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washes up in holdalls on two beaches in Norfolk.


Investigators say they're looking out for more.


The police say they will search this landfill site


for the missing Suffolk airman Corrie McKeague.


Hundreds turn out for a memorial service


for the former cabinet minister and Suffolk MP Jim Prior.


I'm here in Stevenage for the launch of a major new exhibition about the


pioneer of modern theatre who was born in return. -- in the tone.


with a street value of ?50 million has washed up


Investigators say it's a major blow for organised crime.


The drugs were found yesterday in holdalls by somebody walking


This morning, some more smaller packages were found


Both places are near the seaside resort of Great Yarmouth.


So far 360 kilos of cocaine have been found, and investigators say


The police started their search yesterday and quickly realised this


was cocaine so it was 360,000 wraps off the streets. Today police...


There were approximately 360 kilograms of the class a drug found


on the beach in holdalls kept afloat by these plastic bronze. If cut and


sold on the street could have a potential value of over ?50 million.


The National crime agency believe it will be a major blow to organised


crime. 360 kilograms is definitely a significant seizure and one that we


are quite pleased with. It will not make its way onto the streets.


Washed up on the beach is very unusual but still significant.


This man constructed the sea defences here and says it is not the


first time this happened. I understand you have fun stuff like


this before? Not as much was found this week. -- you have found stuff.


And what was it you found? Cocaine. We found out and ten kilograms. To


make the police say they believe all packages have been recovered and


will continue to work with the National crime agency.


It is believed Norfolk was the intended target and have extra


officers working to monitor the area and say anyone with information


should contact Crimestoppers. Police are to start a major search


of a landfill site in Cambridgeshire to try to find the missing


airman Corrie McKeague. It's the latest search to take place


since he disappeared 1000 square metres


of the Milton landfill It will take up to


ten weeks to complete. This landfill site not far from


Cambridge is the focus of the latest phase of the investigation into the


missing airman Corrie McKeague. Google search 1000 square metres up


to -- Google search 1000 square metres. They will search here after


he was caught on CCTV walking into an area of bins and later on a bin


lorry was caught making a collection -- caught on camera. The lorry was


forensic with tested and no evidence was found but the waste from the


lorry is still at the site after police told them not to put anything


on top. Since he went missing on the 24th of September there have already


been searches involving hundreds of police and volunteers. We have 40


members of the public, somewhere around 60 trained search


technicians, team leaders and search managers. We have 14 people is


ferrying the team is about. Police say this is the next logical step.


His mother told us this latest News leads the family with mixed emotions


and while she is pleased searches are taking place she is terrified


and desperate for the result that might bring.


The sister of a driver who was killed on Wednesday


when his lorry came off a bridge and crashed on to the A12 says


he was "the best brother you could ever ask for".


30-year-old Gurdip Johal was pronounced dead at the scene.


Gurdip Johal had only been married for a year.


The accident happened as he was driving his lorry along a


It came off and went down onto the southbound


carriageway before bursting into flames.


The vehicle appears to have failed to negotiate a steep bend to


go round onto that bridge and has crashed through the barrier and has


plunged down the embankment and come to rest partly on the embankment and


Today his sister, also from Essex, paid tribute to her


older brother saying he was also a father figure to her.


We will remember him as someone who was


always there for his family and wanted to protect us and be there


It is something I feel we will never get


We will never be the same ever again.


Gurdip Johal workedfor a local vehicle maintenance company based


just one mile from where the accident happened.


Today southbound traffic was still heavy near the scene.


The trailer he had been transporting contained a large industrial


battery - a complex recovery operation for fire crews.


A 40-foot container complete with batteries,


computer components, which short-circuited


and had a fire situation, so


electrical and fire and water - not a very good mix.


Two days on, police have spent most of the day on the


scene just a few hundred yards down the A12 behind me.


There were concerns there may have been a second


casualty, and detectives want to make sure no


one else was killed in the


Late this afternoon police confirmed Gurdip Johal was


As fire teams examine the remains of the lorry,


repairs to the A12 have been completed and the road has now fully


It is unclear what caused this horrific accident.


