11/05/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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Hello and welcome to the Look East late news.


the families of the missing who never give up hope.


A dramatic twist in the battle for North Norfolk -


the Green Party says it won't field a candidate


in order to help the Lib Dem Norman Lamb.


And I will be here with the latest on the weather into the weekend.


Join me later. First tonight, the hidden anguish


of families who've had a loved one Thousands of people disappear


across the region and while most are found, Look East has discovered


there are 313 cases where the missing person


has not been traced. Some hit the headlines,


like the search for the airman Corrie McKeague,


but many more don't. Musician Anthony Stammers was 27


when he left the family home Today, his parents Rob and Julie


told us they'll never give up It has had a horrendous


effect on us all. There are a few incidents


where I have looked at people The problem is you want it


to be him, you want these people to be him and you have got


to rationalise it and I often say to somebody,


"I thought you were my son, The impact you were talking about,


you cannot imagine how it When he left the house,


he had every intention of going He had suffered from some


depression but we felt I often shout, "Hello,


Anthony, I'm home." It is a habit just in the hope


that he will reply, "Hello, Mum." You never stop searching,


you never give up hope that Even now we sit down regularly


and plan the next thing. We have been to North Wales,


you go into a church, We rarely go out without a leaflet


or two in case we bump into people. Anthony, we love you so very much


and miss you so very much, We just love you and want you back


in our lives and hope And just to make contact and let us


know you are safe and well. Rob and Julie Stammers,


talking to Kevin Burch If you want help or advice you can


go to missingpeople.org.uk Well, Steve Gaskin is a former


detective chief inspector with the Metropolitan Police and has


worked on numerous I asked him how easy


it was for someone to go missing. Last year, over 300,000 people


went missing in England, Scotland and Wales and that has been


measured by the charity Two thirds of those people actually


go missing because they want to, Often these people are suffering


from some form of mental illness or mental disorder,


or for financial reasons, they want to go missing,


but that leaves a third of people that are missing and that is a huge


problem these days, especially with cuts in public service


for the police force. How, as a detective,


do you decide which cases of missing A lot of it is to do


with supervision, making sure that when somebody goes missing


that those leads are followed The Police Service in general


are very, very good at doing that. Say, for instance, the first person


that reports a missing person, a police officer, often


they will spend hours, days and nights personally trying


to find these people, but the hardest thing


is if you can't find them, Oddly, in some ways,


it's better to have a murder enquiry because at least you've got a body


and you know what has gone on. It is really very


difficult to investigate. And is there a point


when you are investigating, say a missing person's case,


where the chances of finding that I mean, is it after


a certain amount of time? All criminal investigations,


including a missing persons, are to do with fresh evidence


and hot leads and once those leads have been exhausted


and the trail goes cold, it is very difficult


to know when to stop. The whole experience


is very emotional. It's very emotional for the person


that has gone missing, it's very emotional for parents,


friends, particularly if it's a young person,


and it's very frustrating and emotional for the police


that are investigating. In the general election campaign


there's been another dramatic twist Tonight, the Green Party said it


wouldn't field a candidate in order to help the Liberal Democrat health


spokesman Norman Lamb. Mr Lamb, who held the seat


with a majority of 4,000, is under pressure after Ukip -


which polled 8,000 votes last time - told its supporters to vote


Conservative to try to unseat him. The Greens came fouth


in 2015 with 1,400 votes. They say that won't endorse Mr Lamb,


but they are encouraging their supporters to vote for him


to try and keep out With nominations now closed,


it means that the battle in North Norfolk will be


between Mr Lamb, the Conservative James Wild


and Labour's Stephen Burke. Earlier I spoke to the Green Party's


regional organiser Martin Schmierer and asked him if it was desperate


times, desperate measures. Well, it's a case certainly


of politics being in flux. It's a case where the Green party


has to look at its resources, it has to look at the constituencies


in which it is fighting. It has to think about where it can


best make an impact. We are trying our best to make sure


that we have got the very best kind of Parliament on June 9th,


making sure that environmental protection and action on climate


change is not forgotten. This is going to be the shortest


ballot paper in history, Yes, but it's important


that the result is right Britain needs an opposition


to the Conservatives. We cannot have a massive


landslide to the Tories. We need to have other


voices in there. You are denying your


supporters, Green supporters, Well, it's up to the local party


to make that decision. They decided not


to stand a candidate. What do the Greens get


back from the Lib Dems? This isn't some sort


of cloak and dagger, What we get out of it is


the assurance, hopefully, that we will get some kind


of proportional representation if we see that large


number of MPs elected. The last election we got


a million votes and that We really need to change


the voting system. That is what is fundamentally


unfair, that is what is fundamentally undemocratic


and that is what the voters, whether that be across Norfolk


or whether that be across Britain, And you, as a member


of the Green Party, will be very happy to see Norman Lamb


retain his seat June 9th? I mean, our decision


there was not an endorsement of Norman Lamb per se,


it was not an endorsement What this was was a direct


condemnation and criticism of this hardline Tory


and Ukip almost alliance. That is something that we in


the Green Party cannot stomach. Labour will also be standing


in North Norfolk and for a full list of candidates in that


seat and all the others, Finally tonight, imagine


watching this whilst It's called a VR Playground


and there are eight of them dotted around Norwich as part


of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival Among the highlights is a seven-hour


long theatre performance this weekend called Summer,


Autumn, Winter, Spring. We are trying to make something


where the audience can really imagine themselves in and in fact,


in Autumn, they are invited onto the stage to be part of Autumn,


so it's about not presenting a performer as a kind of hero,


if you like, not a heroic figure, but as people like us and that


raises questions about how we function in the world,


how we are with each other. And the festival runs


until the 28th May. Coming up now the weather


with Alex, but from the rest Some changes are underway with the


weather over the next 24 hours or so. More cloud coming from the south


and that could bring outbreaks of rain. It will stay very mild


compared with last night, temperatures of eight Celsius. We


start tomorrow with this area of low pressure moving slowly to the north.


We may see outbreaks of rain first thing, a bit of a cloudy start, but


brighter skies and some sunshine. Some showers could be heavy,


possibly thundery. Temperatures of possibly thundery. Temperatures of


18 or 19 degrees with a brisk breeze. Into the afternoon, although


some showers are around and the odd thundery one, they will fade away


towards the end of the day. Here is the outlook: Into the weekend a


slightly cooler field to things. We will see good spells of sunshine on


Saturday. The chance of an isolated shower and into Sunday, some


scattered We want to see the economy


work for everybody, not Now the weather.


, yes a humid dead. We have had photographs of the


Now, humid air is coming in hyped. This cloud will