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Hello and welcome to Look East. so it's goodbye from me.


In the programme tonight: Free-range egg farmers hit out


at government plans to combat the bird flu outbreak.


They say classifying some areas as "safe" will put their flocks


They are just a bunch of idiots. It makes no sense whatsoever.


Reaction in the constituency after the Labour MP Clive Lewis


Exclusive access to the hospital teams who have to deal


And I am inside shed one looking at the future of the airship industry.


First tonight, a warning that free-range egg producers will go out


of business because of bird flu, despite the lifting of restrictions


which have kept their hens indoors since December.


Today, the government said hens in the white areas on this map can


be moved back outside when the current ban runs out


They would then become free-range again.


In the red areas, they will still be kept under cover to protect them


from wild birds carrying the flu virus.


But today, farmers told Look East that no area is completely safe.


They claim there is no science behind the advice they are given


Here is the high risk zone. Daniel is a free range egg producer in


Suffolk. He is one of the lucky ones because his farm is outside the high


risk areas designated by DEFRA. On March one, his birds will be allowed


out again. But Daniel is still worried that those inside the high


risk areas will suffer. How have DEFRA come up with these zones?


Throwing paint at a map by the looks of it. It is a very random


assortment of blue blobs on a map, mainly coastal areas but there are


large gaps around the coast that are not covered. They say it is a


risk-based response but they have not said what the risk is. Dave


White is another free range producer. His farm is just a the


fields away but is within a high risk area. His birds will have to


stay in their sheds and he is furious. Just a bunch of idiots.


They have taken a compass, put it on a map and done circles. It makes no


sense whatsoever. There is no bird flu at the present moment in East


Anglia, so why are we being punished. In those areas where they


still have to house they will not be able to label their eggs as free


range. I am hopeful people will recognise these are free range


flocks, they are being housed for a good reason. On Monday we met


Alistair Brice. He is a free range producer and Packer supplying three


quarters of a million free range eggs to supermarkets across East


Anglia. He says the DEFRA plans will put some producers out of business


and may even extend the life of the bird flu virus.


We saw Alaistaire Brice in that report and he's


You have some farms inside the red zone and some which are not. Yes, we


have three inside the zones and 13 outside. The government will be


dammed if it did and damp if it doesn't say what is wrong with what


they are doing? It is splitting the whole industry in half and it is


making those almost a postcode lottery where if they fall inside


the zones you will lose money and if you fall outside, you might make a


living. There is no thought gone into this. What would you like them


to do? I would like to continue the housing band and maintain the free


range eggs if we could. If we cannot do that, downgrade the whole


industry to Ban and we have a level playing field and we can move


forward with a disease control management plan to try to eradicate


this. You do think there is a threat to all of the birds? Unless those


birds can read that map I think there is a severe risk to us all and


I have two farms which are not in the zones but that does not mean I


will be happy to let them out. I will think about the risk that


associates my business and neighbours. What sort of difference


does it make to the price you can charge for ex-? The difference is


about 30p a dozen. It might not sound a lot but 30p over a palette


of eggs is ?210. Many of these farms are small family farms and you will


decimate their ability to make a livelihood. You think someone go out


of business? No doubt about it because we have been given the


zones, there is no timescale on them and if we have open areas where


birds are free to roam and the birds that are migrating back from the


West to the east back to their breeding grounds, they will stop off


in places and I do think Mr Gibbins appreciates that they do not follow


maps. The Labour MP Clive Lewis has


kept a low profile today following his decision to stand down


from the shadow cabinet. He resigned as shadow business


secretary last night after deciding to vote in parliament


against Article 50. Friends of the MP have


praised him for speaking up but among voters the verdict


has been more mixed. Across the whole of Norfolk, Suffolk


and Essex just one place voted to remain in the European Union and it


was he in Norwich South. That is why Clive Lewis decided to go against


his party leader last night to vote against the Brexit bill and give up


his job in the Shadow Cabinet. He went with his conscience and that is


fair enough. It was the right thing to do because people in Norwich did


not vote Brexit. He is sticking up for the people. Plenty of support


for the MP today, but not from everyone. I sympathise to a degree


but the majority of the country wanted to leave, so perhaps he


should have done that. Sometimes you have to lump it, you cannot always


have it your way. Mr Lewis has said nothing publicly today. His decision


to stand down was revealed as MPs started to vote for Article 50 last


night. He said he had made what he called the tough decision because, I


cannot vote for something I believe ultimately harm the city.


