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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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Hello, I'm Amanda Goodman. stories on the BBC News Channel.


Organisers say more than 400 people attended an open day


at a mosque in Essex today, to extend the hand of


Representatives of the Chelmsford Central Mosque said it was important


particularly since US President Donald Trump's travel ban.


But today, a call to the community to come to Chelmsford Mosque


Caroline came with her friend and colleague, Fatima.


Both are worried about the rise of Islamophobia.


There is an outright hate of Islam, knowing full well what Islam is,


Because often, the fear of the unknown, as I said.


Events like this bring out the unknown into the known.


I felt it was really important to come here today,


we have been friends for a long time, and just to spread the love.


I do not believe in what Trump is doing.


Within an hour of opening, over 100 people were here,


hearing first-hand what Muslims are doing in Essex.


It is about dispelling myths and cutting a link with what some


media has been doing with creating a link between Islam and terrorism.


So things like this will help basically show we condemn all forms


of terrorism and it does not matter what religion or faith they are.


We are just showing we are part of the society, like anyone else.


With Donald Trump planning to rejuvenate his travel ban,


and an opinion poll out last week saying more Europeans and Brits


than not actually support his move, it is hoped events like this


will improve the people of Essex's perception of Muslims.


Chelmsford Muslims have extended a hand of friendship,


and they hope it will change some hearts and minds


Three men are in hospital after being hit by a car


Police say the vehicle was driven at the group


at the Festival Leisure Park at about 5am yesterday.


There had been an argument a short time earlier.


A man and a 16-year-old boy have been arrested on suspicion


Driverless cars are seen as the future of transport


Now, one heritage society has published a report saying


they could make roads safer and less congested, as well as transforming


It's the car of the future, but not the distant future.


In three years' time, we could see driverless cars on our roads.


And the Norwich Society says this means the shape of our towns


The two main differences are going to be that congestion


will be be eased considerably, because driverless cars are much


more efficient at driving than human controlled cars,


so road capacity will increase by about 50%.


The other impact is that it will affect car parking


in a big way, in that people are unlikely to own their own cars,


they will call up the sort of car they want for a particular journey,


it will arrive at their front door, dump them where they want to go


and then drive off, so you won't need any


We've already seen driverless cars being tested in Milton Keynes.


A two-seater with a top speed of just 15 mph and with cameras


and sensors to avoid pedestrians could be the future


I can see, like, transport in the future progressing


and all that, but there just needs to be enough guidelines


I think you've got to rely on human rather than technical...


There is going to come a time when obviously,


you're tired, you're, you know, you just want to sit


Places like Norwich have evolved with the development


The Norwich Society believes the introduction


of driverless cars could start the next urban transformation.


Well, having seen snow over the weekend, things are going to be


feeling very different by the end of the week.


But tonight, well, we seem to have seen the back of any outbreaks,


so a mainly dry night tonight, still very breezy, though,


A fair amount of cloud first thing, but some clear spells appearing


later on, with lows of two or three Celsius.


And tomorrow, still gusty winds, gusting up to 40 mph along


the coast, that easterly wind biting and taking the edge


There will be some bright and even sunny spells


on offer for many of us, although some areas will be plagued


But getting up to six or seven Celsius, but not feeling that way,


Now, it continues to be quite breezy through Tuesday and Wednesday,


but you can see there, we are up in the double figures,


and by the end of the week, feeling a lot milder.


That's it, we're back at 6:25 in Breakfast,


I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of this weekend. It's been


cold, bleak and at times wintry. It provided some beautiful weather


Watchers photos, like Sheffield