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whether that is legal or not. Full coverage for you online and on the


Hello and welcome to the Look East late news.


who say new government plans to fight bird flu


put their flocks and businesses at risk.


We're given exclusive access at one of our hospitals.


And staying cold with the risk of snow showers over the next couple of


days. I will be here later with all the details.


First tonight, a warning that free-range egg producers will go out


of business because of bird flu despite the lifting of restrictions.


Today, the government said hens in the white areas on this map can


be moved back outside when the current ban runs out


They would then become free-range again.


In the red areas they will still be kept under cover to protect them


from wild birds carrying the flu virus.


But today, farmers told Look East that no area is completely safe


and they claim there is no science behind the advice


Daniel is a free range egg producer in Suffolk.


He is one of the lucky ones because his farm is outside the high


On March 1st, his birds will be allowed out again.


But Daniel is still worried that those inside the high


How have DEFRA come up with these zones?


Throwing paint at a map by the looks of it.


They say it is a risk response but they haven't said what the risks


are. Dave White is another


free range producer. His farm is just a few fields away


but is within a high risk area. His birds will have to stay


in their sheds and he is furious. They have taken a compass,


put it on a map and done circles. In those areas where they still have


to house, they will not be able The government will not be able to


give them help. I am hopeful people will recognise


these are free range flocks, they are being housed


for a good reason. He is a free range producer


and packer supplying three quarters of a million free range eggs


to supermarkets across East Anglia. He says the DEFRA plans will put


some producers out of business and may even extend the life


of the bird flu virus. We saw Alaistaire Brice


in that report. You have farms both in and out


of the restricted zones. Yes, we do. We have three farms in


the high risk areas and I want to clarify there have been no cases of


avian flu in East Anglia currently, but we have restrictions imposed on


three of our farms. I am a free range egg producer and I am expected


to sell and grade barn eggs along with them. If bird flu does pose a


threat, the government has to do something about it. Absolutely and


they have been very proactive in bringing the housing order in. As


poultry farmers we want to protect our flocks and we want to protect


the wild bird population and the housing order was the right thing to


do, but we have come to the end of February and we will lose other free


range status and that has forced DEFRA to make a decision albeit the


wrong one. Why should they be doing then? There is no easy answer to


this. Bird flu is a worldwide issue and we are fighting it on our shores


every autumn and every autumn it is getting worse. We understand the


main problem occurs during the autumn and early spring and then


they migrate to birds go back and through the summer we don't see it.


The current control mechanism that DEFRA will put in place means I fear


we could spread the disease and make it almost a 12 month cycle. This is


going to affect the price you get for your eggs if you cannot call


them free range any more. Do you have fears people will go out of


business? These controls are put in place and they are geographic for


areas where there are wild foul or open areas of water. They will not


change so if you are a producer you are stuck in that zone so in effect


you will not market your eggs as free range again. Only when bird flu


is not prevalent. Tonight, in the last hour,


police have now re-opoend one lane of the A12 southbound


following an incident yesterday in which a lorry crashed


from a bridge onto the carriageway. The driver died in the


accident near Witham. The lorry was carrying 26


tonnes of batteries. As new figures reveal that they're


blocking is the highest on record, we have been given exclusive access


to a hospital in Basildon to see how they are coping there.


We have had a very challenging night.


We are still on black alert currently.


It is the first meeting at Basildon Hospital to work out


I've got three potential discharges for today.


We are in a position where we have no more beds in the hospital,


so we have 28 patients placed in A, so at the moment, if we have


any more ambulances arrive, we only have one trolley


If you have more than one patient, what are you going to do?


Then we will have ambulances queueing.


We admitted more people than we were able to discharge yesterday.


Basildon's managing director takes me through the latest situation.


What we're hoping to do is move patients into our elective


orthopaedic ward, which means we are not able to do joint surgery,


Just coming round to see if there are any patients for hospital home?


After the morning meeting, nurse Natalie Cook goes ward to ward


to find patients who could be discharged from hospital


and get their treatment from Basildon hospital nurses


But the real problem is being dealt with here.


Sick elderly people who get stuck in hospital.


This ward aims to treat the frail quickly and get


Some patients have been here for ten days though.


But after two days on this ward, Eileen is looking


Some patients here are waiting for social care to kick in.


The majority of the patients who come over here we treat


The longer they stay, more complex problems arise,


Every bed in Basildon Hospital is taken and it has pretty much been


that way since the beginning of the year.


So much so that if you needed something like a hip replacement,


they would pay to send you private, none have taken place


Basildon Hospital is trying but getting slack in the health


Earlier, I asked our health reporter Nikki Fox for her


The figures are quite bad in some hospitals in this region. The


Princess Alexandria Hospital in Harlow has dropped to 69%. 95% of


people are supposed to be seen within four hours, that's the target


and many hospitals are falling below that level. One of the solutions is


to send patients to be treated privately, but how much money is


being spent on that? There is a national survey that suggests around


a third of hip and knee operations are being done by private companies


and that is quite worrying, because that is their bread and butter, that


is where they get the majority of their money, they don't get a lot


from emergency operations. For that type of work to be placed with


private companies, that is having a big impact on their finances.


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the Norwich South MP Clive Lewis


will be able to return the shadow cabinet at some stage in the future.


Mr Lewis resigned as Shadow Business Secretary last night after deciding


to defy Mr Corbyn and vote against Article 50.


Today, the Labour leader said it was right that Mr Lewis


had stepped down now, but he hoped he could come back


Clive voted the way he did last night because he believed


that he must represent the views of his constituency.


I understand that, but it was a national decision,


it was a national ballot, it was a national referendum.


I have a very good relationship with Clive, we had a chat


on the phone yesterday as well as in my office and,


of course, there will be a place for him in the future.


Clive Lewis has not made any comment on camera today,


but there will be more discussion surrounding this week's vote in


That's on BBC One at 11 o'clock this Sunday.


Good evening. The wintry weather has set in and it will be bitterly cold


for the next 48 hours. The risk of some snow flurries as we go through


the night, so you might wake up to a light dusting also the risk of icy


patches. Not a lot of change on the pressure pattern. This weather


feature may mean showers becoming widespread as the day goes on. They


will be blowing in from the North Sea and they may get further England


as that north-easterly wind freshens. More snow expected


tomorrow night and into Saturday morning. Two or three Celsius


beehive. The National weather is coming up and here is the outlook:


You could wake up to a covering of snow on Saturday, it


sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday will turn a bit less cold again. All


the way up seven Celsius. At this time of year we can often


get the weather stories that reflect the battle between winter and


spring, and that's what's been happening in New York in the USA.


Yesterday, 17 Celsius, but today, it's been bitterly cold, just a


daytime maximum of -2, a significant wind-chill and some significant snow


falling as we speak. This was Times Square earlier today. For others,


it's been a pretty cold day. Not quite as cold, but nevertheless a


lot of low cloud lifting in off the North Sea