07/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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it is bad. When is it going to end? Goodbye


Did even Inc. The headline. Humberside's Police and Crime


Commissioner under fire after he says people should pay more council


tax for better policing. I think it is his own way of saying I won't


listen to anybody. Plans to protect the Lincolnshire


coast from floods are given the go`ahead.


Should our councils take a cue from budget airlines and offer a cheaper,


no frills service? I don't think people want frills from their


council, they just want a good solid service at a reasonable price.


As this year's Games get under way in Russia, we meet our own Winter


Olympics hopefuls. And somewhat and windy weather on the way. I will be


back later with all the details for the weekend.


The man responsible for the running of Humberside Police has been


accused of match show politics over his plans to increase the amount


that local people pay for policing. Matthew Grove says plans to raise


the precept by just under 2% will help keep more police on the street.


The chairman of the panel which oversees him says he is acting in


foolish manner and is ignoring important views. In a lowered, ``


moment, we will hear what he has to say. First, this report. 5p is the


extra amount each week. My shoe Grove says the precept increase is


vital. `` Michael Grove. The public say to me their first priority is to


insure they have a good police. They so, Matthew, collect out `` protect


our police service. This is what I need to do on their behalf. It is a


very modest increase. Mr Grove is proposing an increase of just under


2%. That works out as 5p per week for each household. The money will


go to more officers on the street. The chairman of the crime panel is


angry. He says they are being ignored. You're a macro I think it


is a foolish way to go about it. I would put it quite simply, it is a


proposal which is not needed at all. I think it is just a way of saying,


I am my own man, I am the commission, I won't listen to the


panel, the government, to anybody. Matthew Grove says police. Not


provide an adequate service for the area at the fourth has to make


savings of more than ?30 million. He says he says he's already making


savings. This is the former police authority headquarters, a building


he put up for sale soon after being elected, a move, he says will save


?50,000 a year. Most people I spoke to were happy for him to ask for


more. If it keeps police on the street, yes. yes. That is what they


are there for. I am all in favour. If it saves jobs, fair enough. But I


don't want it wasted on stupid things, luxuries. They can stay on


the street longer, yes, it is a good thing. I don't bother reporting


anything now so my opinion of the police is very low so maybe with a


bit of extra money, they rubbed it is they can do more, they should be


able to do it anyway stop is Matthew Grove goes ahead, these few extra


pennies a week will add up to another ?800,000 a year for the


Humberside Police Kitty but the panel that originated his work they


as arguments don't stand up. Matthew Grove is in the studio now. Good


evening. The chairman of the crime panel doesn't think there is a need


to increase peoples bills saying it could be taken from reserves. Why


don't you do that? I presented him with a 36 page in`depth report with


evidence, with figures that clearly demonstrated there was a need. In


that report was a widespread consultation I undertook where 75%


of the public question supported this. Only 18% of people said they


opposed it. Is their money in reserve that you could have used?


Let's be clear. At this moment in time, Humberside Police are spending


more money than we receive an income. We have over the next five


years to find ?30 million of savings. We are doing that. We now


have an additional ?1.5 million of savings. I have reached the point


where I think we can have a safe police service. The chairman of the


panel said you would be foolish to press ahead with the plans and you


are not willing to listen. I am answerable to the panel, not to the


public. `` to the public, not to the panel. The panel was split and one


of the people were so upset, they left the meeting. The chairman has


said this is man show behaviour. Are you just being match? The


responsible Nitties I have two take charge of the police area to detect


120,000 people, I don't play Games without. It is far too important.


people seem hostile to you. Last year, they were criticising me for


freezing it. This time, I am proposing a modest increase which


for most people will be two or ?3 a year and they are saying I


shouldn't. If the chairman is watching tonight, what would you say


to him? I think you should read about what his powers of. The panel


did have the power of veto but they did not achieve the level of veto


they needed. I work for the public, not for the government, and


certainly not the police and crime panel. Would you be prepared to pay


extra to cook `` keep the police on the streets?


