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Chelmsford Prison has been held partly responsible


for the death of a young inmate, who killed himself while being cared


The family of Dean Saunders say he was suicidal


But today an inquest found he'd been the victim of neglect in prison,


and there were serious failings by the private company


Dean Saunders' family leaving the coroner's court at the end


Dean's partner, the mother of his son, said Dean


should have been in hospital, not caged


I know what it feels like, I don't want another Dean or another


family to have to go through this again.


But do you fear they will, if nothing is changed?


If nothing changes, it will happen again.


There were gasps of relief from Dean Saunders' family


when the foreman of the jury read out that Dean's death


There were multiple failings at Chelmsford Prison, said the jury,


including complacency about Dean's state of mind and circumstances.


In an interview with Look East, a former inmate told us


what the medical wing of the prison was like.


I wouldn't even say there WAS a proper medical


So I've just come through myself - there would be a little


like that, obviously with glass or


bars on to protect the nurse, and from there the queue sometimes went


people queueing back up the stairs...


And they're all looking for medical help?


And by this time people are still waiting in the queue, their


dinner's going cold, everyone's getting


angry, no-one wants to wait in the queues...


And then people trying to jump in... It just causes riots.


said the jury were let down by serious failings in both mental


I'm just so grateful that someone's finally listened to us -


Words can't describe how much we miss him,


The blessing is we've got a little bit of him in his son.


The family's now urging the coroner to prepare a report


highlighting the failings, to try to prevent another needless death.


The company which runs the medical wing, Care UK,


has issued a statement, offering its condolences


It says it's decided to end its contract with Chelmsford Prison,


due to insufficient resources available to provide


It also adds that it's developed a plan to help


It's emerged today that a hospital in Norfolk went


to court to evict a patient, who refused to leave


The patient had been on the ward at the James Paget


Another patient claimed the man treated the ward like a hotel.


The James Paget Hospital says its decision to go to court


to evict a patient wasn't taken lightly, but the bed was needed.


The Portuguese man finally left ten days ago.


Another patient on his ward, who didn't want to be identified,


is disgusted he was allowed to treat the hospital like a hotel.


that it stopped somebody else from being treated.


He was getting all the X-rays, he was getting all the treatment,


Solicitor Ben Ward says legally the hospital


is in a difficult position, as without the patient's consent,


It's a very, very difficult predicament for the hospital to be


in, and ultimately they've had to take the decision to go


And that seems to be the only legal way in which the hospital


The MP for Great Yarmouth, Brandon Lewis, praises


the way the hospital dealt with the situation,


We all have a duty to think about what is right and appropriate,


and that was clearly a case where there were opportunities


for that person to be where they should have been


That's just not fair on the local community.


The patient is now understood to be living in Suffolk.


He hasn't been available for comment.


Tonight, the hospital said it needs to ensure that its limited resources


are given to those people who really need them.


Meanwhile, experts are predicting that the man's two-year stay


cost the NHS ?200,000, and it's unlikely that that money


As you may have seen, Donald Trump has been sworn


in as the 45th President of the United States.


The event was followed across the world.


And it was the big talking point at the Bungalow Diner near Colchester -


It's a slice of America - but in the county of Essex.


And it's got everything you'd want from an American diner.


And my breakfast favourite, pancakes with maple syrup.


But breakfast aside, today is all about the man who's


going to be in charge of the United States of America


American businessman Donald Trump is the 45th US president.


Today, at the Capitol Building in Washington, he took the Oath


of Office, where he promised to protect America and its people


and to be a good leader, which his fans embrace.


But that's something that some of the ex-pats


I don't think he's going to protect our daily lives,


things like the cost of healthcare, the cost of food.


They're stocking the government with people who don't


I think the idea of protecting the American people is THE one thing


And he'll do it through the enhancement of national security


and through putting a lot of money into the defence sector.


President Trump says he wants to make America great again,


create more jobs, and be tough on terrorism and immigration.


So as the billionaire takes office, his supporters will no doubt mark


But those in the anti-Trump camp, those who campaigned against him,


will be likely to be anxiously watching his every move


Those are your top stories tonight - just time to leave you with


Well, it's another dry but cold night -


Temperatures in some spots, like last night, might actually fall


lower than these values, possibly down to minus 5 to minus 6.


Light winds, so we're also looking at some mist and fog,


So tomorrow that mist and fog might take a while to clear; once it's


gone it's looking a dry day, but we are expecting thicker cloud


to spread into some parts, and that could produce a little bit


of light rain and drizzle in North Norfolk.


The best of any brightness and sunshine expected in the south.


Temperatures tomorrow at best around 6 Celsius, 43 Fahrenheit.


And it looks like the dry conditions will continue through the afternoon


Now, in a moment Helen has the national forecast,


but I'll leave you with the outlook, and on Sunday perhaps the better


chance of some spells of sunshine once mist and fog has cleared,


and it looks like the dry conditions will continue


feel cooler. Can we keep it going until the start of the new week? I


suspect we can. Unconfirmed about -- concerned about the fog around. Here


is Helen with the national picture. Good evening. The weather is upon


us. The cloud has made all the difference this week in particular.


We have had some wonderful weather watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in


Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy earlier in the day. Some areas still


have the cloud. What a difference that makes. Edinburgh, the central


lowlands, plagued by this band of narrow cloud, overnight more areas


share in the frost. Pretty widespread, the frost overnight,


cold across northern England, Southern Scotland and Northern




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