14/01/2017 Look East


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Good evening, I'm Shaun Peel. Chinese cheque-books.


Hundreds of people have returned to their homes after widespread


The storm surge made its way down the coasts of Norfolk,


Suffolk and Essex early this morning, but the sea defences held


People were removing sandbags in Great Yarmouth today.


In the end, they just weren't needed.


I was concerned that there was going to be disruption


but I wasn't concerned for my personal safety.


Though I did park my car on one of the highest spots in Yarmouth,


which I believe is about eight feet above sea level.


6000 homes should have been evacuated in the town,


although thousands of people ignored the official advice.


But even with this surge, the high tide was a foot below


We took the appropriate action given the forecast and the predictions.


You know, we've got very good coastal flood defences.


These will have protected about 500,000 properties down the east


Down into Suffolk, Felixstowe Ferry was braced for the worst.


High tide there was half-past midnight but, again, no flood.


The relief of the water not coming in, you can't


The police have done a fantastic job because the last time


we got flooded here, which was three years ago, we had


masses of cars came down. People just coming to have a look.


This morning, the sea at Jaywick in Essex was calm.


No sign there had been any threat from the waves.


They were packing up at the local reception centre where around


Jaywick was one of the highest risk areas along the east coast,


with a heavy presence last night from police, fire


They deserve a medal for what they have done.


We popped out yesterday and because they couldn't get a hold


of us, they came back round to make sure we was all right.


I mean, I am only one person out of thousands.


Although widespread flooding didn't happen overnight,


the East Anglian coast still took a battering.


Hundreds of coastal communities will be feeling very relieved.


A man in his 50s has died at Thorpeness in Suffolk


after he was trapped under a cliff which had collapsed.


A major rescue operation was launched to try to free the man.


Emergency crews tried to treat him but he died at the scene.


Football now, and in the Championship, Ipswich beat


Blackburn 3-2 including a brace for Tom Lawrence which leaves Town


in 14th, and Norwich are eight points short


of the play-offs after losing 2-1 at Rotherham.


Norwich had Oliviera sent off after 18 minutes


In League One, Peterborough were buried by Bury 5-1,


Northampton lost 2-1 at home to Scunthorpe, MK Dons


at Port Vale was postponed, frozen pitch there,


Simon Cox with the winner three minutes into stoppage time to leave


In Two, Cambridge v Blackpool ended goalless, Luton in 6th with ten


men won 2-1 at Crewe, Colchester in seventh drew


1-1 at Newport County, and Stevenage lost 4-2 at Plymouth.


Onto rugby, and Northampton Saints beat Castresin the European


It was academic for Saints, who are bottom of the pool,


but shows improving form with their fourth win on the bounce.


Tries from Myler, Wood and two from Harrison all converted


And in the British and Irish Cup, Bedford went down at home


And let's get the weather now with Kate Kinsella.


For some lucky ones we've had blue sky and sunshine today, for others,


Also a little bit of rain as well and overnight that runs the risk


of freezing and the Met office has a yellow weather warning in place


for further snow showers, particularly towards the east


of the region but also for ice as well.


As the temperature drops down to zero, maybe


Those snow showers continue, though, coming down from the North Sea,


hitting the east and north coast of Norfolk, also through Suffolk


as well and then more cloud moving in towards the end


Minimum temperatures, as I mentioned, down to around zero.


Now that rain is going to push through tomorrow morning.


It could - for some, at least, the further east you are -


turn wintry, we could have some snowfall but then it will turn


back to rain as some more mild air moves in.


Some of us staying pretty chilly tomorrow.


One or two Celsius. Others up at six or seven.


So slightly more settled weather for next week but it's still cold.


That it, we'll have more tomorrow at 6:20pm, have a good night, bye-bye.


Getting the detail of this cold snap is proving to be challenging and


will continue to be so over the next 24 hours. Ice around across eastern


parts after the earlier showers then rain pushing in from Northern


Ireland across Scotland and a period of snow across eastern Scotland


temporarily. It will extend into northern Wales and England too. A


chilly night across the East, much milder. Tomorrow, everything nudges


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