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Hello and welcome to the Look East late news.


In the programme tonight: The patient evicted from his


hospital bed after two and a half years speaks for the first time


A Suffolk widow describes the moment she pretended to be dead,


as a gunman massacred holidaymakers in Tunisia.


And we meet the school pupils who played a starring role


First tonight, the NHS patient who refused to leave his hospital


bed in Suffolk for almost two and a half years has given his side


Adriano Gurdish moved from Portugal to work in the UK 15 years ago.


In 2008, a stroke left him paralysed from the chest down.


And in August 2014, he was admitted to the James Paget


During the months that followed, he repeatedly turned down offers


The hospital went to court in December 2016 and Mr Gurdish


He is now in a council flat in Suffolk but says he is so unhappy


Tonight social services say they have "explored


all options available, but they were declined by him."


This exclusive report from Debbie Tubby.


Adriano Guedes is paralysed from the chest down.


He spends his day locked in a council flat in Suffolk.


There's no carpet, curtains or central heating.


A stroke eight years ago meant he lost the use of his arm and legs.


He says he was admitted to the James Paget hospital


in August 2014 for mental health not medical reasons.


Did you want to stay in the hospital?


At the beginning, I went on hunger strike.


With no help at all, I decided to stop my life.


What is it you wanted to be given to leave the hospital?


A place that was wheelchair friendly that my family


It has cost nearly ?300,000 for you to stay in the hospital


which you say you didn't want to be in.


Someone else could have used that bed.


It's very bad to occupy a place that should be used by someone in need.


But, at the same time, I didn't cause the situation.


Do you feel guilty that someone else could've used that bed?


The hospital and other agencies have repeatedly offered him care


In December the hospital went to court to get him


If you assault someone, who can defend themselves, it is one thing.


But when you abuse a disabled, it is something else.


Since he was evicted from hospital two weeks ago, the 63-year-old


Either things work out or I pass away.


The James Paget Hospital says it has acted compassionately


Adriano Guedes says he doesn't want to rely on benefits.


He just wants to live independently with the help of carers.


Patrick Thompson has been representing patients


Sitting on various health and hospital boards across the region.


I asked him whether he thought Mr Gurdish was representative


of a broken system or whether he is refusing help that is there.


It is all very well getting summoned into hospital and then finding out


when the are due out that the house is not right, there is no carers


or there is something wrong with the discharge,


and then of course the discharge is delayed.


I have been in the patient and Public involvement industry,


so to speak, for many years, and this has always been high


But over those years have you seen the problem get worse?


I don't think it's getting worse, I think it's getting exasperated


The demographics are completely different.


And I think none of that has been taken into consideration since


District nurses, pedometer lists, social care, private


or within the county council, opticians, dentists, the whole raft.


When you pile money into one, you unfortunately are


When you pile money into one, you unfortunately are


And if that better integration doesn't happen, what do


You can have all the pieces there, but of the don't join up


properly, you don't get the full picture.


And I think now we have determined and see it will continue to fail


unless we get proper integrated services, and that


It's a pleasure, thank you very much.


A coroner was told today that a holidaymaker from Suffolk


pretended to be dead, as a gunman opened fire


Allison Heathcote, who lives in Felixstowe, was hit several


Her husband Philip was one of 38 people who were shot dead.


Our chief reporter Kim Riley has sent this


The coroner said he can understood why they Allison, and import-


export manager, did not choose to come to London to give


In a written statement to the court, she told of her pure


As the gunman brought terror to the idyllic beach, she heard


The Metropolitan Police have recorded where all the 30 British


She and her husband were on sunbeds some 30 metres from the shore.


She says she was aware of being shot in the upper arm and felt


But not aware of the full extent of her injuries.


She hadn't realised she had been shot in the abdomen.


The gunshots were getting closer, she said.


I was fearing for my life and lay still in the sand.


I thought my best chance was to play dead.


I wasn't sure if my husband had been shot.


A postmortum revealed death was caused due to bullet wounds


She was carried off the beach to be rushed to hospital.


She spent three weeks in an induced coma.


When we eventually got to do the funeral, it started to hit home.


She told the inquest her husband shared her love of cricket and had


A straightforward, honest man, taken from her on a holiday


to celebrate 30 years of happy marriage.


The Lord Chancellor says she will visit Chelmsford Prison


following the suicide of a man who was mentally ill.


On Friday, an inquest jury found that Dean Saunders had been let down


Elizabeth Truss has agreed to visit the prison with the local


Ed Sheeran's latest video has been viewed more than 7 million times


Castle on the Hill is described as a love letter to his


Sixth formers at Ed Sheeran's old school, Thomas Mills


in Framlingham, star in the video which is all about


The directors needed actors who would just gel naturally.


You just literally did what you do on a normal day, I with friends,


or whether you are in the pub, whether you are out watching races


or just walking around chatting, having a laugh.


As looking normal and doing what we normally do.


Because it was just an image of what he did when he was


It takes a while to work out that 7 million people will be watching


It is quite a cool thing to think about.


Gives us something awesome to look back on in a few years.


Coming up now the weather with Alex, but from the rest


Freezing fog will be widespread through the great. Extensive through


the region. Another hazard to content with is ice on untreated


surfaces. Temperatures will get a few degrees below freezing. Cold and


frosty start tomorrow. High-pressure keeping things settled. Foggy start,


so there could be some disruption to travel. Mist and fog will lift to


low-level Cloud. Quite a cold they. Three or 4 degrees is possible.


Quite a bit colder than today. Here is the outlook. Colder still on


Thursday. A blast of cold continental air


For all of us, it'll get colder and then milder again come the weekend.


This shot taken earlier by a weather watcher in East Anglia. The fog


becoming extensive over the next few hours in many south-eastern parts of


England. Much, much milder, further north and


west. Let's concentrate on that fog. I think it is going to be a problem


again tomorrow morning. There are warnings in force T could be


disruptive. Allow extra time for your journey. Some icy surfaces,


too. Further north and west across gales, fogp won't be an issue. Early


brightness at 8.00am through parts of the south-west and Wales. And


northern counties. A reasonable day here. More cloud in Northern Ireland


and Scotland. Quite a gusty wind which will be a feature of the


weather tomorrow. Mild, technically, nine or ten. But the wind will be in


evidence throughout the day. The odd spot of rain out west but in great


amounts. Further south and east the fog will spread into parts of the


Midlands and lift into low cloud. A includier day in south-eastern parts


of England and East Anglia and the Midlands. A slice of sunshine across


more central areas. Mild across the north-west, distinctly chilly


further south and east. Chillier than today for sure. The bigger


picture shows high pressure in the east and winds continue to evolve


around the high pressure. Dragging in colder air from a breezing near


continent. You'll notice an edge to the wind on Thursday. A shock to the


system and for some the coldest-feeling day of the winter so


far a brisk south-easterly. Plenty of dry and bright weather. The odd


flake of snow perhaps but boy is it going to be cold. Some places


struggling to get above freezing. Add on the wind and it'll feel very


raw. Stays chilly on Friday across more northern and eastern areas.


Something milder pushing in towards the south-west. Mild but also more


unsettled. Some splashes of rain around as we head towards the


weekend. Weekend is not nailed on. There will be sunshine to push in


off the Atlantic but the progress of the fronts still uncertain but


expect a fair bit of cloud and some showery rain for a time but it will


be milder for all of us. Watch out for the showers. There will


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