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Baulk website it's coming from, everything that we can to be able to


assist the police in their investigation.


The pilot scheme did give them out of hospital.


The footballer who lost both legs after being hit by a car.


Break and I am getting a lesson in chess, 12-year-old who is tipped as


being a future grandmaster. The mother of the missing


airman Corrie Mckeague Has told Look East


that press coverage of his membership of


adult dating websites is not helpful to the inquiry


and is distressing to his girlfriend There has been speculation


about Corrie Mckeague's private life since he went missing on a night out


in Bury St Edmunds in September. Today his mother said reports


of his membership to adult sites was not a revelation,


in fact she and the police have known about it all along and it's


been part of the inquiry We'll hear from her in a moment,


but first this from Alex Dunlop. Look at moments not at home to note


is that Corrie Mckeague is popular and outgoing. His mother has been on


the front line handing out leaflets and helping the physical search.


From the outset, she has acknowledged that he had been using


popular dating websites like this one. Sometimes lies have reported...


She says that it has never been a secret and was known to his family


long before he went missing. Suffolk police say they have been aware of


it. This is part of their investigation. The they have told


Luke Cammack needs to that is good to be a father. A profile that is


good to be a father. A provider achieves good to be a mother. His


brothers took to social media to the rate latest reports are a


distraction. Anything that has not been said doesn't need to be said.


Things to do with his personal life or not help the investigation or


anything... All these things. She was last seen in the early hours of


the 24th of September. He was enjoying an evening out with


friends. Those who met him that night told me he was very engaging.


Baulk he was coming up to tables and saying hello. He was nice. Meanwhile


private investigators say they are still unanswered questions not least


about an area known lately as the Or shoot where he was last seen on


CCTV. He didn't magic himself out of there. Any vehicle that left their


there should be more work done on that to discount it. The mystery


surrounding this young M and's disappearance has heightened public


interest in his private life. His mother is adamant that the focus


must turn to the search for him and hopefully his safe return.


My boys talk to me and the centimes tell much. In this instance, I am


acting so glad that we do have that open relationship that they are able


to talk to me because nothing has come as a surprise. We have been


able to really help the police from the very beginning. You can access


his accounts on those websites because you have access to his


passwords. Has that led you to come up with any theories as to whether


there was any involvement in his disappearance? Response I get to


that is the police response. The social media sites are still a line


of enquiry, and the police don't want any more said about it just


now, so I am not good to say anything about anything that is on


there. I do have access to it and the police are aware of that. But


not before the police had finished monitoring his phone. You can see


that some people listening to this might think that those kind of sites


might have made him more vulnerable. That was why we didn't close them


down. As soon as we found out that he was missing, just like the


police, the first thought is, has he just try to walk home? Has something


happened to him? The absolute immediate thought after that is


could any of these sites had anything to do with this? Could he


have an arranged to meet someone and it has not been who he thought? Azmi


said, he would put himself in vulnerable situations because he


believed that he could handle this kind of thing. The effect that press


has an ice doesn't... I feel so bad for April, she is a young woman who


is pregnant, is not something she should be having to go through. How


is she coping? She has been very upset about it. Half absolute main


focus is try to find Corrie. Every time I mention her name or someone


else mentioned her name, it crashes her. People are talking about her


instead of Corrie. Your resilience has always been astounding, but now


your family and Corrie's lifestyle is coming under this kind of


scrutiny. How does that make you feel? As a police officer, I'm OK


with it coming under scrutiny. Itchy be looked at. As a family, our


resilience at being able to cope with it, it is difficult. Corrie's


personal life, it's April's bacilli. It is not been kept a secret. It is


part of the investigation and hopefully it can be ruled out and we


can move on to wear Corrie is and try to find him.


The jury at an inquest into the death of a prisoner


has retired to consider its conclusion.


Dean Saunders was jailed after he attacked members


Weeks later he was found dead in his cell.


Gareth George is outside the inquest in Chelmsford now.


