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Hello and welcome to Look East with Stewart and me.


The headlines tonight, from Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk: The region's


biggest train operator sells 40% of the Greater Anglia franchise


We explain what it means for passengers.


This dog walker from Suffolk says she warned her local council


about the dangerous state of the cliffs, just two days


One of our heritage hotspots has got it licked.


And tonight's big TV match sees Ipswich Town trying again to get


It's been announced today that a Japanese investor has agreed


to take a 40% stake in the main rail service in this region.


The train operator Abellio says the partnership with Mitsui


will lead to "significant improvements" for passengers.


But the surprise announcement was criticised by unions


who said it made a "mockery" of the Government's


You may remember that Abellio won a nine-year franchise


to run the Anglia line into London Liverpool


Abellio is committed to an ambitious upgrade of the service,


including faster journey times and new carriages.


It's emerged tonight that the Government has


Let's get the full details now from our business


It was only last week that an Italian firm said it was buying


the c2c commuter franchise in Essex from National Express


This time a Japanese firm buying a big chunk


In the's a deal that comes at a critical time


It is only three months since the Dutch firm Abellio started


It was won on the back of a promise to transform services in Essex,


Suffolk and Norfolk through a ?1.4 billion investment.


A completely new fleet of trains will be introduced with the aim


of cutting average journey times by 10%.


Hundreds of carriages will be made in this yard in Derby.


The company Abellio is selling a stake to is Mitsui,


a Japanese conglomerate with interests in everything


Abellio won't say how much Mitsui is paying for it's 40% stake,


but this will be the first time a Japanese company


will be a shareholder in a British rain company.


It makes a mockery of the tendering process because tendering processes


are quite tough and they must satisfy safety grounds, customer


We have got this company who's coming out of the blue,


never been in the process and suddenly they are buying


Sports Direct getting involved in the train industry?


Japan's rail system is best known for it's 200 mile


Unfortunately for local commuters, there's no chance of any


Abellio says Mitsui was the best partner to help transform


Its promises include introducing regular 90-minute


services between Norwich and Liverpool Street,


all passengers will care about is whether such


So, Richard, why does Abellio want to sell such a big


Well, you need to remember that when Abellio first pitch for this


franchise it did so as part of the joint bid with another transport


company called Stagecoach. Stagecoach pulled out of the bed and


Abellio ploughed on on their own and won the franchise. It is now saying


that it was always it is intention and wish to be part of a


joint-venture. Basically you have got to bear in mind that when you


are running a major franchise like this over nine years, there are huge


risks and being part of a joint ventures breads those risks. --


spreads. Should we be concerned that this


company Mitsui was not part of the bidding process


considering it now owns 40% I think that is a fair point. Their


own mind, the Government was unaware of this Japanese interest before it


awarded the franchise, but bearing mind Abellio is still in charge. It


still owns 60% of the company and is still in charge of the operations of


the company. All terms and conditions of this new franchise


will have to be met otherwise the operators will be in hot water.


