08/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Much more throughout the evening on the BBC News channel. We are back


Good evening from Look North. Two men have been charged with the


murder of a man in Gainsborough. 24`year`old Ivans Zdanovics, who was


originally from Latvia, was found dead at his home in Etherington


Street after a fire last month. The men, aged 25 and 29, have also been


charged with perverting the course of justice. A 28`year`old woman also


faces a perverting the course of justice charge.


Plans to create a visitor attraction at the Humber Bridge are being


delayed because of a row over a patch of disused land. The bridge


owners need to sell the land to raise money needed to build the


Humber Bridge Experience visitor centre. But some residents in Hessle


say protecting green spaces has to come first. Anne`Marie Tasker


reports. It's already a tourist attraction in


its own right. But the owners of the Humber Bridge want to create a state


of the art visitor centre to draw in even bigger crowds. But this is


standing in the way. The Bridge Board needs to sell this former golf


course in Hessle to raise the money needed for the project. But this


land is used by the community. And at least 100 residents want it


protected as a village green, so it can never be built on. I can see the


possible advantage of the Humber Bridge Experience. But if we are


talking about local people, local people don't require very much. They


just need space. That might be a difficult one to give them. But


that's all they require. Planning permission's already been granted


for the land to be turned into a business park. A development already


underway on the other half of the site. It's predicted that will


create 3000 jobs, as well as give the Humber Bridge the chance to draw


in more tourists. As a representative of the whole


community, I have to think of everybody. And for the 100 or so


people who use it, for me, the potential of 3000 jobs for our young


people, good jobs, it is more important. And the development of


the Humber Bridge Experience too. I mean, that's going to be a lasting


legacy for all of us. Campaigners say there's already unused


industrial sites in Hessle. And that pristine green land like this could


never be replaced. Both East Riding Council and the Humber Bridge Board


say they won't comment until an independent planning inspector gives


their opinion. This month, the planning inspector


will decide what the future of this patch of land should be. But it


won't be until April that East Riding Council votes on whether it


should be developed or protected. Humberside Fire and Rescue officers


are visiting every property on the East Marsh estate in Grimsby to do


safety checks. In just nine months, crews have been called to 46 fires


in the area. The Fire Service wants to reduce the number of incidents by


helping householders identify potential risks. There are two main


issues coming out responsible for the fires, relating to cooking


incidents and smoking in the home. They are the two main causes we are


looking at and we are looking at talking to people in their home


about their behaviour around these issues and see if we can educate


people and make them safer. Football now, and Steve Bruce


returned to Sunderland today for the first time since being sacked by the


club. The home team had a man sent off early in the first half. Hull


City capitalised on their advantage. Goals from new signings Shane Long


and Nikicia Jelavic made the score 2`0 and gave the Tigers their first


league win of the year. In League Two, Scunthorpe United


took the lead through Sam Winnall against Chesterfield. But the away


side equalised on the stroke of half time. Neither side could break the


deadlock in the second half. In the Conference, Grimsby Town were


held to a goal`less draw by Southport. It was a different story


for Lincoln City. They scored in the last minute to beat Hyde. The lead


swapped hands three times before Tom Miller's winner.


In athletics, Hull sprinter Annabelle Lewis has just missed out


on a medal at the British Indoor championships in Sheffield. Lewis


ran her season's best time in the semifinal of the 60 metres before


coming fifth in the final. Grimsby's Richard Buck has qualified for the


final of the 400 metres, coming second in his semifinal. Let's get


the weather with Kay Crewdson. Hello there, good evening. Very


windy through this evening. And we are looking at showers blowing over


from the West. With us on and off as we head overnight tonight. Some


clearer skies. But where we have those showers, they could be on the


heavy side. Temperatures remain frost free and around about four or


five degrees. The breeze really quite moderate to fresh from the


south`west. As we head through tomorrow, it's a breezy start to the


day. Showers from the word go. Some of those are likely to be heavy.


Stays windy throughout the day tomorrow. The best of the sunny


spells through the afternoon. Highs of eight degrees.


That is it, we are back tomorrow evening, enjoy the rest of the


weekend, goodbye. Good evening. Unfortunately I don't


have much good news in this forecast. There may be a brief


respite later tomorrow with the wind and the rain but it will not be long


enough and we have today's storm withers, pounding


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