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Hello and welcome to the Look East late news.


The girlfriend of missing airman Corrie McKeague tells Look East


she's pregnant and just wishes he'd come home.


Being a mum is something I've always wanted to be,


but it's just a horrible time, isn't it, really?


An inquest in Chelmsford hears how a prisoner electrocuted himself


Well, I'll have all the details in your weather for the week ahead.


First tonight, Corrie McKeague's girlfriend has told Look East


April Oliver, who's a personal trainer in Norfolk, has been talking


about her relationship with the airman, who's been missing


She discovered she was pregnant just a couple of weeks


We'll hear from her, and from Corrie's mother,


She's always wanted to be a mother, but looking at the scan


of her and Corrie Mckeague's unborn child, April Oliver wishes


the circumstances could have been different.


Their baby is due late spring, early summer.


The 21-year-old personal trainer, who lives in West Norfolk,


first met Corrie on an online dating website last summer.


She only discovered she was pregnant a fortnight after


You know when the lady showed its foot?


Yes. That was really, really good.


Corrie's mother, Nicola Urquhart, and April's parents have known


about the pregnancy since the outset and are supporting her.


Corrie, who was based at RAF Honington in Suffolk,


was last caught on CCTV in the early hours of Saturday 24 September


The 23-year-old had been enjoying a night out with friends before


he left this nightclub alone in the early hours.


After entering an area behind some shops, he disappeared.


As this home video shows, Corrie Mckeague is an extrovert


and happy to perform for both family and friends.


His family say he would talk to anyone.


Every week Nicola flies to Suffolk from Scotland to coordinate


Last week she brought in a team of private


Preparations are in place for the birth of Corrie and April's baby.


April now hopes for some personal privacy for her and her baby's


health, both families now determined that efforts are now


focused on finding Corrie, this unborn baby's father.


Earlier today, Susie Fowler-Watt sat down with April Oliver


Corrie's mother Nicola Urquhart was there too.


They invited the Look East cameras along now so that April can focus


on her unborn baby for the rest of her pregnancy.


April started by talking about her relationship with Corrie.


We started seeing each other, and it was quite casual.


We were both seeing other people at the time, and then we led


on to have conversations whereby we thought it was getting serious,


and what we were going to do and what plans we had.


So, yes, we were sort of getting on our way to being just us


and happy and seeing what we wanted out of each other.


We'd had conversations about children and what


It was something I hoped he would be here to help me make


And you say you've had to go through it alone -


did you have any doubts about whether you wanted to keep the baby?


There is the element of, what if he did not come back,


Again I had to think about it and take a sensible approach.


Being a mum is something I've always wanted to be,


right from when I was younger, but it is just


And you're still hopeful Corrie will come home?


There's nothing I would love more, is for him to walk through the door


Yes, I would probably cry, that would be the first thing.


But my only concern is getting him home and how we can


And, Nicola, for you, this is another twist in


I've known from the beginning, but April is 21,


she's pregnant and there are exceptional circumstances behind it,


so it is something that somebody would normally want to keep quiet


but that's only thing she's had to deal with just now.


We have been trying to keep it quiet -


hopefully by doing this it will draw a line under it and April


to get the chance to try and enjoy her pregnancy as best


she can, but safely, without any additional stress.


And this will be your first grandchild.


It should be a joyous occasion for you.


I was at the scan with April the other day


and I don't think any one could see that and not be affected by it.


But it is incredibly difficult to bounce my head,


as it is for April as well, from the excitement of a new baby


to what we are actually trying to focus on just now,


This is a difficult thing to think about,


but I guess, potentially, you're looking at the possibility of having


It is something all of us are thinking about, but again, as I've


said so many times before, I won't accept Corrie isn't coming back


It's not constructive - it doesn't help me find him.


While we have no news, they're still the chance he could come back,


so I will just keep thinking that way.


Nicola and April, thank you both very much.


And for more information on the search for Corrie Mckeague go


Other news now, and an inquest in Chelmsford has heard how


a prisoner who was under observation electrocuted himself with wires


25-year-old Dean Saunders died a year ago at Chelmsford Prison.


The inquest heard his electrocution was only the third recorded


in a prison in England and Wales since records began.


Dean Saunders' parents, Mark and Donna,


arriving at the coroner's court in Chelmsford this morning.


Mark Saunders gave evidence today and, his voice breaking


with emotion, he said he believed his son had


This inquest is expected to last at least a week.


The evidence is being heard by a jury.


Caroline Beasley-Murray, the senior coroner,


told them, we will be looking into whether the state authorities


did or did not do everything they could to prevent


The 25-year-old from Winsford in Essex, seen here with his partner


Claire and son Teddy, electrocuted himself using wires


from a TV set in his cell at Chelmsford prison,


only the third electrocution recorded in prisons in England


He was in prison because, during a suicide attempt


at the family home, he'd stabbed his father,


who'd been trying to stop him, and had been charged


His family say signs he was acutely mentally ill were ignored,


and they say he should have been under constant supervision


Instead, an officer checked on him every half an hour.


Dean's partner said a nurse at the prison had assured


She told the jury Dean was never given the opportunity to get help.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman was found


The woman in her 20s, named locally as Kerri McAuley,


was found at Southalls Way in the City late last night.


A JustGiving page, set up to help the family pay for funeral costs,


In the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup,


made this evening, Norwich will play Arsenal if they can beat Southampton


Ipswich also have a replay against Lincoln.


If they win that, Town will play Championship leaders Brighton


at Portman Road at the end of the month.


Thank you. We will have patchy rain from the North West moving down


tonight, but dry weather as well with long and clear spells. The


strength of wind should prevent frost foremost, but under clear


skies, temperatures as low as one Celsius, and we may see frost in


sheltered spots. Tomorrow a bit of overnight rain, but for many of us a


dry start with some brightness and sunshine. Temperatures tomorrow


around eight Celsius, and as we head into the afternoon, cloud thickens


from the West and some rain the East, with most light


and sporadic. On Wednesday, a cold front pushes down from the North


West than behind it colder air following in. After a mild start to


Wednesday, cloud and patchy rain, and it will become brighter with


showers and feeling colder. Initially we will have temperatures


around nine or 10 Celsius, but as the Caldaire feeds them,


temperatures fall away to seven Celsius. On Wednesday, isobars are


close together because it will be windy and bitterly cold. Sunny


spells and showers, so could be wintry. A yellow warning for Norfolk


for occasional snow showers which could cause disruption to travel. A


lot of uncertainty still but that weather front morning stays in place


on Friday for Norfolk. After a cold and frosty start, a wintry showers


anywhere and height of three or four Celsius. Feeling chilly and the


other thing for Friday, went developing in the North Sea and


springtime stock market the risk of coastal flooding in Norfolk, Suffolk


and Essex. A low risk. Any concerns, contact the Environment Agency


website. Now the National forecast that I leave you with the outlook


for next weekend. precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one