Mitsui is being vetted by the Department for Transport and the


Government act to put out a statement to light saying that it


would only approve this partial sale once both parties have satisfied us


that passengers will benefit from it. They were, basically checks are


being made to ensure that Mitsui is a fit and proper partner for


Abellio. A dog walker from Suffolk has told


Look East that she had contacted her local council


about the dangerous state of the cliffs at Thorpe Ness


two days before a man was killed. Maggie Scorer told Suffolk Coastal


Council about the dangers the day before the tidal surge


threatened to overwhelm I was just amazed


and horrified at the Maggie Scorer often walks her dog


Oscar along the speech. Maggie Scorer often walks her dog


Oscar along this beach. After noticing the clips


are being severely eroded, This was the day before Friday's


high tide, two days before I rang the council and reported my


concern and said that my point view unless something


was done, either putting a cordon to stop people going above and also


below, and certainly big signs to warn people about the dangers,


tragedy would happen. It is on Saturday that the cliff


collapsed, burying the man under tonnes


of clay and sand. Despite 40 people desperately trying


to dig him out, he was found Just three weeks ago,


there were 12 metres of clifftop between this


park bench and the sea. This cordon and signs have been


erected warning of the dangers, but there are still no


signs on the beach. The council says it


notified the landowner. I have spoken to the landowner


who didn't want to go on camera, he said he had spoken


to the family concerned. They are desperately


upset and he didn't want to add to their trauma, but he has


said that there were signs here before warning of the dangers


and he plans to put them back. I think it is important


to have signs on the beach now especially that the tides


are coming in higher than they used to because of the changes


in beach profile. People have been forced to walk


near the cliffs at higher tides. You just have to be careful


and he was unlucky, Maggie Scorer just wishes action


could have been taken to Tonight, he still hasn't


been officially named. His inquest is due


to be opened shortly. Police have released images


of the final two people who were in Bury St Edmunds


at the same time Corrie The airman from RAF Honington


disappeared after a night out Officers say these could be


potential witnesses. Essex has become the latest county


to announce an increase in council tax to help pay


for adult social care. Bills will be going up by 3%,


which will mean an extra ?35 pounds But many people in the care


industry believe it will be After the last minimum-wage


increase, it's really So that goes up, our utility bills


go up, our mortgage goes up, but yet Essex County


rates don't go up. Care home manager Ryan


telling it how it is. Essex County Council leader


David Finch has come to visit front-line care


workers in Colchester. Money is incredibly tight


in the care sector and there Where are residents expected to go


when care homes close? They can't possibly


live on their own. And carers coming in two or three


times a day is not the answer. The answer to is that is that


I don't have a short answer. My ask for both residents


and indeed care home providers is join us


that lobbying of Government to get Government to recognise it needs to


I said it earlier on, 22% of my population


The number of 85 year olds is doubling.


This is a disaster waiting to happen.


There is little Essex County Council can do to improve the look


There is a growing black hole for care that


councils like Essex are struggling to fill.


For this coming year, they are having to make ?106 million


And that is because central Government has been


As well as the financial pressure of a


And this year, more than ever people will turn 70.


The only thing Essex County Council can do is raise


The 3% rise in April will bring in ?17 million, but that


will only cover this year's wage increases for care workers.


Money is not the answer to everything.


We will continue to work with our suppliers,


If a care home goes bust, that does not suit us at all.


We will continue to work with how we innovate.


The crisis in care was never going to be


solved with this budget and Conservative administration says it


next month with their majority at full council.


Armed police are still in the village of Crowfield


near Ipswich investigating concerns about the welfare of a man


They were called last night and are trying to talk to the man.


They say there are no other people involved.


The police helicopter has also been in the area.


Stone Street is currently sealed off at the junction with Ipswich Road,


In football, some transfer news tonight.


The Norwich City defender Martin Olsson is going to Swansea


The clubs have agreed a fee of around ?4 million.


People living in Essex were urged today to have their say over


The section which links Braintree to the A12 is seen as an important


Today, a public consultation period was launched into five possible


Another busy day on the A120. Although described by one leader bys


resembling nothing more than a country lane, it is one of the main


arteries in the east. It links stance of airport to the docks in


Felixstowe. As well as being one of the most important roads, it is also


one of the most congested. It is suffered severe underinvestment for


years. A lot of it is still single carriageway. It is a very important


day because it is what we're calling a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Now people are being asked to their views for plans to build a better


road. From Braintree up until Marks Tay, a dual carriageway can take one


of these five possible routes. Our key is it that this road is


upgraded? Absolutely key. In addition to seeking genuine


consultation about the route that it should take, what we are also asking


is for the communities back the idea of the principal venue link between


Braintree and the eight well. It is vital to the trunk network system


that serves Essex and the surrounding communities. More


businesses will go up. It will be attracted to create jobs and people


to live here. Existing road is costing businesses money. You can


have orders that are delayed, people missing or being held up for


appointments, it is not just the time that is lost, it is the costs.


It is hoped the Government will find the money the next five years or so.


