10/02/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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has washed up on two beaches in Norfolk.


The drugs were found yesterday in holdalls


And this morning smaller packages were discovered


So far, 360 kilos of cocaine have been found,


and investigators say more drugs could be washed ashore.


Today police swept the beach looking for more packages that have washed


They estimate approximately 360 kilograms of the class A drug


were found on the beach in holdalls that were kept afloat


The seizure, which if cut and sold on the streets


could have a potential value of over ?50 million.


The National Crime Agency believe this find will be a major


360 kilograms of cocaine is definitely a significant seizure


and one that we are quite pleased with, as law enforcement.


Obviously it will not make its way onto the streets.


But washed up on the beach is very unusual.


Still, it is a significant detection.


Ryan Barnett worked constructing the sea defences here,


and says it is not the first time this has happened.


I understand you have found stuff like this?


Yeah, there was stuff we found back then, obviously not as much


A smaller amount, about ten kilos, I think it was.


Tonight, Norfolk Police say they believe all packages have been


recovered and they will continue to work with the


This evening the police said they will step up


On the street cocaine is sold in one gram wraps,


so this seizure means over 360,000 wraps have been stopped before


Police are to start a major search of a landfill site


to try to find the missing airman Corrie McKeague.


A thousand square metres of the Milton landfill


It will take up to ten weeks to complete.


Milton landfill site, not far from Cambridge.


It is the focus of the latest phase of the investigation


into the missing airman, Corrie McKeague.


Police will search 1000 square metres of the site, up to a


after Corrie was picked up on CCTV walking into a loading bay behind


some shops, a dead end full of bins.


Shortly after, a waste lorry was caught on camera making


a collection in the same area where Corrie was


The lorry itself was forensically tested but


Waste from that lorry is still at the side after police told


them not to put anything on top of it.


Since he went missing in the early hours of the 24th of


September, there have already been searches involving hundreds of


We have 40 members of the public, I have somewhere


round about 60 trained search technicians, team leaders


We have 14 four by fours out who will run and ferry the


Police say searching the site is the next logical step


Corrie's mother, Nicola, told Look East this


latest news leave the family with mixed emotions, and while she is


pleased searches are taking place, she is terrified and desperate for


The lorry driver who died when his truck crashed onto the A12


in Essex from a bridge has been named by his family.


30-year-old Gurdip Johal, who lived in Witham, died on Wednesday.


His lorry was carrying batteries, and the trailer has now been moved.


Greater Anglia has unveiled a plan for a new ?70


It will be built by the rail operator Abellio on a former factory


New trains, which will be bought as part of the company's nine-year


franchise agreement, will be serviced and repaired there.


The firm says it will help them transform train


Travellers on the Great Eastern Line out of Liverpool Street have


for a decade looked out on a post-industrial wasteland


as the train passes over the River Stour estuary to Brantham,


It used to be a thriving industrial centre employing thousands.


ICI one of the companies that used to operate here.


Margaret Roberts, later Margaret Thatcher, was employed


as a research chemist at a plastics company close by.


Now, 22 acres is earmarked for a state of the art


This is an enormous decrepit and decaying site which is crying


out for regeneration which many people thought would never happen.


And I think the thing that is so important for all of us


in the east of England is this is the first step on the road to how


this new franchise will regenerate the broader eastern economy.


The new depot will have 15 tracks for stabling,


cleaning and maintaining a new fleet of trains.


It will complement existing ones at Norwich, Clacton and Ilford


and include a new lathe, especially useful in the autumn


when falling leaves create slippery conditions can


Local planners have given permission for 300 new homes nearby, and now


This is the largest inward investment since


?70 million coming in to a very tricky site


Greater Anglia accepts its current service needs improvement.


When the service is running reliably then I think it is a good service,


but I am absolutely honest when I say there are still too many


incidents and that is where the billions that we are putting in,


that will reduce these incidents and they will keep


The timescale for this project is ambitious -


design work is underway now and work proper should start in the summer.


The aim is to have it up and running by December 2018.


Then it will receive the first of a fleet of new trains to be


We have some further showers this evening and overnight and rain,


sleet and snow in some snow likely to settle. Temperatures are around


minus one Celsius sought some frost in places and also missed the murky.


The risk of further win today showers in the morning tomorrow but


mostly be turned to rain. Cloudy skies and staying cold. We keep the


showers feeding and on those north-easterly winds tomorrow


evening. NA moment the National forecast. Sunday is another cloudy


Bay and the bitterly the cold easterly wind. We keep the


exception to that rule probably over the hills where again there could be


a bit of snow, but not accumulating. Another cold


However I paint this weekend's picture, I'll need a palette of


grey. Thereby a a lot of cloud around but I managed to find some


sunshine. I don't know how but there was a couple of hours towards the


south-west in Cornwall, a beautiful day. The south-west saw glimpses of


sunshine. Further east, cloudy, cold and grey with winds off the North


seep and a scattering of wintry showers. Yes, rain sleet and snow, a


dusting at lower levels through the day. It brought this beautiful


picture on the outskirts of Aberdeenshire. But enough of the


sun, let's get back to the nitty gritty and talk about the snow


showers that will continue across the eastern half of the UK


throughout the night. There will be some significant accumulations


higher ground. A dusting at lower levels, and it will 's be cold


further north and west, particularly in sheltered Highlands of Scotland,