 2017


which will almost certainly be Last year's referendum led to the


creation of a newspaper. Published in Norwich, the New Year appearance


reflects the views -- views of those who voted to stay and six months on,


many haven't given up hope. A portion of our readers are holding


out that we will get a second opportunity to back out of this


through a second referendum or a general election. Brexit will


dominate British politics for a long time to come. The only thing we know


is that nobody knows anything right now. It may be two years ago but


there is growing pressure on the government to explain how Brexit


will affect us. MPs of all parties say the uncertainty is starting to


worry local employers. EasyJet, an airline based on European travel


being easy, Vauxhall, where we can't get away with higher tariffs, that


is one small part of our region. We need answers many of these


questions. Politicians will be at the forefront of this year's Brexit


negotiations. The early work will be done here at the European Parliament


and one of our Euro MPs will pay eight key role. -- play a key role.


I want to keep as many things the same. The EU is over half of our


exports for the Easterby and and I want to make sure that doesn't fall


off a cliff. At Westminster, Ben Gummer is in charge of making sure


government departments are prepared for Brexit. Agriculture Secretary,


Andrea Leadsom, will have to make it work for farmers. Stuart Jackson is


a key aide to David Davis. Meanwhile those of our MPs that leading


figures in the leave campaign will be watching closely. Worried that


some in the government will be trying to drag their feet. We know


there are people in Parliament that have made it clear that they don't


accept the result and want to play the long game. The Longo time we


take to exit, the more chance of some event occurring which would put


it off. You sound like you were worried this may never happen. I am.


It seems appropriate that 2017 should've started with fireworks at


Westminster. A lot more will follow as Brexit begins.


Peter Bone is worried that Brexit may yet be scuppered - is he right?


Look at the row over the resignation of our ambassador in Brussels. There


is this suspicion that there are elements of the civil service, the


press, Parliament who will try to scupper Brexit or slow things down


and not make it work. The official line from Whitehall is that the


referendum must be respected. We are leaving. If you look at the Labour


Party, there are MPs like -- that feel they will vote against article


15. Norman Lamb wants a second referendum and hinting they will


slow things down in Parliament. Six months on, I am still speaking to


people who believe Brexit can be stopped. They believe it can be


stopped. I think it is a long shot but people are trying. We will be


talking a lot Brexit but will anything change? On one front, no.


The Brexit talks will have just begun and we will be for members of


the European Union. What I think will be far more different will be


uncertainty. Gavin was talking about that in my piece. Firms and


institutions, research is Egyptian plan five or ten years ahead and


students plan five or ten years ahead. What our future relationship


will be is something that will worried them and we will be talking


a lot about that. Which voter would you say symbolised Margaret


Thatcher's success in the 1980s? That will be Essex man. That is


right. That's right and Essex


man, or at least some It follows news that commercial


vehicles are being banned from parking on a new housing


estate in Colchester. The builder, Persimmon Homes, said


the rule was designed to protect The local MP said the ban


sounds like snobbery. The Luke Wood Meadows estate has


already made headlines. He was set by his 300,000 dream home until he


realised he wouldn't be able to park his works fan outside his house


because of a restrictive covenant that bars commercial vehicles. Not


far from the estate, builders were working on an extension and Matthew,


plumbing and heating engineer, said he thought the van ban was unfair.


It is ridiculous and discriminating against someone who goes to work and


works hard. Just because they use a van, it is outrageous. At the


florist, they use a van fit delivers and were not impressed. It labels


people with the type of jobs that they do. It is good enough to be an


office worker but not good enough to be a tradesman and park your vehicle


at your own property. Colchester's MP is a former property lawyer and


he wants an end to restrictive covenants that Bob commercial


vehicles. There were lots of hard working people that rely on vans,


use bands often. It is their only mode of transport and say they can


build a house but not able to live in one because they can't park there


than there is snobbery. Persimmon Homes,, they said...


At the estate, residents said they were happy with the band but not


all. People should be allowed to have whatever vehicle they wish. If


they purchased out -- purchased a house, they should have whatever


vehicle parked on the driveway. The only white van we spotted was


leaving. The writer from Cambridge who's won


a major award for his first novel. Francis Spufford


is best-known for his His latest work, Golden Hill,


is his first novel and it's won the Costa Book Award


for a debut novel. I'm delighted to say Francis


is in our Cambridge newsroom now. Good evening. Well, congratulations.