At the outset of this hearing in January, the senior coroner told the


jury that they would be looking into whether the state authority did I


did not do everything they could to prevent Dean Saunders's death. It


has been a harrowing hearing. 28 witnesses. The coroner spent much of


the afternoon serving up the jury retired just after four o'clock.


Dean Sanders parents have been here every day of the hearing. Mark


Saunders told the jury that he believed his son had been let down.


Even Saunders died in the prison on January 16. Yet electrocuted himself


using wires from a GP in his cell. He was in prison after stabbing his


father in a paranoid episode. Signs he was acutely mentally ill went


acted upon. His parents say he should have been in hospital. They


have criticised the decision to take him off constant watch and to check


on him only every half hour. A private company has the contract to


run health care at the prison. Among 20 witnesses, the health care


manager told the jury she was part of the team that decided to take


Dean of suicide watch. None of the team is medically qualified. Dean


Saunders's partner, clear, has told the hearing how a nurse at the


prison had assured her that Dean was safe. And it has been very difficult


for Dean Saunders's family to sit and listen to the evidence they have


heard of the course of these last few days. The jury has been giving a


list of 24 questions to consider and they include if the decision to


deeply because the observation of Dean Saunders and based on financial


considerations? Another question is, why is there a fairly to transfer


Dean Saunders to a mental hospital urgently? They will resume


deliberations tomorrow. The region's Ambulance Service says


people in Norfolk who fall will no longer automatically be


taken to hospital. In a pilot scheme running


until March, medical teams in specialist vehicles will asist


people at the scene. With the NHS under


increasing pressure, health bosses say this is one way


they can relieve the strain - Gaby lovely shift. And


occupational therapists, on-board the early intervention vehicle. The


asset to non-urgent calls for people who have had false. 87-year-old less


how it is in... He's been looked after neighbours at the failover


chopping a log in the garden, injuring his head and arm. It is not


the first time he has called for help. It started off falling off a


bike, then a ladder, then the steps. E.g. Work in tandem. Matt says he is


his medical needs and Helen establishes how well he is coping.


They want him back to his house and referrals are instantly made to


community nurses, a process that would have taken longer in A How


many falls in the last year? Be carried out an ECG and pulse checks


and breathing. My colleague has assessed his walking and mobility. I


can link directly packaging to be the nursing and therapy, social


services, depending on what I find I can call directly to other services.


Less's case is typical of the calls received each month. By sending out


an early intervention vehicle, ADCs pressure on A This afternoon the


team are out again, this time the Met field, and other 87-year-old man


has fallen over and hit his head. Next thing I knew I was backwards


and hit up here. The team begin the assessment process all over again.


The early intervention falls team has only been on the road for a


week. Two vehicles will soon be in operation, aiming to relieve the


pressure is on her struggling health system across the board.


Still to come tonight, the weekend weather. The footballer who lost


both legs after being hit by a car. Now he is taking on a two-day


cycling challenge. And I am getting a lesson from a 12-year-old who has


been tipped at being a future grandmaster at yes. -- chess.


This week we've been looking at the impact of building


a new nuclear power station at Sizewell on the Suffolk coast.


Of course for many local companies, it offers a huge opportunity.


More than 1,000 have already put their names forward


hoping to win contracts which could be worth hundreds


But there could also be huge pressure on services


This from our environment reporter Richard Daniel.


The late 1980s. Construction on Sizewell B is underway. The end Flex


of thousands of workers brought money, jobs and problems too. There


was heavy drinking, prostitution and drugs. This resident says ever


social problems. We don't have enough pleasing. We weren't ready


for the displacement, they were so many people standing at the tills


with bottles of whiskey. People felt the town didn't belong to them any


more. The Mac around 5500 people live around here. At the peak of


destruction they would be more at Sizewell. About half of those would


be living in or near the town. EDF all with happy a code of conduct.