That will be for investigators and an


All this week we have been looking at how the NHS is coping in one of


its most difficult whimpers. Tonight we're focusing on a project looking


at solving the GP crisis. -- in one of its most difficult periods.


This man was with the Ambulance Service for 15 years but left to


join this surgery. That assesses patients to take strain of GPs.


Working in the Ambulance Service you would make an impact on someone's


life and never see them again and so it is nice to get the. You see


children growing up and you have had an input into their life. It causes


not on problems because the Ambulance Service is of paramedics.


The Royal College of GPs makes the point that might effectively taking


paramedics from the Ambulance Service it is not improving staff 's


shortages overall but it is helping to ease the pressure here. It is the


way of creating the right skill mix so doctors, nurses and other


professionals are doing the thing they are trained to do rather than


things based around a lot of workload which causes other problems


that we see with morale. The surgery is one of 15 trial schemes in


England with services under one roof. They can have an x-ray, see a


hospital consultant, the have an on-site pharmacy, and there are


various charitable organisations that can access for help. Robert


Felber on his steers and needs a chest x-ray. -- felt about his


stairs. It is all the same building as GP practice. Better than going to


the hospital and taking their time and resources and it is a five hour


wait, possibly in A and sort we do not have that problem here. It is


hoped bringing staff and services under one roof will make things more


convenient for patients and less hectic for staff.


