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Hello, I'm Amelia Reynolds. That's Newsnight with Emily


The mother of the missing airman Corrie McKeague has told Look East


And the company behind Sizewell C promises to limit disruption.


And plenty of winter sunshine to end the working week, all the details


later in the programme. The mother of the missing airman


Corrie McKeague has told Look East that press coverage about her son's


membership of adult dating websites Corrie went missing on a night out


in Bury St Edmunds in September. Today, his mother, Nicola Urquhart,


said his membership of adult sites was not a revelation and had been


part of the Police You only have to look at moments


caught at home to appreciate that Corrie Mckeague


was outgoing and popular. For four months, Nicola Urquhart has


been on the front line in the hunt for her missing son,


handing out leaflets and helping out with the physical search


in the surrounding countryside. Knowledge that he had been


using popular dating Today's front-page news in some


tabloids that he had looked online for sex with couples,


she said, was never a secret. It was known to his family long


before he went missing. The first thought is has


he just tried to walk home? Has something happened to him


on his way up the road? The absolute immediate thought


after that is could any of these sites have had anything


to do with this? Could he have arranged


to try to meet someone and it's not Suffolk Police say they are aware


of the social media and website he was using and this is part


of the investigation. Nicola and Corrie Mckeague's


girlfriend have told us that he's April discovered she was pregnant


a fortnight after he went missing. This week, his brothers took


to social media to say the latest The 23-year-old airman based at RAF


Honington was last seen in the early hours of the 24th


of September in Bury. Yes, we could have deleted


all these accounts to save What is more important is finding


out what has happened to Corrie. Meanwhile, private investigators


brought in say they are still unanswered questions,


not least around an area known locally as the horseshoe


where the airman was He didn't magic himself out


of the horseshoe and any vehicle that left the horseshoe,


there should be more work done to discount them


from the investigation. The mystery surrounding this young


airman's disappearance has raised public interest in his private life


but his mother is adamant the focus must turn to the search for him


and hopefully his safe return. The jury at an inquest


into the death of a prisoner at Chelmsford jail has retired


to consider its conclusions. Dean Saunders was jailed


after attacking members Weeks later he was found


dead in his cell. Dean Saunders's parents


Mark and Donna have been During his evidence,


Mark Saunders told the jury he believed had son had


been badly let down. Dean Saunders died at Chelmsford


prison in January 2016. He had electrocuted himself


using wires from a TV in his cell. He was in prison after stabbing his


father during a paranoid episode. The jury heard how signs he was


mentally ill had not been acted His family believe he should have


been in hospital, not present. They have criticised


the decision to take him off constant watch


and to check on him only every


half-hour instead. A private company called Kia UK


has the contract to run Among the 28 witnesses


who have given She told the jury she was part of


the team that decided to take Dean None of the team was


medically qualified. Dean Saunders's partner


Claire, the mother of his son, had told the jury that


a nurse at the prison told The jury has been given a list of 24


questions to consider and one of them is this -


was the decision to observation of Dean


Saunders a financial one? The jury will be back tomorrow


morning to resume its Next tonight, the company behind


plans to build the Sizewell C nuclear power station on the Suffolk


coast has told Look East it will do everything it can


to mitigate the negative impact All this week we've been taking


a close look at the plans At the peak of construction,


there would be 5,600 workers at Sizewell,


an extra 2,000 vehicles and up While the project promises


significant economic benefits, campaigners are asking


at what price? In a moment, we'll here


from the project director of Sizewell C but first this report


by Richard Daniel. Construction on Sizewell B


is underway. The influx of thousands


of workers brought money, There was heavy drinking,


prostitution and drugs. This resident says


left social problems. We weren't ready for


the displacement, there were so many people standing at the tills


with bottles of whiskey. People felt the town didn't


belong to them any more. At the peak of construction


there would be more at Sizewell. About half of those would be living


in or near the town. EDF says all would stick


with a code of conduct. There will be testing


and a hotline for complaints. Already in the plans


are having an effect. This estate agent has seen increased


interest in property investors. There would be a lot more


business coming to town The town council says Sizewell C


could be a huge economic At the moment it is not


supporting it. It says there is insufficient


information about the impact on GP services, schools,


policing and the annual in-service There is a lot more detail that


needs to come to the council and we would hope to work with EDF


before we get to the next age. At a recent meeting, local companies


were urged to sign up. EDF has already placed


contracts worth 460 million. If Sizewell C was built, plenty


of opportunities could lie ahead. I asked him about the influx


of workers and those concerns surrounding prostitution,


drugs and alcohol. The other concern is the volume


of people coming to work It will be further work done,


environmental monitoring and checking the condition of the Lords


but further, there is feedback from local people and how that can be


mitigated. The feedback from local people and the traffic issue is that


they think it can't be mitigated. We have to work with the local


authorities to convince them while we think the mitigation we will


propose at the end of the consultation process will actually


make it much better. I think many people can see the economic


benefits, but the question that remains, at what price? That is a


balancing act you have to make. Very much so. That is why we are


consulting. We are obviously very proud of the opportunities that it


could bring economically and job wise, skills development for the


local community. It is a very large construction projects as part of the


progress that like process we are progress that like process we are


going through is to try to mitigate the negative impact while still


realising all the benefits that go along with it. Thank you.


Finally tonight, a pilot project is underway at The East


of England Ambulance Service to reduce the number of people taken


Instead of sending frontline crews, patients will be treated by a senior


emergency medical technician and an occupational


16% of all calls to the service are fall related, Putting


Coming up now, the weather with Julie.


But from the rest of the team, good night.


Thank you. A dry night ahead with the a lot of clear sky although more


in the way of cloud in the north, but under clear skies it'll be very


chilly indeed with the temperature already lower than these values.


With very light winds we are looking at patchy mist and fog as well.


Tomorrow, high pressure in charge keeping it fine and dry and the fog


may take some time to clear. There should be a lot of sunshine for much


of the day. The temperature of around six Celsius. And we finished


the day with again a lot of sunshine. The national just the


moment but the outlook, and on Saturday more clouds but hopefully


more sunshine, some decent sunny looks as though we can, a bit more


cloud on Sunday. Now the national picture.


Good evening, it will gradually get colder in the UK in the next few


days, something we don't have to worry about in Australia at this


time of year. Of course it's the Australian


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