They will be testing and a hotline for complaints. Already in the plans


are having an effect. This the agent has seen increased interest in


property investors. At the moment Sizewell does provide the town and


businesses with a lot of work and we do many short and long-term lets. We


are gearing up for the future. There would be a lot more business coming


to town and everybody will benefit. The town council says Sizewell C


could be a huge economic opportunity for late stone. At the moment it is


not supporting it. It says there is insufficient information about the


impact on GP services, schools, policing and the annual in-service


and transport and the environment. Reed and there is a lot more detail


that needs to come to the council and we would hope to work with EDF


before we get to the next age. At a recent meeting, local companies were


offered to sign up. 1000 already have. EDF has already placed


contracts worth... If Sizewell C was built, plenty of opportunities could


lie ahead. But there are still many misgivings.


Late this afternoon I asked him if he was concerned about that


many of the smaller local roads would be unable to cope with a big


We can listen to how huge the impact is going to be.


We can do some studies on the impact in terms of


That will help us get a better idea of


how we can decide that traffic flow and what we can do in the local area


You don't deny that it will make life


miserable for some people who live near those roads over the next few


I think the key thing is that we listen to their concerns, we do


our very best to mitigate the impact.


No doubt there will be some impact but it is up to us to make


The other concern is the volume of people


coming to work there will


There will be a number of people who will come to


the site, there is a number of job opportunities.


We have a very comprehensive accommodation strategy


taking into account local available needs, the needs


We have got proposals for accommodation strategy which are


designed to provide accommodation for workers and minimise traffic


by locating it close to


If you have an accommodation unit for 2500 people,


and those people go out on a Saturday evening,


even only 20% of them, that is going to make life


Part of the accommodation strategy is to make the accommodation


There will be restaurants, sports facilities.


A number of the workers will probably go home


We understand that having a lot of people locally has


offered some business opportunities for the local entertainment


If they are going to use the restaurants and pubs,


If they go to go home, they are not going to use


We are offering a facility where people


have a choice to make, but some of them will go out,


and we have a code of conduct with our contractor who


We don't want them indulging in anti-social behaviour, and we will


We will enforce a drug and alcohol policy.


Drunkenness is anti-social behaviour, is it?


And people who did that would lose their job?


It depends who they are and where it happened.


How many times would I have to get falling down drunk


before you thought that was too many times?


I don't know, I haven't thought that through.


We have a policy on drugs and alcohol,


They may be subject to random checks.


We can see if there is a pattern of behaviour


and we will offer people counselling, assistance, and if that


behaviour doesn't improve then we will have to take


The pressure continues to build on the managers of Ipswich


Ipswich boss Mick McCarthy had the chance to take his mind


off football to focus on the club's fund-raising.


Over the last three years, Ipswich have raised over


a quarter of million pounds by taking on cycling


they launched their tour of Suffolk charity ride.


Wait like it has been a stressful week.


Not out of the Cup, his position under scrutiny, but today


Mick McCarthy was at the heart of the launch of the tour of Suffolk


I think it was 90 miles in the summer for the hospital.


That was one Saturday morning before I went


to a wedding, so I am more than capable of doing it.Former


take part, using a specially designed hand bike.


He lost both his legs in a hit and run crash six


He has now been fitted with processing legs.


He will take on the challenge using just his


I want to get out there and be doing normal things, doing bike


rides, going to the Newmarket races, going to watch football, going to


Yes, I got hit by a car, but I need to build on that and I


It is going to be tough but he is very determined.


The fact that she is here now, walking


around, when the last time we saw him...


He has got guts and it makes you very humble to


see what he is going to do and what you set his mind to do.


