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Hello and welcome to the Look East late news.


A Conservative councillor has resigned after this video emerges


The Norwich Peterborough building society brand


is about to disappear from the High Street.


And how the recent storm surge may have played a vital role in saving


In the last few hours a councillor from Norfolk has resigned


following his behaviour during a hunt.


He was filmed making lewd comments to a hunt protestor.


Until recently, Charles Carter was the master of the West Norfolk hunt.


He is also a Conservative councillor for Breckland.


Tonight, both the local MP and the leader of the council told


Excuse me, didn't you know hunting was banned?


Video of the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire, filmed


Linda Hoggard challenges at Charles Carter.


He starts filming her, then makes a lewd comments.


Charles Carter has been on Breckland Council since 2011,


representing the ward of Saham Toney.


A man in that position should know so much better anyway.


And a woman shouldn't be spoken to like that


People shouldn't say things like that.


He shouldn't be representing anybody with those beliefs anyway.


In June 2015, Mr Carter was the master huntsman


Look East spoke to him about the ban.


Having to look over one's shoulder all the time for fear


of being in breach of bad law is not what the country should be about.


Tonight, the local MP George Freeman says that


while being rude isn't a crime, he believes all in elected public


office have a duty to set the highest standards of conduct.


North Yorkshire Police have confirmed they were


called to an altercation and they are investigating.


We made several attempts to contact Mr Carter today, but we've not heard


back from him. However, I did speak to


William Nunn is the leader of Breckland council,


he made the decision to suspend Mr Carter as soon


I was pleased to receive Charles' resignation.


I felt he had done a dreadful thing, and it was absolutely right


he resigned from his position on Breckland Council.


And when he spoke to you earlier this evening to say


that he was going to resign, what did he tell you?


He was sorry he'd brought embarrassment to myself,


to the local Conservative group and to Breckland Council.


More so, I know that he contacted the protester to apologise


to the husband and make it clear it was meant in no way to be rude.


But the footage, you say yourself, you are shocked and appalled by it.


When you did see it, were you also surprised by it,


because you obviously know Mr Carter well?


I've known Charles for some years now on the council.


I was shocked he had used that sort of language to a person


It was an absurd thing for him to do.


But he did it, I felt as council leader I had no choice


but to immediately suspend him from the Conservative group


on Breckland Council, which has, obviously,


George Freeman, the local MP, has said he too was appalled.


How much damage do you think this has done to the Council and to


I hope it hasn't done any damage to the Conservative Party locally.


I think, as a party, we've handled it swiftly and appropriately,


and I think that's the way it should be dealt with.


Of course, for Charles, this is not good,


The Norwich Peterborough Building Society brand


will disappear from our high streets later this year.


28 branches across the East will be closed and hundreds


The society is owned by the Yorkshire Building Society,


which says it wants to focus on the main brand.


It's been a trusted name on our high streets for decades,


But soon, the Norwich Peterborough name will completely disappear.


It's owner, the Yorkshire Building Society, plans


to close 28 N branches, including this one


It's a shame, our elderly customers are going to feel the impact more.


They rely upon the convenience on their doorstep of being able


to withdraw their money and spend it at local businesses.


In the vast majority of cases, it's matter of a couple of miles


Of course, there are other ways we could help them as well,


and what we'd certainly urge customers to do, if they have


any concerns, please come and talk to us,


pop into the branch and we'll do anything we can to help them.


They're in branches and at N's headquarters in Peterbrough.


After the closures, only 17 branches will remain under


The Yorkshire says the banking market is changing.


More customers are conducting their business online,


and use of High Street branches like this is declining by 7% a year.


Further investment in that network can't be justified.


But that argument will disappoint thousands of members who expect


a building society to provide a good branch network in places where


These are some of the places set to close.


The changes are due to take effect from September this year.


Members are being encouraged to embrace online banking,


but some elderly customers may find that difficult to do.


Earlier, I asked Richard whether he was surprised


Building societies are supposed to be different from banks.


They're mutual organisations, owned by members, not shareholders.


Building societies are supposed to use the money they save by not


paying dividends to do good stuff for members,


such as paying good interest rates and maintaining


I think today's announcement risks making


the Norwich Peterborough look like any old bank.


So are we expecting some of our other smaller


We're got the Ipswich and the Cambridge.


I spoke to the Ipswich earlier today, they have nine branches,


We had about 50 regional building societies in the 1950s,


Plans to provide an extra 1200 school places in Essex


Two weeks ago, our coastline was bracing itself


for the devastating effects of strong winds and spring tides.


But while many places were left counting the cost,


at Orford Ness in Suffolk, they were counting their blessings.


There, the waves dumped thousands of tonnes of shingle


on the shoreline, and that could prove vital in a battle


Once again, the volunteers are stepping into the


This, the latest phase of work costing more than ?6,000


to try to delay the now-redundant structure's collapse,


using what they call these shingle-filled sausages.


While they feared the worst as the most recent storm


sea swelled, for once, the waves proved friend, not foe.


Built in 1792 using three quarters of a million bricks,


Below, there's another 20 feet, as the profile


Once powered by whale oil, it was decommissioned in 2013.


It's now owned by a trust driven by passion and pride.


It's a landmark that everybody loves.


When you drive into Orford, the first thing you see out


Orford without a lighthouse would be disastrous.


Do you have any vision of how many years you've got left?


We will take it year by year, and at the end of each winter


we will be able to assess how she's got through the winter.


That's when we will start dismantling and moving


These voice pipes go all the way down to the kitchen of the cottages,


when the cottages were here by the side.


The keeper could summon his mate to come up here and give him a hand.


When the end is finally nigh, they will hope to salvage


and exhibit in a museum this and other artefacts from the inside.


The very top of the building will be taken away and preserved too.


They know that day will surely come, but for now it is all about digging


Coming up now the weather with Alex, but from the rest


thank you very much. Good evening, another cold night across the


region, despite the amount of cloud out there. Colder air coming in from


the consonants, misty conditions and a few spots of rain possible, and


the risk of icy patches on untreated surfaces. Temperatures widely low,


lower than these temperatures as we get to the early hours of tomorrow


morning. Already a cold start to tomorrow, but also this cold mass of


continental air moving across us. It will feel bitterly cold,


temperatures not likely to get above freezing all day. A lot of cloud


around, as that moves in, the chance of some sunshine. But take a look at


the temperatures, around 1 degrees for some of us. Factoring in


wind-chill, it will feel bitterly cold. The National weather is coming


up, USA outlook, cloudy take a look at the Outlook towards


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