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Hello, and welcome to the Look East late news.


In the programme tonight: The region's biggest train operator


sells 40% of its franchise to a Japanese investor.


The future of nuclear power in Suffolk.


Our environment reporter has a special report.


Out of the FA Cup at non-league Lincoln, who scored the winner


It's been announced that a Japanese investor.


In the main rail service in this region.


The train operator Abellio says the partnership with Mitsui


will lead to "significant improvements" for passengers.


The Government will have to approve the deal.


But the surprise announcement has been criticised by unions


who said it made a "mockery" of the franchising process.


It follows the news that an Italian company is due to buy the C2C


franchise that runs the line from London to Southend.


Our business correspondent Richard Bond reports.


It's a deal that comes at a critical time


It is only three months since the Dutch firm Abellio started


It was won on the back of a promise to transform services in Essex,


Suffolk and Norfolk through a ?1.4 billion investment.


A completely new fleet of trains will be introduced with the aim


of cutting average journey times by 10%.


Hundreds of carriages will be made in this yard in Derby.


The company Abellio is selling a stake to is Mitsui,


a Japanese conglomerate with interests in everything


Abellio won't say how much Mitsui is paying for it's 40% stake,


but this will be the first time a Japanese company


will be a shareholder in a British train company.


It makes a mockery of the tendering process because tendering processes


are quite tough and they must satisfy safety grounds,


We have got this company who's coming out of the blue,


never been in the process and suddenly they are buying


Sports Direct getting involved in the train industry?


Japan's rail system is best known for it's 200 mile


Unfortunately for local commuters, there's no chance of any


Abellio says Mitsui was the best partner to help transform


Its promises include introducing regular 90-minute


services between Norwich and Liverpool Street,


all passengers will care about is whether such


Our business correspondent Richard Bond reporting and earlier


I asked Richard what he thought was behind the decision to sell.


When Abellio first pitch for this franchise it did so as part


of the joint bid with another transport company called Stagecoach.


Stagecoach pulled out and Abellio ploughed on on their own


It is now saying that it was always it is intention and wish to be


Basically you have got to bear in mind that when you are running


a major franchise like this over nine years, there are huge


risks and being part of a joint venture


Should we be concerned that this company Mitsui was not part


of the bidding process considering it now owns 40%


It still owns 60% of the company and is still in charge


Mitsui is being vetted by the Department for Transport


and the Government act to put out a statement to light saying that it


would only approve this partial sale once both parties have satisfied us


that passengers will benefit from it.


Mitsui is a fit and proper partner for Abellio.


Football and Ipswich have been dumped out the FA Cup


It was a poor performance from Town and they paid the price


Lincoln scored the only goal of the game to move


Joining me from the ground is Alex Mathie the former Town


player and summariser for BBC Radio Suffolk tonight.


How do you explain that performance away?


I think it was a poor performance from Ipswich. Lincoln wanted the


game, wanted to win the game a lot more than we did. They had a good


game plan and they were the better team on the night, to be fair. Terry


Butcher said he was embarrassed and that it was a disgrace. Do you agree


with that? I would agree with that. I was frustrated watching it, seeing


a team like Ipswich Town playing away they did. All credit to


Lincoln, they came out and they played very well. There was a lot


more hunger and desire from their players than Ipswich players to go


through to the next round of the cup. Where do you lay the blame with


Mike kids at the players or Mick McGrath the? To be fair, the players


got to stand up and be counted. Small pitch, tight areas, they've


got to have the confidence to go out and play. Tonight, they didn't have


that hunger or desire to go through to the next round. The Lincoln


have got to take responsibility. have got to take responsibility.


Thank you very much indeed for joining us tonight.


And BBC Radio Suffolk will have more reaction


to the match on their breakfast programme tomorrow morning.


A dog walker from Suffolk told Suffolk Coastal Council


about the dangerous state of the cliffs at Thorpe Ness.


Maggie Scorer contacted the council last Thursday with her concerns.


On Saturday a man was killed at the base of the cliffs.


unless something was done, either putting a cordon to stop


people going above and also below, and certainly big signs to warn


people about the dangers, tragedy would happen.


The police have released images of the final two


Who were in Bury St Edmunds at the same time Corrie


The airman from RAF Honington disappeared after a night out


Officers say the woman and the cyclist could be


Time is running out for people who want to have their say over


plans for a new nuclear power station in Suffolk.


With the second round of public consultation


Sizewell C would be the biggest civil engineering project ever


It would take up to ten years to build.


Our environment reporter Richard Daniel has been looking


Minsmere, a world-renowned nature reserve that sits cheek


The prospect of a massive construction site close


From that, potential to disturb birds in the non-breeding season,


in the winter, but also in their breeding territories


if there is too much noise, impact on the water levels,


that could potentially affect their feeding areas.


EDF says it's carrying out environmental surveys.


But it won't publish detailed information until the final stage


Sizewell C would effectively double its size.


Add to that the area needed for contractors


compounds and soil excavation and stockpiles during construction.


This is where part of the campus accommodation as EDF is


Our position all along has been in order


for the region to benefit truly and for the local community's


impact to be reduced, it would be much more


effective to split the campus accommodation into more urban


earmarked for Sizewell C lie Sizewell Marshes, fen meadow


habitat conservationists describe as "irreplaceable".


Part of this special site of scientific interest would be lost


if a new access road to Sizewell C is built across it.


A lot of that is of a significant concern.


We would also begin certain about the wider


The raising of ground water through the more.


We have a moral and ethical right to minimise the disruption.


EDF says it's already begun creating wetland habitat


We have a moral and ethical right to minimise the disruption.


We accept there will be disruption, but there are also be a lot


of benefits to be brought by this project and it's up to us to make


sure we get the balance in terms of minimising the impact,


while still bringing the significant benefits it can bring to Suffolk.


Conservationists say at this stage they don't have sufficient


information to gauge what the full environmental impact


But it's clear even now that there's plenty at stake.


Coming up now the weather with Julie.


Thank you very much. In some spots, we have got minus three and we could


see those temperatures dropping lower in places. Widespread frost


and later in the night we could see is thicker cloud drifting down from


the north. That could produce a patchy rain and drizzle. For most of


dry night. The cloud increases, the temperature could rise again in some


spots. Some of us not waking up to eight frost and light winds


overnight. Tomorrow, high pressure in charge. The weather front to the


north. Even where we have the thicker cloud, we will hope it will


break in times to allow some brightness and sunshine through. It


does look like in the south-eastern corner that is where we are


expecting the best of tomorrow's sunshine. Temperatures really


struggling to about three or four Celsius. Saying on the chilly side.


Holding onto the light south to south-westerly winds. We finished


the day largely dry and five with a fair amount of cloud around. Light


rain and drizzle in the north may be. In a minute, the National


forecast, but I will leave you with the outlook. Thursday and Friday,


high pressure still in charge. A lot of cloud around. Breaks in the


south. from time to time. Staying settled


still. Nick has the national forecast this evening.


Hello. If you are watching the football earlier it turned out to be


an evening for football fans in Lincolnshire. This is how it looked


at the start of the day. No idea whether this weather watcher is a


football fan, it's a fan of weather that matters here. All sorts of


weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I


wonder if this six in the cloud across the Midlands into northern


England and parts of Wales felt colder, particularly in these misty


and foggy conditions in this weather watcher view. Some drizzly rain


around at times still from the thicker cloud into parts of England


and Wales overnight, hill fog too. Cloud for Scotland and


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