As a Labour MP, I will never apologise for my socialism. And MP


for less than two years, Clive Lewis has found himself at the heart of


Labour politics. He was one of those who persuaded Jeremy Corbyn to run


for leader. He was briefly Shadow Defence Secretary which got him into


a row over Trident before getting the business brief. He has had a


roller-coaster time since he was elected and in lots of ways, the


period of time which was to be about getting your feet under the table,


doing the work as a constituency MP, starting to build up experience, he


was catapulted into two big positions. He has negotiated and


done well in those rows. I do not think it will be too long before he


is back on the front bench. But it is the backbench which now beckons


and a promising career has now stalled. How long will he be on the


backbenches for? This is Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party and what is


interesting is how nice everyone is being about him today. John McDonald


says he has a major contribution to make and hopes he will be back in


due course. The talk at Westminster last night was that all those who


reside will be back by the end of the year. It is interesting that


Clive Lewis is not giving interviews. He is hoping the story


will go away and if he does not give interviews, people will forget about


Labour's divisions. Will he go for the leadership? It is inevitable


that you will be seen as a future leader. The odds have been cut, he


is now 5-1 favourite. It will not happen in the foreseeable future.


Both are France, I cannot see Mr Lewis running against him. If Jeremy


Corbyn stands down, that might be different but it will not happen


soon. Council tax in Suffolk


is going up by 3% and the budget for services will be


cut by more than ?30 million. The budget for the coming year


was signed off at a full council Let's go live to the political


reporter for BBC Radio Suffolk, It is a chilly evening here at


Suffolk County Council, but earlier this afternoon, the debate got


heated. It centred around the ?30 million worth of budget cuts they


have to find. One area where the grants to charities. Age UK suffix


say their grant is a third less than it was three years ago. Earlier


today I met up with Gillian Ellis from Lowestoft who told me about the


impact these cuts were having. Shopping has to be ordered over


the phone and delivered. The 79-year-old former secretary has


carers coming in four times a day. Every Friday, Mary an Age UK Suffolk


befriender came to see Gillian to cheer her up,


but now there is no more money to support the service,


so the visits have stopped. She popped in, brought the post,


opened it up, that's rubbish, that's rubbish, that's rubbish,


handed me what I wanted. It was nothing really,


but important at the time. Age UK Suffolk had been running


the befriending service, but they have had their budgets


reduced from over ?800,000 in 2014 Just before Christmas we had to shut


a couple of day services that we ran in Bury St Edmunds


and we are at the moment in the process of reducing


and combining the benefits service and the advice service


so that it continues, but it will be smaller,


have less capacity For Gillian, the loss of funds


is a loss of friendship, which had helped her


through a very difficult time. I just hope, if she is watching


this, thank you, Mary, because from the bottom of my heart,


she helped a lot. The labour opposition here at


Suffolk County Council wanted to see the Conservatives dig deeper into


the reserves, but they said that this would be financially dangerous.


