12/02/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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I'm Amanda Goodman. at 11pm - now on BBC1 its time


Organisers say more than 400 people attended an open day


as they looked to extend the hand of friendship between religions.


Representatives of the Chelmsford Central Mosque said it was important


particularly since US president Donald Trump's travel ban.


It is part of a series of events being held


across the country to promote a better understanding of Islam.


But today a call to the community to come to


Chelmsford mosque to better understand Islam.


Caroline came with her friend and colleague, both are


worried about the rise of Islamophobia.


There is an outright hate of Islam, knowing full well


what Islam is, and there is a fear of Islam.


Because often the fear of the unknown, as I said.


Events like this bring out the unknown into the known.


With all the hatred, I felt it was really important to come


We have been friends for a long time, and just to


I do not believe in what Trump is doing.


Within an hour of opening over 100 people were here


hearing first-hand what Muslims are doing in Essex.


It is about dispelling myths and cutting a link


with what some media has been doing with creating a link between Islam


So things like this will help basically show we condemn


all forms of terrorism and it does not matter


what religion or faith they


We are just showing we are part of the society, like anyone else.


With Donald Trump planning to rejuvenate his travel ban, and an


opinion poll out last week saying more Europeans


support his move, it is hoped events like this will improve the people of


Chelmsford Muslims have extended a hand


of friendship, and they hope it


will change some hearts and minds towards their religion.


Three men are in hospital after being hit by a car


Police say a silver Vauxhall Antara was driven at the group


at the Festival Leisure Park at about 5am yesterday.


There had been an argument a short time earlier.


A man and a 16-year-old boy have been arrested on suspicion


Police would like to hear from anybody who witnessed the incident.


The leader of Suffolk County Council says there needs to be a national


conversation about the future funding of social care.


The authority agreed to increase council tax by 3% this


week in order to put more money into looking after older people.


But Colin Noble said today that putting up council tax was not


the answer and the extra money would only go so far.


It will just about pay for the national living wage.


I think all of us agree the national living wage is an


important thing for care workers and the lowest


said to the people of Suffolk is we want to apply that,


and the bulk of it will go to front-line care


workers and lowest paid workers, but there has to be a conversation


Now the football, and there have been plenty of goals for teams


The headline - Forest felled in chainsaw frenzy,


as Norwich raised the reds 5-1, including this goal of the season


Alex Prichard scored two of their five a day have as Norwich


moved to within two points of the play-offs.


Boss Alex Neil said, "We could have had nine


Mick McCarthy was also delighted as Ipswich won 1-0 at Villa


with a late goal from lonanee Hughes, his first four Town.


McCarthy said, "I never doubted the character of the team.


In League One, Northampton were the only one of our


They were the only ones to score, also, beating Chesterfield 3-1


John-Joe O'Toole scored twice and Mark Richards got the other.


Elsewhere, 1-0 defeats for Southend, Peterborough, and MK Dons.


In League Two Luton came from behind to beat Crawley town 2-1.


Top scorer Danny Hilton saved the day, scoring both goals to win


it and lift the Hatters into fourth, three points off the automatic


Colchester beat Barnet 2-1 with goals from Guthrie,


Long and Lowe and a second from Brendan Dickenson just before


the break leaving them ninth, two points from the pack.


Stevenage could also have grand designs on the mix


That's three wins on the bounce and they are now four points off


the play-off places After goals from Schumacher, Godden and Pett.


Matt Godden with eight in eight games now, taking his tally


There's been snow in many parts of the region today.


But what does the weather hold over the next few days?


Good evening. Only a little more cold weather before milder


temperatures next week but tonight we have seen the back of any


outbreak sort is largely dry night. Feel the cloudy and some clear


spoils -- clear spells later on but quite windy. Hopefully no frost. The


model that is wind biting along the coast in particular with gusts of up


to 40 mph. Some bright spells and even some sunshine. The further


south you are the more likely you are to see that. Much higher


temperatures than the past few days but not feeling that way because of


the wind. Continuing to be quite windy on Tuesday and Wednesday but


we start to see double figures, so much milder weather by the end of


the week. We're back at 11.20 tonight,


a little later than usual. But, for all of us,


have a great evening. Good evening, dull, grey, cold,


miserable. And that's just me! The weather hasn't been great leader for


most of us, it will be chilly out there with this