Thank you very much. Before we go into how you found out about this


award, what is the book about? It is about a suspicious in man with a


suspicious name of Smithfield intones opinion New York in winter


1746 when instead of being a gigantic world city, it is still


basically a village where everyone knows everyone. You are not used to


being a well published author. How did you make the transition? Was


there something you always had in your mind that you thought one day


you would put it to paper? Not this thing but I always thought I had an


appointment with fiction sometime in the future. Code is held me back for


years and years. It is only now in my 50s that I felt I wouldn't make a


total fool of myself if I did it. They say there is a good book in


most people. In 2007, you were nominated a Royal fellow of the


Royal Society of literature. Here you have done it and you have this


prestigious award. I suppose anybody watching, if you have an idea, do


it. Absolutely but this is where the writing teacher in me comes out. It


is extremely hard work getting from the golden glowing idea through to


the actual words on the page and it is a process of turmoil and


compromise and disappointment from time to time. It is worth


persisting. When did you find out you have the award? I have to reveal


the inner workings because they told me before Christmas and I have been


sitting on this news and biting my tongue for the last ten days.


Difficult to keep that information. Wouldn't it be great to have


revealed it before Christmas? I couldn't possibly comment. The think


you now is you have the debut novel and it has done well. If you get the


overall award, you now have the difficult second album of coming up


with another album. There is two in their jostling like two fat people


trying to get through a revolving door. It is about London over the


last 50 or 60 years starting with a bang. Congratulations again.


What do lions, giraffes, ringtailed lemurs and Madagascan


Well they were all part of the big annual


stock take today at the Africa Alive Zoo near Lowestoft.


In fact every zoo has to count all its animals


You can't miss a giraffe but at Africa Alive Zoo, they have to count


them all the same. You are going to steal it all? We have four. Not easy


to tell apart if you don't work with them every day. When you do, you can


easily see how different they lock. No surprises. Zoe locks the official


number and the giraffes are ticked off the list. We do it to make sure


our records are the same as what we have and we put it on a large


database and nine times out of ten, we have the same and it matches up.


The only times he might not as if we have a birth. They have 2000 animals


at the zoo and they are not big. These are Madagascan hissing


cockroaches. There is an angry one. What causes them to hiss? Little


holes in their body. They suck in air and blow it out. They live in


the same place as the ring tailed lemur and they like to eat them for


their dinner. These are the ring tailed lemurs. All males and keen to


get their hands on some snacks. The keepers thought there were nine and


there are nine. Most of the time, that is how it is. You do get to see


new births and it is an excuse to walk over. It is nice to see the new


arrivals because you don't always see them if you work in a different


part of the park. They will start to crunch the numbers and arrive at the


official total and they'll do it all again in the year's time.


The lemur's always steal the show. I have held a scorpion and a cockroach


but not at the same time. Good evening. It will be eight very


cold night night. This was a dramatic photograph that caught my


eye in Bedfordshire. We have had photographs of rainbow sent in by


some of you. This is where the showers have been falling. There


hasn't been a huge amount of them. This weather front brought us some


patchy rain and it set up this cold northerly wind. It has felt bitter


in that wind and that is what has brought in the showers. There is the


risk of further showers as we go through the evening but they should


fade away. The biggest risk is the frost. Whether the showers have


fallen, there could be some icy stretches. Elsewhere, dry across


those clear skies and temperatures falling to minus three Celsius. It


could get down low. Really cold start to Thursday. High establishing


itself and lots of fine weather expected tomorrow. It is a cold and


frosty start and we shouldn't have a problem fog overnight. Lots of dry


and bright Weatherford tomorrow. The risk of some showers the parts of


Norfolk and Suffolk. Across the board, lots of wintry sunshine but


turning cold into the afternoon. Temperatures for some of us, no


higher than four Celsius. As we get into the evening and overnight, we


are expecting some dense fog patches to form. That could linger through


much of the morning on Friday. This weather front is going to change


things to a milder regime for the weekend. It will bring some rain


although not expected until my four. The bulk of the day is dry. Some fog


patches lingering. A cold day expected. As we get into the


weekend, it looks as if it will be rather cloudy. Look at those


temperatures. That is all from us. Goodbye.


as he explores Naples, Venice and Florence.


It's like we're walking through a giant's armpit.


We can follow the escape route of Michelangelo.