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In the programme, the Labour leader for the news where you are.


In the programme, the Labour leader comes to the region with a message


after Brexit. Some small businesses warn a change in rates could hit


tomorrow with colder weather heading tomorrow with colder weather heading


our way. I will have all the details mother. -- later.


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made his most important speech


He told supporters that he wouldn't bow to pressure to support


But he did reassure a region which returned one of the biggest


votes for Brexit that he will lobby for schemes to prevent


cheap migrant labour from under-cutting local workers.


In a moment we'll speak to the Labour MP for Norwich South,


but first this from our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair.


Labour and its leader are undergoing a bit of a New Year rebrand.


This afternoon's speech was billed as Mr


Corbyn's big response to the Brexit vote.


Labour accepts those challenges that the voters have given us.


Among his big ideas, more money for the NHS, a crackdown on


high levels of pay, and yes, a new policy on immigration.


The advanced briefing was that he would back a


restriction on the number of people coming to Britain, but he didn't say


Instead he spoke about the importance of migrants to our


economy, and said improving local services was the answer.


The question of underfunding of services


In this city, in Peterborough, for example, this


council here seems to be more interested in selling off council


housing to a private sector organisation


rather than housing the


people that are homeless and need to be housed.


So you say if there was more funding in services, people


wouldn't be so concerned about immigration?


I think sometimes there are issues surrounding shortages of


services in which people are unfairly blamed.


It is generally accepted that fears about


the pressures caused by immigration were the reasons for the large


Leave campaigners said the solution is to


Mr Corbyn believes more support for local councils is


There was a lot of jobs that perhaps we don't want to do,


I do think we should put a cap on it.


But I think they are hard workers, some of them


You're going to have to cap them, there's no other way to


Why have you come to a pro Brexit city to deliver an


Labour has always struggled to do well in the


Being on the Remain side in a largely Brexit voting area won't


So today was all about offering a new message in the hope


Clive Lewis is the only Norfolk MP. I prided to him there was criticism


that Mr Corwin's speech lacked clarity. Did he agree.


Speeches in a 24-hour context usually develop, and


people will find nuances and differences in there, but actually I


think it's been quite clear, he spoke today


about his vision for the


future, about our position on Brexit, on those negotiations.


And on issues such as higher pay, which I


think a lot of people at the moment are quite concerned about.


This region returned a very strong vote


for Brexit, yet we have a number of businesses here that rely on migrant


I mean, is Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party trying to be


I think you are doing something here which


is becoming quite commonplace, which is


you are equating the vote on


Immigration is a huge issue here in the East, isn't it?


But I think there are lots of reasons why people


It wasn't just about immigration, but yes, of


course, the freedom of movement, immigration, is a big issue in this


country, is a big issue in the eastern region,


and of course, yes, you have to address that.


Jeremy Corbyn has said today that his


priority is spending more on public services,


and that will address the


issues and the challenges of immigration.


But that's not going to do it alone, is it?


No, and I think, if we have a hard Brexit, and that


will make it ever more difficult to be able to have the investment.


People want to see clarity, businesses want to see clarity.


They want a level of certainty about what


the British government is going to do in those negotiations.


We need to hear that, and we're not getting it.


A man from Norwich has been charged with murdering a mother of two.


Kerri McAuley, who was 32, was found dead at a flat


A post mortem examination was inconclusive.


Police believe she was severely assaulted.


Joe Storey, who's 26, will appear before Norwich


Some of the region's small firms are warning their businesses will be


Business rates are charged on properties, such


They are set by the Government and collected by councils.


But in some places bills are set to more than double,


Getting the floor done today and tomorrow...


Rebecca Bishop is investing in the future of her


business, the Two Magpies Bakery on Southwold high-street closed for


She employs 21 people, but on April 1st, her business


rates are going up from ?4,500 a year to 15,500.


At the moment I pay myself only the minimum wage, I pay


Everything I make goes back into the business.


So we are looking at potentially decisions about people I employee,


decisions about where money is invested in the business.


It's the first revaluation since 2008.


The rates are based on the rentable value


of a business property, with a


Areas where rents have risen sharply over the last nine years will be


But nationally, three quarters of businesses will see no


Rebecca Bishop is a victim of Southwold's success.


National chains are moving into the High Street and


At the moment my rateable value per square metre is


This square meter will go up to ?700.


The Department for Communities and Local Government


The Crown pub and hotel at Stoke-in-Nayland, in Suffolk, is


The Crown pub and hotel at Stoke-by-Nayland, in Suffolk, is


also facing a big rise in business rates.


There's been major expansion over the past ten years, and now it


In 2003, when we bought the Crown, we were paying


In 2008 we put an extension on, and they went up to just


Today we have been notified our rates are


going up to ?102,000 a


Richard Sunderland says his business rate rise is a tax on


The changes are designed to make the system fairer, but for the


Selena Dawson is from the Federation of Small Businesses.


I asked her how widespread the concern among members is.


There's going to be winners and losers, and members out in rural


Norfolk are telling us in market towns that


Some of those businesses are captured.


Where it is really impacting is the city centre


And there's still that unfairness, the unfairness on


being that business rates has nothing to do with your performance


as a business, so it's that property element


and you're captured if you are


The government is actually saying that


they think this revaluation will actually make the system fairer.


Are you saying you disagree with that?


What I'm saying is it's a positive step.


However, we are not at the end of that road yet whatsoever, and


there is still that detriment and we are still hearing that detriment


for small to medium businesses, and we need reform.


So ideally, then, how do you get a system, as you would


see it, that is completely fair for all businesses where ever


And this is something that we are fighting hard


Businesses differ, people differ, and areas differ as well.


And we need to have a reform that is going to embody...


It sounds like that could be impossible, then,


No, I'm not saying it's impossible, what I'm saying is


that there needs to be a lot of thought.


What has happened so far is we've had small reform moving in


positive steps to a lot of small businesses.


We've still got a lot of thought process to go and a lot of


minor change to go in government to actually make differences.


A soldier was given a fitting send off in Norfolk this


afternoon from 200 mourners, many of whom he'd never met.


Reginald Watson, who lived in Ormesby St Margaret,


He had no living relatives but, after a campaign on social media,


he was given a funeral that many felt the decorated


Coming up now, the weather with Alex.


But from the rest of the late team, goodnight.


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