The big test will come in May, this is a county council election year


and the measure will be did people like the budget, or did they not, or


is it time for a change? Part of the A12 in Essex


is still closed after a lorry The driver died in the


accident near Witham. The lorry was carrying 26


tonnes of batteries. The southbound carriageway is closed


between junctions 25 and 20B. Specialist equipment is being used


and fire crews are having to hose the wreckage to keep


the batteries cool. Still to come tonight: More


wintry weather on the way. And fighting the fines


for taking children out We meet the couple who refused


to pay and ended up in court. As new figures reveal that


so-called bed blocking is the highest on record,


we've been given exclusive access to one of the region's


hospitals to see how The head of the NHS said today that


delays in getting people out of hospital and into social care


or back home have gone up by 90% Simon Dedman has been


to Basildon Hospital to see how a team there is dealing


with the problem. We have had a very


challenging night. We are still on black


alert currently. It is the first meeting


at Basildon Hospital to work out I've got three potential


discharges for today. We are in a position where we have


no more beds in the hospital, so we have 28 patients placed


in A, so at the moment, if we have any more ambulances arrive,


we only have one trolley If you have more than one patient,


what are you going to do? Then we will have


ambulances queueing. We admitted more people than we were


able to discharge yesterday. Basildon's managing director takes


me through the latest situation. What we're hoping to do is move


patients into our elective orthopaedic ward, which means


we are not able to do joint surgery, Just coming round to see if there


are any patients for hospital home? After the morning meeting,


nurse Natalie Cook goes ward to ward to find patients who could be


discharged from hospital and get their treatment


from Basildon hospital nurses The consultant saw you yesterday and


is happy for us to take you home. She has found one who will hopefully


be discharged today. She heads now to find four other


patients who can get But the real problem


is being dealt with here. Sick elderly people


who get stuck in hospital. This ward aims to treat


the frail quickly and get That is what this team works


on every day at nine. Some patients have been


here for ten days though. But after two days on this


ward, Eileen is looking I am on some tablets, I don't know


exactly what they are for, other than having those


in the mornings and apart from that, it's just being here


and getting looked after. Some patients here are waiting


for social care to kick in. The majority of the patients


who come over here we treat The longer they stay,


more complex problems arise, so having access to community


services and talking to leads in community,


we are able to get them out quicker. Every bed in Basildon Hospital


is taken and it has pretty much been that way since the beginning


of the year. So much so that if you needed


something like a hip replacement, they would pay to send you private,


none have taken place Basildon Hospital is trying


but getting slack in the health This time of year, lots of families


will be spending hours trying to find a decent summer holiday


at a decent price. So do you take the children out


of school during term time when everything is much cheaper,


or do you wait for the school The government says children need


to be in school and unauthorised absences attract a fine


of ?60 per child. But when Matt and Kerry Thomas


from Norwich were fined ?120 following a trip to Majorca,


they decided to fight Wearing her uniform today but last


summer, faith and her brother took a week out of school with their


parents. They headed for the Spanish sun. It cost ?1800. In the summer


holidays it would have cost 3000. I learned how to exchange the money


and the exchange rate and I learned how big the world was. Their schools


took a DM view. The local council took action. Matt and Ceri Thomas


refused to pay the ?120 fine so it was doubled. They still refuse to


pay and so today both sides faced each other in court. I know what is


best for my children not someone sitting in a courthouse or behind a


desk. I know what is best and the best thing for them was to have the


experience of a foreign holiday. Matt is pinning his hopes on the


case of another father who won his case at the High Court. He took his


daughter to Florida and faced a fine. His local authority appealed


and now Supreme Court judges will decide if he has to pay. I don't


think there is an issue, as long as they catch up with their work and


make sure that is not affected. Maybe when they were younger, maybe


not so much when they are older because of exams. I don't agree with


it. They are therefore education. The county council told us it is


Headteachers themselves who decide whether or not to take action...


Aside from the lower cost of holidays during term time, there are


those like this family who thought their rights as parents are being


undermined, but the government is clear, even a few days away from


school can affect exam results and have a detrimental effect on a


child's's education. That is the only holiday we have ever been on as


a holiday. But we took it on term time which is against the law. The


family will be back here for a full trial next month.


I'm sure most of us remember the case of the wheelchair user


who took his local bus company to the supreme court,


after a dispute with a woman with a child in a buggy over


He won the case, but now something similar has happened in Essex.


Nicki Price has cerebral palsy and was waiting


She says there were two pushchairs taking up the space for a wheelchair


and the mothers refused to move them.