The main union Bernard Matthews says there should not be compulsory


redundancies after the company said it wants to cut up to 150 jobs, it


wants to cut more than 90 shop floor jobs, what the rest coming from head


office. -- with the rest. A 31-year-old man has


been arrested in Norfolk Scotland Yard says the man


was detained yesterday morning on suspicion of fund-raising


for the purposes of terrorism and encouraging support


for a banned group. A service was held in Suffolk today


for the former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Prior,


who died in December. Jim Prior served under Ted Heath


and Margaret Thatcher. He was a Tory "wet" and didn't


exactly see "eye to eye" On a bitterly cold day in Southwold,


the bells rang out from Saint On a bitterly cold day


in Southwold, the bells rang out from Saint Edmunds charged to give


thanks for the life of Jim Prior. His farm was a few


short mile from here. Born in Norwich he went


to Charterhouse School and Cambridge University before


becoming an MP from Lowestoft. He served under Ted Heath and then


as employment Secretary You've got the toughest


job in the Cabinet. I hope to Christ you don't


take us back to the 30s. Margaret Thatcher often


opted for confrontation. They did not always get on, but even


so, they occasionally would share I don't think I trod


on her toes and she certainly I think she was quite a good dancer,


probably better than I was. While at the same time she was


treading on your toes politically? She was quite good at


treading on my toes. I trod on a few of


hers from time to time. 400 people attended today's service


which was also shown on screens in a nearby hall


and there were readings, hymns and a choir from


the local school sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow,


one of his favourites. He was a very emotional


person, actually. Politics was not his first love,


farming was his first love and his family and of course


he loved politics as well it was a big part of his life


but he had the hinterland, He was inspirational


because he was modest and kind and decent and he just lived


a sense of public service. I know many people have


been touched by that. Perhaps happiest on the farm,


he was at ease with people He will be missed by his family


but also by the many people he helped end a long


and successful political career. Still to come tonight: Julie is here


with your weekend weather forecast. We find out about the man


from Stevenage who had a huge Ask any rail passenger


what they want, and you can bet near the top of the list


will be new trains. When Abellio Greater Anglia won


a new nine-year franchise last year, it committed to replacing it's


entire fleet by 2020. Greater Anglia unveiled plans today


for a new ?70 million The company says it will play a key


part in transforming train services Travellers on the Great Eastern Line


out of Liverpool Street have for a decade looked out


on a post-industrial wasteland as the train passes over


the River Stour estuary to Brantham, It used to be a thriving industrial


centre employing thousands. ICI one of the companies that


used to operate here. Margaret Roberts, later


Margaret Thatcher, was employed as a research chemist at a plastics


company close by. Now, 22 acres is earmarked


for a state of the art This is an enormous decrepit


and decaying site which is crying out for regeneration which many


people thought would never happen. It is now going to be delivered,


and delivered on the back of investment from this private rail


company, and the thing that is so important for all of us


is this is the first step on the road to how this


new franchise will regenerate The new depot will have 15


tracks for stabling, cleaning and maintaining


a new fleet of trains. It will complement existing ones


in Norwich, Clacton and Ilford and include a new lathe,


especially useful in the autumn when falling leaves create


slippery conditions can Local planners have given permission


for 300 new homes nearby, and now This is the largest


inward investment since ?70 million coming in


to a very tricky site Design work is underway and work


proper should start in the summer. The aim is to have it up


and running by December 2018. Then it will receive a first


of a fleet of new trains to be Jamie Burles is Managing Director


of Greater Anglia. Late this afternoon I spoke to him


about the new depot, But pointed out that what most


passengers want is a reliable What we have got is we are working


closely with Network Rail and for example services this week


we have been ahead of target so we are seeing some green shoots


with regard to the millions of pounds we are spending


on making the trains themselves and the reliability


of the fleet better. We're continuing to put more


money into that as well. So we are seeing some green


shoots but you are right, that to get to the 93% we need,


we need a lot more progress, as is planned over the next


coming months and years. How many out of ten would you give


the service currently? Our customers give the service,


if you think about the National Rail passenger survey, independent


survey, our passengers give a score I am honest when I say


there are still too many incidents and that is where the billions


we are putting in will reduce those incidents and keep


on improving the service. How frustrating is it for you to get


blamed for a lot of the problems which should be blamed on Network


Rail? I think, as you know, we cause 30%


of our problems and Network Rail And other operators,


such as freight, is 10%. But we are the operator and take


the money from the customers of the customer absolutely


is relying on us to We are to battle for the customer


and to improve the service as much as possible,


so it is something we are used to and something we use as a good


pressure on ourselves When can we expect this to be


the perfect rail service Well, halfway through 2020


we will have the majority of the new trains in and they will


bring a much better reliability and customer experience,


so around 2020 is when the true transformation will have


worked through the system. Sport, and for some of the region's


athletes, a chance to blow off Sport, and for some of the region's


athletes, a chance to blow off With more on that plus rugby


and football, here's Tom. Yes, a full programme of football


action this weekend. Boss Mick McCarthy desperately


seeking some consistency - Norwich host Nottingham Forest,


with manager Alex Neil admitting his side will have to win


the majority of their remaining he's been in charge for just over


two months and Robbie Neilson down in 19th up to the relative


comfort of mid-table. Neilson was nominated but missed


out on today's manager When you come in you want to add


something to the club. There was already a really good


structure here and it is a case of coming in and trying to add


a little bit more, and hopefully We're picking up points and heading


in the right direction. There is still a long way to go


in this season for us. Now if you've ever tried


the shot-put, you'll be well aware, Luckily, Sophie McKinna


from Bradwell near Great Yarmouth She's also highly motivated


after failing to make Sophie's hoping to start


her season with a bang at the British Indoor Championships


in Sheffield. my strength has increased rapidly


since I joined and I can bench 135 and my best dead left is 205 which


was an unofficial world record. Quite a lot of weight. It is not


usual for 22-year-old girls to lift that sort of weight. The life of a


shot-putter involve weights, and heavy ones. Sophie McKinna catalyst


22 stone. So she can do this. -- Sophie McKinna can lift. Of these


students and Norwich were lucky to get a masterclass.


It is quite a unique sport and not something you see at a higher level


every day, it is not televised like other sports. They are quite


receptive. I do some shot-put outside of school but I have never


throw that far. I know Sophie because she trains at my gym but I


had never see her throat before. She has been competing for button for


several years but is still getting over the disappointment of not being


selected for Britain's Olympic team. As an athlete I expect to be


supported by my governing body but now the way I can get that attention


and get my revenge, if you like, is throw further and put the decision


out of their hands in the future. With the support of her gym she is


in great shape ahead of the British indoor Championships this weekend.


