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Hello and welcome to Look East. so it's goodbye from me,


In the programme tonight: What Brexit means for companies


Employers from this region have been telling Mps of their concerns.


The flexibility of having no restrictions on employing people to


pick up crops has meant that we have grown 500% since then.


admits to failings over the death of Dean Saunders in a prison health


All aboard the East Suffolk line: the MP calling for more investment


on one of the prettiest railways in the region.


And after non-league Lincoln City dump Ipswich Town


Town legend Terry Butcher is scathing.


They should be having an autopsy on the way they played over the two


games, simply I am embarrassed. Pick out the carcass and pick something


from the carcass, that was an utter disgrace.


First tonight, some of the region's big employers go to Westminster


to ask for guarantees on migrant labour after Brexit.


They say many businesses will struggle to survive


if foreign workers aren't allowed to come here.


the number of applications from mainland Europe


The details from our political correspondent


Whether it is harvesting crops, picking fruit or working in her care


homes, the region has always been reliant on overseas workers, which


is why many employers are worried. Today in Parliament, some of them


laid out the case. The director of the company from Caley which employs


to have thousands seasonal workers across the fence. We absolutely will


not be able to operate without access to the European Union. The


owner of a chain of fruit farms in Suffolk. Having no restrictions on


employing people to pick our crops meant that we have grown 500%. The


boss of the Cambridge care from. Many employees come from the Eastern


European markets, and we will struggle in terms of recruitment.


The message, the future supply of migrant labour is at risk because of


Brexit. The free movement is replaced by these as our complicated


paperwork it will put up costs and could discourage staff. Already


there are signs that your workers no longer want to work here,


applications to work for these as half this year. They do not feel


welcome, most of these people are set up homes here, some of them send


money back, but generally speaking they are worried about the future of


their families and if there are opportunities to go elsewhere where


they have more security and are more welcoming than the other looking at


that. There will still be people coming to the United Kingdom from


the EU when we leave. The Prime Minister spoke again today about the


importance of migrant labour post Brexit. She also wants to guarantee


the rights of EU migrants already living here. But these are all


things Apple needs to negotiated. For now there is uncertainty in the


message from the region's employers was pleased and that uncertainty as


soon as possible. We are going to have to be patient,


it could take at least a couple of years to find out what will happen.


The government see we know we need migrant labour in the fields and in


care homes and people make sure we get them after Brexit and make it as


easy as possible for them to come but remember, this is a negotiation


we are about to go into. The negotiation with 27 other countries


and the EU commission. We don't how easy it will be to negotiate this or


what they will ask for in return. Any country that has anything to do


with EU will have to be patient and learn to cope with uncertainty.


Why don't these companies use more UK workers?


That is something the MPs asked today. One is the wages are very


low, and the other reason is that in an area like ours which has very low


unemployment it is very hard finding English people actually want to work


in the care sector or farming sector. The box group say they got


through tough on people just to find 50 fruit pickers.


The governor at Chelmsford Prison and the boss of the company


which runs its health care have been giving evidence at the inquest


Dean Saunders died after managers decided to take him off a constant


watch regime and decided to check on him every half an hour instead.


