29/01/2017 Look East


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Nine men have been arrested after some football fans invaded


Northampton's pitch several times...and flares were let


It happened during yesterday afternoon's match -


The concentration was spectacular. It is thought Coventry fans caused


the disruption. They said it was unacceptable. The pitch was being


invaded at certain times. Our police tactics were to inform the home fans


to stop the away fans from entering the fan's area. Northampton town


waiting to see if the football Association or the football English


league to investigate. Urgent operations are still being


cancelled because of flu outbreak at the region 's largest hospital. It


is affected dozens of patients at Addenbrooke's. Two awards are


closed. The hospital is asking people not to go to A unless it is


a real emergency. A terminally ill man's been doing


a charity walk in different parts Mat's Walk and Talk Challenge


started off with a handful But over the month it's


grown to hundreds. And in the process he's


raised more than ?11,000. It is for the brain tumour charity,


we started this whole idea of walking and talking


that in November. An idea to get fit and hopefully get


some friends together. So we decided to organise a series


of walks every day, and join us if I got diagnosed with a non-curable


brain tumour back in 2012, suddenly my world was turned upside down


but I suddenly found this inner strength that I didn't realise


I had, and I I have used it to hopefully


meet and touch other people with other


illnesses and conditions. 500 people have joined


them on their three mile My wife was diagnosed with cancer at


the same and we are on this journey together. He has done an incredible


job of bringing people together. Drier-macro --. They are now hoping


to walk along the whole coast. Cambridgeshire's Greg


Harlow was beaten in the men's singles finals


of the World Indoor Bowls


Championships this afternoon. Held each year in Norfolk,


Paul Foster from Scotland came from behind to take the title


for the fifth time. You have had a fantastic week. How


do you sum up how things have gone? Early to sum up but delighted to


make the final. Very disappointed not to come away with the trophy.


And in the World Ping Pong Championships -


the defending champion - Andrew Baggaley from Milton Keynes


was knocked out in the final sixteen this afternoon.


This is how the day started. Beautiful sunshine to wake up to and


elsewhere. This week will be mostly cloudy. There is also going to be


milder weather at around six Celsius. The rain clears away and it


would be largely dry start the day. There will be a lot of low cloud


around that continues into the afternoon. Perhaps parts of Norfolk


and Suffolk, a hint or two of rain. It will be really quite grey and


there will be spells of rain. Temperatures will be in double


figures. Wheel back


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