Lincolnshire's police and the admission that has told he should


apologise to the Chief Constable for suspending him last year. The police


and crime panel said Alan Hardwick ignored advice and wasted ?150,000


or he suspended Neil Rhodes. A number of members of the police and


I panel had received a lot of communications from their


constituents and the general theme of those communications was a demand


that the Commissioner apologised for his actions. In response, Alan


Hardwick said it would be inappropriate and discourteous to


comment before I have received and considered any communication from


the panel following yesterday's meeting. In a moment, Age UK City of


Culture 2017 is whole. The businesses that say Hull City of


culture year is a golden opportunity to destroy stereotypes about the


city. Businesses on the Lincolnshire Coast


have welcomed the government's decision to allow ?5 million to be


spent protecting the area from flooding. The money will be spent on


building sandbanks to defend thousands of homes between


Mablethorpe and Skegness which were threatened by December's tidal


surge. Our correspondent Paul Murphy reports. Work to repair this


coastline has been underway ever since December's damaging tidal


surge. News of extra defence money has been welcomed, especially by


vulnerable coastal businesses. We are below sea`level here and all the


way along. This place was flooded and people were evacuated. You see


other people being flooded and it is a really scary thing. The 30,000


properties and 20,000 caravans on this low`lying coast represent a


significant part of Lincolnshire's economy. we having edible assets


behind the flood defences that we need to protect, agriculture,


industry, our tourist industry brings in 0.5 minimum pounds a


year. And of course, residents. Hundreds lost their lives in the


East Coast floods of 1953. One of the survivors believes the newly


announced funding doesn't go far enough. No good. Not enough. It will


cost more to restore it. The new government money comes on top of an


existing programme of repairs. It includes funding to protect 200


homes here in East Yorkshire after damage to the Hun Burbank. `` the


Humber bank. There is protection for more than 2000 homes at get awful.


There is funding for Lincoln to protect BT properties `` to protect


BT properties. I think it should be allocated all over, the money. The


mini does come quite high. `` the river does come quite high. What the


tide moves away, the diggers must put back. The money is being


welcomed but it is a drop in the ocean in this constant process.


Defences protected much of the coast from December's tidal surge. But


these communities know there is little room for complex and see. ``


for complacency. Police investigating the murder of a


man in Gainsborough have been given more time to question three people.


24`year`old Ivans Zanovics who was originally from Latvia was found


dead at his home in Etherington Street on the 17th January after a


fire. Two local men and a local woman are in custody. The German


lorry driver has been jailed after trying to struggle cannabis in. He


was stopped as he drove off a ferry. The idea of charging council tax


payers for extra for bigger wheelie bins and other nonessential services


has been rejected by the lead of one are most cash`strapped local


authorities. Ministers say we could learn lessons from budget airlines


Web customers receive the basic product but have to pay for any


more. The move has been pioneered by Council in London. Recent years have


seen budget airlines pioneer and no`frills approach to travel. So,


could the same principle work at your local town hall? Barnet in


north London has been described as the first no`frills Council. The


idea is that if residents want to pay for larger bins or fast track


planning applications, that is what they get. If not, they receive the


basic service like anyone else. The council leader told me he is cutting


council tax bills this year by 1%. I don't think people want frills from


their council, they want good, solid service at a reasonable price. That


is what we are doing. Barnett is home to Finchley, famously


represented in Parliament by a Lincolnshire lass called Margaret


Thatcher. I suspect she would have approved of the idea no`frills


councils but will do local residents say? I like Barnet Council. They do


offer value for money. They keep the borough clean. Do you get value for


money? No, we are always having to put our hands in our pockets, paying


for extra bills. Eric Pickles believes many councils could further


tightened their belts so would the no`frills approach work in somewhere


like north`eastern Lincolnshire? Did you become an no`frills council? We


are a no`frills council. We are doing everything that Mr pickles has


told us today. Two years ago, when I became the leader of the council, we


had a ?140 million revenue budget. By the time I get to 2017, I have a


?67 million revenue budget so it is more than halved. Barnett is


Barnet, north east lynxes north`east links. The jury is out on whether


this could get off on the ground elsewhere. Labour and Conservative


MPs will discuss this on the Sunday Politics that 11 o'clock. Still


ahead tonight, Bruce takes Hull City to play his old club sunblinds. This


years Games are underway in Sochi and we meet three goals in Hull


dreaming of the Winter Olympics. Tonight's photograph was taken by


Lance Hollingworth. We will have another picture on


Monday night. Will you be with us on Monday night? You sound like you


need to blow your nose. You want to get to bed with a hot toddy. I


expected to Monday to Thursday, I don't expect it Friday as well.


