19/03/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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Hello. stories on the BBC News Channel.


First tonight - a 31-year-old from the Clacton-on-Sea area


is being questioned by police about the abduction of a child.


Kennedy Palmer, who's 15, disappeared three days ago


after leaving for school near Ipswich on Thursday morning.


An extensive search by the police and her family ensued.


She was found this afternoon in North Essex,


A swimming pool in Essex remained closed today after four people


were taken to hospital following a chemical


Witham Leisure centre was evacuated after two chemicals


Eight people were treated for breathing difficulties.


The move towards more local devolution continues


when the new combined authority of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough


The meeting in Wisbech will appoint members


The new body will have control of an extra ?20 million


It comes ahead of the election for a new mayor in May.


It is not just about Cambridge, not just about the areas that most


It is about those parts of Cambridgeshire


and Peterborough that sometimes, perhaps, in the past haven't got


In terms of real opportunity through power, through money,


and the right leadership to make a difference.


The MP for Stevenage says he has no regrets about forcing the Government


to change its mind over last week's Budget.


Stephen McPartland helped force the Chancellor to scrap a


planned increase in National Insurance Contributions


The Conservative MP has also recently attacked plans


I think occasionally you have to stand up,


So for me, I'm standing up for ordinary working


families in my constituency and around the country.


You know, I am happy to speak out, and if other


members of Parliament are happy for me to do


I don't speak on anybody else's half.


Around 2000 car lovers were in Southend last night


since an injunction was granted last year allowing police


to prosecute anyone driving dangerously or anti-socially.


Essex Police say no arrests were made.


From a policing perspective, very happy.


The purpose of the injunction was to prohibit vehicles


driving in an anti-social manner. Largely, this has been achieved.


And I commend the drivers that have been


down here, worked with us, engaged with us.


Preplanned and complying with the council legislation.


is now being trained to sniff out cancer in Buckinghamshire.


A dog, caged and waiting to be sold for slaughter in Asia,


is now being trained to sniff out cancer in Buckinghamshire.


The dog, called Faith, was saved from the South Korean meat trade.


Now, she's working with the charity Medical Detection Dogs,


They train dogs to identify cancers by smell.


She was incredibly disruptive to start with.


She had no idea what a home was, what a table was, she thought


So frenetic about wanting food and water - these dogs


But, you know, to start with she was a complete whirlwind.


But with time, careful training and teaching her the boundaries,


Well, it's been a mixed bag of sun, showers,


For most of us today, it felt quite springlike


We also saw a bit a bit of sunshine around as well.


Overnight tonight, it is still going to be mild,


temperatures not really dropping out of double figures.


There will also be a few areas of light, patchy rain


And that is still going to be around into tomorrow morning.


So this weather front sat just towards the north-west of us.


There will be some dry spells at times tomorrow,


but an awful lot of low cloud, and still this rather blustery


There will be further outbreaks of rain as we head


As this rain band pushes its way south eastwards.


Behind it, it is going to feel an awful lot colder.


Afternoon temperatures 10 or 11 Celsius.


So it is still mild tomorrow, but it will feel a bit colder


Possibly a touch of patchy rural frost, particularly


By the time we get to Tuesday, feeling colder, but also


What do we expect from England cos that is all from the East, we are


back at 6:25am this morning News and weather. From all of us here, sleep