09/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome. The bell of a Hull trawler, the Gaul, has


been rung today in honour of the men who lost their lives when the vessel


sank, 40 years ago. A memorial service took place to remember all


of those from the city who've been lost at sea, as Emma Massey reports.


One minute's silence in memory of men lost at sea marked by the sound


of this bell. It had once sat on board the Gaul. The trawler sank 40


years ago with the largest loss of life in the history of the fishing


industry, with up to 36 fisherman losing their lives. Families of


those lost attended the service. It is incredibly important and part of


the history. It has to be kept going for years and years. It helps the


families. For the sake of the thousands who have lost their lives,


we must continue to tell the stories. It is part of our story.


Today's annual service is held to remember all the lives from Hull


that have been lost at sea. I have come from a shift `` from a fishing


family and a fishing community and I have lost family at sea. I would not


miss this for anything. There was also news today of the city's


long`awaited memorial for lost trawlermen. I was on the committee


for many years and it is something we have been working for four`day


long time and we are at that point for being realised. Next year's


service will be at the new memorial. Wreaths were laid and floral


tributes cast into the sea. It was a chance to reflect on the risk the


men took doing their jobs. Something people who came today hope will


never be forgotten. Lincolnshire Police are


investigating after a body was found in the River Witham in Lincoln.


Officers were called to Spa Road near the city centre earlier today


after a rower reported seeing a body in the water. The police underwater


search unit has now recovered the body, and a postmortem examination


will take place later. A Lincolnshire church could shut its


doors for good unless parishioners can raise enough money to repair it.


The spire on St Margaret's in Thimbleby near Horncastle has been


dismantled for safety reasons. But now it's down, repairs still can't


go ahead unless enough funds are raised. We've got a very long road


to go along. In total, the total repairs and refurbishing, we are


looking in excess of ?150,000. We are confident we can do it.


Difficult decisions are facing those who manage the East Yorkshire coast,


after the damage of this winter's storms. At Spurn Point, the road was


washed away. Now the BBC's Countryfile programme has been


investigating the best way to protect the coast, and whether we


can afford big defences. We can build them but they are extremely


expensive, so if you build more you will have to spend more on


maintaining them. Predictions for climate change suggest larger and


bigger storms will become more frequent in the future. The storm


events that we had in December could recover every ten or 20 years. And


you can see more of that report, including alternatives to heavy sea


walls, on Countryfile later tonight on BBC One.


Onto football now, and Scunthorpe United are still flying high after


their 14th game unbeaten in League Two. In the Premier League, Hull


City finally got their first win of 2014 against Steve Bruce's old club,


Sunderland. An old stamping ground for Steve


Bruce. But the former Sunderland manager returned to the Stadium of


Light with his Hull City team still searching for its first league win


of the year. Fortunately his old team gave Hull a helping hand when


Wes Brown was sent off for bringing down Shane Long.


Nothing came of the resulting free`kick, but the Tigers scored


soon after. Long getting a touch on Jake Livermore's shot from a corner.


Hull had further chances to score, but it wasn't until just after the


hour when Long's fellow strike partner, Nikicia Jelavic, headed


home after a deflection to score his first goal since coming to the club.


The partnership is starting to flourish a bit only have started


doing what I knew they would do in terms of their quality. In League


Two, Scunthorpe United welcomed top`of`the`table Chesterfield to


Glanford Park, and took the lead after 15 minutes through Sam


Winnall. But on the stroke of half time, the Iron gave away a penalty


and Owen Doyle equalised for the visitors.


The draw means Scunthorpe remain in second place in the table.


Let's get the weather forecast now, with Kay Crewdson.


Through this evening, all parts should be largely dry and overnight


we are looking at some clear skies and lighter winds than of late, so


both of those sectors up for the touch of frost with temperatures


dropping to around freezing. HLA and frosty start, watch out for an icy


start. Dry and bright with decent spills of sunshine and isolated


showers across Lincolnshire. Good evening. We have a significant


number of severe warnings out. Most of them have been issued on the


River Thames today. Now, of course, with more rain due this week, that


is not good news, and as well as that, we are expecting some gales as


well on the coast. But this week, perhaps an increased risk of some


snow as well. At the moment we are in a quiet spell of weather, with


fewer showers around, this evening and overnight. There is a risk as




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