Even after Dean Saunders had ended with his brother and father with a


knife during a paranoid episode at his parents house in Basildon his


family are still adamant that he should have been sent not to a


prison but to a secure mental health unit and that view was held by a


number of witnesses at the inquest. They ate of the inquest, Dean


Saunders's pennants and his partner Clare have had to sit through


disturbing evidence. The 22-year-old died in January last year after


allegedly himself with in -- with an television card in his cell. Within


days of arriving he was taken off suicide watch. Health care in the


prison is operated by health care UK, and the inquest held that none


of the team who made the decision to take Dean Ofwat was medically


qualified. Kerry gave's senior manager had taken part. Today the


Company's medical director said this was unacceptable, it was a potential


conflict of interest. Care UK she said as since in the procedures and


now a clinician must be part of the team. A clinical review into Dean


Saunders's death has outlined a lack of leadership supervision and


support and in her opinion as a former prison GP Doctor Bromley said


she felt Dean should not have been in prison, he was clearly unwell and


it was not the right place to be. The jury had previously heard from


two prison officers and a nurse of concerns that prisoners were taken


off constant watch because it was cheaper. Earlier a frantic


psychiatrist who assessed the now four days before he died stored the


inquest he was in a place of safety but noted that without treatment his


mental state was likely to deteriorate. Dean had not been able


to call his family while on remand, Stephen Rodwell who became governor


149 after his death said that was a failure. He said the prison had a


duty of care to ensure prisoners could speak to their families. The


review into Dean Saunders's death said it was both predictable and


preventable, and nobody tells a prison and care UK say they are


making changes but one year on a number of those recommendations have


yet to be carried out. One of the biggest hospitals


in the region has come out The Care Quality Commission says


significant improvements have been made at Addenbrooke's Hospital


in Cambridge thanks to In 18 months it has has moved


'from inadequate' to 'good". 18 months ago, the diagnosis of


Addenbrooke's Hospital. Delays in outpatient treatments meant patients


were being put at risk, losses it was said have lost their grip on the


basics. 18 months on and inspectors have praised new managers, staffing


levels have risen, waiting times for outpatients have dropped and the


care provided is outstanding. The large bulk of recommendations from


the sea QC which were all very fair related to think that we needed to


crack on and straightaway so for example the higher than acceptable


levels of nitrous oxide in maternity graphics immediately. There were a


smallish -- smaller number of actions that were longer templating


to the culture of the organisation. Addenbrooke's was and remains one of


the world's most renowned hospitals so when it fell from grace in 2015


it took everyone by surprise. Not least the 900,000 patients it sees


every year. Huge improvements have been made, but its Achilles heel


remains its chronic shortage of beds and how it responds to rising


patient numbers. There is only so much the hospital can do, if it can


identify where the blockages are unsure it is taking action to get


patients discharged safely is possible when there was nothing more


the hospital can do, they cannot control the number of patients


arriving in the emergency department. Patients like Keith who


depend on available beds. It has been one month since he was admitted


with an aortic aneurysm. You don't expect a 4-star hotel, everything


has been more than satisfactory. But I would not be year without the NHS.


Would not be here -- I would not be here without the NHS. There is still


work to be done to ensure people like he's enjoying a good level of


care. Bosses need to cut waiting times and improve children's


services, something they need to do to avoid losing your good rating.


You're watching Look East from the BBC.


Coming up, Chris will be here with the weather.


And a million miles from the main line.


Mike Liggins explores one of the backwaters


Ipswich has today been named as one of the government's


The Education Secretary, Justine Greening, announced


the extension of a programme targeting areas where its felt


young people are failing to reach their potential.


was one of the first six areas to be announced.


Now Ipswich has been added to the list,


which also includes Fenland and East Cambridgeshire.


is designed to improve social mobility.


Two months ago, this high school was celebrating a rising Ofstead rating


the drug -- from requires improvement too good. The government


says that every school is improving. It is giving ?6 million to schools


in Ipswich to raise aspirations in academic performance. It is one of


six new opportunity areas including the fans and the imager. There are a


significant areas which are do you like the opportunities that other


communities can provide and this is a great chance for our students and


origins of Ipswich to get the leg up they need to get that equity and the


chance to do things that other children get to do. Each opportunity


area will have a research school to share the latest ideas and best


practice. Money will be spent on creating apprenticeships, developing


links with universities and colleges, as well as building


relationships with employers. Last October the Education Secretary


Justin Greening was in Norwich after naming the city among the first


round of opportunity areas. She spoke to look is that the time. It


is vital that we leave no stone unturned to find out what it will


take to be able to have their name in -- aiming high and going along


way in their lives be teaching union said...


The project aims to improve social mobility inside and outside the


classroom. Giving children in Suffolk opportunities they may never


have had before. Unemployment in the UK


has continued to fall - Figures out today show the East


was one of only two English regions to see a rise in the number


of people out of work Over to our business correspondent


Richard Bond, Richard. Susie until recently the region's


jobs market appeared As the graph shows the unemployment


total went into a steady decline after reaching 213,000


five years ago. But having touched 112,000


in the spring of last year Today's figures showed it


at 145,000, a jump of 22,000 A question I put to the woman


in charge of job centres across Cambridgeshire,


Suffolk and Norfolk. We have certainly seen no increases


in large job losses across East Anglia so it is a bit of a mystery


that one of the influences might be that universal credit is being


rolled out in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, it is part of a national


pilot and this is where our customers, our job-seekers, would


remain with us while they are employed so that we are helping them


get long-term sustainable planet or perhaps a pay increase that makes


them independent and free of benefits but those customers would


certainly be included in the unemployed figure that you are


pointing to. The other one figures compiled by the Office for National


Statistics, which pointed another likely influence on the numbers.