It is pretty hard with your arms, so I am full of


and despite the recent relation. Manager in his fifth year. There's a


growing feeling among fans that the changes needed. The manager is still


under pressure. We're building for the next few matches, but also next


season. We need to let him get on with it. Players have got to stand


up to the challenge and if they don't, they're out. The two-day


cycling challenge in May, the next task facing Ipswich is Huddersfield


away at this weekend when the manager will hope to avoid further


embarrassment. Tomorrow we'll hear more


from Mick McCarthy on the pressure Like Ipswich, Norwich


are also out of the FA Cup. Alex Neil made eight changes,


but the team failed to register a shot on target and lost to a goal


by Shane Long for Southampton The Norwich manager said


he couldn't fault the players. This weekend they play


Wolves at Carrow Road. World champion diver


Rebecca Gallantree has The 32-year-old from Chelmsford


won the team event at She also competed at three


Olympic Games and won gold A twelve-year-old, self taught,


chess player has won the chance Jaden Jermy is just 12 years


old and after an appearance at the London Chess Championship


earlier this month he secured We sent Robby West down


to his school to give him a game. In the world of chess, he's the one


who everyone is to beat. Jade and Jeremy is just 12 years old. He


recently tested his skills... Playing some of the county parred


best players. As I progressed, I played an England player and one. It


was a very good tournament with three wins, fore draws and one loss.


His performance has led him to be invited to try for the England test


quite. I personally find out how good he is. The game is over and


five minutes. He totally destroyed me in just 20 moves. Jade and


remarkably port and self by watching YouTube videos at the school chess


club he isn't taking any prisoners. He he has scared off most of the


opponents in due course, particularly our sixth form they had


been a little aggrieved that the young whippersnappers coming along


and teach them how to play chess. He won his first term at just eight


years old, taking an impressive and ?50. He has competed across Europe


and was to make it into a career. I want to travel the world, playing


chess. Hopefully I will become one of the best in the world. These


genes have a real possibility of coming true. While chess tournaments


and not a new phenomenon, with millions of people watching online,


a multi-million lb industry has gone up with top players winning millions


of lbs in prize money. While Jade and dreams, his mother is just happy


that chess has given him confidence. He needs a lot of support to


appreciate it is OK to be unique. He has made some great friendships. He


has got diverse friendships. How does that feel? It is wonderful to


see your child to come into their own personality. With a trophy haul


this day, this 12-year-old has the world of chess at his fingertips.


With fantastic. It's been confirmed the grey seal


colony at Blakeney Point in Norfolk is the largest in England


for the second year in a row. The National Trust says


nearly 2,500 pups have This year they've spread


further into the reserve The increase is thought to be due


to the environment at Blakeney The trust says the seals


were not adversely affected I know the weather. Beautiful blues


guys over Gorleston on see this afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky a


little bit further down the coast. It is a thank you for this lovely


photograph of a sunset together hey bridge in Essex. I love these pale


wintry skies. It wasn't a beautiful blue sky this afternoon for


everybody. Thicker cloud starts to break up a bit, but the next few


hours it can still produce a little bit of light drizzle. By evening it


should break and we should see clear spells. It is going to be a cold


one. Temperatures could fall a little lower than these values. It


is a sharp widespread frost. Thicker cloud into was the coast where


damages will be close to freezing and not above. Light winds. Freezing


fog and possible some nice too. High pressure in charge. Light winds mean


that the mist and fog might take a and it will be a frosty start for


for many of us. Frost should eventually clear and cloud should


disappear as well. More generally in terms of sunshine tomorrow expected.


Temperatures around six Celsius. We hold onto mainly light


north-easterly winds. It looks like that winter sunshine will continue


through the afternoon, but under clear skies tomorrow evening.


Temperatures falling away pretty quickly. That is Friday, Saturday.


High pressure shifts position. More cloud would get cot up in the


circulation. Sunny spells symbol, but they will be more cloud around.


Fog will take a while to clear. The further south, you're better chance


of brightness. Sandy is the day where we are expecting decent sunny


spells, but a chilly day with temperatures of freezing. Saturday


and Sunday night it will be called. Monday, cold and frosty start, mist


and fog. They will still be decent spells of sunshine followed by


another very cold night. It is Thursday night, so it is barometer


night. If you want to check, it should be around 1036 millibars.


That is 30.59 inches of mercury. Like you very much. That is all from


eyes. Have a very good evening. Good night.


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