Not everyone will support the plan or the routes proposed. It


inevitably will mean a lot of countryside. -- a loss of


countryside. You're watching Look East


with Stewart and me. Stay with us for the story behind


the Royal Mail's new stamps. We're looking ahead to Lincoln


against Ipswich in the FA Cup. And how a satellite from this region


will be helping to improve Time is running out for people


who want to have their say over plans for a new nuclear power


station in Suffolk. French energy giant EDF wants


to build a new type of reactor Sizewell C would be the biggest


civil engineering project ever It would take up


to ten years to build The second round of


public consultation ends Our environment reporter


Richard Daniel has been looking A world-renowned nature reserve that


sits cheek by jowl to Sizewell. The project of the massive construction


site nearby is causing concern. From that, potential


to disturbed birds in the non-breeding season,


in the winter, but also in their breeding territories


if there is too much noise, impact on the water levels,


that could potentially affect their EDF say they are carrying out


surveys, but will not release detailed information until the final


stages. The building was a huge project, but with its twin reactors,


the building of Sizewell C would be on a completely different scale.


This is the existing site. It was objectively double its size. Added


to that, construction elements. There is an accommodation campus for


2400 workers. This is where part of the campus accommodation as EDF is


proposing is likely to be. Our position all along has been in order


for the region to benefit truly and for the local community's impact to


be reduced, it would be much more effective to split the campus


accommodation into more urban settings. Right next to the site


lies side well marshes. It is described as irreplaceable. A lot of


it would be loss of the road was built. A lot of that is of a


significant concern. We would also begin certain about the wider


platform build. The rating ground water through the more. We have our


moral and ethical right to minimise disruption and we accept there will


be disruption. There is a lot of benefits to be brought by this


project images up to us to get the balance in terms of minimising it


but also getting the benefits. Conservationists say that at this


stage they don't have sufficient information to get an understanding


of what the impact will be. It is clear now that there is plenty at


stake. A flint mine in Norfolk which dates


back 5,000 years is being featured in a new set of postage stamps


from the Royal Mail. In its heyday, Grime's Graves


was of national significance. The prehistoric site


near Thetford has been preserved It's one of several images


of Ancient Britain to be It looks like a lunar landscape,


the grass covered craters are what remain of more than 350 mineshafts


excavated between 3000 and 2000 BC. Miners used antlers


for picks in the hunt Miners used antlers for picks


in the hunt for rich seams of flint The miners at Grimes Graves


at this historic site now Despite the name, there


are no bodies buried here. This is the only Neolithic


flint mine in Britain that opens to visitors and for school


parties, it's the perfect history At Glade Primary in


Knappers Way Brandon, and their teacher who took


a school trip to the site. They visit filmed by


English Heritage including a I had lots of people


who were there and my friends were encouraging me to go


down there and not be scared, but I Once you go down, you see


all these kind of flint rocks When I go down there,


it was like my room They thought that Flint was really


special and they could make weapons The ancient house


Museum in Thetford has original artefacts from Grimes


Graves including this large slab of dark, glossy Flint


and this replica acts. It's beautiful natural science


as well as being of very great And you can go down the shafts,


the mineshafts, following in the footsteps of the Neolithic miners


and you can get a real sense of what A very atmospheric,


evocative and wonderful site. Grime's Graves comes


out of the shadows tonight is one of eight ancient


Britain's stamps available from Amazing pictures and the kids were


so enthusiastic. Next, how our region is helping


to improve the accuracy Yes, a satellite made in Stevenage


will be the first to measure wind The Aeolus satellite


is about to head for France for testing before being


launched into orbit. In Greek mythology, Aeolus


was the keeper of the winds. Now, it's the world's


first ever satellite designed to study the Earth's wind


patterns from space. It's going to collect more data


in one week than we have It's been built in a clean room


at Airbus to keep its glaze is It shines it through the atmosphere


and a telescope picked up the reflections of that


signal from the dust particles and the aerosols


in From this, we concede


the wind speed throughout At the minute we don't measure


of the wind in this way, we just use weather balloons that pop up


in individual points and radio songs There are huge parts


of the planet where we actually This will make it


much more accurate. It means that there


will be actual data rather than estimated data and that


should feed into more accurate Aeolus works by firing


a laser into the atmosphere It's reflected back


by molecules and clouds, that at a subtly different frequency


in what is called the It is the difference between these


two signals that gives This satellite which weighs


about the same as a Mini is going to be travelling