Over the last few years we have seen the state pension age increased from


60 to 65 and eventually 66 and this has the effect of people staying in


the labour market longer and has an effect on the number of women


looking for work when they are older, which increases the number of


unemployed. The government say we should not be too much into recent


figures, it will become clear in the next few months about whether recent


prices are sustainable. Later in the programme, they can


make in big trouble. But first this week we've been


taking a close look at plans by EDF to build a new nuclear power station


on the Suffolk coast at Sizewell. Yesterday we reported


on the environmental impact. there would be a contractors


compounds over here and accommodation for 2,400


workers just over here. But what does all


that mean for roads In a moment Mike Liggins on a call


for investment on the railway line. But first our environment


reporter Richard Daniel on the transport challenges


for the area around Sizewell. Middleton Moor on a winter's


morning, an idyllic scene It sits on the B1122,


the main route for Sizewell traffic. EDF estimates nearly 5000 vehicles


pass by here each day, the construction of Sizewell C


could had another 2000. Plans to improve the road's junction


at Yoxford and introduce new speed EDF are talking about putting 1500


trucks per day down this road, that is 100 an hour down


a little country road. Now to give you a sense of scale,


there are sections of motorway in this country that don't take that


number of HGVs. EDF points to the Hinkley C project


in Somerset where contract worth ?460 million have


already been placed. It says Sizewell C would bring


similar economic benefits. But that could also mean an extra


1300 vehicles per day passing This hazardous corner in Farnham may


have to be widened or Farnham and neighbouring Strafford St Andrew


could be bypassed. His caravan business


relies on passing trade. Massive implications,


I don't think we really know what those implications are until it


actually happens but it is a little bit late then,


we are as seasonal business, that relies on passing traffic,


we've been here since the 60s and we would like to see it


continue like that. EDF is proposing to park and ride


sites at Wickham Market and Darsham. And up to five freight train Friday,


possibly on a new track built That would mean upgrades


to the east Suffolk line One users group is lobbying


for a second Railtrack to be being stated between


Saxe Munden and Woodbridge. We do want to see a better


infrastructure on and if EDF are willing to pay part of the cost


of improving the infrastructure then EDF say Sizewell C would bring


significant benefits to the local economy but campaigners say not


at any price. The battle lines are


already being drawn. And just a word on our


Sizewell coverage tomorrow. We're looking at


the social pressures And we'll be talking


to Jim Crawford, Meanwhile plans to invest more money


on the East Suffolk line were discussed at Westminster today


in a debate called by The line runs from Lowestoft


to Ipswich and also includes towns like Halesworth,


Woodbridge and Felixstowe. So, who uses it and does


it deserve more money? We put Mike Liggins


on the train at Lowestoft. The 907 from Lowestoft to switch


calling at stations in between. The east Suffolk line is successful


and people who use it love it. Today there were locals on the way


to work, tourists out for the day Since the line increased


to an hourly service we have seen passenger numbers,


passenger journeys It works really well for me


and I use it once a week, I particularly like the service


from the conductors. I have been travelling on it for 50


years I suppose, all my life, I have come to love it and it offers


a tremendous contrast the scenery and landscape,


it is a friendly little line. So passenger numbers are good


but some say the line As our journey continues


through the calls, Here, Jeffrey Reid runs the Emporium


and says more investment In a way this line has been


left a little bit remote and not invested in,


and yet the area itself is lovely, you can get off at Darsham and go


to Dunnidge and Warmswick the tourist industry would benefit


enormously by having investment in the line,


I think. There are 12 stations


on this part of the line, most are unmanned and some


like Saxe Munden have Today at MP Peter Aldous told


the Commons there should be improvements at Lowestoft Station,


to the line near Sizewell This was a line that was actually


docked Beeching, it did initially consign it for the graveyard


but great rearguard action, local rearguard action


was mounted and it was saved, and with the right investment it can


play a significant role as I said Train operator Greater Anglia said


the company is doing its bit and the new franchise agreement


will bring significant improvements. We're going to have brand-new three


or four carriage trains, complete with plug sockets,


Wi-Fi and air conditioning, we are also getting for direct


