07/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. The man responsible for the running of Humberside Police


has been accused of macho politics over his plans to increase the


amount people pay for policing. Matthew Grove says a small council


tax increase will help keep more police on the streets. But some have


accused him of acting ignorantly, as Phillip Norton reports.


5p, the extra weekly cost to the taxpayer to adequately police the


Humberside force area. That's according to the Police and Crime


Commissioner, Matthew Grove who says a precept increase is vital, despite


councillors on the area's crime panel voting against it. The public


say to me their first priority is actually to ensure we have a good,


effective policing service. That's what the public tell me week in,


week out. They say, Matthew, protect our police service. This is what I


need to do on their behalf to protect the police service. It's a


very modest increase. Mr Grove is proposing a rise of just


under 2% to the police precept. He says that works out at around 5p per


week for every household. That money will go towards more officers on the


streets by improving the technology they use to make them more


efficient. The chairman of the Crime Panel is angry, saying they are


being ignored. I think it's quite a foolish way to


go about it. I would put it quite simply, a macho type proposal, which


is not needed at all. I think it's just a way of saying, I am my own


man, I am the Commissioner, I will do as I think. I won't listen to the


government, I won't listen to the panel, I won't listen to anybody.


Matthew Grove says the Humberside Police force has reached the point


now where it cannot provide a robust or adequate service for the area. In


addition the force has to make savings of more than ?30 million. He


says he is already making savings. This is the former police authority


headquarters, a building he put up for sale soon after being elected. A


move, he says, that will save ?50,000 a year. On the streets of


Hull, most people I spoke to were happy for him to ask for more. If it


keeps the police on the streets, yeah, instead of just sat behind a


desk filling in forms. I'll pay. If it saves jobs, fair enough. I just


don't want it to get wasted on stupid things, luxuries. Maybe with


a bit of extra money their argument is they can do more but they should


be able to do it anyway. Earlier on Look North, Matthew Grove responded


to the criticism. I work for the public, not for the government and


certainly not for the Police and Crime Panel. If Matthew Grove goes


ahead, these few extra pennies a week will add up to another ?800,000


a year for the Humberside Police kitty. The panel that scrutinises


his work say his arguments don't stand up.


Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner has declined to


comment, after it was recommended he apologises to his Chief Constable


for suspending him last year. The Police and Crime Panel said Alan


Hardwick ignored legal advice and wasted ?160,000 when he suspended


Neil Rhodes. Mr Hardwick told Look North it would be inappropriate to


comment before receiving any official communication from the


panel. Businesses on the Lincolnshire Coast


have welcomed the government's decision to allow ?5 million to be


spent protecting the area from flooding. The money will be spent on


building sand banks to defend thousands of homes between


Mablethorpe and Skegness. Our correspondent, Paul Murphy, reports.


Work to repair this coastline has been under way ever since December's


damaging tidal surge. News of extra defence money has been welcomed,


especially by vulnerable coastal businesses.


We are below sea level here and all the way along. Trusthorpe was


flooded and all the people had to be evacuated. And, you know, you see


other people being flooded and it is a really scary thing.


The 30,000 properties and 20,000 caravans on this low`lying coast


represent a significant part of Lincolnshire 's economy.


We have incredible assets behind the flood defences that we need to


protect, agriculture, industry. Our tourism industry brings ?500,000


into the area, very important and, of course, the residents.


The defences are here to prevent history repeating itself. Hundreds


lost their lives in the East Coast floods of 1953 but one of the


survivors believes the newly announced funding doesn't go far


enough. No good. Not enough? Not enough. In anyway whatsoever. It


wants a lot more spending on it. If they don't, it'll cost more to


restore it. The new government money comes on top of an existing


programme of flood repairs. It includes funding to protect 200


homes at Welwick in East Yorkshire, after damage to the Humber bank. To


repair a 60`foot gap in the river bank at Blacktoft, to install a


three`quarter of a mile temporary defence at Riverside Quay in Hull


and there's protection for more than 2,000 homes on the Trent at


Kettlethorpe. There's funding to for Lincoln to protect around 80


properties in the Stamp End area of the city.


I think in view of the floods that have been happening all over the


country, I think it should really be allocated all over as well. The


river does come up quite high so I would think for the whole area it is


quite a good thing. What the tides take away, the diggers must always


put back. The ?5 million of government cash is, of course being


welcomed but it is just a drop in the ocean in this constant process.


Defences protected much of Lincolnshire 's coast from


December's tidal surge. These communities know there is little


room for complacency. Businesses helping to fund Hull's


City of Culture year say it's a once in a lifetime chance to get rid of


stereotyped views about the city. 22 companies have already pledged more


than a third of a million pounds, that's of the ?15 million pounds


needed. Those involved say it's a unique chance to promote Hull to the


world. The City of Culture is a one`off


event for the city. This won't come round again for us. So if you want


to be on board and believe in what is promoting the city, promoting the


culture and showing the positive offerings that we have then, you


know, we strongly believe it is money well worth spending. Now the


weather with Keeley Donovan. Hello, good evening, further wet and


windy weather to come through the course of the night. Already we've


got rain setting in from the west. It'll continue to spill northwards.


It'll have mostly clearly by the end of the night, just the odd shower.


Windy in the short term with potentially some heavy spells of


rain too. Temperatures dropping back to three or four degrees. Through


the morning there could be the odd shower lingering. Then it'll develop


into dry and bright conditions for a good bulk of the day. Later in the


day we'll start to see showers heading in from the west. It might


be that some places stay dry for most of the day in daylight hours.


Windy tomorrow with temperatures reaching six or seven degrees. A few


showers through the morning on Sunday. That is all. We are back


tomorrow lunchtime. Enjoy the rest of your evening, good night.


Hello again. Nelson's flag ship HMS victory, was launched in 1765 and


you can still see it today in Portsmouth Harbour. But through the


whole of that history, you will struggle to find a wetter winter


than this one across southern England. Scotland has already been


in the record books. Their December was the wettest since standardised


records began about 100 years ago. There's plenty more where that came


from. Another storm is knocking on the door and will affect the whole


of Western Europe, steaming in from the Atlantic. Giving us a steady


stream of rain in most places. Severe gales ahead of that rain


gusts up to 60 mph. Battering the coasts once again. For the North,


across the Scottish mountains yet more snow. It's really piling up


here at the moment. A cold


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