around the Earth at 27,000 When in its three-year


life span it will orbit There is all sorts of


fundamental building blocks to making a weather forecast,


but none really more important than But the wind is a really


complicated thing. It varies very dramatically


as you go up through What we can do with the satellite


is just get a much broader image and we needed know


what the winds are doing right now to be able to predict


the weather in the future. The data that Aeolus sends


back could lead to a breakthrough in our understanding


of the Earth's climate. The big football match


on the TV tonight is the FA Cup Third Round replay


between Lincoln City It's on Match of the Day


at eight o'clock. The studio line-up tonight includes


Ipswich legend Terry Butcher. How I do Terry? This could be a


banana skin, couldn't it? It could well be. Mick McCarthy's team have


not won two games in succession this season they would have to win to


play Brighton in the next round of the cup. As was in the first game,


Lincoln are a very good side frame National League team. A good number


of Ipswich Town fancier. They are buoyant, they have not lost at home,


they are a really good run. How important is to knight in far as


Mick McCarthy is concerned? Ipswich has gone out in the third round of


the cup over the last seven years, so it would be no shock if they do


go out, but it would be an absolute shocker they do go out to National


League opposition. The budget is around half a million mark whereas


Ipswich is considerably higher. They have got ambitions themselves. When


you look at the weight of the teams have played, there was no difference


between the sides. Lincoln was the better team. I expect them to come


out fighting because they know and a lot of the players know that Mick


McCarthy and their job is might be on the line if they go out. With a


very different state of affairs when you were there and things were going


so well. Yes, is so long ago. Remember playing against Bradford


and we drew a home to them and they were in the bottom division then we


went up to another team and we had to battle hard to win the replay. It


was a will have two battle very hard to win the replay today. If Tom


Lawrence can get on the ball, do against Lincoln and two against the


other team, then it will be very tough. A very old-fashioned cup ties


just like the old days. Does it matter to the club whether they stay


in the cup? Should they beat concentrating on the league? Any win


is a great win for Ipswich Town's point of view. The win against


Blackburn was great for three points. A win tonight will take them


through. A win is a win and when you are Ipswich's position, any kind of


win is a moral boost and a huge boost to the club. They will be


looking to just make progress and win a football match. It all breeds


confidence. Ipswich has some really hard matches coming up, but we every


team in the top nine. If they get through this, they have to play


Brighton as well who are playing very well. This is going to be as


tough as a championship match, if not tougher. What will be the final


school? I think you will go to extra time. So, it could be 1-1, it could


be won - whatever. I've got my fingers crossed for Ipswich.


Brilliant. Amazing how a bit of January start


to Lee Mack Sunshine lift the spirits. Here are some is on the


water. A reflection of sunshine and blue sky. Plenty of sunshine in


Frinton on Sea. If this does not help you feel a bit better,


hopefully this little chap wealth soaking up the winter sunshine. This


was the Norfolk coast. What a fantastic photograph. Today we have


had high pressure. That has kept is largely fine. This weather front has


been away to the north-west. The closer you word that front, the more


cloud you saw. Over the last few hours, this cloud has cleared away


for a time being. Under these clear skies, we've already got loads of


minus 12 minus two. Overnight tonight, a fairly widespread frost.


-- minus one or minus two. Thicker cloud coming down from the west. A


big question mark about how quickly this cloud will spread in. It may


produce a bit of drizzle, but most will be staying dry. Once the cloud


arrives, we will see the temperature is rising again. By the end of the


night, we could be a degree or so above freezing again. We will hold


onto light winds. Tomorrow, high pressure in charge. That front sits


to the north of us. The Linux sits west to east. It doesn't look like


that will generate more cloud and push it down further south. For many


of us, it will be a cloudy day compared to today. It will thin and


break at times. This out these in corner, we are expecting the best of


the brightness. Temperatures at best, well, I think about three and


five Celsius. We will hold onto light winds. The largely dry


conditions will continue into tomorrow evening. Thicker cloud will


produce a bit of patchy rain and drizzle here and there. That is


Wednesday. Some of this seeing more sunshine than others, but generally


more cloud around. Thursday and Friday, question marks over how much


cloud will be there. Pressure keeping it largely fine and dry.


Both days will be largely cloudy. Best chance of any sunshine in the


south. Debra disclosed to average. We may lose the frost overnight. We


may see the return of frost on Saturday night for some of us under


clear skies. Thank you very much. That is all from us. Having evening.


Goodbye. That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability... The Constitution


of the United States...


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