Sorry, couldn't resist. This weekend, Sunday, probably the better


day of the two days tomorrow is going to be a blustery day and you


are more likely to catch a shower tomorrow. It looks wet and windy


overnight tonight. You can see from the isobars tightly packed, so


blustery conditions, particularly Saturday. That won't ease down until


we get to Monday. We had a few showers today but you can see from a


satellite picture how nicely the cloud broke up through the course of


the day. Through the evening, we may get the odd shower while and the


showers will merge into longer spells of rain as this band pushes


up from the South West, in the meantime there will be heavy rain


and some strong winds as well. Temperatures by the end of the night


down to around four or five degrees so a fairly unsettled night to come.


The sun will rise in the morning at 7:36am. Tomorrow, there will be


residual cloud, the odd shower about at first but then it will clear


away. We will have the spell of white bright, dry weather. It will


be chilly. You can see through the afternoon, Chow was powering ash


piling in. `` showers powering in. The breeze will come `` become


gusty. Temperatures seven or eight degrees. Looking further ahead,


Sunday probably the better day of the two. Fewer showers and fewer


still as we kept through Monday. The breeze will tend to life than bit


but we will keep the unsubtle theme as we had through next week. `` the


unsubtle theme. Tuesday looks windy. `` unsettled theme. Have a nice


weekend. Businesses helping to fund Hull's


City of Culture year say it's a once in a lifetime chance to destroy


stereotypes about the city. 22 companies have already pledged more


than a third of a million pounds ` a small step on the way to getting the


?15 million needed for the project. But among them are some you wouldn't


naturally expect to be involved in arts sponsorship, as Anne`Marie


Tasker reports. Heavy industry is not something


you'd think would go hand in hand with culture. But this galvanising


company in Hull says sponsoring the City of Culture in 2017 is a unique


chance to promote the city. The City of Culture is a one`off event for


the city. If you want to be on board and believe in what this is,


promoting the city culture, and showing the positive offerings that


we have, then we strongly believe it was money worth spending. And


they're not the only unexpected sponsor. Phil Batty is just 24 years


old, running his own small advertising business. For him,


donating ?17,000 is a huge sacrifice. It does represent a


personal salary for a year and it is a massive investment for us to make


as a company. But the longer term benefits of pristine this region


will definitely outweigh that. It is not something we have done before


and it would take a massive opportunity for us to do it again.


