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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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Appointments and planned operations due to take place tomorrow have been


cancelled at two of the region's hospitals affected


There'll be no surgery or clinic appointments


at the James Paget in Gorleston, and Colchester Hospital has


Computer systems at Broomfield in Chelmsford have also


been hit by the virus, which encrypts files and demands


From the outside, all appeared calm at Colchester Hospital this


afternoon, but staff have been using pen and paper,


and the hospital did cancel some operations.


It's also asked people not to use A unless absolutely necessary.


We have contingency plans for these major events,


As you say, Sally, we've had to cancel some non-elective work.


We will bring those patients back in a timely manner,


but it's a credit to the staff and indeed to the patience


of our patients that we've been able to manage this crisis


Some patients we spoke to were annoyed but most


If it's x-rays or breakages or what have you, they're


going to send you home, but if it's only minor things


But we sat in the waiting room for another 15, 20 minutes,


and they came out and said "We're very sorry," and they just


Basically now, patients' details can be hacked, can't they? Sold.


There is no evidence at this stage that there's been any compromise


of patient sensitive data so we will be looking as we recover


over the weekend to be absolutely sure of that.


Tonight the James Paget Hospital at Gorleston, also hit


by the cyber attack, told us there will be no surgery


Hospital staff are working without computers to contact


patients with appointments to arrange new dates.


The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been at the Princess Alexandra


During his visit, he promised to make the building


The A department was originally designed for 60,000 people but now


This from our Health Reporter, Nikki Fox.


A hospital described by its previous chief executive


Built in the '60s, staff even complained about raw sewage


Campaigning is not allowed within the hospital,


so the photocall took place outside the local chemist.


There is a real need for a new hospital here.


I want to make a commitment now because, you know,


it depends on future funding settlements but what I'd say


is that it would be a high priority for a future


So, just how badly does Harlow need a new hospital?


In December it was the fullest in England, up to 100 beds short.


A attendances rose by 27% in five years.


And the maintenance backlog, ?50 million.


It's about finding the right site for the hospital,


it's about getting the funding, which will need to come not just


from developers but also from central government.


Part of the problem is the growing population.


Designed for 60,000, 85,000 now live there.


It's something we pointed out here in Harlow from Ukip.


If we stopped giving so much money to the EU,


within a couple of weeks we would have enough money


to build the new hospital that we need here in Harlow.


The Green Party is keen on introducing an NHS reinstatement


act, that would repeal the health and social care bill introduced


in 2012 because ultimately what we think is that the NHS does


need more funding, it does need support, but it doesn't need that


The Liberal Democrat candidate wasn't available but the party says


1p on income tax will increase the NHS budget.


For the Health Secretary, no time to wait around, especially


And no promises, just a pledge to look at a new hospital again.


There are serious doubts tonight whether a multi-million pound


project in Harwich to build a replica of the famous 16th Century


ship, the Mayflower, will ever be completed.


It was described as a "brilliant audacious project" by


Sir Richard Branson and has been mainly funded by public money.


The Harwich Mayflower Project set out to raise ?4 million


Forget Plymouth - the original ship was actually built in Harwich.


Local captain Christopher Jones and his crew took the pilgrims


With your valued support, a traditional wooden boat-building


A promotional video helped raise ?30,000 from crowdfunding.


The aim - to train a new generation of wooden ship-builders in the town.


But of the replica, this is all there is to see so far.


The keel laid, the stern post, and just one of the ribs in place.


Robert is one of a group who call themselves


He and other members of his family made ?30 donations to the project.


He believes the charity is misleading the public.


We think they must stop living in a fantasy world and telling


No building has taken place for five years.


Graham Richardson is general manager of the project and he's


He showed me the new visitor centre, where local school children will


The once almost derelict railway station is being


converted into a transport and maritime museum.


He believes the site will become a major attraction but knows


Funding has been difficult, I will agree, but we are


We have got a bid in with the Heritage Lottery at the moment.


You are still determined this ship will be built?


We are. Yes, we're positive.


The Charity Commission says concerns have been raised about progress,


but it was satisfied with the role of the trustees.


With ?1.4 million spent so far, some worry this scale model will be


the only Mayflower produced at these workshops.


Those are your top stories tonight but I'll leave you with the weather.


Tonight it will be largely dry with some clear spells and a few


scattered showers. A mild night, most stay in double figures although


some spots could drop to eight Celsius. On Saturday, the day of


sunny and bright spells and a few showers. Some could be on the heavy


side. Temperatures could reach 21 Celsius. On Sunday this cold front


rattling through, producing a few millimetres of rain overnight, but


that should be gone by the morning, then another day of sunshine and


showers. In a moment the national forecast but I will leave you with


the outlook. A bit of a mixed bag earlier on


today, some of us were cloudy with rain. This is the view from one of


our weather watchers in Cornwall. But in the Highlands of Scotland, it


was completely different, find, sunny and warm. The satellite and


radar picture shows the variety of weather we have