19/03/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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A 31-year-old from Clacton has been arrested in the past hour accused


of child abduction after a teenage girl went missing.


Kennedy Palmer who's 15 and from ipswich was located


in the last half an hour in North Essex.


The 15-year-old disappeared after leaving for school


Detectives and her family were concerned about her online


activity and said her behaviour was very out of character.


A swimming pool in Essex has remained closed today after


four people were taken to hospital following a chemical


Witham Leisure Centre was evacuated after two chemicals


Eight people were treated for breathing difficulties.


The MP for Stevenage says he has no regrets about forcing the Government


to change its mind over last week's Budget.


Stephen McPartland helped force the Chancellor to scrap a planned


increase in National Insurance Contributions for the


The Conservative MP has also recently attacked plans


I think occasionally you have to stand up,


So for me, I'm standing up for ordinary working


families in my constituency and around the country.


You know, I am happy to speak out, and if other


members of Parliament are happy for me to do


I don't speak on anybody else 's half.


You can watch Sunday Politics on the BBC iPlayer.


A dog, caged and waiting to be sold for slaughter in Asia,


is being trained to sniff out cancer in Buckinghamshire.


The dog, called Faith, was saved from the South Korean meat trade.


Now, she's working with the charity Medical Detection Dogs,


They dogs train to identify cancers by smell.


Around 2000 car lovers were in Southend last night


It was the first large meet-up since an injunction was granted


last year allowing police to prosecute anyone driving


Essex Police say no arrests were made.


From a policing perspective, very happy.


The purpose of the injunction was to prohibit vehicles


driving in an anti-social manner. Largely, this has been achieved.


And I commend the drivers that have been


down here, worked with us, engaged with us.


Preplanned and complying with the council legislation.


Football, and with highlights from yesterday's games,


Norwich, with new suits in the boardroom, beat Barnsley 2-0


to move to within five points of the play-offs.


Caretaker manager Alan Irvine said, if that is my last game in charge,


Five points behind sounds a lot better than eight.


Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy says Town are in a relegation scrap now


Despite a dream start with a Chambers goal,


it leaves them five points from safety, and McCarthy conceded,


I am looking over my shoulder at the teams behind me now.


Southend came back from 2-0 down to beat Walsall 3-2.


Simon Cox sealed the points with a free kick seven minutes


from time to put the blues back in the playoff boat.


MK Dons ended four games without a win by beating Coventry


1-0 and opening up a 6-point cushion over the drop zone.


Peterborough are now eight points adrift of the top six


Sub Junior Morias saved a point for Posh late on.


Elsewhere, Northampton lost 2-1 at Bolton.


The Stevenage steam roller continues to crush all in its path


The win leaves Stevenage fourth and just four points off


third place Pompey in the automatics.


Luton tucked in just behind Stevenage in fifth


Danny Hilton with the Hatters' equaliser.


Cambridge bagged a winner at Cheltenham.


Medy Elito with only goal in a scrappy game to put the Us


And Colchester are still in touch, four points behind despite losing


Time for the weather now - here's Elizabeth Rizzini.


It felt quite springlike today for many of us,


and we even got some sunshine around as well.


And it will stay mild overnight tonight, with most temperatures not


Expect to see a few patches of light rain and drizzle overnight.


This will continue overnight into tomorrow morning.


A bit of a wet, damp day in the early morning.


This rain is going to be sat just to the north of us,


and it is likely to track its way southeastwards


There will be some dry spells, but also expect some heavier


outbreaks of rain at times through the day.


Top temperatures between nine and 11 Celsius.


The air is getting cooler on Monday night, so by the time


you wake up on Tuesday, it is going to feel


significantly colder. But it should be dry.


There should be some sunshine, but expect a patchy night-time frost


We're back at 10:20 with more news and weather.