Even before Hull was named City of Culture, 22 businesses ` known as


the Angels ` pledged to give ?17,000 each. But it's usually big


multinational companies sponsoring the arts. Take the Tate Modern in


London, that's just got its sculpture hall funded by a car


manufacturer for 11 years. So Arts Council England says getting small


businesses on board is unusual. The answer does better out of


multi`million pound giving than it necessarily does out of smaller


giving but I think in terms of the money that has been given to the


City of Culture, you have exceptional project which is clearly


generating significant civic pride. And it's that civic pride that's


encouraged firms like this to get on board ` and for small industries to


give arts a helping hand. Back to our story on the ?13 million


bid to make a five`mile section of the busy Hull to York road a dual


carriageway. The A1079 is used by 18,000 drivers a day. East Riding


Council and City of York Council want to dual the road between


Pocklington and Wilberfoss. Thank you very much indeed for all


of those. Hull City have a great opportunity


to move away from relegation trouble with Premier League Games against


Sunderland and Southampton in the next week. Sunderland was the club


which sacked Steve Bruce before he became the Tigers' manager. He joked


that he was expecting a "warm welcome back." Here our sports


reporter Simon Clark. This is the drama from the last time the two


sides met. Hull City took the lead and then Sunderland lost their


temper. They lost two of their players to red cards and then lost


the Game 1`0. Steve Bruce sacked by Sunderland before redemption of the


Tigers. As far as I am concerned, it is gone. We can joke about it, when


it happens, it disappoints you. But it is gone for me. I have been here


nearly a couple of years, there have been two or manager since have left


Sunderland, let's get on with it. We need to do the right thing first. We


need to make sure that we are at our best to level and then compete. The


Tigers have moved on to 40 points, the magic number most teams try to


achieve to stay in the nearly. Russ Wilcox used to play for Hull City,


the Scunthorpe United manager, and he believes the Tigers can do it


this season. Steve Bruce is a top`class manager. He has a wealth


of X areas, he knows there are going to be difficult times. He is a


little bit of a mini league. Last week, I was here saying the Tigers


had to stop the rot and get something out of the Tottenham game


and they did. Now it is to really awkward Games. Sunderland and then


Southampton. It is tough in this Premier league.


Scunthorpe United could take a giant leap towards League Two promotion if


they winds tomorrow. The Iron welcome leaders Chesterfield to


Glanford Park hoping to restore their place at the top of the table


and cement one of the top`three promotion places. No one wants to be


in the play`offs, everyone wants to get promoted automatically. We are


fully confident we can be there come May and we are concentrating on


making sure that we do our best to make it possible.


And you can hear how Hull City do on BBC Radio Humberside tomorrow. Their


game at Sunderland is on FM. They've also got Scunthorpe United's game


with Chesterfield on AM. And Grimsby Town's match with Southport is on


digital radio and online. Lincoln City take on Hyde. That match is on


BBC Radio Lincolnshire from 2.00pm. The Winter Olympics ` officially


opened in Socchi in Russia earlier today. Many athletes will achieve


their life long dream by competing. Tolu Adee oh yay has been to meet


three girls from Hull who are hoping to skate at the next Games in South


Korea in four years time. The eyes of the world were on Sochi


today as the Winter Olympics open. Training in Hull ` three girls who


have their sights firmly set on the next Games. Summer, Saskia, Bethan


and are all in team GB's development squad. Would you love most about


skating? I love the challenge and competing. Like the thrill and the


excitement of the jumps under spins. The adrenaline that you get when you


are going around. Competing as a wheelie good experience to get. How


about all the outfits? Really good. The last time Britain won gold for


figure skating at the Winter Olympics was with Torvil and Dean in


1984. The girl's coach ` says getting to the Games is what


motivates her skaters. For the young people, it is the dream towards they


work for. It is not just about the skating, you have to do the ballet,


the flexibility, the strength work, so, yes, it takes a considerable


amount of time. The girls will take part in a mini competition. I have


some school course. The management team have kindly agreed to be


judges. First up is Saskia ` the judge's


verdicts. Next is summer. And finally Bethan. The girls are all


winners on this occasion ` they'll be hoping to triumph if they make it


to the next Games in South Korea in four years time. So, watch this


space. I was thinking this time last year,


we were following dancing on ice. Let's get a recap of the headlines.


Flooding spreads to many areas in the south of England with Somerset


still bearing the brunt of it and Humberside Police Commissioner is


accused of behaviour after he says people should pay more for better


policing. the responsible it is I have ordered takes charge and


protect the people. I don't play Games without. Let's have a look at


the weather. Windy with brighter spells. Showers developing during


the afternoon. Top temperatures mild, getting up to eight Celsius.


After the discussion with the crime Commissioner, thank you for all


these messages. Alfred says, I am against the increase in the police


reset. Simon says, I'm a lifelong Labour voter. Matthew Grove is


conservative but his proposed rise gets my vote. Stephen says mayhem


breaks loose with mayhem breaking loose. What a lot of people would be


prepared to pay more than that just to see the police on the streets now


and again. Ray says, I would be more than happy to pay an extra 2% for


policing are providing that Mr Grove, his deputy and all their


secretaries and assistance would be happy to accept a 2% pay cut. Have a


peaceful weekend, look after yourselves. Goodbye.


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