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Following the death of Dean Saunders in Chelmsford jail, warning that


lesson still need to be learned. The government unveiled its new


industrial strategy with a focus on Norwich science Park.


Tonight we have frost and freezing fog in the forecast. All the details


for your weather for the week ahead. All the details for your weather


for the week ahead. A campaign group which is supporting


the family of a man who died at Chelmsford Prison has told


Look East that jails have become "dumping grounds" for people


who are mentally ill. Dean Saunders was on remand


after attacking family members with a knife and trying


to kill himself. He was initially placed on suicide


watch, but a decision was made against his family's wishes


to reduce his observations. Just days later, in January last


year, the 25-year-old On Friday, an inquest jury ruled


that Mr Saunders had been let down by Care UK,


which provides health Today, the Prison Ombudsman said


he was "seriously mentally ill" September 2015, Dean Saunders


at home, opening presents Months later, he was


in Chelmsford prison. Today, a report into his death


criticised almost every The investigation by the Prison


and Probation Ombudsman concluded that the criminal justice system


"did too little to protect this Dean was at "high risk of suicide"


when he arrived at Chelmsford and the people who took him off


constant watch "weren't I said to Mark, "Why didn't


we save him at home?" Why didn't we save him


because if we had let him go then, he would've been with people


that loved him. He would've been


surrounded by his family. He wouldn't have been shut away


thinking nobody cared about him. He suffered for another 14 days,


to die in a cell on his own. He was getting no comfort,


no love, no phone calls. I feel that they just took away


all of his human rights, stuck in a cell and just


left him to die. The health care in the prison


was run by Care UK. Just last week, a report


by the prison's Independent Monitoring Board raised concerns


about the company's running Care UK have since announced it is


quitting its contract at the prison. A former prisoner told me


about his experience Fights in the queue


to get into medical. People going, "Oh, my needs


are greater than yours". Just because in case


someone doesn't get seen. Then, at this point,


some people were itching There have been 14 suicides


at Chelmsford since 2011, each Tonight, the Ministry


of Justice says it accepts there were significant failings


in the case of Dean Saunders. It says Chelmsford Prison has


already put into place a number of measures to better support those


with mental health problems. The Saunders family say


they are keeping a close eye to make Deborah Coles is the Director


of Inquest, the charity that supports families of those


who die in custody. Earlier, I asked her


for her reaction to The scandal, I think,


of this case is that Dean was ever It does say something


about how our sentencing policies and magistrates operate,


that a man who is seriously mentally ill ends up in a prison system


that is so obviously incapable In the case of Dean Saunders,


cost was clearly an issue. How worrying is that,


that in the prison system people are trying to save money,


so not proper care and attention So, of course that's an issue,


but I think this is an issue across the prison system


in the sense of, you know, there are just far too many people


in prison who don't need There are far few staff,


there are far few staff able to cope with the vulnerabilities


of the prison population. What we desperately need to do


is to dramatically reduce the prison population and then you can invest


in the proper mental health provision and the proper regimes


that can address the reasons behind people's offending and actually


rehabilitate people, because at the moment


what we are doing with prison is pretty much not more


than warehousing people in extremely The Ministry of Justice have told us


that improvements have been made. Does that go any way


to reassure you at all? I have to say that following every


inquest where failings have been identified by coroners


and by juries, we hear the very empty words


"lessons will be learned". Well, I'm sorry, if lessons


had been learned then Dean Saunders would not have died


in such appalling circumstances. Too many people are going to prison


who simply shouldn't be there. We also need a Government that


properly invests in mental health facilities so that prisons don't


become dumping grounds for people Plans to widen 19 miles of the A12


in Essex have been unveiled One plan is for three lanes each


way between Chelmsford The preferred option will be


decided in the summer. Highways England hopes


work will start by 2020. There are 90,000 vehicles


per day in peak time. The road is in excess of capacity


most of the day these days and, clearly, there is a need


to desperately improve that. A man who shot and seriously injured


a millionaire businessman during a raid on an Essex mansion


has been jailed for 24 years. Charlie Sims, from Great Yeldham,


was convicted last month of attempted murder after shooting


the man in his home The Science Minister says


the Government's new industrial strategy will particularly benefit


this region with its emphasis on supporting science,


research and innovation. He came to Norwich to unveil


the new policy, which could see millions of pounds of investment


coming to our science parks. In the new Leaf Laboratory


at the Norwich Research Park, the Science Minister learns how


plants are producing proteins, This is where the next cure


for Ebola or Zika could be found and it's because of research


like this that the Government is upgrading the role of science


in post-Brexit Britain. We are world class at science,


but you've got to continue to invest in your science base


to stay world class. We always said we would put science


and innovation at the heart of the industrial strategy and,


today, we can see The growth of the Norwich Research


Park is proof that science has been getting a higher profile


in recent years. Putting it at the top


of this new industrial Ministers see a sector


were Britain can excel, so there will be extra funding,


less regulation and ministers will fight for new deals


to drive up exports. There will also be a big attempt


to ensure that scientific discoveries get the help they need


to become commercial successes. There is something that is generally


known as the 'Valley of Death' between pure research


and its translation, where investment has probably been


less than it might have been Also part of this new strategy


is a promise to upgrade infrastructure, to support low


carbon energy schemes and a push to set up more schools,


like this one in Norwich, which specialises in


maths and science - an attempt to produce more


British scientists. Labour gave today's plans a cautious


welcome, saying science needs the extra investment,


but some scientist groups sais that to succeed there would have to be


a good Brexit deal which allows staff to move freely and take


part in EU research. Today was a very positive Government


vision for the East, Coming up now is the weather


from Julie, but from the rest Apart from a little bit of light


rain and drizzle, I think tonight will be dry. Cloud will come and go


so temperatures will fluctuate, but in rural spots the cute get down to


about minus five. We have a yellow warning in place from the Met office


for widespread fog, some of that freezing fog so tricky travelling


conditions not just for tonight but tomorrow as well as some of the fog


could linger throughout the day. Some spots will brighten up with


hazy sunshine developing. In that highs of six Celsius, but where the


fog lingers temperatures will struggle to get above freezing. We


finished the day dry under the clear skies with the fast and frog --


frost and fog reforming. The winds will pick up a little bit. We may


have frost and fog on Wednesday morning but the wind should help it


clear for red leave on Tuesday. Hopefully the cloud will break to


allow some sunshine and brightness. On Thursday, the winds will go more


south-easterly, dragging in much colder air from the near continent


so cold frosty start. A lot of sunshine but that the pictures for


many' linked together about two or three Celsius. The wind chill from


the south-easterly is will make you feel even colder, so a better day on


Thursday. Hopefully not quite as cold on Friday. It should be largely


dry but more cloud around on Friday, but hopefully some brightness and


sunshine, too. John will have the National forecast in a moment, but I


will leave you for the outlook for next weekend. It looks to give will


be largely dry with some sunny spells, but always quite a lot of


cloud around. Cold For the weekend we will have dry


weather with sunny spells and it will be a little bit milder.


Good evening. We are continuing to see huge righty in the weather.


Getting the detail right is proving to be a challenge. This was in


Pembrokeshire and other parts of the UK were gloomy throughout the


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