08/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good afternoon. Two men have been charged with the murder of a man in


Gainsborough. The 24`year`old, who was originally from Latvia, was


found dead at his home after a fire last month. The men, aged 25 and


29, have also been charged with perverting the course of justice. A


28`year`old woman also faces the same charge. Plans to create a


visitor attraction at the Humber Bridge has been delayed because of a


row over land. The owners need to sell the land so they can build the


visitors centre. However, some groups think protecting green spaces


have to come first. It is already a tourist attraction in its own right,


but the owners of the Humber Bridge want to create a state of the art


visitor centre, but this is standing in the way. The board needs to sell


this golf course to raise the money needed. However this land is used by


the community and at least 100 residents what protected as a


village green so that it can never be built on. I concede the possible


advantage of the Humber Bridge experience, but local people do not


require very much, they just need space. That might be a difficult one


to give them, but that is all they require. Planning permission has


already been granted for the land to be turned into a business park,


development already underway on the other half of the site. It is


predict that will create 3000 jobs and give the Humber Bridge a chance


to pull in more tourists. I have to think of everyone in the community.


For the hundred or so people that use it, the potential of 3000 jobs


for our young people is more important, and the development of


the Humber Bridge experience as well. Campaigners say there are


other unused industrial sites and pristine land that this cannot be


replaced. Both the council and the Humber Bridge board say they will


not comment until an independent planning Inspectorate gives his


recommendations. This will not happen until April and at the same


time the council will vote on whether the land should we protect


it all sold. Football and Steve Greaves is returning today for the


first time since he was sacked. A whole city manager is hoping for the


team's burst win. You can see how they do on BBC Radio Humberside.


Let us get the weather forecast now. Good afternoon. A windy afternoon on


the cards, but the most of us it will be dry and bright. The odd


light shower, but we will see more rain this evening. Top temperatures


of around eight. Showers coming through this evening. It will be


easy overnight with a moderate south`westerly wind. That is all for


now. Good afternoon. evening. -- the winds will ease


Good afternoon. It is yet another stormy day to day with heavy rain


around and very strong


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