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Hello and welcome to the Look East late news.


Ipswich becomes the region's second opportunity area,


it will be get millions of pounds to raise


An inquest into the death of Dean Saunders at Chelmsford Prison


hears there was a "lack of leadership, supervision


and support" at the jail and it would be the region's biggest


We report on the transport challenges posed by


The switch has been named as one of the government's new opportunity


centres, the government 's target places where it is not young people


are failing to reach their potential. The towel in Sicily


intends to develop better ships, create links with universities and


colleges in building relationships with employers. Last year Norwich


became one of the first opportunity areas in the country.


Two months ago this high school was celebrating a leap then it Ofstead


rating from requires improvement to good. The government says not enough


schools are making progress. It is giving 6 million to schools in


Ipswich, to raise aspiration. Each opportunity area including this ends


in East Cambridgeshire will have a research school to share evidence on


boosting the performance of disadvantaged children. Justin


Greening was a Norwich after naming the city among the first batch of


opportunity areas. It is vital we leave no stone unturned to find out


what it will take to have them aim high and go along way in their


lives. Baroness separate former Education Secretary is welcome


opportunity areas. We definitely need them, certainly be social


mobility commission is delighted when the government announced it


would set it up. Because what we have done is identify areas where


children from poorer backgrounds were falling behind more rapidly


than their counterparts in affluent areas. We needed the extra


attention, the extra re-sources and the boost that these areas are going


to give us. The thousand word she will have to write them, that is


like a university level dissertation. The University of East


Anglia has an active programme to tackle the mobility problem, here a


Ph.D. Graduates judging the brightest ten and 11-year-olds.


Airlie is the key and the earlier you can do things the better it


isn't that is one of the problems with policy in this area this point,


the earlier you can talk to people about getting a good job and have a


negative even going to university and better it is fed them in June.


Teaching unions welcomed the government's concern over the impact


of deprivation on children's education but they fear the new


money will not be enough to offset damage done by spending cuts. The


principle of Chantrey Academy in Ipswich joined us and I asked them


for a reaction to the opportunity area programme. I think we are very


pleased with the announcement, it gives us the opportunity to work


with disadvantaged students to raise their aspirations and gives them an


opportunity to see what else is out there. There is a huge untapped


resource in this area which given the right chance you can get some


really talented people into those top positions. But the donor what to


expect or how to expected or how to get there. The government says


expert has a problem with social mobility. Why is that? Two reasons,


one is that a lot of the families in the area don't have the pioneers in


the family so they have no idea in terms of what going to university


can mean for them and their futures. Secondly, you have the aspirin


seeing it is not for me. We have to raise expectations and say it is for


you, it is just for students like you and there will be a job at the


end of it. After university you will go into a job and into a career.


Somewhere where you have a work ethic and go on and on improving and


improving and recognising the fact that your development doesn't just


stop at the end of the day. There is money that comes with being an


opportunity area, what would you like to see it spent on? We want to


see generational change, it is not about the next three or four years,


it is about getting the kids the results of the next three or four


years to deal with the shortfall but beyond that the knowledge and


expertise goes back into the community so the next generation


promotes the next generation promotes the next, until you


establish a learning culture in this area. Thank you.


Dean Saunders electrocuted himself in his cell in prison last January


despite warnings from his family that he was suicidal.


Day eight of the inquest and Dean Saunders's parents and his partner


Clare have had to sit through disturbing evidence. The 23-year-old


died in January last year after allegedly hitting himself with a


television caught in his prison cell. Within days of arriving he was


taken off suicide watch and put on half hourly observation. Health care


at the prison operated by care UK, the inquest that heard that none of


the team who made the decision to take Dean of constant watch was


medically qualified. Today the company's medical director said that


was unacceptable. Care UK she said that since tightened up its


procedures and the commission must now be part of the team.


A review into Dean Saunders's definitely no lack of leadership


supervision and support and in her opinion as a former prison GP Doctor


Bromley said she felt Dean should not have been in prison, he was


clearly unwell she said and it was not the right place to be. Earlier a


forensics psychiatrist who assessed Dean before he died still the


inquest he was in a place of safety but noted that without safety his


mental state with be likely to deteriorate further. Dean hadn't


on remand, the Governor of on remand, the Governor of


Chelmsford prison for eight after the death except that this was a


prison had a duty of care to ensure prison had a duty of care to ensure


the prisoners could speak to their families. The review into Dean


Saunders's that said it was both predictable and preventable, was


killed in prison and care UK city have made a number of changes but a


year on some of the recommendations have yet to be fully implement it.


We have been looking at plans to build a new power station on the


Suffolk coast. The new Sizewell C would be up


here, there would be a contractors compounds over


here and accommodation for 2,400 Our environment reporter


Richard Daniel reports now on the transport challenges


for the area around Sizewell. Middleton Moor on a winter's


morning, an idyllic scene It sits on the B1122,


the main route for Sizewell traffic. EDF estimates nearly 5000 vehicles


pass by here each day, the construction of Sizewell C


could had another 2000. Plans to improve the road's junction


at Yoxford and introduce new speed EDF are talking about putting 1500


trucks per day down this road, that is 100 an hour down


a little country road. Now to give you a sense of scale,


there are sections of motorway in this country that don't take that


number of HGVs. EDF points to the Hinkley C project


in Somerset where contract worth ?460 million have


already been placed. It says Sizewell C would bring


similar economic benefits. But that could also mean an extra


1300 vehicles per day passing This hazardous corner in Farnham may


have to be widened or Farnham and neighbouring Strafford St Andrew


could be bypassed. His caravan business


relies on passing trade. Massive implications,


I don't think we really know what those implications are until it


actually happens but it is a little bit late then,


we are as seasonal business, that relies on passing traffic,


we've been here since the 60s and we would like to see it


continue like that. EDF is proposing to park and ride


sites at Wickham Market and Darsham. And up to five freight train Friday,


possibly on a new track built That would mean upgrades


to the east Suffolk line EDF say Sizewell C would bring


significant benefits to the local economy but campaigners say not


at any price. The battle lines are


already being drawn. This region is bucking the trend


in the latest unemployment figures. The national figure


is down, but here it's up 4.6% of the workforce


here is unemployed compared One of the biggest hospitals


in the region has come out The Care Quality Commission says


significant improvements have been made at Addenbrooke's Hospital


in Cambridge thanks to In 18 months it has has moved


'from inadequate' to 'good". It follows a visit by


inspectors last September. Football, Norwich City's


third-round FA Cup replay And there's another third


round replay, Norwich City go to Southampton of the Premier


League. Coming up next the weather


with Chris But from me, goodnight. Dry weather with others across the


region tonight, we see clear spells as well but especially the further


south and east, arts of Essex could drop off 2-3 or 4 degrees and maybe


even a -5 for a low tonight. North and of the region near freezing


under more cloud and into Thursday cloudy conditions, Misty and murky


for West Norfolk but otherwise some bright spells breaking through the


cloud at times and highs on Thursday reaching around 4-6 . About average


but feeling chilly under cloudy conditions. Misty and murky I think,


or in the way of cloud on Friday and high-temperature reaching up to 6


degrees, maybe seven at the coast. The National forecast is up next,


this is the next few days, no great changes over


the next few days, more sunshine on the way.


Despite high-pressure sitting across the country so only slow changes in


the weather, we have had a variety of different weathers, for example


this beautiful sunset in Southampton which was shared by a Weather


Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby thanks to an awful lot of cloud


around and very little deviation by day or night from the rather grey


routine. That is because we have a weather


front, albeit very weak and very little wind to move the cloud and


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