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Hello, I'm Amanda Goodman.


It's emerged today that a great grandmother


who was originally from Ipswich was one of the victims


of the shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida.


Today, the family of 84-year-old Olga Woltering


saying she'll be remembered for her "bright smile".


The aftermath of Friday night's shooting in Fort Lauderdale.


Five died, among them Olga Woltering, who was


Raised there, she attended Priory Keith Secondary Modern School.


Her husband, Ralph, is a former US Air Aorce serviceman.


She met him when he was stationed in Suffolk, and moved


It is thought they were in the airport on their way to go


on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate her


In a statement, Mrs Woltering's son Tim and daughter Debbie said...


Iraq war veteran Esteban Santiago, a former National Guard soldier,


is accused of carrying out the shooting.


Officers from the major crime unit are investigating the death of a man


and injuries to a woman this afternoon in Cambridgeshire.


Police were called to Houghton Road in St Ives at 12:40


The woman is thought to be in a stable condition,


A man in his 40s has been arrested on suspicion of murder


Roads around the property have been closed.


Academics and disability charities in the East have paid tribute


to Professor Stephen Hawking, who's 75 today.


Diagnosed with motor neurone disease aged 21, he was given


two years to live, but went on to become one of the World's


Now, he wants to go into space. He is a scientific great who has defied


the odds and giving hope to others. He is dressed a Suffolk conference.


He told them how he came close to death when his throat was operated


on in 1999. I had a type of remotely. -- type of pneumonia. If


he hadn't been struck down and been able bodied, maybe he wouldn't have


had the time to come up with the research he has. He was given just


two years to live aged 21. At 75, he is still working. A former student


at Cambridge, he admires his brilliance and his kindness. During


my Ph.D., we were working together for several hours a day. It was


fine. He was making jokes, often at my expense. It was pleasurable. He


told those at Suffolk to concentrate on what they can do, not on what


they can. At 75, he still wants to go to space.


Cromer beach brought in the New Year a week late tonight


Bad weather delayed them, but they've been going strong


since the start of the millenium, to raise money for good causes.


Since we started this event in the year 2000,


we've raised nearly ?45,000 for local charities, local


volunteer groups, and even the emergency services.


And that is one of the most rewarding aspects of


It was another misty, murky start to the day again today.


But some of us were lucky enough to see some brightness


and some sunshine come through into the afternoon.


It's all change again as we head into next week.


We've got a spell of rain coming tomorrow.


And through the middle part of the week, it's


And we might possibly see some wintry showers around


on Thursday and Friday, with a bitterly cold northerly wind.


We'll start of the day tomorrow on around six or 7 degrees.


But all of that list and murk will have reformed, so poor


Staying dry until we get to the late morning,


then some outbreaks of rain spreading in from the north-west.


The south-westerly wind is going to pick up as well.


Wet and windy for the second half of the day, but still mild.


Temperatures up to five or six Celsius.


Turning chilly on Monday night, but the really cold air


doesn't come our way until Wednesday evening.


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