12/03/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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Hello, I'm Amanda Goodman. for the news where you are.


First tonight, five men have been arrested on suspicion of murder


after the death of a man from stab wounds near Chelmsford.


Officers were called to a property at Rettendon Common just before


and found a 19-year-old man suffering from stab wounds.


He was given emergency treatment at the scene but died.


Five men aged between 21 and 42 have been arrested


on suspicion of murder and remain in custody.


A man remains unaccounted for following a fire which destroyed


Crews were called to Gaston Street in East Bergholt at one o'clock


this morning but couldn't prevent the roof collapsing.


Firefighters searched the wreckage for a man


It's not clear if he was in the house at the time.


will soon be used to create a new wartime memorial


It was started after a German bomber laden with explosives crashed


It caused the first civilian deaths in the UK in the Second World War.


'The wreckage of war comes to the peaceful seaside town


April 1940, a German bomber crashes on Clacton


injuring 160 and badly damaging 67 homes.


Number 25 was completely destroyed and the two people inside,


became the first two British civilian casualties of the


Second World War to die on the British mainland.


Looking at Victoria Road nowadays you would not even be able


to spot a small sign of the destruction.


That is because the only small sign is a plaque on this


bench which is believed to have been stolen.


Four years ago in an office move at Clacton Town Hall, an old Post


It was the Air Disaster Relief Fund and the ?243, 13 shillings and


sixpence had lain forgotten for nearly 70 years.


It is now worth ?1700 and that money plus 10,000 from


the council will pay for a proper memorial.


We thought it could be something that can be done a


It was only when we found the money we got the idea.


We're going to look at a new bench, a memorial with a plaque on it, some


The memorial will be ready in time for a ceremony on April 30, the 77th


The Transport Secretary says a decision on a new river crossing


between Essex and Kent will be made in the next few weeks.


There have been calls for a rethink on the plans.


Some MPs claim the proposed route through Tilbury


and won't do much to ease congestion at Dartford.


A final decision was expected last year.


The whole issue of Dartford is one that's very strongly


The traffic problems there are acute.


We are absolutely committed to addressing them and we'll be setting


A charity in Suffolk has helped to re-house nearly half the number


of rough sleepers officially recorded in a survey


The Selig Trust runs the Winter Night Shelter


It's now found accommodation for 13 people who had been sleeping rough.


A fairly cloudy end to the weekend but it


does look like there are improvements on the way.


Here's what's going on in the bigger picture.


It's these two weather fronts that have been making


their way slowly through towards the east today.


But a ridge of high pressure building in tomorrow


So, putting the detail onto the map, then, we'll see that


rain clearing out as we move through this evening and overnight.


A few clearer spells as we move into the early hours.


Those temperatures falling to an overnight lows of


So, a fairly cloudy start to the day tomorrow.


I think we will see some brighter intervals developing


Some nice spells of sunshine before we see more in the way


of cloud again, coming down from the north into the afternoon.


Our maximum temperature tomorrow, 14 Celsius.


So if you catch some of that sunshine, it


We're staying mild as we move through the first part of next week.


Thank goodness for some warmer weather at last.


We're back at 6:25 in Breakfast, with more news and weather.