29/01/2017 Look East


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Nine men have been arrested after hundreds of football fans


invaded Northampton's pitch several times...and flares were let


It happened during yesterday afternoon's match -


As flares thrown on the pitch, the players are taken off, cheers


escorted away. About half now in the escorted away. About half now in the


first blue flare came onto the pitch first blue flare came onto the pitch


and then another set of blue flares and there was a pitching invasion


twice. It was just chaos. Extremely disappointed, but I thought the


players concentration was excellent because it is not easy with stopping


and starting. Coventry fans cause the disruption of the club said it


was unacceptable. Police even switched off the scoreboard clock


realising that it was being invaded at certain times. We're never going


to stop a thousand fans to invade the pitch, we decided to form a


line, against the home fans to stop them from entering the home fans


area. Several men are on bail, meanwhile the police will see if the


FA decide to investigate. including surgery


for cancer patients are still being delayed


because of an outbreak of flu It's affected dozens


of patients at Addenbrookes, The hospital is asking


people not to go to A A terminally ill man's been doing


a charity walk in different parts Mat's Walk and Talk Challenge


started off with a handful But over the month it's


grown to hundreds. And in the process he's raised more


than 11 thousand pounds. Today his mat and his girlfriend


Kelly 29th will, they are doing what more could they pull each day in


January to raise money for charity. It is for the brain tumour charity,


we started this whole idea of walking and talking that in


November. An idea to get fit and hopefully get some friends together.


So we decided to organise a series of walks every day, and join us if


they were free. Which they did. It is a cause close to their hearts. I


got diagnosed with a non-curable brain tumour back in 2012, suddenly


my world was turned upside down but I suddenly found this inner strength


that I didn't realise I had, and I have used it. I have used it to


hopefully meet and touch other hopefully meet and touch other


people with other illnesses and conditions. War than 500 people have


joined them on their three mile walk. My wife. Nose with a different


type of cancer at the same time so we have been on this journey


together. So we have given him as much support as we possibly could.


He has done an incredible job to bring people together so we thought


we would come along and support. They are now hoping to walk the


entire Suffolk coast. And with a look at some


of the weekend's highlights Football can be an ugly business and


the Norwich manager Alex Neil said that their side did things well with


goals from Jerome Kaino and there are slab closer. He said I feel we


are moving forward again after a difficult spell. Don't talk to


Ipswich about bad spells, they had been under one for a while but they


nearly broke did at Preston, Tom Lawrence gave them the lead but they


couldn't hang on as Preston levelled with just a minute left. Manager


Mick McCarthy said they were disappointed to be honest, the late


goal was a big blow. I wonder what MK manager Robbie Neilson said to


his side at half-time, they came out in the second half and Maurice


Peterborough 4-0 with goals from Harvey Barnes, keirin a guard made


it to befall too, making it back-to-back braces for him.


Southend missed the chance to be in the mix by a minute, they were


leading 1-0 thanks to add new Wordsworth but the home side on 12


games unbeaten squared it on 90 minutes to the south and just


outside the pleasure zone. Northampton beat the side Coventry


3- Ciro, Coventry had backs to the wall for most of the match after


Jordan Willis was red carded but the coppers made hay to secure a much


needed win to lift them six point clear. You League 2 Luton are up to


fourth, four points off the automatics after beating pain


bridged 2-0. Cambridge is slipped to 11th, with just one win away from a


play-off place in the sun. Stevenage are up to 14th after beating Grimsby


2-0. And the first clean sheet in nine. Things are looking up.


And in the World Indoor Bowls Championship in


Norfolk...Cambridgeshire's Greg Harlow lost to Paul Foster


in the final this afternoon.That's the news and sport -


let's get the weather with Wendy Hurrell..


We have all seen some rain to end the day and this is how began for


many, beautiful sunshine, it is just that we'll see a bit more on the way


of cloud as we go through this week although it will so be milder, some


heavy bursts of rain, they gain to heavy bursts of rain, they gain to


be easing off towards the east as they go through the night leaving


behind a fair amount of low cloud and that means temperatures well


above freezing, five that the very lowest. We start the day tomorrow


with lots of low cloud, missed and Merck, there could be some


for most of us it is a great all day for most of us it is a great all day


and temperatures will be up to about eight or 9 degrees, a great old week


but at least we will be in double figures.


There was some sunny and cheerful weather across the UK today.


Scotland and the far north of England, but further south, a rainy,


ugly picture, and it's still pouring with rain in some


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