The legendary shot-putter is among the coaching team, whose


long-standing record might be in trouble. It is amazing having like


her, the most successful British shot-putter, on my team and she


really wants me to go on and be successful and break that record.


Her personal best is just over 17 metres so she needs to find another


two metres and she hopes to do it at the corner of games on the Gold


Coast in Australia. Rugby, and week two


of the Six Nations with Northampton's Dylan Hartley leading


out England against Wales He's joined by fellow Saints players


Courtney Lawes and Tom Wood Saints meanwhile play tonight


at Bath in the Premiership and must win to keep their hopes


of a play-off finish alive. Very difficult place to go, and


a lot on the line for both teams. Away rugby, our defence


is going to be massive, but in the context of our season


we need to go down there There's full previews to all this


weekend's sport on the website and coverage too on your local


BBC Radio Station. Now he was a revolutionary


influence on modern theatre. But most of us have never heard


of Edward Gordon Craig. He's also one of Stevenage's


most famous sons. If you live in Stevenage you


probably know the name of the theatre which is named after him but


now there is a chance to find out more about him with a lottery funded


exhibition. Using projection and staging,


this is an exhibition which captures Born in Stevenage in 1872,


Edward Gordon Craig revolutionised He took the Victorian


theatre he had grown up with that was elaborate,


maybe slow in terms of its production values,


and he turned it on its head and introduced light,


flooded the stage light, pared everything right back


and asked the audience Stevenage's theatre may be named


after him, but Craig, seen here in later years,


has a much lower profile Working mainly in Europe


in the 1900, he saw theatre as joining architecture,


movement and music and did Hamlet at the Moscow Art Theatre


to critical acclaim in 1912. He was tall, good-looking,


had a great stage presence when he was an actor,


and I think women just He had about 13 children, at least,


by eight different woman. On display include production


designs from the VNA and Eton College, some of which have


never been seen Also featured in the exhibition


are some incredible puppets that were central to the way he thought


about the theatre and he used as a production technique to plan


out actors' movements in scenes. Stevenage's new town status masks


a thriving arts scene, and it has received ?65,000


from the Heritage lottery Fund for And it is hoped more people


in the town will recognise the face of the man


who radically changed theatre. And 13 children with eight different


woman? I think that is what she said. And all that and the theatre


as well. Shall we talk about the weather?


What a cold and wintry day. Some snow showers and it was starting to


settle here in Suffolk. These flurries this morning on the east


Coast mainline. It has been rather called, at best three Celsius and


many getting just one above freezing. Overnight further showers,


either rain, sleet or snow and some snow is likely to settle. We could


see a frost and ice in places and it is already misty and murky for some.


Mainly light winds. Tomorrow, we keep this north-west of the flow and


we should have further wintry showers to start. As the day goes on


they become predominantly rain but pretty miserable, cloudy skies.


Temperature is widely struggling to about three Celsius and we have


mainly light to moderate north to north-easterly winds continuing to


feed in rain showers throughout the evening. Sunday does not look much


better. The winds turning more Easter break, cold easterly flow and


Sunday -- winds turning more easterly. Feeding in rain, sleet or


snow. Hopefully some dry weather, too. The cloud may break at planes


for some brightness but largely cloudy skies and a cold easterly


flow with the winds reaching moderate in strength. Similar


temperatures to Saturday but feeling much colder when you factor in the


wind. We keep that cold easterly on Monday but any showers on Monday are


few and far between and much better chance of at least seeing some


sunshine to help lift the spirits. On Tuesday, we lose the risk of


showers, largely fine and dry with decent sunny spells and by Tuesday


the winds to the south-east are bringing in more mild air and


temperatures perhaps closer to average. Sounding better next week.


Is spring coming, do you think? Have a good weekend.