Nicky Price on her way to the bus stop. She says using a bus must be a


basic right. Unfortunately they are not very reliable. They are always


missing buses out which makes the enough is bus overcrowded. And when


Nicky try to get on a first bus recently, there were two pushchairs


in the space for the wheelchair. The drivers ask the mother to fall they


pushed us up, they both said no and Nicky could not get on. I was


devastated. I was upset, angry. I was worried about my child which was


my main thought at the time, which was I must get to my child, to pick


her up. But I felt like a second class citizen. And it came despite


Doug Pauley's recent victory in the Supreme Court. He could not get onto


a bus when a mother with a pushchair refused to move. The judges ruled


they should do more to accommodate wheelchair users. Nicky Price says


the ruling has not made any difference. She dreads being left


stranded at a bus stop. I am vulnerable, left out in the cold,


alone. Where does it... What if something happens? I feel scared to


use the buses. In a statement, first said:


Nicky Price see the fore says she has received overwhelming support


over what she feels is a continuing injustice against wheelchair users.


You may well know that hidden away in a giant hangar in Bedfordshire


is the longest aircraft in the world.


It's called the Airlander and it's a cross between an airship


and a conventional plane. Last summer, everybody got


very excited when it made its maiden flight.


Then, a few days later, there was a crash landing.


Now after months of repair work, it could be back in the air very soon.


Airlander in the skies above Cardington. One of many maiden


flights. Its second test flight ended in this, and undignified


nosedive on landing. The state of the cockpit shown it could have been


worse. I have been given special access inside shed one. To find out


how the air lender is recovering. The cockpit now being rebuilt, those


at the controls that they are unharmed. There was a loud noise


when we hit the ground. Pretty soon we realise that most of the damage


was superficial. We were fine and a chilly got top and walked off the


flight deck. Are you looking forward to going back up? We are all


excited. There was frustration we had to stop flying to repair the


aircraft, but we know we have made loads of changes to our training and


we will come back much stronger. This shed is 100 years old, built


for the original airships with its own climate, far colder than


outside. A century ago, nearby shorts town was built to house the


workers and now the apprentices once again being recruited from the same


area. It is amazing to follow in their footsteps and a revolutionary


aircraft like this is amazing. It's a great feeling, a great atmosphere,


everyone grew up around here so knows the history. If it hadn't been


for a heavy landing, the Airlander would have had extra flying time but


backers remain optimistic. Details confidential but they include a high


profile investor from the middle east and it is hoped Airlander will


return to the skies very soon. Come March time, we should leave the hang


out again for our 2017 flight test programme. Then we will work with


customers, working up to some longer trips into Asia, North America. This


is the latest chapter in airship history as the industry celebrates


its 100th year here. Handsome. Very impressive. Now the


weather. Colder firmly establish across the British Isles. Bitterly


cold for at least 48 hours and there have been some snow flurries. These


photographs define some. Evidence of snow on the windscreen. You can see


a little bit of snow there on what looks like a table. Most of us saw


leaden skies today and with the temperature and the bitterly cold


wind, it has not felt pleasant. There will be the risk of further


snow showers over the next 24 hours. High-pressure, huge area of high


pressure across Scandinavia and that is blocking these Atlantic weather


systems coming in. Colder air across us over the last 24 hours. These


showers will continue this evening. Mainly for coastal parts, but as


that north-easterly wind freshens, they could move further inland, so


the chance you may wake up to a dusting of snow tomorrow morning,


particularly if you live in eastern counties. A few degrees below


freezing. Tomorrow's weather, not a lot changing but we have this


feature coming in from the north sea and there will be more depth to the


cloud tomorrow, so any showers will be heavier. The risk of those


showers through the day, a lot of dry weather but no evidence of


sunshine. Temperatures once more similar to today, two or three


degrees. Factor in that north-easterly wind, it will be


bitterly cold. Snow showers could move further west so as we go into


Friday evening, a greater risk of getting a dusting of snow and


further across western counties as well. Certainly looking very wintry


over the next few days. There are changes into next week. Low pressure


moving up from the south and that will change things. Slightly less


cold air for the weekend, but we still have the north-easterly wind


so it will feel the same temperature wise. But by mid week, more of a


springlike feel as temperatures cover perhaps into the mid teens.


Fantastic! That is all from us. Goodbye.


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