services between Lowestoft and London, two in each


direction, each day. As we end our journey in Ipswich


we have just one question, with all that is planned


on the mainline, could the east April we spoke to today say this


is a good line but many claim it Ipswich Town were prime time viewing


on BBC One last night but it wasn't a comfortable


watch for fans, a third round replay at Lincoln City


should have been easy, It all piles the pressure


on the manager Mick McCarthy. He's been under


pressure for a while. And in the aftermath last night


he was typically blunt, Lincoln city have beaten 1859 places


above them in England's football league. The glory of the FA Cup for


Lincoln city after humiliation for Ipswich town and the manner of the


defeat as brutal and clinical as it gets. Lincoln city are through! In


the dying seconds! Worker Mick McCarthy's face. He has been


vilified before but this was a whole new ball game live on national


television. Ipswich legend Terry Butcher skating. Ipswich should have


an autopsy on how the played over the two games. Incentives. I am


embarrassed. Pick out the carcass, pick something from the carcass,


because that was a disgrace from Ipswich. FA Cup ties are like that,


that is why you guys are there. You want to see these upsets and you got


one tonight. It is great for TV but not from you my team and club. This


morning fans were quick to vent their anger on BBC radio Suffolk.


Embarrassment doesn't even cover it. I have been with Ipswich town since


I was nine but won't be renewing my season ticket. I thought he was


doing his best with the squad available to him but the line-up


last night was embarrassing. I could be sacked in the morning but whether


that is the case or not I can say. Are you determined to fight on? Of


course. I don't like serving up the benefit of the fans. That is through


my four years plus that has not been the case here. But it is at the


moment. We'll see what happens. The Ipswich managing director said no


one took any pleasure from the performance but urged fans to get by


McCarthy and the team. How they respond this weekend seems -- will


be crucial. Let's get the weather.


I dry day across the region, high and control from the East and it


will be with us for the next few days. This weather front is across


Central part of Britain and it has brought a lot of cloud particularly


to north-western parts of the region and the further south you are the


best of the sunshine today. Underneath that sunshine we did see


the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. This was sent in this morning. An


aeroplane could have gone through this cloud, form some ice on that


would have heard -- helped produce a fall in the cloud. But an


interesting picture. But this evening and tonight clear


interesting picture. But this evening and tonight clear spells at


first as you go through the night and it will stay mainly clear across


Essex. That will allow temperatures to drop off to pretty chilly


conditions. Under the cloud it acts like a blanket for north-western


part of the region, trapping the key to keeping it above freezing but in


those clear skies further south and east we see loads of -5 around the


river area and Essex but you can see your baby to Brian Little bit of


drizzle and cloud as well. Three Celsius for a low tonight. Otherwise


a chilly day tomorrow, the best of the sunshine further south and east,


its these misty and murky across north-western part of the region and


ended model and temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees. That is


evoked a degree below average. It should stay mainly dry into the


evening. The clouds thinking further south and east as people through


Thursday and Friday saw mostly cloudy conditions early on on


Friday. That will mean temperatures less cool than they have been the


last few nights so we're looking at -1 or -2 in Essex and about four or


5 degrees with the midst across northern parts of the region,


particularly around the friends and part of Cambridge. I pressure with


us into Friday and the weekend, not a lot of change in the weather for


Friday itself. Still holding onto the mist and mark for another part


of the region, further south with brighter spells but it will be


mainly dry with wind all the while coming in from the east or


north-east and temperatures on Friday reaching six or 7 degrees.


The average this time of year is around 6 degrees. That is how we got


into the outlet, so just to recap, brighter spells in the south and


east with highs of around 6 degrees. I think we turn cloudy for Friday


into the first part of the weekend, is that weak weather front works its


way in the it will let's call in for Friday night but then the cloud


starts to pick up litter on Saturday into Sunday with sunny spells and


clear skies back into -4 and -6. That is chilly. Thank you.


Miserable Pete from Newmarket! I wonder what he calls themselves


that! Hello. I hope you're well.


I really do.


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